The most powerful and effective Prayers to Saint Michael the Archangel

Prayers to Saint Michael the Archangel

Through the prayers to San Miguel Arcangel, we invoke his energy and we attract his presence to request that he come to our aid in the moments when we go through some type of situation that we feel is beyond us. It is always good to have the appropriate words to call the beings of light.

Meaning of the prayers to Saint Michael the Archangel

The Catholic Church has provided a prayer to invoke Saint Michael the Archangel, the product of a vision received by Pope Leo XIII while conducting a mass. After that disturbing vision, the Supreme Pontiff felt the need to popularize a prayer that all the churches and their followers pray in common, for the salvation of the holy church and of all believers. In this way, the following prayer became popular, known to many people worldwide:


«Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in the fight. Be our protection against the wickedness and wiles of the devil. May God manifest his power over him, that is our humble supplication.

And you, Prince of the Heavenly Militia, with the strength that God has conferred upon you, cast Satan and to the other evil spirits that roam the world for the perdition of souls.


Prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel

Catholic beliefs consider that this prayer has a great power of protection and offers many blessings to those who invoke it. In reality, all prayers are capable of providing protection to believers as long as they are performed from a heart full of faith. That is the true meaning of the prayers to Saint Michael the Archangel, to establish a connection with that being of light who is ready to come to our aid and protect us during our development in the earthly world.

Short prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel

Short prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel

«It is you whom I invoke, Most Excellent Saint Michael. So that you listen to me in this moment of darkness. So that you can help me. I thank you today and forever for covering me with your healthy fluid that calms my difficulties. Amen".

Prayer of Archangel Michael to protect himself from enemies

«Oh my adored Archangel Saint Michael. You are the undisputed prince and leader of the armies of the kingdom of heaven. Watcher and protector of all souls. Custodian of the Church, and triumphant over the impious intentions of rebellious and malevolent spirits.

Loaded with humility, I am in front of you begging you right now, so that you will deign to rid me of all evil, as you always do for those who turn to you loaded with trust.

May your grace always protect us, may your strength protect us and may your undisputed guide allow us to achieve true enlightenment to keep us at the service of God.

That the snares of the wicked, envious, unjust and disloyal do not corrupt us by making us act like them. In your hands I leave my wars, and justice over my enemies who attack me.

May your virtue make us better people every day of our lives, especially when we have to face the trance of death, so that we are at all times protected on earth and in heaven by your power.

Thus there will be no demon, or infernal dragon that can stalk us, or harm us much less. May my humble prayer for your power be fulfilled, Divine Majesty.


Prayer to start meditations

«Oh Saint Michael the Archangel, protector of all creation, of infinite time and space, of all known and unknown dimensions, of the visible and the invisible, allow a gap, so that the power of spiritual illumination awakens in me through of this meditation. Come to my aid, be my companion and guide during this moment of rest and calm, and please grant me your help (make request) whenever it is the best for my life.


Long prayer to safeguard home, work, and yourself.

«Blessed Saint Michael the Archangel, prince among princes. General of the sky ranked among the most powerful. I know your power and that is why I come to you, I beg you to intercede for me before God Our Lord.

I have nothing else to offer you that has more value than my greatest devotion and my faith.

Adored Archangel Saint Michael, cover me with your bright blue flame. It is known that you have the power and the will to help all beings that are in need of your Divine intervention. You know how to listen to the conflicts that happen in my home, I ask you with humility that you also listen to my prayer, that your blue flame covers my house, my relatives and loved ones, that all evil be dissipated, and that the problems be solved counting on your support and protection.

My faith in you is so great that I dare to continue begging your attention. From the bottom of my heart I beg you to defend me from any unforeseen, fortuitous or intentional setback, within my field of work. Don't let the changes that happen every day bring bad news for me. On the contrary, make me an avid connoisseur, stimulate my intellectual and creative capacity to fully fulfill my functions and thus achieve the success of my missions.

Do not allow me, mighty angel, to suffer any harm, and free me from self-destructive thoughts that go against my progress or lead me to sin. Also, free me from anyone who might create an obstacle for me.

Intercede so that the grace of God materializes in me, and that his infinite love reaches me, both me and my loved ones, and all my benefactors.

I am certain that my prayer will be heard because I trust that you do not allow your followers to suffer pain. I know that you are infinite goodness and that is why you always go to those who call you from the frankness of their heart. That is why I patiently hope to be worthy of your help and your intercession.


Prayers to Saint Michael the Archangel against witchcraft and the evil eye

«Mighty General of the legion of heavenly warriors, Saint Michael the Archangel. You were created full of light and goodness. You are strength, devotion, strength and loyalty in God.

