Ozain: The Herber of the Yoruba Pantheon


Ozain, Òsányìn ,, or Osain, is the incomparable sorcerer, sorcerer and healer. The connoisseur of the secrets of the mountain, the mysteries of botany and the healing properties hidden in nature. Its essence and wisdom is indispensable in the practice of Osha and Ifa.

Who is ozain?

He is an older Orisha. His real name is: «Ossain Aguenegui Aguaddo y Kurí Kurí». In some lands it is also known as: Ossain Agguchuiye. His name is also spelled in various ways: Ossain, Osanyin, Ossaín, Ossaniyn, Osain, Ozaín, or Ozain. His cult comes from the lands: Takua, Iyesá and Óyó.

He is considered a great friend of Oggun y oshosi, Orishas with whom he shares his home, Mt. It is said to be Igbamole (it has no family). He came into the world at the command of Olodumare. No partner is known.

He is recognized as the herb grower of the Osha, therefore, he is considered the patron of all the vegetation that exists in the world. Master of sorcery, owner and inhabitant of the forest and of the sacred Ashe to consecrate all the foundations existing in the Yoruba culture and Afro-descendant practices.

His deep wisdom of the secrets, benefits or harm that can be obtained through plants has an important relationship with the energy and spiritual balance of the human being. All that wisdom was given to him directly from Olodumare who blessed him with his mighty Ashe. He is the custodian of the Batá drums. As well as, the one designated to get the Ashé for Orunmila.

His knowledge goes beyond plants, he is also a broad connoisseur of the animal and mineral kingdom. He is an Orisha with great powers of premonition. In the human body it is present in the left part of the whole body.

How is osain?

Between her CARACTERISTICS It stands out that it has only one eye, one leg, one arm, a large ear and a small ear that is why it listens accurately to all the sounds and absolutely everything that happens in the mountains.

Inshe by ozain

All Oshas and Orishas have one. These carry within them a specific secret charge. In the same way, all the Odun of the Ifá oracle have theirs. There is even an Osain for all circumstances of life, that is, this Deity has the power to get involved in any matter. In fact, it is necessary to have him for any consecration, otherwise, the consecrations and foundations would have no value.

The number of ozain

Its number is 7 and its multiples. This number is attributed to him due to his wide energetic power and that he enjoys the power to attract with greater intensity all physical and spiritual phenomena, which reveals the great power of this Orisha.

Osain's day

His day is commemorated on January 17 due to the customs inherited from syncretism.

Ozain's receptacle


Its receptacle is usually an earthen jar where its sacred load is deposited. It also has a hanging guiro that has four embedded feathers. Similarly, you can use a jicotea shell and endless receptacles made with elements of natural origin. Its main attribute is the Marimbó that is made using tender palm guides.

Colors of Ozain

ozain necklace

Ozain's color is green due to its obvious relationship with nature. Your necklaces or elekes They are made with green beads, or of multiple colors.

Ozain's Charge

The secret charges of Ozai They are made with elements belonging to the vegetable, animal and mineral kingdom. For this it is usually used:

  • Four corner land.
  • Anthill land and black wasp nests.
  • House land.
  • Land of various places.
  • Gold.
  • Silver.
  • Dust of all suits.
  • All herbs.
  • All rinds.
  • All roots.
  • Dry heads of almost all animals.
  • Filings of various metals.
  • Precipitates.
  • Quicksilver.
  • Hooks.
  • Ants.
  • Colored beads.
  • Poisonous animals.
  • Silver coins.
  • Feathers of various animals.
  • Stones from different places.
  • River water, wells, springs, streams, sea, river, among others.

To this load other materials are added and different sacrifices are made, these are not placed on the list in order to protect the secrets of this cult.

Inshe of Ozain

Ozain's Story: When Shango Marked It

Shango happened to be the owner of the board at first. Orunmila did the divination but Shango did all the work and eboses. For this he had two assistants: Elegua and Osanyin. But the day came when Shango wanted to get rid of that responsibility because he preferred to be partying and with women.

Elegua served as the messenger and carried the eboses; For his part, Osayin entrusted him with the secrets of the herbs. Both aspired to be the heir to the board, but Shango decided that the most appropriate for his custody and work was Orumila.

Orumila, surprised with such a decision, told him that his manipulation was very complicated, but Shango insisted, also offering his two assistants: Elegua and Ozain, to support him in the execution of the works, just as they had done with him. Likewise, he indicated that if he had any problem, he should not hesitate to call him by placing 16 Odu Ará on the ground, inside a circle of gunpowder and lighting it on fire.

