Prayer of the Meek Little Lamb

Prayer of the meek little lamb to dominate and tame the loved one

The prayer of the meek little lamb is linked to the image of the lamb of God, a reference that describes the sacrifice that the Creator made with his own son, to cleanse the sins of the world. This important figure makes the prayers in his name invoke the highest spiritualities, making his prayers inspired by the sacred scriptures, be attended with great effectiveness with the blessing of God.

What does the meek little lamb symbolize?

Clearly when speaking of the lamb, the image of the animal itself is visualized. But, especially the image of the meek lamb or lamb is represented by a figure in which the animal is seen lying on its belly, with a calm and peaceful attitude. He has a halo over his head that is related to his holiness; he carries a cross that represents the sacrifice he made for the salvation of humanity and holds a white flag as a badge of peace. Obviously, it is a symbol of meekness.

Let us take into account that in ancient times, the lamb was an animal that was sacrificed very frequently, since it was estimated that due to its purity and clean soul, it could be the most appropriate tribute for the liberation of sins. Now, in the biblical texts the holy lamb is mentioned, specifically in the book of the Gospel according to Saint John, being part of the Christian doctrine.

It is said that God, motivated by the infinite love he feels for the creatures of his creation, wanted to redeem us from our sins, sending his son Jesus Christ to this earth as "the lamb that takes away the sin of the world".

The lamb is then the symbol of docility and obedience, it reflects the stillness of the mind and spirit. It is for this reason that the prayer of the meek little lamb has so much power to tame, dominate and tie people.

meek lamb

What is the prayer of the meek lamb for?

Prayers to the meek little lamb help bring peace into our lives. They are used to appease complicated situations in every way, especially when it comes to interpersonal relationships that we cannot control, especially in the case that involve sentimental, emotional and love problems.

The most important thing about these prayers is that they attract tranquility and revoke the negative energies that disturb other people's ideas, allowing you to tame, dominate or tie up positive feelings.

Invoking the meek lamb to dominate and tie up others is not necessarily an indiscriminate act, in some cases it becomes an alternative that invokes the power of love as a powerful and effective alternative to solve circumstances that escape us. hands and in which order is urgently required. In addition, it can be applied not only at the couple level, it also provides an opportunity to regain control and the proper functioning of our affairs.

Prayer of the meek lamb

«In the name of God, in this holy hour and in this holy moment I seal you (name of the person who wants to tame) in the name of the Father of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

My words are a spell that is never broken, it is agreed and so you have to remain (name of the person you want to tame) meek at my feet with the sentence in this now and in this place.

Once the spell is agreed, the spell sealed, all the energies work in my favor so that (name of the person you want to tame) is my meek lamb, meeker than any other.

You must come to my feet (name of the person you want to tame) overflowing with love, paying all your attention to my feet, your feelings, your passion, your desire, your whole being focused solely on me being by your side.

Here I plant myself on this earth, by the power of the four elements, conjuring (name of the person who wants to tame) like the meek little lamb you have to remain, because I have to dominate your five senses, word, thought, deed and will. at my feet they must bend.

You are tied (name of the person who wants to tame), now your intentions are mine, and you will not find rest until you come to stop before me. By God I request it and by my word I sentence it. Amen".

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Prayer of the meek little lamb to dominate my husband

“O Lord Jesus! You who are the true meek lamb of God the Father, please bless me in this moment of great tribulation in which despair and overwhelm take over my mind and my heart.

You know, meek lamb, all my weaknesses. Before you I expose myself asking for your intercession to appease the situation I'm going through. The harmony, the intensity of love and the passion of my home, which between my partner and I have been fading. Day by day I observe how the thread that once united us is dying because discord and indifference reign.

My God, you who are love, and in love and in families you reign forever and ever. I implore you not to allow the columns of respect, patience, communication and love itself to collapse and completely destroy the home that I have built with so much effort and dedication.

Before you we went to seek the blessing to form a family. You filled us with your divine fluid at the time of marriage. Before you we promised to respect and love each other until death do us part. You were, are and will be a witness to our union. To you Holy Father, I raise my prayer and implore the help I need to save this relationship.

You, who beyond seeing the bodies, see our souls, I beg you that ours may continue united in the name of the love that we swear to each other. That between my husband and I the harmony that existed for a long time reigns again, and that it prevails all the time and the experiences that we have lived together.

Meek Lamb, I implore you to remove from our lives bad company, bad influences, envy, people with bad intentions, sinful temptations that open the door to situations in which the vows of loyalty and fidelity that we receive can be broken. we promised.

