Letter of the year 2023: Analysis, predictions and recommendations

Letter of the year 2023

On December 31, 2022, the Yoruba Cultural Association of Cuba met, carrying out the ceremony of Odu Ba wa or Cuba's Letter of the Year 2023 for the world, revealing the Ifa sign: Otura niko.

The governing signs are:

  • Otura niko.
  • Oshe tura.
  • Ogbe ate.

The prophecy determined on this occasion, states that the divination of the year is in:

Osogbo Iku intori chosen orunmila oniré (which means that death or the cessation of functions can occur due to disobedience). Faced with this situation, Orunmila defends us.

Orisha who rules:

Oshun, deity of sweet waters, wealth and all feminine manifestations.

Orisha that accompanies:

Obatala, the greatest Orisha of the Yoruba Pantheon, father and owner of all heads.

Recommended works for 2023:

  • The ebo must be made with the following elements: a rooster, the size of the person's head, a drum, a snare, an arrow, plenty of brandy, honey, a white cloth, a stone from a hill, river water, earth from the corner, all kinds of food, and curujey quite often.
  • The ebo of santeros, for its part, must use: a chicken, strips of colored cloth, the measurements of the body of the person concerned, and dirt from a hole.

The proverbs associated with the regent sign are:

  • The iron wanted to persist with the candle.
  • He who does good in abundance will receive it in abundance.
  • The broken gourd will never fill up.
  • The father says: If you are not happy at home, it is better that you come with me.
  • In the land of the dead, I am a foreman.
  • He who cried in the womb is blessed.
  • The sun rises for everyone but you.

Letter of the year 2023 ifa predictions for Cuba and the world

General recommendations of the letter of the year for 2023

The Odu of Ifa provide us with different recommendations that guide us towards the success of our activities or warn us about the difficulties that we must face to avoid failure.

This year's letter invites us to pay attention to the decrease in the birth rate due to new cultures. Ifa shows concern about the aging trend in the population that, in addition, has been left without the support of the youth, due to migration or abandonment.

In another sense, the letter of the year 2023 warns that natural disasters caused by hurricanes, movement of the tides and flooding of the rivers may occur, which could bring serious consequences, human and financial losses.

Letter of the Year 2023 Otura Niko

On a social level, Ifa warns that it is necessary to pay special attention to the education of children and young people, in addition to this, it predicts the transfer of teachers to other occupations that generate more income, which could affect the development of that area. which is fundamental to society.

It also warns about a possible increase in violent criminal activities and robberies, so it is recommended to take precautions with public and private properties.

Likewise, an increase in alcohol consumption in the population is predicted, which could cause alterations at a social level, so it is recommended to raise awareness of the damage associated with this type of habit.

Recommendations at the religious level

For the practitioners of the Yoruba religion and its Afro-Caribbean variants, religion always is and will be a link through which heaven and earth are related, therefore, listening to the recommendations that Ifa has for us on this subject is extremely important. importance.

This year, among its indications stands outIn the first place, it may be opportune to carry out shutdowns without delay when the presence of disturbing entities is known. In addition, it is important to pay appropriate attention to the ancestors with their respective sacrifices, especially to the spirit of the father, in case he is deceased.

On the other hand, this letter warns about the abuse of extensions, therefore, it is recommended not to delay in complying with the eboses (works) or pending religious consecrations.

Ifa recommends that, as believers and practitioners of the Yoruba religion, we should encourage union among religious, regardless of the cult or belief that is practiced, since the key to success will be based on respect and tolerance. Consequently, he also insists that this year we must intensify family relationships, both religious and consanguineous, especially between godfather and godson, and parents and children.

Recommendations at a love level

On the other hand, it is important to analyze what Ifa has to tell us regarding love during this year, let's remember that, for human beings, this is one of the most determining emotions, since it allows us to bond with other people and beings around us, and thanks to this, we can even stay alive.

Therefore, in relation to the sentimental issue Ifa recommends that eThis year we must work much harder to establish stable, lasting relationships, based on love and, above all, respect, encouraging education from within homes and setting an example on the correct treatment of women, children and the elderly, since Ifa warns that we must prevent acts of domestic violence.