It was thus, that Orumila took charge of the board, but his works did not give results, because Elegua and Osain did not help him. Elegua did not take the eboses to their destinations, and Osain stayed in the bush doing things as he pleased.

So much was Orumila's desperation that he had to call Shango, who came immediately observing that Orumila's failure was due to the bad practices of Elegua and Òsányìn. He began to call Osanyin in the bush but he was hiding from him. Then, full of anger, Shango unleashed a great storm of lightning and the mountain caught fire until lightning struck Ozain causing him to lose an eye, an ear, an arm, and a leg.

Osain, full of fear and shame for his bad deed as he could, arrived at Orumila's house where he lost consciousness. When he came to himself after several days, he saw with amazement that Orumila instead of abandoning him took care of him and cured him. Regretful of his attitude, he asked her forgiveness and promised to be her slave.

When Elegua saw what happened, he went home and recognized that he was also deceiving him, asking for his forgiveness and offering that from that moment on he would obey his command. Since then, Orumila has had two faithful servants and has always seen good results in his works.

What are the children of ozain like?

The sons of Ozain are called "Adajunshe". They are not crowned directly. If it is necessary to do kariosha, the most appropriate thing is to do Shango. They are usually balanced, mature people, with a not very dogmatic or conventional perception of life. They are generally very down-to-earth, down-to-earth, and pragmatic. They tend to contain their emotions. They have a certain aura of mystery and when disturbed they can become terrible enemies.

What is swearing in ozain?

Those who are sworn in Osain are those who begin their cult through the ceremonial of their consecration and receive their foundation.

How is ozain received?

The aleyos, Iworos and Babalawos in general can be sworn in Ozain. In fact, men and women can receive it, although women must wait until they reach menopause to start their worship and be able to participate in its ceremonies. This is because menstruation represents a taboo for that Orisha.

Another important characteristic of its consecration is that its cult belongs to the Babalawós, therefore, they are the only ones authorized to deliver it. Its ceremonial is completely secret and only the initiates know the rituals for its consecration.

What is an Ozainist?

Initiates in the cult of Ozain who have received its foundation are called under the term "Ozainists." However, this term carries great responsibility and commitment, it actually refers to initiates who have dedicated themselves to study, development and practice within a spiritual life under the precepts related to this Orisha.

In such a way that an Ozainist must be a deep connoisseur of the Rules of Osha and Ifá. It requires an extensive botanical study. A dedication that therefore makes him a specialist in the properties and use of herbs both in the physical and medicinal field as well as in the spiritual field. You must know the participation, effects and importance of herbs in relation to all ceremonials within the practice of Santeria and Ifa.

The relationship of an Ozainist with cosmic energy must be such that it can be in perfect balance with nature and all living beings that cohabit in it. The presence of an Osainist is fundamental in every house of saint and Ifa.

Adimu or Ozain's meals

Ozain can be offered everything he eats Shango. He also likes the fruits that all the Orishas use in common, such as: coconut, bobo stick, bananas, and star apple.

That eats?

The animals that are sacrificed to him are: goat, jicotea, chicken, griffin rooster and chirping birds.

How is ozain cared for?

Mainly it is served by offering brandy and tobacco smoke.

Herbs of Ozain

Ossain owns absolutely all the herbs, sticks, barks and roots that exist in the forest and anywhere else vegetation sprouts.

Osain in syncretism (Catholic Religion)

Saint Anthony the Abbot | Ozain

Osain in the Catholic religion is syncretized with San Antonio Abad or Antón Abad. This Catholic saint was born in Heracleópolis Magna in Egypt, Africa. His story relates that he was a founding Christian monk of the hermit movement, which refers to the movement of the hermits.

Being a hermit means living alone to achieve perfect harmony with God. This trait is undoubtedly the main similarity that we find between this character and the Orisha Ozain.

Another reason that inspired the Yorubas brought to Cuba for their syncretism is that San Antonio Abad led an ascetic life, that is, that he dedicated himself to the philosophical or religious practice in which he sought the purification of the spirit through the denial of material pleasures and abstinence. Remember that this characteristic is attributed on many occasions to Osain.

Finally, the isolated life of San Antonio de Abad and his perfect communion with nature and animals made him the most appropriate spirituality to syncretize with this Orisha. 

Benefits of receiving ozain?

