46 Paths of Oduduwa: Differences, attributes and how to attend them

Oduduwa Roads

Like the other Orishas, Oduduwa It also has different versions which teach us how to take care of it and reflect the different stages of the life of this deity, we call these variations "Paths of Oduduwa".

What are the roads of Oduduwa?

  • Alashuada.
  • Pray oko.
  • Orishaye.
  • Adisha.
  • Alawele.
  • Oduduwa Orun.
  • Odu Nana.
  • Akana.
  • Assu.
  • Diyoko.
  • Abana.
  • Eru awo.
  • oshaogbo.
  • abipa.
  • Alabuweye.
  • Desi.
  • Oduduwa Alawana.
  • Oduduwa aremu.
  • Ariwo.
  • oba ibo
  • Akuolosina.
  • Akaran.
  • Aguesi.
  • Akoi kete gowo.
  • Mosahie.
  • Nere.
  • Oduduwa atana or itana.
  • Aluko.
  • Hate him.
  • Baba oshereigbo.
  • Open.
  • Alakaiye.
  • Oduduwa Alaguema.
  • Apitiko.
  • Alukosa.
  • Abeyi.
  • Iya Agbe.
  • Oduduwa omola iku baba yeye alsashekeji orisha.
  • Eletí baraye.
  • Akala.
  • Adakanikala.
  • Ori pressed.
  • erun.
  • Oduduwa alikata, aliluwo, akashaniluwo.
  • Agumporo.
  • Oduduwa egwado.

Description of the roads of Oduduwa

Oduduwa Road

Oduduwa Alashuada

Alashuada is one of the Paths of this Orisha, born in the Oddùn of Ifa Otura Di, his chest is said to be placed together with orunmila and Orisha oko. Mythology tells that this Oduduwa lives on an Iroko tree, and is the one who enforces the Laws.

An Igba de Otí (brandy) is placed next to it, it carries an Osun de Juaro and a jar with a skull or cranial cove that is all smeared with Epo, and an Otá at the foot of the Hill. This jar is called Adilkun, and it is the messenger of this Oduwa.

Oduwa Alawana

He is born in Oyekun Nilogbe, he is deaf. 7 ivory whistles are placed on this foundation, including 2 silver, one closed and one open. His jail is strung on wires and washed with palm bud. Alawana lives and eats on top of a palm.

Oduduwa Aremu

Oduduwa Aremu is born in the sign of Ifa Ogbe Tua. This is said to be Oduwa's real name and means: years past and to come, weary years, the beginning and the end, life and death. The eleke (necklace) of this path, has 16 cocoa beads and 16 snails

Oduduwa Ore Oko

This road from Oduduwa is from the sign of Ifa Osa Wo, is hunchback. They serve him 18 albinos represented by some biogui dolls, which surround his Ashé, he wears Leopard leather that is his cloak, he carries an Osun to which 16 Okoto Igbin (Slugs) are hung.

Despite being hunchbacked, he is robust. He puts a gold bead on his necklace, lives on the roads and in the mountains, uses crutches. He is the true father of the Orisha Babalu Aye.

Oduduwa Atana or Itana

The birth of Oduduwa Atana or Itana can be associated with the Ojuani Hermoso and Edibere signs. It has 4 Itanas of Silver or Lead and 4 Handcuffs that, if they are made of Ivory better, 2 Little Drums of Silver, one of them has a Belt of Snails, and the other of Eleke. It has four thick handles. The Eleke (Necklace) of this Oduduwa, has 16 Cocoa Beads, 1 Matipo, 16 Black and 16 Cocoa.

Oduwa Alawele

Among the paths of this Orisha we find Alawele, born in Ogunda Meyi. This one carries a Machete lined with Eleke Fun Fun, the eleke (necklace) of this Odduduwa, has 16 cocoa-colored beads, 1 green, 1 snail, 1 alligator tusk and 1 green.

Oduduwa Orun

This Oduduwa is from the Oddùn of Ifa Oyekun Mejí. It has great similarities with the Orisha Oro, as it is handled in the dark and is very important when it comes to worshiping Eggun.

oduduwa nana

This path of Oduduwa belongs to the Oddùn Irete Untelu. He wears an Inshe of Osaín and is said to live in the roots of the Iroko bush.


The path of Odudua Aluko begins in Otura Bara. Among its attributes and tools it carries a double feeder, 32 Ikoidie (parrot feathers) and a Snail in each Hole.

