Witchcraft, what it is and how to remove it

The Witchery

What is witchcraft?

Witchcraft is a term whose definition according to the RAE refers to: "a set of magical or superstitious practices practiced by witches and witches."

Curiously, this esoteric meaning comes from the fear that many societies have had of the unknown, especially influenced by religions, in particular by the Catholic religion. Originally, the word "witchcraft" was a reference to the performance of the art or craft of which he knows; thus understanding the concept of "witch" as a term related to knowledge and knowledge.

It is true that this knowledge with the passage of time has sometimes been used to generate damages and losses to others, for which reason this characteristic has stood out among different cultures, reinforcing an erroneous belief that defines witchcraft as simple employment of supernatural means to harm or harm.

In the research carried out by the writer Adrian de Sousa Hernández in his book «The Orishas in Africa» we find multiple interpretations and references on this topic. An example of this is the concept about witches issued by JO Awolalú, who indicates that: «A witch is a knowledgeable person who is supposed to have supernatural powers because she is allied with evil spirits and through such an alliance and collaboration, the possession of the office it allows him to perform acts that, in most cases, are destructive. ' This type of definition is inclined towards only one side of the balance, attributing a clearly negative connotation to this practice, as we have referred to previously.

On the other hand, Frank Smyth brings a much more open perspective by pointing out that in Western culture witchcraft is called the "cult of Wicca." It states that the term "witch" is derived from the word wicca from medieval English which means: wise; He further states that: “Witchcraft is the true religion of Europe, usurped by Christianity, but not completely dismembered by it. It is about the cult of the creative forces of the Universe, the recognition of the two halves that make up the whole, the union of the male and the female […] black and white […] It is also the means through which humanity manages to channel the original forces of Creation, the magical powers of centuries ago, translate them into physical terms, and employ them for good or evil.

It is a fact that witchcraft has existed since the beginning of time, even despite many attempts to discredit or disguise its practice through multiple analyzes that seek to demerit the practice of witchcraft in aboriginal and African cultures, alleging that its cult is product of ignorance, backwardness, illusionism and that there is no evidence to prove its veracity.

Santeria witchcraft

Is the Yoruba religion and Afro-Cuban Santeria witchcraft?

The colonizers in Cuba, in a derogatory way, commonly used the term witchcraft to refer to Afro-Cuban religious practices, whose cultural richness is the product of the inheritance left by African slaves when they arrived on the island. In particular, by those from the Yoruba people, who despite being subjected and forced to abandon their beliefs and accept Catholicism as their own, fostered the phenomenon of syncretism between deities and African culture with Catholic dogmas and saints, maintaining in some way the mysticism of their beliefs.

Now, the use of witchcraft as a specific part of the beliefs of the magical universe of the Yoruba in Nigeria is an active part within its reality, there are even societies that are solely and exclusively responsible for its practice, as is the case of society of the Iyamí Ochooronga, which enjoys a large number of followers. The tree associated with the Iyami Oshoronga is African teak, known as: Iroko (which is a powerful spirit materialized in that tree). The Yorubas consider that in the crown of this sacred tree, as well as around it, night meetings of the witchcraft cult are held, among other types of rituals.

On the other hand, the Yoruba people have a complex compendium of social, religious and moral norms that define the development of their society, thus establishing ethical and acceptable parameters. When an individual is considered "bad", that is, that his behavior does not develop within those norms, then, in many cases, it could be said that he is a witch. According to Nadel: “the woman who behaves like the Nupes believe that witches behave, is someone whose character contradicts the common precepts and ideals of conduct; he is someone with a wicked, eccentric, atypical condition […] it is not a physical abnormality […] which is simply a matter of bad luck, […] but rather the abnormality of the socially and morally deviant ».

It is important to highlight that for the African, confronting witches, as he conceives them, is a very complex action, in fact, they could be equated with the deity known as Eshu; the only way in which it is possible to avoid their damaging action is through the respective entertainments determined in divination, only in this way, we will avoid being victims of their negative capacity. However, just as there are malevolent warlocks within your society, there are also benevolent warlocks, who do not exercise their spiritual actions unless their execution is fair, proven, and accurate..

