Prayer to think of me

Prayer to think of me

The prayer to think of me is widely used for love purposes. Its devotees faithfully believe in its powerful effects. These prayers are made with the purpose of requesting the intervention of certain spiritualities to manage to dominate the desires or thoughts of the loved one, thus making the relationships much more intense and that, in turn, feelings of love and desire reign in them. .

Restless Spirit, I implore your energy force to influence the physical and spiritual body of (name of loved one) so that his thoughts fly to me, that he uncontrollably wants to come to my side, that he looks for me, calls me, finds me and need, regardless of the moment or the hour. Because of your influence, great Restless Spirit, he will only find peace if he returns to my side.

Help me Spirit of Despair, at your feet I implore you to grant me the strength to be able to have total control over (name of loved one), that your influence allows my image to always remain in your mind, increasing feelings of love, desire and passion towards me.

Angels of love, I implore your loving energy to soften all situations that may harm the relationship between (name of loved one) and myself. May understanding reign between us, may good communication flow naturally, may resentments be disposed of thanks to your intervention, ensuring that your thoughts towards me are fresh, clear, loving, and kind.

O spirits who listen to me! Make (name of loved one) think of me. That in the places where he unfolds he finds things, people and circumstances that make him remember me, inciting him to come back to me thirsty for my love and my affection.

O my guardian angel! Listen to the prayer that in this hour and in this moment I make you. I ask you from the depths of my heart to help me so that the love of (name of the loved one) can be for me, because having him by my side will end this agony in my heart and I will be able to be happy. Help me, listen to me and protect me today and always, please I implore you.

Help me pure spirits, illuminate the thoughts of (name of loved one) so that he thinks of me free of hatred and grudges, and full of kindness he can see that there are many beautiful things between the two of us, thus allowing our affective ties to grow.

Listen to the requests that are born from my heart, Spirits that I invoke, do not forsake me in this cause. Fill my life with love, so that (name of loved one) and I can be happy today, tomorrow and always. May your goodness be with me, as I patiently await the materialization of the request that I leave at your feet.


Does it work to say a prayer so that the loved one thinks of me?

It is well known how important it is for human beings to have a partner who allows them to feel loved and desired. On the other hand, sometimes interpersonal relationships can be a bit complex.

In cases where these interactions go through moments of crisis, misunderstandings, and inconvenience that do not allow conflict resolution, "prayers for him to think of me" are of great help because their effectiveness is quite high, and usually , make the loved one change feelings of indifference and discomfort, for thoughts of nostalgia, love and desire.

We must bear in mind that prayers are a quite powerful and highly effective spiritual resource, their effects are usually materialized in many ways, so we should not hesitate to use them every time we find ourselves in need, no matter how serious it may be.

There are two determining factors for "prayers to think of me" to work more effectively. The first of these is faith. All the prayers that are made with deep faith are heard and attended by the spiritual ones. Secondly, there are many rituals that can help prayers enjoy greater energy strength, promoting positive results in less time.

“I invoke the blessing of the Supreme God. The blessing of the universe, the stars and the stars. The blessing of all the angels and archangels of love. The blessing of the Restless Spirit, Spirit of Despair, and all the spirits related to the paths of love.

High spirits that guide and accompany me, to you I offer the living spirit of (name of the loved one) so that, by his divine intervention, his feelings and thoughts are bound in body and soul, that day and night he thinks of me, come me, wish me, love me, long for me, miss me, and all your ideas, projects, and plans are related to me.

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Prayer for him to think of me and despair

"O God of Heavens! I cry out to you today and always mercy with this heart that in agony suffers the sadness of the absence of the loved one. Today I come to you humble and pleading asking you to allow me the joy of keeping the love that I have found in this earthly life. Surely it has been your will that (name of loved one) and I have been together, because otherwise it would not have happened.

Allow then, Creator Father, that the angels of love intervene in this prayer that I raise in your name, and thus they can act for the benefit of my plea.

Pure angels, blessed in love, perfect balance of God's will. I implore your magnificent presence right now, since I need it very urgently. Help me so that the thoughts of (name of the loved one) are directed at me at all times, because always thinking of myself I have to become his only desire, owner and mistress of all his senses and desires, thus stabilizing our sentimental relationship. .