Eat 7 Kinds of Birds, from Akuko to Zun Zun. He takes next to a Palo Ramón eats with the Orisha. Eggun's leri is added, and if it is not complete, at least a bit should be added. It has a Cockade, Scythe, 18 Alele, heads of Etu, which is dressed with fun fun beads, leaving the eyes and the beak out, it can be put 16 heads.

Oduduwa Alaguema

Oduduwa Alaguema wears 8 pieces, as well as a whole woman doll. In the load of the Box she wears Female Eggun hair. His Ifá hand is given Adié Mejí, his Osun is from Akuko, not from Eyelé. This Orisha lives on high and no woman can see him, because she is carried away. It is covered with Mariwó.

Oduwa Diyoko

This path from Oduduwa is from the Oddùn of Ifa Ogbe Sa. His tureen is sitting on a chair, when we make this Oduduwa it is given Eyelé Mejí Fun Fun. The Eleke (Necklace) of this Oduduwa, has 16 Snails, 1 Green, 16 Cocoa and 1 Green


This path from Oduduwa is from the Oddùn of Ifa Otura Niko. The Eggun lives in a lined Igba, on the outside with Aye and Ileke Fun Fun and on the inside it is lined with Eleke of all kinds of snails. The Eleke (Necklace) of this Oduduwa, has 16 Cocoa Beads, 1 Green 16 Diloggunes, 1 Green and 16 Diloggunes.

Osha ogbo

Among the roads of Oduduwa is Osha Ogbo, born in the sign of Ifa Iwori Bofun. He is put on a Silver chain and 101 Igbin, he eats very hidden. The Eggun is loose inside, lined in cocoa-colored beads. He is old, he wears a Dagame mask (wild tree) and nacapada flamiguera (flaming cloak).

Oduduwa Abipa

This path from Oduduwa is from the Oddùn of Ifa Ogbe Tua. It is said that he is Obbamoro in Yebu land, Lila wears, in addition to her pieces, she is given a silver doll, 4 handles, 1 machete, 3 nails, and 1 crucifix with a skeleton

Oduduwa Alabuweye

This road from Oduduwa is from the Oddùn of Ifa Osa Mejí. He is the one that animates the blood, and bathes with it. This Oduduwa is blind. It comes to earth only when major natural catastrophes occur such as: Earthquakes, Tsunami, etc. This Oduduwa is born from a human sacrifice, to replace it an Akuko Fun Fun is given on the floor (With the light off), the Oduduwa Chest is placed on that Eyebale and the ceremonies are made.

Oduduwa Ariwo

This Oduduwa is from Odi Ogunda. They put a firefly doll with a Fun Fun Dress, 101 snails, 101 bells, 101 bells, and some cowbells and anything that makes noise. The doll is added with earth from the door of the house, from the cemetery, from a Joro Joro (hole), earth from Campo Arado, from the Gate of a Mayombero, from the Gate of Shankuana, from the Gate of a Jimagua, Sand of Manantial and Río.

Oduduwa Aguesi

One of the most important Oduduwa roads is Aguesi, it begins in Ogbe Yono. He always walks with Azojuano, he wears a silver thread adorned with beads that go outside the chest. The Eleke (Necklace) of this Oduduwa, has 16 black beads, 1 green, 1 ikin, 1 coral, 1 green, 1 black and 10 cocoa.


This is one of the Oduduwa roads of the Intako store, it carries a Gold Ring with 4 opposite stars, it is said that: “For one who is greater than all”. Their double lives on the roof and goes in a bag, inside that piece that is from Ceiba from the nascent part, they dress as Caracol and Ikoidie.

The pieces and the snail are double. A little Ceiba wood doll is also put on it, which is lined with Leopard Skin. The eleke (Necklace) of this Oduduwa, has 16 cocoa-colored beads, 1 green, 1 coral and 1 green.

iya agbe

This path of Oduduwa is man and woman of Orisha Iko, it is also known by the name or nickname of Omonide (Daughters of Copper). In addition to his usual Asheses, he carries out of his chest 16 Copper Handcuffs and two (2) Fans. This Oduduwa is said to be Iyanzan's companion.

