Aje Shaluga: Orisha of fortune

Aje shaluga

Ajé Shaluga is known as the Orisha of prosperity, luck and money, however, it is also very effective for matters related to health and stability in different areas of the lives of its initiates.. Practitioners of the rule of Osha and Ifa (Santería) usually receive its foundation with the intention of improving their economic conditions and attracting the balance of beneficial energies on this Earth.

Who is Aje Shaluga?

It is a deity belonging to the Yoruba pantheon related to fortune, wealth, firmness and sustenance of the human being. It is estimated that her ashe consists in the virtue of facilitating the conditions for people to receive the necessary money to live an abundant life, which is why she is known as "the treasurer of the Orishas".

In his cult, he is credited with the power to confer wealth on his worshipers, therefore, entertainment and sacrifices are offered to him in order to obtain his favors in this regard.

Who is Aje Shaluga?

This deity lives in the most desolate places of the sea, in the small islands surrounded by large reefs and in the river. The element that identifies it is great cowry and sea shells. In fact, the small cowries represent money, being commonly used as a means of commercial exchange in many areas of Africa until the end of the XNUMXth century. Therefore, its symbol today is paper money.

Ajé Shaluga's name is usually translated as: "the winner who makes it happen again or the sorcerer who makes it come back." Aje ₌ sorcerer or rancher / Shalu ₌ repeat. It is said that this saint is related to Oshumare (Rainbow Orisha) and that sprouted directly from Yemaya's body.

Despite being related to fortune, the word "Àjé" does not mean money, as it is sometimes interpreted. Ajé Shaluga goes far beyond material goods as such. This deity is barter, that is, the representation of the exchange of energies that are profitable and produce retribution. That is why, in the oldest Yoruba practices, it was understood that the energy of Ajé exists by nature in each of the beings.

However, its irradiation is not present in the same proportion in all individuals, therefore, its influence favors the possibility of obtaining certain material benefits to a different extent, depending on the interest of the people. That is why the merchants were the first worshipers of his cult, since it is believed that the intensity with which the spirituality of Aje Shaluga manifested itself in them benefited his transactions.

Aje Shaluga is also a spirituality related to health, happiness, fertility, evolution, balance, passions, it influences the creation of dyes and colors in general.

In the diloggun he speaks through the Odu: Eyioko tonti Okana (2-1), and meridilogun (16).

Is Ájé Shaluga a male or female Orisha?

Aje Shaluga: Orisha of Money and Fortune

In some passages it is identified as a male Orisha and in others it is identified as a female Orisha, this is a product of the duality of fortune and wealth, which is considered to have no sex.

When Aye is considered a male Orisha, he is related to Eshu and Ozayin. A story tells that Ájé distributed wealth indiscriminately to everyone, therefore, no one needed to go to Ozain, who was a great sorcerer, because Ájé satisfied all his needs.

Faced with such a situation, Ozayin full of envy ate Áje. Immediately, the need took hold of the people, who came to the foot of orunmila to find out what was the cause of Ájé's absence. It was then that Ifa sent Eshu to where Ozayin was to offer him a meal prepared with well-cooked corn, mixed with chopped tobacco and seasoned with plenty of pepper. Osain full of pride hurriedly ate that dish thinking that it was a recognition that people made him for his immense power. But, the ingredients of it caused him a lot of nausea, until he vomited Ájé.

However, Ájé had already been digested, and those that Ozayin managed to return from him, had become coins, cowries (snails), and pearls, which Eshu began to distribute and control, thus causing wealth to settle in a way disproportionate among people.

Story of Aye Shaluga

Story of Aye Shaluga

It happened that, on one occasion, Olokun, being the wife of OduduwaWith great sadness she decided to abandon him, motivated by the fact that she could not get pregnant by her husband, but her misfortune was so great that she decided to go to Orunmila in search of consolation.

Time passed, and Orunmila managed to conquer her, but she, confused and worried about her infertility, confesses her problem. As usual, he consulted with Ifa to find a solution to this situation, making the corresponding sacrifices, which immediately materialized, resulting in the birth of Ayé.

It is thanks to this story that in some traditions Orisha Ájé is considered the sister of Yemaya, being identified as one of the 9 daughters of Olokun, receiving from his hands powers and secrets related to the sea. It is said that when she was very young she was quite a curious child. When Olokun came out of the sea, Ájé went behind her, to see where she was going, transforming into waves with bubbling foam, her brightness was so immense that she even dazzled the people who looked at her.

One day, Olokun observing her great attributes sentenced for her saying: "What you give to others, you will also receive, and so you will be seen by others as you show yourself. This will always be your secret, but you cannot forget that any secret always holds some danger.

After this, when Ajé Shaluga came out in the form of a wave, her brilliance was much greater, for her pride was immense, blinding many who looked at her at that time. But, as men and women lost her sight, so did she, until she was completely blind. It was in that instant that she truly understood the importance of her secret. From that moment on, she only goes out to explore the waves and the sea in the company of Yemaya.

