Prayer to the Guardian Angel for Protection

Prayer to the Guardian Angel for protection

The Prayer to the Guardian Angel is a very popular prayer that is used in various religious traditions to invoke a spirit identified as a guide and protector that was assigned to each individual by the divine. This prayer usually expresses a deep trust in the close presence and constant care of the guardian angel in the lives of believers.

The most important work that our guardian angel does is to protect us at all times, which is why praying on his behalf in times of adversity becomes a tool that brings relief and hope in the face of life's vicissitudes.

Oh, sweet Guardian Angel, being of light and protection that watches over my soul in the paths of existence. In this hour of uncertainty and challenge, I raise my voice to the heavens to invoke your sacred presence. You are my faithful guide, my defender in the invisible battles that I face daily. With humility and faith, I kneel before your divine essence and beg you to spread your benevolent wings over me.

In the warm embrace of your heavenly love, I find refuge and strength. You are the invisible shield that protects me from the shadows of negativity and fear. In your hands of light, I trust my safety and well-being. With every step I take in this earthly world, I know that you walk by my side, guiding my steps along the path of good and truth.

Oh blessed Angel! I implore you to keep my heart from the wounds of heartbreak and hopelessness. May I find comfort in your eternal arms when pain threatens to break my spirit. Your shining light dispels the darkness and guides me towards inner peace, allowing me to feel the divine presence that dwells in my being.

In moments of tribulation and adversity, I know that your compassionate look shelters me and your loving hands hold me. You are my safe refuge in the midst of the storm, the compass that guides me towards the path of hope and overcoming. There is no obstacle that I cannot overcome with your divine guidance, because in your miraculous presence I find the strength to keep going.

Protective angel, may your bright light drive away the shadows of fear and insecurity. May each beat of my heart be in sync with the beat of the universe, reminding me that I am part of God's creation and that I am never alone in my walk. You are my faithful company at every moment, the confidant of the deepest secrets of my being.

May your wings of love protect me from dangers and guide me towards wisdom and discernment. May your close presence be my shield in the face of adversity and my wings in moments of expansion and growth. Trusting in your protection, I move forward with a firm step and a brave heart, knowing that you, Guardian Angel, take care of my well-being and my happiness.

My prayer makes my voice rise in gratitude and humility, acknowledging your miraculous power and unconditional love. You are my guardian angel, my heavenly guide, my unwavering ally on this earthly journey. May each word I pronounce in this prayer be like a sacred melody that reaches your heavenly ears, and may my sincere devotion be rewarded with your protection and divine blessings.

Angel of my guardian, sweet company, in you I trust my life and my destiny. May your light shine on my path, illuminating each step and driving away the shadows of fear. May your immense love be my invulnerable armor, protecting me from all evil and guiding me towards inner peace. So be it, now and forever.


After finishing the Prayer to the Guardian Angel you can also pray:

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