Prayer and I pray to Aggayu Sola

Prayers and prayers of Aggayu Sola

Prayers to Aggayu, the powerful Orisha who lives inside the volcano, are of vital importance for practitioners of Santeria or the rule of Osha and Ifa. This is because this Deity constitutes a fundamental support for its practitioners, so much so that it is called "the staff of the iworos". The prayer to Agayu fulfills the function of connecting us with this Orisha to request his help in various matters that afflict us and that we have not been able to solve with our own means.

Why pray to Agayu?

As we have mentioned before, why Agayú is prayed to has to do directly with its power to be "the sacred staff". The foundation of it is received mainly, as a staff and reinforcement for the health of its initiates. In addition, his energy comes to clean the stains on the reputation of his devotees, caused by the embarrassments suffered. Also, he is a relentless warrior and protector from lurking enemies. All these virtues are the reasons why we pray to this Deity to help us in the circumstances in which he has the power to act. 

What is Aggayu asked for in his prayers?

Through prayers Agayu is asked for his spiritual support to solve conflicts related to:

  • Spiritual and earthly wars in which our enemies lie in wait for us and wish to harm us.
  • In situations where we are defamed, there is slander, cheating and injustice against us.
  • It is prayed to him asking him to save us in extreme situations, being exposed to hostile weather conditions or dangerous natural phenomena such as: earthquakes, tidal waves, among others.
  • Agayu is an Orisha that helps to solve complex situations in which we also need encouragement to maintain our strength to continue and triumph over adversity.
  • It is very timely to help us maintain stable health or strengthen our energy to heal illnesses.
  • He is asked at the time of making long trips, to successfully reach our destination, since he is the patron of walkers, drivers, and aviators.

How to pray to the Orisha Agayu?

To the Orisha Aggayu you have to pray with a lot of faith and a lot of respect. It is important to consider the way in which we are going to request the help of this deity, especially when it comes to resolving conflicts, since the strength it has and the rudeness with which it can punish the faults committed are well known.

Aggayu Prayer

Agayu Prayer

«With the blessing of Olofin, Olorun and Oloddumare. May the blessing of my father Agayú accompany me, blessed staff of all his children and followers. Take care of me, who enjoys the precious virtue that has made him our sacred staff. He allows me to always live under his shadow, freeing me from death, illness, and earthly obstacles. Cover me with your blessed Ashé so that all the blessings of the world can come to me. Ashe to iran eshu."

Long prayer of Agayu Sola

Agayu Prayer

«I greet the great Orisha owner of the earthly forces, Agayú Sola.

It is you who supplies the strength to the rivers so that they divide the territories.

Its majesty is so immense that its energy lives in the lava that burns and invades the earth's crust.

It is you who drives the earth making it spin forever.

You father Aggayu, know my feelings, my desires and my desire to succeed.

It is to you that I request that immense strength that characterizes you, to be able to reach my destiny and be successful.

You are able to see into my heart and know how important it is for me to reach my goal (make request).

In you I put my hopes of evolution and tranquility.

I pray to you for my health and that of mine.

In your hands I place my prosperity, my economic stability, the peace of my home and the love that reigns in my life.

Bless me majestic Orisha, you are as tall as the mountain and as strong as the sun itself.

You are my guide so that my steps are optimal and my decisions are correct.

I beg you to never forget my goals in the face of adversity and that you are the one who accompanies me so that I never fail.

Regardless of the setbacks that I encounter along the way, my weakness will not be an obstacle, because his strength and power will prevail in my spirit, driving me to succeed.

I promise to do my part, work with love and faith, I will live every moment trusting that behind the difficult, a great blessing awaits me that I will obtain in your company. Thank you great Orisha Agayu. Ashe».

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Aggayu prayer in Yoruba

«Aggayu Solá kíní bako. Oroina tako. Ajuba tayo. Ayala ku ti bako." 

Long prayer in Yoruba language to Agayu (Oríkì Aganju)

«Aganju Elekù ee, elekù ee.

I was going Aganju elekù e aye.

Elekù ee iku lele bioke.

Aganju ba kini 'ba s'óògun.

Abaya ogo mi anus gbogbo gun.

Aganju mo dupe, f'Oba éò. Ase».


I praise the spirit of fire owner of the cave, the owner of the cave.

I praise the spirit of fire in the center of the earth who is the owner of the cave.

The owner of the cave represents the ancestors.

The spirit of fire is the first boss who practiced medicine.

Guardian who protects with his powerful medicine.

Spirit of fire I thank you Ashé».

Prayer to Agayu for health

One of the main functions of Aggayu is to support his devotees and followers regarding everything related to their health. That is why prayers at the foot of this Orisha to request his help to heal are very common. The following prayer can be performed by cleaning the body of the person who is sick with two white candles and 9 tree tomatoes or stick tomatoes wrapped in a brown or red cloth. At the end of the cleaning, the fruits are placed at the foot of Agayu and the candles are lit.