Witchcraft in the cult of Ifa

In the Ifa treatises we can find multiple references about witchcraft societies, witches and the execution of their sorceries. At first, the odu in which the cult of witchcraft is known through the Iyami Oshoronga on Earth was Osá Meyi.

In another sense, the odu Osa Oche, manifests how Oloddumare hoped that on earth, beings could protect themselves against the dominions of witchcraft using their own abilities, as we can see through the following pataki:

It happened that a beautiful young woman lived in the castle of Oloddumare, still unmarried, for which, Oggún, Osanyín and Orúnmila were interested in her at the same time. It was evident that only one of them would manage to become her husband, therefore, Olodumare decided to put the suitors to the test, ordering them to extract a yam from his farm without breaking it, whoever managed to carry out the assignment correctly would become the husband of the young woman. Oggún considered the test very simple, so he ventured to be the first, digging up the yam with the force that characterized it, splitting it immediately.

Osayín followed him in his attempt, also failing. When it was Orúnmila's turn, as expected and with the wisdom that characterizes them, before carrying out the important test, he consulted the oracle of Ifa, discovering that Oloddumare had installed the Ancients of the Night as guardians of the yam field, who they split the yams as soon as they were removed from their place. He determined that if he offered as a sacrifice: beans, corn bread, a rabbit and other foods, he would be able to appease those spiritualities and obtain the desired yam without their negative intervention, so he made the sacrifice immediately.

As that night passed, Orúnmila dreamed of an envoy from the witches, who told him that he should let a day pass and then he could go to the farm in search of the yam. The next morning, the witches caused the rain to fall on the field, generating that the next day Orúnmila could easily remove the yam by the roots, since the earth was soft, achieving its objective satisfactorily. By presenting the yam to Oloddumare he obtained without any inconvenience the hand of the beautiful young woman, demonstrating that only with the necessary offerings it is possible to counteract the negative actions of witchcraft.

The odu Ogbe Iroso also refers to the struggle of human beings with witches, telling how they were when they settled in the town of ilu omuo ilu eleye On the outskirts of Ife, they decided to finish off Ife, killing its inhabitants one by one.

It happened that after the death of many people, the elders of Ile Ife decided to declare war on the people of eleye. They sent their troops to fight in that city but the clothes never returned. They invoked the intervention of different deities but that too was unsuccessful. Finally, Orúnmila was summoned, since he was considered the only one with the ability to end the terrible conflict.

As was customary, Orumila performed divination in the company of all the sacrifices necessary to face the sorcerers personally in Illu Eleye. He moved to that city with a procession between dances and sacred songs that went through the entire town, the witches observing that were enchanted with such a majestic parade, deciding to end the conflict and returning to Ile Ife where they would all live together in tranquility.

Once again we observe that for the Yorubas to confront the sorcerers and their spiritual powers is a totally useless action, it is clearly established that the timely divination of Ifa and through the necessary sacrifices or entertainment, is the only way to avoid the destructive action of their spiritual arts.

How can i know if they are doing black magic in me

How to know if they are doing witchcraft on me?

The symptoms that reveal if a person is under the effects of a spell or witchcraft are varied, since the nature and intention with which that energetic phenomenon has been invoked also influences. However, these types of influences tend to disturb the energy field of individuals causing a great imbalance in their activities, presenting constant setbacks and delays to achieve their objectives despite making their best effort; false diseases that when evaluated by medical science have no explanation, since apparently the person is totally healthy; anxiety, despair, unwarranted depressions; total discouragement that prevents the search for help to get out of that state, and in case of wanting to go for spiritual help, apparently fortuitous eventualities arise that constantly prevent access to the solution; erratic behavior and alien to your personality; constant losses; in some more severe cases it can influence the mental health of the individual, even causing mental disorders.

In conclusion, the symptoms that indicate that a person is under the effects of witchcraft are multiple, therefore, it is always advisable to go to a spiritual consultation or through a divination oracle, so that it can be verified if the eventualities that have occurred presented correspond to a natural phenomenon or has been caused by means of hexes.

How to remove witchcraft?

