10 things you should know about the children of Orisha Oko

Children of Orisha Oko

In Yoruba culture Orisha oko He is an extremely important deity, because his power as king and protector of sowing and harvests makes him the provider of food that keeps the beings of creation alive. Without his favorable influence we could perish. That responsibility makes it a wise and compassionate spirituality, protector of humanity. Orishaoko's children, like his guardian angel, reveal benevolent and protective characteristics. It could not be otherwise, since they have a very affectionate spiritual father who never leaves them.

In fact, Orishaoko is known for being very careful with his children, using his energy and influence over them to encourage them to grow, expand and self-realize, so that they can understand, connect and reach their destinies; In addition, he is quite generous, because he provides his initiates and followers with abundance, prosperity, stability, happiness, and evolution in general, that is, he makes his children have a fertile life.

But, his intervention is not manifested only on the earthly plane, it is also possible to identify his influence on the personality of his protégés, that is why, when being in contact or being identified with one of them, it is normal for us to wonder What are Orisha Oko's children like? Next, we will reveal 10 characteristics that define the personality of your children:

1. They have a special connection to the earth:

Being the element of their guardian angel, the children of Orisha oko they have a deep connection to the earth and to nature in general. They feel attracted to activities related to agriculture, planting, they learn botany with great ease and have a special ashé to heal the sick through infusions with medicinal herbs.

2. Patience and persistence is one of your natural gifts:

Let's remember that plants grow slowly, the farmer must work daily under the sun, while waiting for him to harvest his crop. In the same way, the children of Orishaoko face life. They are characterized by being very calm, calm, patient, practical, careful, very responsible, thrifty and, above all, they have a great ability to understand that the fruits of effort require time to mature.

3. They are very generous people and manage to live in abundance:

Orisha Oko's followers usually have a very particular respect for life and their peers. His behavior vibrates perfectly with the laws of nature, especially those of the earth. Their abundance mindset is reflected in the way they achieve all their financial goals and in their willingness to share and support those around them. They do not know egoism.

4. In love:

Normally they are not friends with parties or promiscuity, which makes them very homelike, and attached to their children and their partner. However, this deep rootedness can make them excessively traditional, jealous and even possessive.

5. They have a special empathy towards animals:

Just as they have a natural connection with plants, they have it with animals, whom they treat with great respect and care, even participating as activists in organizations that protect animals or the environment.

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6. They are very disciplined and work hard:

Working the land requires effort and sacrifice, qualities that Orishaoko undoubtedly handles perfectly and transmits to his children, who develop a clear awareness of the importance of perseverance, and the rewards that come from it. This understanding means that, in general, they are clear about their goals and the path they must travel to become successful people.

7. They are very disciplined and work hard:

Let us remember that Oricha Oko was a farmer who lived in the land of Irawo, where he earned the respect of the town, being considered a very wise man, knowledgeable about natural medicine, and despite having suffered some adversities with the town's inhabitants, he never He stopped helping them and sharing his knowledge with them. This sense of community, of helping others and of working for the collective well-being, are qualities that the children of this Orisha develop very easily, for which they usually participate in activities that benefit everyone.

8. They have a deep-rooted spirituality capacity:

The sons of orishaoko they render great worship and respect to history and ancestors, due to the special connection they have with the earth and nature that also extends to their spiritual life.

9. They are always ready to celebrate life:

The sons of Orisha oko They have a very special way of seeing life, they find the positive side and appreciate the beauty of all beings in creation and everything around them. They enjoy the cycles of the environment, the seasons and know how to adapt to the different phases of growth. They see life as a gift worth honoring, enjoying, and sharing.

10. They are very good witches and fortune tellers:

Orishaoko assigns his children a very special ashé, which makes them very spiritual, perceptive, with great ability to interpret the different divination oracles, capable of offering wise advice and easily understanding what the spiritual world holds for the people who They seek your help. This virtue, in some cases, can lead them to be withdrawn, introspective, and even a little slow. In the case of the women daughters of Orishaoko, their spiritual gifts are usually very outstanding, which generate many recognitions within their cult.

Being the son of an Orisha implies developing certain attitudes and abilities, but it also entails living under some restrictions that are related to the energy of our guardian angel. For this reason, it is important that his followers and devotees take into account what are the taboos for the children of Orisha Oko.

In the first place, they must not eat yams after receiving their foundation, for at least three months after their consecration; they cannot use or carry masks in the place where their receptacle is located; they cannot offer you palm kernel oil; and women cannot handle it while they are menstruating. Breaking with these prohibitions could cause an energetic imbalance in the practitioner that can cause counterproductive effects in different aspects of his life.

"Yoruba culture and worship of the Orishas is not made lightly, as knowledge, experience, and preparation are essential for proper worship of the deities."

(Mari Silva. Orishas: The Definitive Guide to African Orisha Deities and Their Presence in Yoruba, Santeria, Voodoo, and Hudú, with an Explanation of Dilogún Divination. 2021, p.10).

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