Letter of the Year 2022 for Cuba and the World (Ejiogbe)

year letter 2022

On December 31, 2021, the Yoruba Cultural Association of Cuba met to carry out the ceremony of Odu Bawa or Letter of the year for Cuba and the world of the year 2022, being revealed the Ifa Ejiogbe sign.

What are the signs that rule the year 2022?

  • Baba Ejiogbe.
  • Ogunda Biode.
  • Ofun Nalbe.


I will go ariku yale elese Oduduwa (Health wellness firm at the foot of Oduduwa).

Recommended works:

  • Onishe: aladimú oshinshin a Oshun (offer Oshun the traditional dish prepared with scrambled eggs with shrimp, purslane or watercress).
  • Ebbo ni Ifa: Akuko melli (two roosters), porrón, pomegranate, white flag, black flag, Olokun water, red mangrove, and reef, jutia and smoked fish, toasted corn, a coconut, two candles, brandy, and honey.
  • Ebbo of santeros: Akuko Okan (a rooster), reef, a sponge, sea water, male and female doll, trap, arrow, a house, a coconut, two candles, honey, jutia and smoked fish, and toasted corn.


This year's flag is completely white, calling for purity, tranquility and peace.

Which Orishas rule in 2022?

According to the letter of the year 2022, it is Obatala The saint who will rule us for the next 12 months, on whom we must focus our faith, especially in situations of illness, he will be the one who gives us that encouragement and strength in times of need.

Is accompanied by Oshanla, Orisha of purity, This is a heavenly duo, which recommends us to lead a quiet life, with righteousness and based on ethical and moral codes.

Analysis and advice of the letter of the year 2022 (Baba Ejiogbe)

Ifa speaks of things that begin during the year 2022 because everything begins in this Odu. Baba Ejjiogbe is the first Odu of Ifa, in fact, it is the most important in our culture. Orumila refers through this divination that all aspects of life must be attended to, be it physical, spiritual, or emotional.

This Odu Bawa invites us to reflect on the meaning of unity. It indicates the beginning of all existence, the presence of good and also evil, the emergence of good and bad ideas.

This letter tells us that it is necessary to be attentive to ori (the head). It is recommended to carry out refreshments through head prayers that will help us to have a clear picture of what we really want in our lives.

It is a year in which it is essential to listen to the advice of our elders to face life with a calmer perspective, because pride can lead us to failure.

It is necessary to remain constant in the performance of the ebboses and always have the approval of Ifa.

Orumila reveals an important teaching for coexistence during this year through this Odu, since Ejiogbe in heaven was not the greatest of the meyis as the vast majority believe, however, it is due to his intelligence that he becomes the leader of the Ifa apostles here on earth. Well-applied intelligence is what will lead us to success and position ourselves this year.

A very important saying of this letter is: "the head directs the body", that is, our brain is in charge of coordinating all our organs to function correctly. Beyond that, the reflection to which Ifa invites us explains that a natural leadership prevails over physical strength, or failing that, over evil.

Ifa says that this is a year in which all balances are of vital importance. If the mind and body are in perfect harmony, all the good things in life can be achieved.

It is necessary to make the most of the abilities and skills of each human being to find success in the objectives. Everything is possible and everything is achievable in this sign if ori is fully aligned with our Guardian Angel. Therefore, if our body is not in balance with our ori, or if we are not aligned correctly with our Guardian Angel, the year could be full of great difficulties.

During this cycle that begins, it is essential to avoid or correct feelings and attitudes that cause us uneasiness. We must get rid of arrogance, jealousy, and all distortion in the various aspects of our life. Ifa invites us to be organized and cautious with our affairs from the beginning of the year to have a good end to it.

It is the right time to develop "good character" since this will be what will lead us to find our correct path in life.

Ifa states that it is a year in which reasoning and intelligence must prevail over actions based on emotion. The intellect, intelligence or the brain are the ones that should guide the development of people and not the feelings or the heart, this will allow making the most appropriate decisions to achieve personal or general objectives.

That is why Ifa recommends reducing sensations, emotions, thoughts or reactions that lead to self-defense situations, that is, expressions in which "the emotional self" is overwhelmed and full of anger, fear or rage.

Ifa recommends that we should do good without expecting anything in return. But, it also refers to "giving and receiving", we know that giving help without expecting something in return is very favorable, however, this divination requires a retroactive balance between giving and receiving, to prevent some people from taking advantage of our physical or emotional abilities.

The letter of the year 2022 warns that arrogance and bad character are negative aspects that may hinder the blessed path during this year. You need to avoid getting into debt because it could cause considerable setbacks. A value that should predominate during this year is honesty. Ifa emphasizes that we must be honest with the environment, but above all be honest with ourselves, maintaining our individuality, socializing with the environment that surrounds us but, without losing ourselves in ego and arrogance, which will promote a good life.

The Economy according to the letter of the year of Cuba

Economy according to the letter of the year of Cuba

Ejiogbe as the letter of the year reveals that order and organization are fundamental in all daily aspects. With regard to finances, listening to the advice of our elders, the Orishas and especially Ifa is what will lead us to success and help us to materialize everything we want and have in our mind.