Characteristics of Aye Shaluga

Regarding his behavior, it is estimated that this deity is very capricious, changeable and inconstant. She used to randomly choose the people she is going to bless and favor with large sums of money.

In another sense, due to its relationship with the sea, where it resides, it is representative of both abundance and fertility. In Afro-Cuban Santeria practices, he was originally depicted with the pearl oyster. In addition to this, it is also related to the sea shell known as "aje" which, due to its ear shape, symbolizes the power of this saint over the way in which the word is perceived, even, it is also considered a the pearl, symbol of the word itself.

In fact, finding a mother-of-pearl is synonymous with great luck, it is recommended that when doing so, a glass with brandy is placed on it and tobacco smoke is blown on it to entertain and request that the energy of the Orisha stay with us.

The interesting thing about all this is that the Orisha Aje Shaluga is not only a deity whose worship is exclusively dedicated to attracting wealth, but also in some places in the Yoruba lands many young women receive it as part of the "rites of passage" , being a main divinity in these ceremonies, which attracts both material prosperity and the luck of the offspring in women.


Among its attributes we can highlight:

  • A large Aje snail (it is believed that this is the one that attracts abundance).
  • Small white natos.
  • 1 hand of snails.
  • 8 conch snails.
  • 201 cowries.
  • Coins of different denominations and from different places.


The elekes or necklaces of the orisha Aje Shaluga are made by inserting coins and sea shells.

Aje Shaluga Soup

The receptacle of this deity is made up of a crystal fountain that lives uncovered, where you can see the pearl shells and seashells that make up its foundation.


In Africa its main herb is Atiponlá and Ewe Ire; These herbs can be found in Cuba under the names of Atiponlá and sefun sefun, respectively. This means that the ewe Atiponlá cannot be absent during its consecration. Also, you can use: prodigiosa, pigweed, mongoose, saucer, among others.

How is Aje Shaluga received?

In the practice of the Osha rule, also called "santeria", Aje Shaluga is a saint known as the secretary of Oshun, some identify her as her sister or the guardian of her treasures. She does not go to the head of any consecrated, that is to say, that she is not crowned. The foundation of it is basically made up of otanes and snails, among other elements. Her consecration ceremony is carried out for three days in a row, with the usual rituals, being delivered into the hands of the initiate on the third day, after her consecration.

In Nigeria, the foundation of Orisha Ajé is consecrated with some differences with respect to the customs inherited in the diaspora, due to the fact that during its ritual some elements, both vegetable and animal, are involved, which are difficult to obtain in the West.

In the cult of Ifa, it is recommended that for its consecration four foundations must be established, which are: Eshu Odara, Orunmila, Ozain and Igba Ori. It is estimated that having the foundation of Ájé Shalunga, tied to these 4 foundations, is that the energy of the Orisha can be fully channeled. After his consecration, within these customs, it is recommended to the initiate that he be the only one who attends exclusively to the deity, since allowing someone else to do so in his absence would make him run the risk of losing his irradiation and instead , the person who performs the care is benefited.

Benefits of receiving Aje Shaluga

Orisha Aje

This deity is closely related to the sustenance of the human being, acts as a channel for the energies that provide payment or reward for the efforts or work done. It is received in order to balance its energy vibration in the astral body of the initiate and thus be able to achieve greater financial stability. In the case of women, she also helps to attract stability regarding love issues and to conceive children more easily. Also, she brings health blessings to the devotees of her.

Within the Yoruba culture, it is considered that Ajé Shaluga usually settles in various ways in individuals, especially in those who have decided to have it or who have been chosen for it, because it is part of their destiny. Such a ceremonial makes a kind of distinction in each of them creating a kind of stratification, in the same way that social classes do today.

This influences the irradiation of the energy of this Orisha on individuals. In general, Ajé acts as a determining factor in negotiations, especially commercial ones, in which economic benefits are obtained. In fact, it is believed that those people who are not able to receive remuneration for marketing their items or services are not able to harness the energy of Aye Shaluga.

How is Aje Shaluga treated?

Ajé Shaluga is entertained by placing sea shells, mother-of-pearl, coins, precious stones, quartz, coconuts, eggs, shrimp, yams, honey, palm wine, bananas, olelé, pineapples and other fresh fruits, flowers, and candles.

That eats?

To Aye Shaluga they immolate him mainly pigeons, since they are his favorites. Also offered: mutton, guinea pig, hen, duck, female pig, slugs, and duck. In some customs, it is said that he eats all the animals that are offered to Yemaya. However, it is estimated that once consecrated she can eat whatever she requests through the different oracles through which she manifests.

What is required of Aje Shaluga?