Due to the knowledge of Ozain he is an Orisha who possesses a high healing power. Its foundation can save lives, has great healing properties, provides ample protection and strengthens in cases where its initiates are in both earthly and spiritual warfare. It is also an excellent shelter for the home, protecting it from shipments and dark spirits.

What is asked of ozain?

Osain is invoked due to his healing ability; To get rid of witchcraft, sorcery, curses, dark spirits and negative entities, to protect ourselves from mayomberos and for almost all situations in life, let us remember that there are countless Inshes of Ozain that allow us to solve multiple situations.   

Roads of ozain

  • Ozain Bi.
  • Osain Ajube.
  • Ozain Age.
  • Ozain Ologun.
  • Ozain Beremy.
  • Osain Donque.
  • Ozain Obiota.
  • Osayin Fumage.
  • Osanyin Tola.
  • Ozain Getema.
  • Osain Tunisian.
  • Osain Ra.
  • Ozayin Ogunike.
  • Osányin Bemárun.
  • Osanyin Mole.
  • Ozain Seka.

Hail to Osain

"Osain akuaniye sine akelesi niye ebo iupue fiedenu baba mi".


Ozain is from Mandingo land and does not eat canaries.

Prayer or prayer of ozain (Oriki)

Atoobajaye or Afonja Eweeelere oo. Eweeee. Eweelere oo.

ewe neither nse o bye bi. Oko laya my Orun. Eweeee. Eweelere oo.

Seerejobi ewe tii somo I originated igi. Ipin bawonyi n somo agbijale.

Eweeee. Eweelere oo. Ase.


It is the right protector. Afonja is highly valued for knowledge of herbs. The herbs. He is highly valued for his knowledge of herbs.

It is the knowledge of the herbs that makes him behave like this. My husband in Heaven? The herbs. Valued for knowledge of herbs.

Seerejobi leaves belong to the top of the tree, no matter how tall it is. Poisonous insects defend the mother of the earth. He is valued for knowledge of herbs and with them he will save us. Asé.

I sing to Osain

Guide: Kurukuru beete;

Chorus: Màrìwò Òsányìn Màrìwò rere;


Leader: Kurukuru beete;

Chorus: Màrìwò Òsányìn Màrìwò rere;


Leader: Òrìsà ewé be (e) 'rí (i)' kú saca wé; Nàná ná wé;

A wè; a wè be'rí'kú és wé; Nàná ná wé;

Obì ká yá, Awo yó Sá wé; Nàná ná wé;

Nàná wéré, Nàná wéré, Nàná wéré, Nàná I;

Òsányìn Nàná wéré, Òsányìn, Nàná wéré, Nàná me.

Chorus: Repeat.


Guide: The corn husk is peeled for its disrespect

Chorus: The palm leaves represent Ozain;

The palm leaves represent goodness;

Palm leaves.

The Òrìsà of herbs slaughters death and runs to win a child; Nàná (Búrúkú) came to win a son;

We wash, we wash to slaughter death and run to win a child; Nàná got to win a son;

Kola Nut quickly interprets, the initiate clandestinely runs to win a son; Nàná got to win a son;

Nàná is fast, Nàná is fast, Nàná is fast, Nàná promotes the offspring;

Òsányìn and Nàná are fast, Òsányìn and Nàná are fast, Nàná promotes the offspring.

Works with ozain

Inshe of ozain to ward off enemies:

You take a chicken egg and open a small hole. It is loaded with: amanzaguapo powder, voice change, zamuro feathers, owl feathers, land of twelve o'clock in the day and land of twelve at night, name of the enemy, and quicksilver. The egg is sealed with wax. Then the measure of one is taken with a black thread and with a red thread. With this thread the egg is chalked on the outside. Then he gets inside Ozain, and then onto Elegua, alternating it. Afterwards, it is taken out of the house and around the block, breaking it in the opposite corner.

Loving mooring at the foot of Ozain

An iron nail is grasped and placed in the candle until the tip is red hot. Then it is allowed to cool. The hair of the two people involved is chalked with red thread (the one that ties goes upstairs). Stinky grass root, rue leaves and the first and last names of the two are also put, in the same way that the hair was placed. He wraps himself in red cloth and stands on top of Osain.

Osain quotes

Osain says: "To be able to get into a witch you first have to know the grass."

Ozain says: «Pa´ sorcerer me. I don't believe in dead or dark witchcraft because I always bet on my pot. "

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