Oduduwa omola iku baba yeye alsashekeji orisha

In the mythology that surrounds the Orisha Ouduwa and her ways, it says that this is the Father of Abeyi, he does not carry pieces because he is an Ogboní. It carries the Secrets in two Jars, in one a Skeleton and in the other a parrot egg. These Jars go inside the Chest and also carry inside it a large Royal Palm Okpaoye, in addition to a lot of cocoa butter.

eleti baraye

This Oduduwa road is the one that hears and sees all. It is not delivered, it is only mentioned.


This Oduduwa road is fitted with a Koto Drum. A Mata de Salva Mulata is dedicated to him, also called Akala. The Eleke (Necklace) has 16 Cacao Beads, 4 Matipo, 1 Coral and 4 Matipo.

Oduduwa Egwado

This path of Oduduwa is composed of a Chest that represents the formation of the World, it encloses the three (3) Kingdoms, that is, the Animal, The Vegetable and the Mineral. Also take some pieces outside. The Chest has three (3) Floors. In the background, the animal and plant kingdoms are united.

This Oduduwa is male and female of Oddua and Yemu, the pieces and the snails divided into two (2) parts, are put in two (2) Basins to wash with Omiero, a man Olo Obatala Washes Oddua and a woman Olo Oshún washes Yemu's. The omiero is made with Ewe characteristic of this Orisha, to this is added 16 live Igbín Machacadas.

Other paths or versions of the Orisha Oduduwa

Oduduwa Aguema


His tools are made of Cedar and Silver. He carries an Igbañe as a companion to Eggun Adifafun Baba Iwori.

Oduduwa Eru Awo

This Oduduwa road is the secret of the Egwado land.

Oduduwa Desi

This path is from the Oddùn of Ifa Ofun Kana. This one has 2 Crowns, and also the Agberí Eggun is encasquillada in silver.

Oduduwa Akana

It is from the Oddùn of Ifa Okana Sa and Osa Kana.

Oduduwa Asesu

This version or path of Oduwa is from the Oddùn of Ifa Okana Mejí. He lives in a jar, his favorite food is Abó.

Odduduwa adisha

Born in Odu of Ifa Ojuani Alekentu.

Oduduwa oba ibo

Born in the Oddùn of Ifa Ogunda Masa. He carries a ladder and a cane with a curve in the handle.


From the sign Oragùn Meji, Alkulosiña carries 2 Aguema attached and one Alaguema in her load. The Eleke (Necklace) of this Odudua, has 16 Cocoa Beads and 16 Green.

akoi kete gowo

This road is called Casitas de Adorno


This Odua is Hunchbacked and Albino, he gets a Silver Staff.

odudua nere

The secret is put in a Holed Tinajita.


This is the oduduwa of odi ka. The eleke (necklace) of orishaye, has 16 black beads, 1 ikin, 1 coral, 1 green, 1 black and 16 cocoa.


Odofatele wears a Face and the Rays of the Sun, eats Eure Mejí, then the Leather is cut, 6 Holes are opened and in each of these, he puts an Ikoidie, throws them inside before lining them, he puts a little Inso of the person.

Baba Oshereigbo

This is a road from Oddudua del Oddùn of Ifa Ogbe Bara, belonging to the Egbado land, in addition to its pieces it has a skull that forms a Rope and 16 snails, it carries 16 Igbines and a silver doll, Cemetery land, Ekru, Kolá , Obó, Osun, Lerí and the dry uterus of the Eure that he ate.


It is said that on this road he is a Prince. 3 Gold Holes are put on it.


On this path, Oduduwa is the Owner of the World.


It wears the body of a Doll. He is from the Abeyí Family.


This road from Oduduwa is double like Abeyí in everything, a plant blade lined with beads is put on it. Instead of being from Ceiba, their tools are from Iroko. A Silver Pot is put on it to put their Adimú on them. This Oduduwa was Botero del Río y del Mar, and is known by the name of Alako Si Odo.


It is the Supreme Judge who sanctions, carries a sword and also a silver scale or scale, which symbolizes Justice. Gungun Lerí Eggun Mokekere is wearing.

ori pressure

This path is the one that lives with the Eggun of the Sea, it carries a Piece of Reef in its Secret.


This road from Oduduwa goes to the foot of a Mata de Erun. He is given a 101 Erun Necklace.

Odudua alikata, aliluwo, akashaniluwo

These three (3) Oduas express and are the Same Person, give an idea of ​​the Omnipresent from which we are born and to which we must all return.


This is the Oduduwa that is also known by the name of Abí Oddun, it is considered originally from Oyo.

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