Prayer to Archangel Uriel for work, money, health and more

Prayer to Archangel Uriel

The prayer to archangel uriel it is a sincere and devoted call to the spiritual presence of this powerful celestial being. It is a plea to receive your guidance, protection and light, in moments of uncertainty, in life's challenges and in the search for truth and knowledge.

What is the prayer to Archangel Uriel?

The prayer for Archangel Uriel is a spiritual bond that nourishes the soul and strengthens the connection with the divine world. It is a call full of faith and humility, in search of the benevolent presence of this luminous and powerful angel.

Archangel Uriel is a prominent figure within the angelic hierarchy, recognized as one of the seven main archangels who have the privilege of being in the presence of God's throne. His name, in Hebrew, means "God is my light" or "Light of God," and this reflects his divine essence and his connection to wisdom, truth, and spiritual enlightenment.

He is credited with the responsibility of activating thought and consciousness in human beings, guiding them towards truth and understanding. He is considered to be the angel of salvation and repentance, and is said to be merciless when it comes to divine justice.

It is related to the Sun and is considered the ruler of the North cardinal point and the summer solstice, a moment of plenitude and solar power. For this reason, he is recognized for his close connection with the fire element, which represents transformation and spiritual purification. He is also considered an angel of providence, granting material and spiritual wealth to those who give it with devotion and good will.

How do you pray to Archangel Uriel?

Prayers to Archangel Uriel

Archangel Uriel should be prayed with great faith. His prayers exalt his wisdom and power. A highly recommended practice is to ask him every night to guard dreams and provide serenity, so that wisdom and spiritual messages are received in the dream kingdom. His prayers usually conclude with deep gratitude, acknowledging his powerful influence and his light that illuminates the path of those who place their trust in him.

What is asked of Saint Uriel the Archangel through his prayers?

The most common requests that devotees of Archangel Uriel usually make ask for his help to solve or improve situations related to:

  • The stimulation of intelligence, creativity and clear thinking in the circumstances of existence.
  • As he is recognized as patron of science and the arts, he is asked for inspiration for intelligence and creativity.
  • His protection is implored in difficult moments, seeking the strength to face the tests of fate and understand the lessons that come along the way.
  • Helps with the processes of spiritual awakening and enlightenment.
  • It brings justice to situations related to such problems.

Short sentence

«Oh dear Archangel Uriel! Bearer of the sacred fire, once again I pray that your light shines on me and my being illuminates. Pour out your blessings on this humble devotee of yours, so that peace, health, love, and prosperity in my life materialize. In your powerful hands I place my desires and long-awaited illusion, so that you guide my steps towards the path of prosperity, that your wings of ruby ​​gold expand my capacity for expansion, and that prosperity in every way grows in my life with constancy. . Amen".

Prayer to Archangel Uriel

Oh, Archangel Uriel! Guardian of truth and bearer of the flame of divine fire. With reverence and devotion, I raise my voice seeking your protection and guidance. You, who dwell before the throne of God and are a symbol of strength and vital energy, illuminate my path with the truth that clears the shadows of ignorance.

You are a prince among the Seraphim and Cherubim, whose essence is intertwined with the luminosity of the Sun. Under your mantle of love, I find refuge for my soul thirsty for knowledge and wisdom.

Oh Uriel, Angel of Light, Fire of God. You who have the great task of revealing the truth to humanity. Divine scribe holding the book of knowledge and enlightenment. Spirit of sharp vision that looks at us from heaven, ruler of goodness and truth.

Your divine attributes are many and powerful. Oh archangel Uriel!, guardian of the key to Hell, divine observer of human acts, protector of spiritual processes and leader of guardian angels. Your light spreads truth and knowledge on Earth, stimulates thought, intelligence and creativity, and provides material and spiritual wealth. Fill us with your grace.

In the paths and challenges of life, your strength is present to guide those who trust you. You inspire those who serve others with an altruistic heart and protect them in their noble work.

I beg you, during each night of rest, beloved Archangel Uriel, to watch over my dreams and fill me with serenity so that, in the dream kingdom, I can find answers and messages of wisdom. Allow me to wake up refreshed, with a comforted soul and an enlightened spirit.

With humility and gratitude, I raise this prayer in your name, dear Archangel Uriel, trusting that your powerful energy will accompany and protect me in every step of my existence. I thank you, for being the light that guides my path on this journey of life. Amen".

Prayer to Archangel Uriel for money

Prayer to Archangel Uriel for money

This prayer can be accompanied by a golden candle (candle), cinnamon-scented incense, and three bay leaves, which will be offered in the name of Archangel Uriel to more strongly attract the energy of money. When the candle is consumed, the bay leaves are kept in the wallet of the person concerned.