"Blessed staff, Aggayu Sola.

Today more than ever I implore your presence, please do not stop coming to my aid.

You who represent everything that comes out and everything that is seen, observe in depth all the evils that afflict this creature that bears the name (name the person who does the work). 

I beg you to remove from your body and from your life all evil, all physical or spiritual illness that does not allow your evolution and tranquility.

Be you, the sacred staff your child leans on to heal. Be your strength to continue. Be you health and life.

Pour out your blessings and protection on us, just as lava pours out of the volcano when you demonstrate all your strength.

Become the relief of our sorrows and our problems.

Glorious Agayu, we always give thanks to you. Ashe».

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Prayer to Agayu against enemies

Prayer to Agayu against enemies

Agayu is characterized by having a very strong character, sometimes angry. However, he is an excellent protector of his devotees, therefore entrusting ourselves to his protection through his prayers, such as the one we can read below, is usually very effective.

"I greet the Orisha who dominates the dry land. Agayú, you are the spirit of raging rivers.

His energy lives in the deserts. You also control the fights, obstacles and mishaps.

That is why I come to you, great Aggayu warrior, protect me from my enemies with your bow and arrow, with your gallardo, your trident, your achuela, and your spear.

I put my opponents at your feet (name their enemies and the problem they are going through). They want to fill my life with iña (candle). They do not recognize that it is you who protects me.

But I have to triumph over your tricks and machinations because you have my back. On his shoulders I will come out of all the setbacks that my adversaries cause me.

Thank you Father Agayú for listening to my prayer and for supporting and protecting me in times of anguish.

I will fear no enemy because you take care of me, strengthen me, help me and hold me like a victorious staff. Ashe».

Prayer to the Holy Aggayu Sola

Agayu is an Orisha who protects his followers from situations in which they are harmed by slander, gossip, defamation, insults and all kinds of circumstances that harm their morals and good reputation. When we are victims of this type of situation, we can pray the following prayer to Aggayu with the intention of getting rid of the embarrassment:

«Blessed Agayu, Orisha who walks without problem both in life and in death.

Powerful spirit inhabitant of the force of the sun and the volcano.

Shelter me by your side in the palm to protect me from the enemies that attack me.

Agayú Solá, you are the protector of honor and good reputation.

Protect me from all falsehoods, from all gossip, gossip, dark rages, false testimonies, insults, traps, slander, intrigues, dishonesty, entanglements and public or private misunderstandings.

Support my good name Orisha blessed, so that I can remain firm and evolutionary in all the positive things of this world.

Thanks to you, I am confident that health, peace, tranquility, calm and well-being will reign in my life, regardless of who opposes it, because you can do everything, and no one can against you. Ashe to Iban Eshu."

Prayer to Aggayu Sola for love and dominion

The strength that characterizes Agayú and its particular virtue of manifesting itself in the human body through blood pressure, high temperatures and intense feelings such as passion, motivates its followers to request its intervention in love affairs, in order to be able to achieve your romantic goals. The following prayer to Agayu for love can be accompanied by offerings to the Orisha of fruits with honey or sweet dishes, in order to sweeten the relationship or the loved one. 

«Blessed Agayú Solá, owner spirit of the fugue comet.

You who cover the desert with your voice. What you decree becomes law.

The force of nature obeys you. In the same way, I beg you to make the willpower of (name of the person you want to sweeten) be dominated by my intentions.

I give you (name of the person you want to sweeten) to come to me sweet and meek as a little lamb, delivered in body and soul, thought and will.

May the feeling of love and passion between (name of the person you want to sweeten) and me (say their name) become firm, just as the lava of the volcano becomes firm after cooling.

That from this moment on (name of the person you want to sweeten) cannot see anyone other than me, that his love and passion be only for me. May only my person be attractive to him, may my voice dominate him as Agayú's voice dominates over everyone who listens to him.

Thank you Agayú, for answering my pleas. So be it, so it is, so it will be. Ashe».

Prayer of the children of Agayu

“I praise the spirit that influences the five basic elements of this world.

My father Agayú is the spirit present in the sun.

My father Agayú is the spirit present in the candle.

My father Agayú is the spirit present in the water.

My father Agayú is the spirit present in the air.

My father Agayú is the spirit present on earth.

I invoke my father Agani, powerful spirit of the volcano.

I greet my father Onisabo, a great cane who supports and supports me.

I honor my father Solá Leri, it is you who blesses me and fills me with abundance.

There will be no obstacle that he cannot cross because my father Agayú carries his children on his shoulders and takes long steps with which he crosses adversity.

Today and always I thank Oloddumare for being Allah Aggayú.

Thank you, blessed father for all the blessings received, from your hand I will succeed to fulfill my destiny. Ashe».

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