Iwa Pele: The Essence of Good Character

Iwa Pele: The Essence of Good Character

Iwa Pele, which translates as "Good character" o "good conduct", is a central concept in spirituality Ifa of religion yoruba. Originating from West Africa, Ifá is a system of divination, ethics and spiritual philosophy that provides guidance through orunmila, the divinity of wisdom. Iwa Pele It encompasses not only external actions, but also the internal purity of thoughts and emotions, reflecting a person's alignment with their destiny and their connection to spiritual forces.

What is Iwa Pele?

Iwa Pele It is based on the belief that character is an essential virtue to achieve a full and harmonious life. In Ifa, character is not simply a matter of morality, but a direct reflection of a person's alignment with their Ori (final destination) and its relationship with Orisa (deities). Good conduct, according to Ifá, is manifested through:

  • Honesty
  • Justice
  • Compassion
  • Modesty
  • Integrity

These qualities allow a person to live in harmony with their environment and with the spiritual forces that guide their destiny.

The soft character is what allows the rope of life.
Remain unbreakable in one's hand,
This is what the oracle declares orunmila,
Who through soft character
I was going to win the rope of life,
Of the four hundred deities.

Odu Ifa, Irete Odi

The Relationship between Iwa Pele and Ori

The development of Iwa Pele It begins with understanding the importance of Ori. Ori, which means "head" in Yoruba, represents the destiny and spiritual essence of a person. It is believed that each individual chooses his Ori before you are born, and living in accordance with this destiny is crucial to developing good character. orunmila, the oracle of Ifa, provides guidance to understand and align with the Ori of each individual, which is essential to cultivate Iwa Pele.

The Importance of Good Character in the Yoruba Community

Iwa Pele

Good character is not only an individual virtue, but also has a profound impact on the Yoruba community. Interpersonal relationships are fundamental in this culture, and Iwa Pele It is seen as a means to strengthen these ties. Through the practice of good character, individuals not only improve their own lives, but also contribute to the well-being and harmony of the community as a whole.

The Role of the Ancestors (Egungun)

in the culture yoruba, community and ancestors play a crucial role in developing good character. Reverence for the ancestors, known as Egungun, is essential, since they are considered spiritual guides who protect and advise the living. Ceremonies and rituals dedicated to ancestors strengthen the connection with the past and provide wisdom and strength to face life's challenges.

The Community in Egbe Ifá

The concept of Egbe Ifa or the community of Ifa highlights the importance of community and mutual support in spiritual growth. In Ifa, the community is not only a group of individuals, but an extension of the spiritual family. The members of Egbe Ifa They support each other on their spiritual journeys, providing an environment where good behavior is promoted and valued. Community cohesion and support are essential to maintain and strengthen Iwa Pele.

Reputation in the Yoruba community is essential. It is valued as “white clothing” that must be kept stain-free. A good reputation is a direct reflection of good character and is considered essential for well-being and social respect. A Yoruba proverb says: “No corojo will be spilled on your linen,” which means that a good reputation must be kept impeccable.

Rites and Practices to Cultivate Iwa Pele

To develop and maintain Iwa Pele, the Ifá tradition offers a variety of rituals and practices that guide individuals in their spiritual and moral growth. These practices not only help align a person with their Ori, but they also strengthen their connection with the divinities and the community. Below are some of the main rituals and practices used to cultivate good character in Ifá.

Divination in Ifá

Divination is a central practice in Ifa which is designed to foster good character and connection with the divine. Through the use of oracular signs and symbols, divination provides guidance and clarity on how to live in alignment with personal destiny. This practice not only helps solve everyday problems, but also serves as a tool for introspection and spiritual growth.

Initiation Ceremonies (Tefa)

Initiations, such as Tefa, are crucial ceremonies that mark a person's commitment to the principles of Ifa and his dedication to developing noble character. During initiation, the individual receives specific teachings and rituals that help him align with his Ori and to better understand your purpose in life. These ceremonies are not only moments of personal transformation, but also of deep connection with the community and ancestors.

Application of Iwa Pele in Everyday Life

The practice of Iwa Pele It is not limited to ceremonies and rituals; Its true value is manifested in everyday life. Applying the principles of good character in every aspect of daily life is essential to living in accordance with the teachings of Ifá. This involves facing challenges with integrity, showing compassion toward others, and maintaining an attitude of humility and fairness in all interactions.

Challenges and Personal Growth

The way to Iwa Pele It is not without challenges. Personal growth requires facing one's own weaknesses and constantly working to overcome them. Ifa offers tools and rituals to assist in this process, providing spiritual support through communion with the Orisa, the divinities of nature. Challenges are seen as opportunities to strengthen character and deepen spiritual understanding.

The Role of Divination in Daily Life

Divination in IfaKnown as Cook, is an essential practice for the development of Iwa Pele. Through divination, the priests of Ifa, called Babalawos, interpret oracular signs and symbols to offer advice and solutions to problems faced by individuals and the community. This practice not only helps resolve conflicts and make informed decisions, but also guides people on their path to good character.

Divination provides a deep understanding of the spiritual forces that influence a person's life and offers strategies to align with your destiny. By following the oracle's recommendations, individuals can correct negative behaviors, overcome obstacles, and strengthen their connection with others. Orisa and the ancestors.

Ogbe Ogunda: Patience and Good Character

In the odu ogbe ogunda, it is said that orunmila He sought the means to succeed in life and was told that the only way was to marry Sallow. Since then, it has been taught that Sallow It is the only essential requirement in life. A common saying in Ifá says: «Character is the entire requirement. There is no destiny called unhappiness in the city of Ife. Character is the entire requirement.”

In the Odu Ogbe Yono, Ifá teaches the importance of patience as an essential component of good character.

«Rage is worthless
Patience is the father of good character
An old man who has patience
Has it all
They made divination for Orunmila
When he went to look for Iya (sufferings) as his wife
Alas, the suffering and tribulations that Orunmila received in Iwo
They have brought him fruits (children)»

Suuru: The Virtue of Patience

Suuru: The Virtue of Patience

Suuru or patience is a crucial virtue in Yoruba tradition. Ifá recommends that his followers be patient in all circumstances of life. Those who are patient will enjoy the fruits of their labor. Patience is seen as a strength that allows people to face challenges without despair. Ifá teaches that even in times of difficulty, patience and perseverance will eventually lead to success and prosperity.

In the Odu Ogbe OseIfá also recommends its followers to be patient. A specific verse says that those who destroy a good thing with their lack of patience will not achieve good results. Perseverance and patience are essential to overcome challenges and achieve success.


Iwa Pele It is more than a set of moral standards; It is a path of life that integrates spirituality with ethics. Through the practice of good character, followers of Ifa They seek not only to achieve personal harmony, but also to contribute to balance and peace in their community and in the world at large. The teaching of Iwa Pele emphasizes the interconnectedness of all beings and the importance of living in harmony with the divine order.

Seeking Iwa Pele It is a continuous journey of self-examination, personal growth, and commitment to the spiritual principles of Ifa. By cultivating good character, individuals not only improve their own lives, but also contribute to the well-being of the community and the balance of the universe. As a last resort, Iwa Pele It is a manifestation of love and respect for creation, guiding each person toward a life of purpose and harmony.

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