Breaking witchcraft is a process that can vary in proportion to the complexity with which it was performed, that is, the cure will depend on how strong and powerful the spell an individual was subjected to is. It is most advisable that the rites performed for this purpose be performed by people who have full knowledge of spiritual practices to ensure greater effectiveness and that through spiritual or energetic consultation the existence of the spell or witchcraft to be eliminated has been verified. Among the most used rituals we find:

The use of relics, amulets, foundations or anti-witchcraft protections

Since ancient times, human beings have used different fetishes where they have deposited their spirituality and their faith, granting them healing and protective powers. In addition to this, there are multiple elements of nature that, due to their own characteristics, contribute to spiritual protection, having a recognized effectiveness.

Thus, we can find protections against hexes, spells, witchcraft, evil eyes, envy and bad energies in general, through objects such as: Crystals, stones, images, necklaces, bracelets, clothing, relics, foundations, among many other natural elements consecrated through prayers, songs and ceremonies specifically configured for this purpose. In fact, most of the world's religious cultures have these kinds of protections.

Astral Baths

Baths, accompanied by various elements to modify the energies housed in the physical and spiritual body of the individual, have always been present in different cultures. We can observe them in Christianity through baptism; Muslims use them to purify the body before praying; the Jews through the Mikveh ritual bath; the Yorubas in multiple ceremonials through the use of their sacred omiero; demonstrating its great effectiveness to transform energies.

The effects of such rituals will depend on the nature of the element used. In the case of cleansing or dispossession, a well-known ritual is usually the use of water in the company of salts, fruits, flowers and aromatic oils, rigorously prepared in baths illuminated by candlelight, invoking the protection of spiritualities. whose virtues are related to the requested petition. It is important to note that the prayers and spiritualities invoked in this ritual vary according to the spiritual culture of the person involved, even so, they are highly effective.

Other types of very efficient baths to revoke spells and witchcraft are those accompanied by herbs. Let us remember that the use of plants thanks to their healing properties has been used by human beings since ancient times. The baths made with herbs such as: Basil, Sage, Cayenne or Pacific Sea, Bitter Broom, Alelí, Algarrobo, Alacrancillo, Clove, Guacalote, Peony, among others, are usually very effective for witchcraft-breaking rituals.    


Just as fresh herbs can be used for baths, when they dry they can be used to strip them by setting them on fire, driving away negative spirits and harmful energies thanks to the beneficial action of their fumes. They have the ability to break hexes and witchcraft lodged both in people and in physical spaces (home, businesses and others). Dried herbs can also be combined with other elements such as: dried flowers, incense, myrrh, storach, sticks, roots and powders (bones, eggshells, animal feathers, among others); which intensifies the power and effectiveness of your healing abilities.

Dispossession carried out by a specialist

Initiates in various spiritual cultures can provide through sacred rituals in which they combine a variety of elements with prayers, chants, mantras and ancestral ceremonials, the longed for spiritual healing that we need when we have been subjected to a negative spell. The performance of such a ritual depends on the spiritual culture under which it is performed and must be practiced with due knowledge and responsibility. It is recommended that for this type of work you go to people who enjoy our full confidence and that we have the certainty that they have the appropriate knowledge to execute them, since, if they do not know what is necessary to carry out the correct rituals, they could even, rebound in much worse damage.

Prayer for protection against witchcraft

With the blessing of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit,

With the blessing of my Guardian Angel,

With the blessing of all my ancestors and spirit guides,

In this holy hour, in this holy moment I invoke the protection of you all,

Cover me with your protective mantle,

Guard me behind your shield,

Bathe me with your waters,

Surround me with your fire

Plant my flag of triumph over the earth,

Blow your winds in my favor,

The reflection of the stars and the stars emanate on my energy,

Deliver me from hexes, witchcraft, curses, spells and spells.

Do not allow any evil influence to act against my will,

May there be no dark spirit to bend the control of my spirit, nor can it cause me to perform actions beyond my wishes, nor upset my destiny.


Protection prayer Against love ties

In the Name of Almighty God, I revoke and tear from myself all natural or false diseases, all kinds of work with spirits of any spiritual stream and nature. I break chains, locks and spiritual ties made out of love or not, with the intention of unintentionally joining anyone. That there is no power in the universe capable of violating the will of God and my free will, that if I fall in love it is by my taste, feeling and decision. Protect me Merciful Lord, and you, my Guardian Angel, remain always alert to free me today and always from all evil, may Amen and so be it, may it be so. Amen.

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