Lamb of God, protector of families, you who are an example of submission, and in turn, have the ability to tame and submit everything you want, I implore you to enter the soul, mind and heart of my husband and emanate your sacred purification, so that his soul cleansed has the ability to clearly see the mistakes he is making and is available to travel the path of redemption, and reconciliation.

Light the way back to peace, to tranquility, to love. Light the way for him to return to his home, where the happiness that we always yearn for can reign. Blessed Lamb, I implore you to keep my husband's thoughts (say your husband's name) meek towards me, so that with the wisdom inspired in your being we can solve and overcome the crisis we face today (make request).

Meek lamb, I place all my faith and trust in your hands, because I am sure that by your side we will soon get out of this bad time. Amen".

Short prayer to the meek little lamb

«The blessing of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the perfect Trinity, a true essence. Meek Lamb, that with your blood washed away the sins of men, today, tomorrow and always we will thank you for such a high sacrifice and demonstration of love. I entrust myself to you day and night, in your protection I shelter, so that with your incalculable power you bend the intentions and neutralize the actions of everyone who wishes to do me harm, to be able to live on this Earth in peace, calm and happiness. Amen Jesus».

Prayer of the meek little lamb for the loved one to return

“Meek little lamb, consolation for those who suffer for love, for those who desperately seek a solution to their problems and personal relationships.

Help me blessed lamb to get out of this predicament. I long to resolve the discontent that exists between (say the name of the loved one) and me. I cry out for your help, I entrust myself to your spirit, I bathe in your peace. You are the light that guides me and the solution of my conflicts.

I beg you to come to my aid and, like the meek lamb, fill (say the name of the loved one) with your tranquility, love, calm and freshness of thought, so that he may soon return to me.

Meek lamb full of grace, I cling to your strength to dominate the bad attitudes, bad thoughts, and negative feelings of (say the name of the loved one) towards me. May our problems come to an end and quickly and quickly come back to me, tame, submissive and complacent like a meek lamb.

I ask you with great force, with all my faith and from my heart. At your feet I leave my prayer, and I wait for you to bless me with a prompt solution. Thank you today and always. Amen".

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Prayer of the meek little lamb to tame the boss

"O Lamb of God! Lamb, meek little lamb, I pray to you and cry out to you.

My prayers come from the bottom of my soul with great respect and devotion. You are the great sacrifice of God's love. You take away the evil and sins of the world.

I implore you so that with your merciful hands you touch everyone and everything that exists in my work environment. You well know that hard work is necessary to achieve our goals and to have the security that material things offer on this Earth, which although it is not everything, it is very important.

To you, my beloved lamb, I hand over to my superiors at work (say the name of the boss), as well as, I hand over to everyone who is related to me in that place. Calm down his character, soften his attitude towards me. That our working relationship be fresh, harmonious, calm, pleasant, so that we live together in an environment of harmony and collaboration (make request).

Deliver me meek lamb from any situation or conflict that involves hatred, envy, intolerance, quarrel and everything that could harm me.

Bless me meek lamb of God, so that my efforts are rewarded and my employment brings all the productivity and success that I expect in my life. Thank you beloved Father, I wait patiently for your help with the certainty that my prayers have been heard and will soon be answered. Amen".

Prayer of the meek little lamb to counteract enemies

«Meek little lamb, you who are at the right hand of God the Father. You who enjoy the highest grace for your sacrifice of love. I cling to you so that you are my shelter today and every day of my life.

Beloved lamb, I beg you not to allow my enemy to triumph over me. On the contrary, may he be subdued by your power and will, turned into a meek, submissive, quiet, harmless lamb without the ability or desire to attack me. Listen to me my meek lamb, because I see my enemy coming, but under your protection I will never succumb. Make me above all my adversaries, today and always (make request).

High has been my prayer, and my enemy will not be able to triumph, he will not even try to attack me, because my Lord will not allow it. So be amen".

Prayer of the meek little lamb to dominate and tame the loved one

Prayer of the meek little lamb to dominate and tame the loved one

“I call you meek Lamb, I say to you, win.

I beg you, Lamb of God, win, victor.

Defeat all the wicked, the malicious who want to harm us, the envious who want to take away what we have achieved with so much effort.

Overcome that I cry to you, because no interruption will harm my relationship with (say the name of the loved one), because humble and meek as a lamb at my feet, as Jesus Christ went to the foot of the cross.