The orisha Ajé Shaluga is asked to favor us in matters such as:

  • Achieve abundance, economic stability and good fortune.
  • Have fertility and be able to leave offspring on this Earth.
  • Obtain stability regarding sentimental and love issues.
  • Improve health situations.
  • Have better negotiation skills and close favorable deals.
  • Understand more quickly and improve communication skills when relating to work or business with others.
  • Successfully achieve the goals we set for ourselves.
  • Achieve longer states of happiness and harmony.

Main prayer to Ájé Shaluga

Aje Shaluga Prayer

«Ájé iwo lobi Ógún Ilu,

Ajé Iwo lobi onipasan owere,

Oyale asin win bear, asin win dólówó

Hey that's how we were bear, that's how we were di aniyan-pataki,

Ájé pé le or kín l´Órísa,

Agéde ní wó Ajénjé lotu Ifé ti o fi neje kóo ti ní,

Ájé dakun wá jó kóo témi kí ó má ​​se kuro lodo mi».


Ajé you gave light to the war of the city,

Ajé you gave light to Onipasan Owere,

He went to the madman's house and made him rich,

He went to the madman's house and made him a character,

Ajé shalunga I greet you, I am the last one to arrive among the Orishas,

Ajé, you eat banana and fruit in Ifá so that you reach one,

Aje please, come to me, stay with me and don't leave me.

Aje Shaluga prayer in Yoruba

«Mó jí lòní.

Mo wo'gun mérin aye

Ìbà Ajé – ògúngúlùsò Olambo yeye aiyé

Oro to yes gbogbo òna.

AI know".


I wake up today.

I look at the four corners of the World.

Respect to the spirit of wealth and good fortune, honor is coming to the mothers of the Earth.

The power of the word opens all paths.


How do you greet Ajé Shaluga?

Originally in Africa, when large amounts of money were spent, the expression was made: "Aye Oh!" As an acknowledgment to the Orisha for the blessing obtained, which, in turn, had allowed such expenses to be made, because the possibility of doing so demonstrates his generosity.

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Works (Ebbo) with Aje Shaluga

The works, the traditional medicines or "the Akose" are the preparations made by the consecrated to solve the situations that afflict the devotees of a deity. In the case of Orisha Ájé, her incantations tend to attract the benefits of the irradiation of her energy with great effectiveness. Next, we offer some works that we can carry out at the foot of that deity:

For the money

A bath is prepared at the foot of Aje Shaluga with: buttercup, white flowers, cascarilla, fresh water and holy water. This bath is performed for 8 days in a row imploring the Orisha for money to come into her life. Every time she goes to take a bath, she will light a candle for Ajé to ask for her cause.

for prosperity

A powder is prepared at the foot of Aje Shaluga with: yamao stick, lodestone, benzoin, corn and egg shells. Ajé Shaluga is given knowledge of what is taking place, and two candles are lit for him. When they are completely consumed, the dust is blown through all the corners of the house saying: «Ajé talisman, bring prosperity, happiness and abundance to my house. Ashe to Iban Eshu."

Aje Shaluga Pataki

Aje Shalunga

He cast divination for wealth when seeking a following, just before he came down to Earth. He also performed divination for Onigede when he was looking for money. Both were advised to make sacrifices, and they were performed as directed. They offered: white doves, mashed yams, and white cloth. Immediately the deity of wealth came out of heaven to look for the most comfortable place where he could live.

Onigede, who was the king of the Igede land, had been advised to look for the white pigeon feathers and the mash with which he made ebbo and spread them around the palace, since that was the favorite food of the divinity of wealth.

When the daughter of wealth found herself between heaven and earth, thinking where to go, Eshu recommended that she start the march to the place where the palace was. Finding so much food, she stayed in the palace with Onigede, settling there all the riches that she brought from heaven to Earth, for which the king became incalculably rich. When he enjoyed his maximum prosperity, Onigede ordered a great feast in the name of Orunmila where she danced and prayed in his name, to thank him for his divination.

Aje Shaluga Quotes

There are many Yoruba proverbs that refer to this deity, among them we have:

"Aje sits (defecates) on my head, because he blesses me with money when I walk." This is related to the casual event in which a pigeon defecates on a person, which is considered as the omen of a blessing of money that is to come.

"Whoever Aje touches becomes human". This is a reference that speaks of the power that Aje Shaluga has to influence conception and its beneficial capacity with respect to fertility.

"Aje slept in my head, whoever Aje touches (or blesses), act like a child". This alludes to the happiness caused by being blessed by the luck of chance, winning the lottery, and those kinds of situations, in which large amounts of money are surprisingly obtained.

"Aje elevates me like a king". This expression means that, by having large amounts of material goods and children, the person becomes someone important and with status in life.

"Aje Shaluga often passes by with the first caravan when it comes to market, and loads the last with profit". It refers to the fact that hard and constant work will always be rewarded by the deity.

 "He who while walking finds a cowrie, is favored by Aje Shaluga." It speaks of the fickle and unpredictable nature that this deity can sometimes have, thanks to which, by chance, fortune can come our way.

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