What are Oya's children like? Features and Attributes

Children of Oya

La Orisha Oyá, one of the most powerful and captivating deities in the Yoruba pantheon, is revered as the goddess of winds, changes and transformations. Those who receive her blessing and are consecrated to the worship of her (Kari Osha) are enveloped in the dynamic energy and unmatched passion that only her guardian angel can bestow. It is fascinating to discover how the influence of this deity deeply impacts every aspect of the lives of its devotees. Therefore, we are going to explore the most notable characteristics of Oya's children and how this powerful deity leaves his mark on her spiritual, emotional and social path.

General Characteristics of the Children of Oya

Adaptability and leadership: Oya's children are distinguished by having a passionate personality that inspires them to be constantly evolving. What are Oya's children like? Their connection with the goddess of the winds helps them manage a very particular energy that often manifests itself in their ability to adapt to unforeseen situations and lead transformations in their lives or even in their communities. They are capable of facing any change bravely and positively.

Charisma and social presence: On a social level, Oya's children tend to be striking, they do not go unnoticed in their environment. They are charismatic individuals who attract attention due to their astral magnetics. Their vibrant presence and eloquence allow them to stand out in any social setting. They are lovers of life and enjoy actively participating in social events, where they demonstrate their restless and extroverted personality, as well as their great capacity for adaptation.

Passion and intensity: The children of this Orisha must learn not to be carried away by impulses, recognizing their passionate energy that, at times, can become an obstacle against them if it is not managed with control and wisdom. Lack of control of their explosive nature can lead them to make impulsive decisions.

Intellectual Aspect

Insight and conviction: Oya's children are usually very sharp and insightful people. Their quick mind and judgment allow them to handle complex situations with ease. However, they can be very stubborn in their convictions. This characteristic can be a strength or a challenge, because they can be difficult to persuade when they stick to their ideas, bringing their own intelligence into play to address problems.

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Love relationships

Passion and intensity in love: Oya's children are very passionate individuals, which can be reflected in their love relationships. It is a bit difficult for them to establish themselves as a couple because they very rarely manage to make connections that are equally intense. What are Oya's children in Love like? When they seriously commit, they do not easily abandon their relationship, despite the conflicts they may go through. They must be careful not to get carried away by emotional impulsivity or jealousy, as this could lead to unstable relationships.

Economic situation

Determination and prosperity: The children of the Orisha Oya are always in search of prosperity and abundance. Their ability to lead changes and adapt to new situations allows them to face financial challenges with determination, which is why they usually emerge victorious from setbacks. They value material goods and constantly look for opportunities to improve their economic situation. They do not give up easily and are always willing to fight to improve their situation.

Physical Appearance and Health

Magnetism and beauty: Physically, Oya's children radiate a magnetic presence. His gaze is usually intense and deep. Their constantly moving energy sets them apart in any crowd. Women usually have an enigmatic beauty that makes them stand out anywhere.

Physical and mental health: The restless nature of the Omo Oya can lead to moments of great anxiety. They must work calmly and patiently to avoid making their body sick with unnecessary illnesses. It is believed that Yansã has the ability to affect the health of its children in various ways, causing sudden changes in physical and mental health as a manifestation of its transformative energy.

Taboos of the Children of Oya

Respecting traditions: Finally, it is important to remember that each deity has its own taboos, and the children of Oya must rigorously respect those of their guardian angel. Among them: they should not eat mutton under any circumstances; and women should not manipulate their foundation when they are going through menstruation.

Children of Oya in Santería

Children of Oya in Santería

Devotion and leadership: The Children of Oya are very awake, active, collaborators and good workers in religious ceremonies. They are often outstanding leaders or members within their spiritual community and passionately participate in religious events. They find spiritual teaching very easy to learn, and their commitment to religious practice is personal and deep. They are excellent mediums, spiritualists by nature, with a special ability to understand the spiritual world.

Saint name for the children of Oya

  • Afefe Ire: The wind of luck.
  • Afefe leti: The ear of the wind.
  • Ayaba Afefe: The queen of the winds.
  • Ayaba ire egun: The queen of the luck of the dead.
  • Iku loye: The dead man's handle.
  • Oloyade: The owner of the crown of Oya.
  • Oya Dina: Oya's candle.
  • Oya funke: Oya's staff.
  • Oya leri: Oya's head.
  • Oyalade: The crown of Oya.
  • Oyiyi Oku: Spirits travel far.
  • Saraiku: Saraza of the dead.


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