The darkest and most complex battles have been entrusted to you. Defender of the kingdom of heaven. Guide of the embodied souls. Integrity symbol. Here I am once again pleading, in these difficult moments, in which I fight against evil and without being able to see it.

But you can see it clearly, because you are clarity, you are light. Help me please, be my guide in the face of so much chaos to face the malevolent spirits that walk in the valley of shadows and cause all the obstacles that are presented to me.

Do not allow them to make me fall into low temptations, strengthen my spirit before them. Become my protective shield, stop all negative energy, spell, incantation, the evil eye, witchcraft, demon or dark spirit that tries to harm me. May by touching your shield be transformed into good or revoked in the name of God.

Remove then, all the adverse that does not allow my evolution in all senses and that does not allow me to advance. Uproot all evil that has been positioned in my physical or spiritual world, in order to achieve the success that is written in my destiny, counting on your protection, keeping my world in harmony, every day of my life.


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Prayer to Archangel Michael to overcome difficulties

Prayer to Archangel Michael

«Adored Saint Michael the Archangel, you who do know of difficulties. You faced great battles. Today I beg you to help me overcome the setbacks that torment me.

Defend me against all evil, against injustices, deceptions and attacks from my opponents.

May the fire emanating from your powerful sword, eliminate everything that slows me down, stagnates me, damages me and does not belong to me.

Saint Michael the Archangel, take me out of the storms, risks, enemies and everything that comes to evil.

Be my guardian angel, and always guide me on the path of peace.


Prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel for health

«Oh Saint Michael the Archangel, there is no doubt that God has filled you with an infinite love, which makes you compassionate towards human beings. That is why today I implore you to lend me your armor to protect this body and this soul so that nothing and no one who wishes to harm it can pierce it. Preserve, ampáralo and fill it of your infinite healthy fluid.

Protective angel, I beg you to spread your blessed wings over us, in the company of all the heavenly armies, providing us with physical and spiritual healing. May your infinite goodness reign and may no evil, sore, wound, or natural or false disease flourish in our body.

Hear my plea in the name of the Father, in the name of the Son, and in the name of the Holy Spirit.


For the love

«Saint Michael the Archangel, the power you hold by the grace that God has filled you with is well known. You are a missionary for the help of the beings of creation. You are light and you are infinite love.

Today I come to you because I need your help, in the face of the painful situation that afflicts my heart. Heavenly Prince, I beg you to work in the healing of my heart, I do not ask much of you, I do not ask little of you, I only ask of you (make your request).

In the ways of life we ​​are not always lucky in love, regardless of how we behave, you are a witness to the deepest feelings that I have saved, and to everything that I have had to suffer, for which I ask you to be you shield and your sword those that help me to solve this whole situation that I cannot control.

Blessed angel, I beg that my voice and my request be heard. I am sure that you do not like the suffering of your devotees, and you help those who really deserve it, so I trust that my prayer will be heard and granted.


I pray to Saint Michael the Archangel to recover the love that has been taken from him with witchcraft or sorcery

«Oh Archangel Saint Michael, he always victorious. Today I invoke you because I am certain that only with your help will I be able to get out of this crossroads that afflicts me. I humbly call you so that my request may be heard.

Just as you once defeated Lucifer, just as you always impose yourself on the fallen angels, just as there is no demon that can claim victory over you, likewise, today I implore that great power with which God has filled you.

I come to you because chaos, evil, envy and bad spiritual arts have sown their bad seed in my home, in my relationship, in my partner and in my life. Today, the balance of my situations has been broken, there is no happiness, my soul is restless, sad and in pain.

I am sure that only you will be able to break every chain, tie or spiritual lock that has been invoked against my relationship as a couple, and that your intervention will put an end to the power of evil that has been installed (make request). Archangel Saint Michael, please do not abandon me, listen to my plea, make me the winner just as you are, that good prevails over evil, and from this moment all that is revoked, and becomes another battle from which you have emerged victorious, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, amen. So be it, so be it, so be it.

Prayer to the Archangel Saint Michael to prosper and open the ways

«Oh glorious Saint Michael! With fervor I call you as always, paying you honor, knight of immaculate armor, bearer of the banner of heaven.

You are faithful and fair. Courageous companion. You are able to observe all the effort that I have made to bring abundance into my life. Today I beg you that my work is not in vain, that my harvest is very good, that harmony and financial balance prevail in my life, that there is never a lack of bread at my table, nor at that of my family, nor at that of homes around the world.

I ask you from my heart that with your sword and shield you stop the attacks of evil. That you remove from me everything that tries to harm me, cleaning, purifying and opening my ways to be able to advance, prosper and achieve my goals, especially: (make request) always counting on the grace and blessing of God Our Lord.


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