Oh angels of love! I beg you not to let (name of loved one) stop thinking about me. May my absence fill him/her with anxiety, may my need for him/her be equal to what (name of loved one) feels for me, and may he/she need to be by my side without delay, enjoying my love, my kisses and my caresses, because both your mind, your body and your soul, only to me will belong.

By his power, I decree that from this moment on (name of loved one) will only have eyes for me and no one else. They are and will be only for me your thoughts of love, passion, and desire. From now on and from this holy moment (name of the loved one) will only have peace and happiness by my side, and while he is away from me, I will live in his mind. Desperate, he has to come to me to find love in my lap.

To you I pray, angels destined to foster love on Earth. I cry out to you for being the favorite thought of (name of the loved one), that in his spare time he remembers me; that when he works he has my name in his head; not be interested in any other person; and while he's busy he can't get my name out of his mind. I beg you to be the center of your thoughts, and that you desperately only crave my love.

Before you I kneel gratefully, because I am sure that you listen carefully to my requests, which will be materialized from this moment on. So be it, so it is, so it will be. Amen".

Prayer for him to think of me and look for me

Prayer for him to think of me and look for me

With the blessing of Almighty God, I ask your permission to invoke all the spirits of love.

O Spirit of Despair! With immense fervor I ask that (say the name of the loved one) look for me anxiously, that his thoughts be dominated by his interest in me, and that, desperate for my love, he come frantically to my feet, pleading to be by my side. .

O Spirit of Dominion! To you I entrust the mind, the body, the soul, the feelings and the living spirit of (say the name of the loved one), so that he is absolutely dominated by my will, that his actions are dominated by love and desire towards me, to find me immediately wherever I am, and no matter what I am doing.

O Restless Spirit! I commend you the steps of (say the name of the loved one) so that there is no tranquility in his walk, nor in his feelings, nor in his thoughts until he seeks me, until he finds me, and until he takes refuge in my bed. Let him feel uneasiness, anxiety and desolation if I'm not by his side, let him be impatient if he doesn't feel me, let him be restless if he doesn't see me. May he come to me, finding in my company the tranquility and peace that all my love can bring him.

To the 13 spirits to tie up, I give the will of (say the name of the loved one) so that she is tied up in my name, that thanks to her intervention she needs me in her life, that there be no conflict, anger, pride, gossip, envy , or bad intention that manages to disunite our relationship.

I cry out to all the beneficial spirits of love, so that from this moment on their great power assists me, making (say the name of the loved one) come running to look for me, that their emotions get out of control and that only with my love can they find the calm. I ask you (say the name of the loved one) to think of my name, my kisses, my body, my aroma, and that all the thoughts you have towards me move you, make you smile, make you happy and prompt him to look for me.

You well know how much I love (say the name of the loved one) everything that we have lived, and everything that we still have to live, that is why I ask you to allow me to keep our relationship stable by sweetening your thoughts and your feelings towards me. . I entrust to you that my prayers be heard and answered diligently, and in gratitude for your kind intervention I offer (to make an offering to the spirits that must be paid when the request is fulfilled).

I am grateful because I know that my prayers have been heard, and powerful is the intervention of the spirits that guard me. Light and progress to your spirits. It has been agreed and sealed, so it is and so it will be. Amen".

Prayer for the loved one to dream of me

Prayer for the loved one to dream of me

“The blessing of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit be with us today, tomorrow and always. I ask your permission to invoke the sacred presence of all angels and archangels of dreams.

O benevolent and powerful Archangel Gabriel! Commissioned by the will of the Heavenly Father of those who sleep and of all dreams, listen to the plea that my heart makes to be able to get closer to the being I love with all my strength. Help me to enter the dreams of (say the name of the loved one), to be present in his thoughts and to remind him of the sensations that being by my side produces.

Powerful Archangel Leuviah, you who are a symbol of revelation and dreams, I cling to you to request the help of your sacred gifts to make (say the name of the loved one) dream of me, that he can understand that I love him with all my heart. my soul, and so he can think of me in the same way that I think of him/her.

Dear Archangel Raziel, you, who are in charge of helping us understand dreams, help me so that my love towards (say the name of the loved one) is manifested in their dreams and thus I can achieve that both asleep and awake I think, miss me, need me, want me and get desperate without me.

This is how I decree and sentence it right now, that in the dreams of (say the name of the loved one) he must look at me, because our souls must meet. (Say the name of the loved one) you will dream of me tonight, and tomorrow once again, to remind you how much you have to yearn for me.