«Oh blessed archangel Uriel! Heavenly light that shines with splendor, guardian of wisdom and bearer of truth. Today I humbly approach your divine glow to implore your help on my earthly path.

In this corner of the universe where time passes, I long to find the path of abundance and prosperity, that my life be a reflection of your shining light, and money flow like a spring without ceasing.

Archangel Uriel, listen to my voice full of fervor, I beg you to grant my existence a touch of your blessing, that my heart find peace and cry, to live in fullness and satisfaction. That with each step I take, with each goal that I reach, your inspiration and guidance pours out on me, that the wealth of your presence reaches me, and prosperity is anchored in my day to day.

May your wisdom illuminate me clearly at every opportunity I find, so that my decisions are wise and prosperous, and money flows with unparalleled generosity. May every effort you make in my work be a fertile seed that bears sweet fruit. May abundance be my faithful companion and scarcity vanish in the wind as it blows.

Oh archangel Uriel, powerful guardian! Make money come to me easily, my path is filled with opportunities and abundance is my faithful reality.

In your hands I put my destiny and longing, I believe in your power and your divine will, that every day is a step towards heaven, where well-being embraces me with intensity. Archangel Uriel, I raise my voice to you in prayer so that your grace and your light guide my walk, I trust that you will hear my prayer, and you will protect me today and always. Amen".

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Prayer to Archangel Uriel for work

It is recommended to accompany this prayer with an orange candle (candle), to activate the power of the flame of fire, over which Uriel has power, in this way we attract more strongly what we are asking for our lives.

«Oh beloved archangel Uriel! Brilliant star of the firmament, Protector of divine wisdom and guide in thought. Today I kneel before your presence with fervor and encouragement, to ask for your assistance in my workday and talent.

In this hectic world and full of responsibilities, I long to find purpose and harmony in my work, that each task carried out is full of skills, and that my effort is recognized with gratitude and value.

Archangel Uriel, listen to my prayers with compassion, fill me with inspiration and clarity in every step I take, may I find satisfaction and passion in my work, and may excellence accompany me, in everything I undertake.

Let me shine like the sun in its golden splendor, may my professional light rise like a celestial song, may my abilities be valued and appreciated, and may success and prosperity come in abundance.

Archangel of truth, give me the gift of discernment, to make fair and prudent decisions in my path, that each project that I start is full of growth, and that my effort is rewarded with divine fruits.

That harmony and respect reign in my work environment, that my colleagues be collaborators in unity, and that together we achieve goals with impetus under the guidance of your presence, full of kindness.

Oh archangel Uriel! Patron of the arts and knowledge, give me the strength to face the challenges that will come, so that my work is a firm pillar that will never tremble.

I entrust my career and aspirations to your warm light, that in each step I take, you are by my side as a friend, that your heavenly guide encourages me to continue and in the work horizon, I reach my destiny.

Archangel Uriel, with humility and devotion I ask you, that in my work you be my faithful ally, that my dedication and effort be blessed, and that in my work I find success and charm.

Let it be so in the name of truth and integrity. Archangel Uriel, listen to my sincere prayer so that, in my work path, I find prosperity, and my work is always a lasting triumph. Amen".

Prayer to Archangel Uriel to ask for health

It is recommended to accompany this prayer with a green candle (candle) to attract the highest vibration of this archangel, in the name of health and life.

«Oh blessed archangel Uriel! Guardian of the divine flame, majestic messenger of the heavenly throne, Today I raise my voice with fervor and discipline, to implore your help on my vital health.

Illnesses and ailments have stalked me, my body and soul cry out for healing, I beg you, archangel of resplendent light, to bring your divine blessing to me.

May your wings of love and compassion wrap me like a protective cloak in my weakness, free me, then from the shadows that are revealed inside me, and grant me health and fullness in my reality.

Oh archangel Uriel!, that with your purifying fire you burn all affliction and pain in my being, I beg you that your sacred light heal my inner being and health and splendor be reborn in me.

May every cell and fiber of my body regenerate, under your guidance, which is love and wisdom. May your healing energy flow and prosper and harmony manifest in my being.

In the name of truth and healing, I invoke your presence full of hope, that your powerful intercession brings blessing, and that all illness dissolves in my body (make a request).

May my organs and systems work in balance, may my mind find peace and tranquility, may each cell renew and shine, and may health flourish in my reality.

Archangel of truth and discernment, I entrust my well-being and existence to you, may your divine energy cure any ailment, and guide me towards full health.

Oh archangel Uriel! Messenger of the Most High, listen to my plea with clemency and love, may your sacred light dispel any abyss, and lead me towards health with fervor. I entrust my being to your powerful intervention, that your golden light radiates healing and vigor, that your love floods my body and my heart.