Meek little lamb, your power must dominate, everyone who opposes me and has wanted to do me harm. My relationship with (say the name of the loved one) seal and wash thanks to your blood and sacrifice, and the book of any malevolent spirit that wants to separate us. I reverse all setbacks, fights and misunderstandings and completely heal our relationship.

My enemy wants to disturb my home and my relationship with (say the name of the loved one), he has even asked me for the blood of Jesus Christ, and I am not going to give it to him. To you, my Lord, I implore you to return me to (say the name of the loved one), that he come surrendered, that he understand his mistakes and return in peace, seeking reconciliation with me and that he not have peace until he manages to be by my side.

May Jesus Christ bless me. Blessed lamb I thank you and with your blood this sealed pact. Amen".

Original prayer of the meek little lamb

«In the name of God, and all the spirits that guard and accompany me.

I conjure you (name of the person who wants to dominate) in the name of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

With these words I conjure you again so that you come to me as a meek lamb and full of love and attention. Creature of God, I require you to only think of me and do it full of absolute love.

I (say your name) conjure you my man (or woman).

In the name of the spirit of domination, I dominate your five senses, your judgment, your thoughts, and your will: so that you (name of the person who wants to dominate) remain dominated, remain meek at my feet and tied /a totally to me, both in the present and in the future.

That when I see him and he (or she) sees me. When I hear it and he (or she) hears me. When I look at him and he (or she) looks at me. When I touch him and he (or she) touches me. And when I sigh and he (or she) sighs. Your five senses, your mind, feeling and heart, will be tied to me forever in the same thought. By God I ask it and by nature itself I require it. Amen".

Original prayer of the meek little lamb

What is the meek lamb soap for?

The meek little lamb soap is an excellent element used to strip or clean negative energies that are capable of disturbing the relationship we have with others, thus generating that we can emanate a positive vibration and dominate, charm, tame or soften the attitude. that others have with respect to us. It is also possible to use this soap to appease our own behaviors that we know harm us and we are willing to eradicate.

Its daily use is recommended or for at least 7 continuous days, just like ordinary soap. Its use is strictly personal, this type of soap cannot be shared, since it works as a catalyst to discharge the body of negative energies.

When to use it?

We can use it to transmute negative energies in the following cases:

  • When we want to appease feelings in ourselves that disturb us or that we want to modify, such as anger, resentment, difficulty forgiving, bad character, aggressiveness, among others, and we use spiritual help to do it with more force.
  • To have greater control over our relationships and heal them in time, avoiding later conflicts.
  • When you want to definitively remove the negative energy emanating from controlling, dominant and possessive people in your life.
  • To tame and dominate the character and intentions of a certain person or improve our relationship with her.
  • To get rid of low vibrations in general.
  • To repel the influence of dark spiritualities.
  • To attract the vibes of success in some area of ​​our life.
  • To clean and purify homes or room.
  • To emanate a dominating and enchanting energy over others.
  • To calm states of nervousness and anxiety.

Essence of the Meek Little Lamb

This element is specially prepared to appease the momentum of people, it is an excellent ingredient that is used to enhance rituals, spells and petitions directed towards taming and dominating any individual quite effectively.

Regardless of whether it is about love, work or any type of interpersonal relationships, its use for esoteric purposes attracts calm and harmony in conflict situations. It is widely used to anoint candles (candles), amulets, baths, among other rituals.

Ritual with the essence of the gentle lamb to calm an upset person

This ritual is appropriate when you want to calm the mood of people who may be prone to violent reactions or who find it difficult to get out of states of discomfort for a long time, increasing conflict situations.


  • Essence or oil of the meek lamb.
  • A white candle (candle),
  • Sea salt.
  • A photo, a garment or a trace (hair, hair, nails) of the person in question.

To begin with, the essence will be mixed with the salt, until a slightly thick paste is achieved that will be spread on the surface of the candle. It is placed on a white plate and turned on. The prayer of the meek little lamb most appropriate for your request is prayed and half of the trace of the person is burned with the flame and the other half is left on the plate, until the candle is completely consumed. Then, the waste along with the rest of the trace is buried saying the following affirmation: «just as I bury these elements, bad thoughts, bad attitudes, resentments, hatred and everything negative that (name of the person who you want to dominate) against me. Amen and so be it."   

Candle of the meek lamb

Candle of the meek lamb

The meek lamb candles are prepared with ritual and esoteric elements in order to contribute to the solution of conflictive situations in which it is necessary to dominate the behavior of others for our benefit. The power of this element can be combined with prayers and with our own energy charged with faith, to achieve the desired effects with greater effectiveness.

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