Baths for love with Shango

Bath of love with Shango

Among its main characteristics of Orisha Shango This is the seduction, the love, the virility, that is why we bring you one of the most powerful Baths for the attraction of love and seduction.

This bath is very powerful and serves as a spell or love tie from Man to Woman.

We are going to use herbs taking advantage of the great power of nature, the handsome Amansa, For me, Vence Batalla, Guava, they are catalysts that will help us channel the necessary energies to be able to achieve the goal and you can attract that person you want.

Ingredients of the Bath (Ebbo Misi) for love:

  • Guava leaves
  • Herb Amansa Handsome.
  • For me.
  • Win Battle.
  • Fragrance.
  • Honey.
  • 2 Red Candles (Itana).

How to prepare this Bath?

  1. Herbs must be washed very well.
  2. Place all the herbs in a clay jar or jar.
  3. Add water and begin to squeeze the leaves of the herbs, breaking them in order to remove the sumo.
  4. Strain the water removing all the herbs, squeeze until all the water can be removed.
  5. Add the Honey and the perfume.
  6. Place the bowl in front of Shango, place a glass of wine in front of the Orisha, and add red wine to the bath.
  7. Light the two candles to Shango with this prayer: My father, god of thunder, mighty Orisha, I light these candles to conjure up this bath to be able to attract, body, mind and spirit to the person who is named we want to attract).
  8. Let the candles burn out.
  9. At this time you should proceed to shower, this spiritual bath should not be taken over your head, while you are bathing you should ask the Orisha Shango to give you the blessing and the ashe to get the love of the desired person, let it radiate in your be the energy of the herbs.
  10. Do not use towels to dry the body, let the prepared water sit well on the body.

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You should do this ritual for at least 3 nights in a row before going to see the person we want to conjure.

I hope that with this spell you can get that love you want so much, make your bath with a lot of faith and a lot of ashe and long live Shango.

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