May it be so in the name of divinity, Archangel Uriel, listen to my sincere prayer, in your goodness I will find healing. Amen".

Prayer to Archangel Uriel for love

This prayer can be accompanied by a red candle (candle) and rose-scented incense, to activate the fire of love and the influence Archangel Uriel has on it.

«Oh archangel Uriel! Bearer of divine light, guide and protector of wandering hearts, today I raise my voice with faith and genuine devotion to implore your help in matters of love.

In the paths of love I feel lost, where uncertainty and fear prevail, I beg you, archangel of truth and sense, to illuminate my path with your heavenly gifts.

May your golden light dispel the shadows of heartbreak, may your wisdom inspire my heart to grow, and your sacred presence guide my steps so that true love can flourish.

Oh archangel Uriel! Keeper of the burning flame, I commend my passionate longings and dreams to you, may your bright and diligent energy help me find the love I have longed for.

I implore you that with your heavenly wings you protect my wounded heart, that your words of love soothe my restless soul, that your presence in my life be the balm that heals all my shortcomings.

Archangel of passion and divine understanding, I implore you to unleash hidden knots and fears, that your holy light dissolves all nonsense, and that in true love I find my tribute.

Archangel Uriel, messenger of sublime love, grant me the gift of loving with selflessness and purity, that in every gesture of love your sublime character is reflected, and that in sincere love I find my strength.

Help me so that my heart is open to generous delivery, my hands are ready to offer understanding, my lips utter tender and loving words, and that in authentic love I find my redemption.

I entrust my being to your powerful intercession, Archangel Uriel, listen to my plea with compassion, so that your golden light inspires love in my heart. May it be so in the name of the divine will of God. Archangel Uriel, listen to my prayer that I offer you with sincere faith, that in your magnificence love finds its place, and that my being be blessed with the love that awaits.

Archangel Uriel prayer to ask for protection

This prayer can be accompanied by a golden candle (candle), flower-scented incense, and a small print of Archangel Uriel. When the candle is consumed, it is recommended that the stamp be used inside your wallet as a safeguard.

«Oh archangel Uriel! Guardian of the shining light, from my heart I hear the echo of your protective wings, therefore, today I raise my voice in search of your courageous protection, so that your divine presence drives away the stormy shadows.

In the paths of life I feel vulnerable, the shadows lurk and fear is felt, that is when I come to you, archangel of the immutable, so that your protection protects my being and my existence.

With your sword of fire, cut the harmful ties that may threaten my path and my destiny, wrap me in your mantle of diamond light and drive away all negativity that stalks me without tino.

Archangel Uriel, guide my steps firmly, may your wisdom lead me prudently, in your hands I entrust my soul and my nature to protect me from all adversity and urgency.

May your heavenly glow be my shining shield so that your powerful reflection dispels all uncertainty. In your wings of love, my being shields confidently oh, archangel Uriel!, watchman of the divine flame, protect my being, my home and those I love, may your energy of light with crystalline force guard our peace and remove any claim .

That every night, when I close my eyes at rest, I feel the security of your close presence, that your wings shelter me in happy dreams, and that your aura of protection surrounds us all within my home.

Archangel Uriel, drive away the shadows that prowl, do not allow darkness to penetrate my heart. With your sword of light in a brave task protect my being, my family and my nation.

May your wings unfold an unbreakable shield and with your sacred fire dissolve any evil. Protected by your eternal wisdom, save me from the impossible and guide me towards a path of integral well-being.

Archangel Uriel, in you I trust my destiny, under your powerful name I find refuge. May your heavenly virtues be my way and may your infinite love be my shield in cloudy.

With gratitude in my heart, my voice rises to thank you for your guidance with every step I take. In your powerful hands my soul is renewed and with your divine light my being unfolds.

Oh archangel Uriel! protector of noble souls, allow me to feel your presence every day, that your blessed light unfolds over me, and that you are my guide forever.

With your sword of fire, cut the ties of the past that may limit my ability to receive, making abundance flow to me without being postponed, and all blockages vanish when I feel your presence.

Dear Archangel Uriel, I beg you to awaken creativity and inspiration in me, to manifest my deepest dreams and desires, thus achieving that protection, abundance and happiness fill my heart with gratitude and celebration, being more and more fruitful.

In your hands I trust my destiny and my future, Archangel Uriel, guide my path towards truth, light and peace, may your blessings come without ceasing and without asking, and may my life be filled with abundance in every reality.

So be it and so be it in the name of the divine universe. Archangel Uriel, receive my prayer with love and devotion, so that in your company I reach a good destination. May your eternal light fill me with blessing. Amen".

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