With the help of angels and archangels, I conjure the energies of rest and sleep of (say the name of the loved one) because my image, my affection and all his love for me must reign in his thoughts. His ideas during the night will draw my figure, they will transmit the essence of my presence, they will promote the sensations of my caresses, he will hear my voice, he will perceive my smell and he will wake up eager to have me close, missing me and needing me in his life and with him/ she.

Virtuous angels, I leave my request in your hands, I am sure that you will not forsake me and that you will intercede on my behalf before the grace of the Creator so that the union between (say the name of the loved one) and me (say his name) be beautiful, full of peace, love, and tranquility. Amen".

Prayer for the person I love to think of me day and night

"O Lord Almighty! Beginning and end, truth and eternal power. Imploring your majesty I cling, as well as, to your mercy and deep love, then, it is a cause of the heart that afflicts me today, and for which I dare to implore your help, requesting that your most faithful souls represented by The saints and saints of the heavenly court may be entrusted to my cause and its solution.

O merciful saints of heaven! Saints related to the themes of love, I implore you to solve without further delay the conflicts that have arisen between myself and (say the name of the loved one), because I am afflicted and fear prevails in the face of the vicissitudes that I am currently going through.

O blessed saints! Do not allow by your divine grace that the external factors that today haunt my home and my relationship with (say the name of the loved one) can win by sowing evil, bad intentions, slander, encouraging resentment, resentment and disunity that could cause a definitive separation.

From your deepest goodness, fill with your pacifying energy all the thoughts of (say the name of the loved one), so that he thinks of me day and night with pure feelings such as love, forgiveness and reconciliation, and thus find no rest or calm until we manage to repair our differences and we can meet for our love to materialize and stabilize.

O mighty Saints of the heavenly throne! I am sure that they have listened attentively to my prayers, because they know perfectly well the problems and anxieties that those of us who are earthly suffer and seek the best way to live in this incarnation arranged by the Creator, do not forsake me then in this matter that deeply worries me.

Then allow (say the name of the loved one) to remember day and night all the good things we have experienced together, to remember my presence, that the thoughts of our experiences fill him with joy and delight, that he does not forget how much pleasure we have had. shared together, and that those ideas are repeated so many times in his head that he does not hesitate to approach me submissive, meek and complacent to together, maintain this love that has united us, and remain so for a long time, happiness reigning in everything moment. Amen".

Ritual for the loved one to think of me

Rituals and spells for love purposes are often widely used to smooth out the different problems that can arise in a relationship. They contribute to sweeten feelings through thoughts free of rancor and resentment, which is why performing works so that "the loved one thinks of me" in the company of the correct prayers, could make your deepest desires come true. The following ritual aims to sweeten the thoughts of the loved one.

Necessary materials:

  • Two red candles.
  • A red cord.
  • Two crystal or glass cups.
  • Fresh water.
  • Water of roses.
  • Kraft paper.
  • Graphite pencil.
  • White plate.
  • Rose incense.

Elaboration process:

On the kraft paper, the name of the loved one and the interested person are written. Each of the names will be glued to a candle, respectively. The candles will be placed together on the white plate and will be tied with the cord from the middle down saying: “just as I tie these two candles, so I tie the thoughts of (say the name of the loved one)”.

Then you need to wet the candles with plenty of rose water. The glasses filled with fresh water will be placed on the sides of the plate offering them in the name of the angels of love. Incense and candles will be lit and the following prayer will be recited:

“In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, I ask for the blessing of the Most Holy Trinity. I invoke the angels of light, the saints, the saints of the heavenly court, and my guardian angel, to entrust this work that I am doing today in his name.

May his energy be worth it to dominate and bend the spirit of (say the name of the loved one) so that he thinks of me day and night, asleep and awake, until his incessant thoughts push him to look for me, to see me , to have me, to hug me, to love me, and not leave me.

The thoughts of (say the name of the loved one) are tied to my life, because from now on his mind, his soul, his spirit, and his body will miss me without measure and without control, rushing to wherever I am, to share with me all his affection, his tenderness, his love, and his entire passion.

Tied are the actions of (say the name of the loved one) who only has to walk in my direction, because his life without me would wander aimlessly, he must feel lost if he does not come to my arms. Holy Trinity, may my love be reciprocated, may my prayers be heard, my work materialized, and my love with (say the name of the loved one) sealed, for now and forever. Amen and so be it, so be it amen.”

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