Ifa predicts changes and general renewal in the work environment and in business, this is a sign that announces achievements of position and hierarchy for people who use an appropriate code of conduct, as long as attitudes such as sarcasm, arrogance and Above all, discrimination against less fortunate people, in this way the ire that the deities send to our lives will be obtained.

Orunmila says that success is not expected or demanded, success must be forged daily, this sign invites us to be vigorous in the activities that concern us, as well as analyze and ask Ifa whenever an important decision needs to be made.

Health predictions for 2022

With regard to health, the Odu Bawa of Cuba for the year 2022 recommends safeguarding mental health, thoughts must be well centered to avoid the imbalance of bodily functioning.

Ifa predicts that people will live in good health on the condition that they take care of themselves and maintain good habits. Be on the lookout for constant stress-related headaches. You should avoid lifting very heavy objects and making sudden movements so as not to suffer from the spinal column. A taboo that this letter reveals is causing abortions, as they will generate physical and spiritual disturbances caused by the Abikus.

Any health discomfort should not be neglected, since the conditions attended to in time will avoid greater evils.

It is recommended to be vigilant in the presence of conditions related to breathing such as: asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis; sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis; rheumatism, the stomach; mitral valve, urinary tract, and vision problems.

Advice for love according to the letter of the year of Cuba

The Odu Bawa 2022 suggests the need for good friendly and loving relationships. The problems of a sentimental nature during this year can cause emotional conditions that could cause people to lose the north and leave all traces of logical reason behind. Ifa tells us that we must be smarter on an emotional level.

This letter predicts that establishing romantic relationships could be difficult during this year. It is necessary to cultivate respect and good treatment in all aspects, to avoid having hostile or complicated interactions.

The most advisable thing during this year is to avoid couple breakdowns and promote the repair of relationships that are going through times of crisis, since separations could cause negative consequences for those involved.

Recommendations for the year 2022

Recommendations for the year 2022

In this Odu Ifa demands that respect for the elderly be preserved within the family and religious nucleus.

  • Organization in all aspects is essential for success.
  • Striped clothing should not be worn because it attracts prison.
  • Health issues must be addressed on time.
  • Avoid meddling in someone else's business.
  • It is not recommended to receive or carry errands at night.
  • It is forbidden to enter houses without authorization to avoid hot flashes.
  • Children should not crawl on the floor of the house.
  • You have to avoid vices. You cannot play or be a player so as not to fall into destruction and ruin.
  • Be careful in witchcraft practices.
  • Eggs, sweet potatoes, or sandy fruits are not eaten.
  • You have to take care of the elderly in the house so that there are no losses.
  • Respect for the elderly and for hierarchies must prevail.

History or Pataki de Ejiogbe (Sign that governs 2022)

It happened that there was a man who throughout his life was a faithful believer in Divine justice that was imparted, of course, by God. However, it happened that he began to look at the smallest details of life, coming to the conclusion that there were situations that in his opinion had no justified reasons, and did not happen according to the most perfect things of the omnipotent. These observations made him begin to doubt the justice of God, for that reason one day he collected his things and left in search of Olofin. After much questioning, he reached his elles (at his feet).

As expected, God who is the one who knows everything and guides everything, helped him so that that man could get to where he was. When facing the man, Olofin asked him what was the reason why he was looking for him? Despite knowing the answer to that question. That man exposed his questions and Olofin proposed that he return to the world of truth, even providing him with food to supply himself for some time and a new mount (an equipped mule) and the man began his return journey.

During his ride he continued to witness some situations that in his opinion had no reason to happen, until he reached a grove in which the travelers were resting. In that place he camped, unmounted the mule and prepared to prepare his food. 

During his stay, another traveler arrived at the same place, who after settling down prepared to count a large amount of money, while that was happening a subject appeared carrying a knife with which he ruthlessly murdered him, taking all the money he had in his hands .

The man, observing the horrible event, began to collect all his belongings with the intention of returning to Olofin, to tell him that he would definitely not believe in him, much less in his Divine justice. However, the situation worsened much more when another person arrived at the scene, and when he realized the state of the unfortunate man, he tried to remove the knife that was stuck in his back, just at that moment the police arrived and he was arrested. The policemen talked for a moment among themselves and immediately afterwards they took out a rope and hanged the man, making him responsible for the death of the affected person. The man who was observing what was happening in the distance, ended up losing patience in the face of what he considered so much injustice.

At great speed he returned to Olofin's house, who was already waiting for him with a series of evidences and after listening carefully to his deep annoyance, he told him: "Look, my son, divine justice always comes" and showed him how it happened that that wounded man He went to the house of the one who stabbed him, killing his father and collecting all his money, and the one who tried to take the knife from him had been a partner in the assault, so it was agreed according to Divine laws that the killer's penalty had to be death, and thus Divine justice would be fulfilled, although sometimes we do not understand certain circumstances around us, it does not mean that they do not have a reason. 

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