In the same way, it is also important that we avoid very long periods of solitude to prevent feelings of boredom, so it is suggested to maintain well-established relationships, carefully choose the person who will be our partner and take care of the values ​​of loyalty and fidelity. to avoid losses and ruptures.

Economic recommendations

The economy, as we already know, is the foundation of societies, therefore, prospering within it by taking advantage of opportunities, properly managing our income and avoiding actions that lead us to loss, helps us meet our needs more effectively. .

The Odu Ba wa 2023 recommends that it is It is necessary to make a change in individual mentality, since the correct approaches will facilitate the development of new socioeconomic perspectives, bringing prosperity and development to our lives.

It is important to be careful with harboring feelings like greed within us, since the obsession with money can even bring death itself, rather, one must be responsible and generous, that way fortune will come.

The letter indicates that, with the timely support of the corresponding authorities, this will be a favorable year for the development of the economy through agro-industrial production.

Recommendations at the health level

Physical and mental well-being in human beings is essential for the development of our activities, only with good health can we fulfill the destiny we chose to live on this Earth, therefore, staying healthy is one of the main concerns for humans. Orishas in charge of guiding and protecting us.

Regarding health, the Odu Ba wa of the year 2023 recommends take care of the throat and spine, because Ifa presages that there may be an increase in diseases associated with those areas of the body, as well as the presence of a considerable deterioration of the nervous system caused by stress, anxiety and depression, among others conditions, which invites us to reflect on the lifestyle we are leading.

On the other hand, people who suffer from diseases related to blood pressure must be attentive to their treatment and its proper functioning, to avoid health complications caused by this type of pathology.

The Odu bawa predicts that vector-borne diseases may spread during this year. Let us remember that a vector is a living organism that can transmit an infectious agent, in general, from an infected animal to a human being, although it can also do so to another animal. These are usually arthropods, that is, mosquitoes, ticks, flies, fleas and lice.

Thus, it is recommended to intensify the usual preventive measures, such as: the use of repellents and appropriate clothing to avoid mosquito bites; In addition to this, the correct management of waste commonly used outdoors must be carried out, and all those that are potential objects for the reproduction of flies and mosquitoes.

In the same way, this letter recommends that society in general, regardless of the status or position held, to collaborate with the application of the necessary preventive health measures to limit the proliferation of contagious diseases.

In another sense, Ifa also recommends avoiding the consumption of foods that use biochemicals in excess, due to their harmful consequences for health.

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What you should not forget in the year 2023

Letter of the year 2023 ifa predictions for Cuba and the world
  • Avoid the consumption of alcohol or psychotropic substances.
  • Avoid excessive consumption of processed foods, as well as star star, zapote, pork, octopus, or squid.
  • Ants should not be killed, because they attract prosperity.
  • Special respect must be given to the river.
  • Avoid getting wet with rainwater, much less bathing in a downpour.
  • Make sacrifices to Eshu and the Eggun.

History or Pataki of Otura Niko

It happened that there was a Babalawo, whose father had passed away. One day the spirit of his father asked him to sacrifice something for him and he gave it to him. Therefore, the son in reward received a small luck.

A short time later, the deceased asked his son for food again and he gave it to him, once again obtaining another small piece of luck as a reward. Subsequently, the father continued to ask his son for things without sending him anything in return.

One day, the father asked his son for a ram and he began to swear saying: "My father now asks me for a ram and he won't let me get a baby from him. I'm going to go talk to him to tell him to stop asking me for things so often.

Immediately, the Babalawo called his wife and asked her to put him in a sack and put him at the foot of a Ceiba, so that when Oniko, who was the messenger of death, arrived, he would take him to heaven, and so on. to be able to speak to his father in person.

Indeed, the Babalawo reached heaven and when he met his father, he told him: "My son, if I sent you to ask for sacrifices of roosters, hens, rams, among others, so often, it was to send you this great fortune that You see here, because nothing can come out of here if an animal does not appear for each thing that comes out. But you no longer need it, because the wealth is yours and since you will not be able to return to Earth, you stay with the wealth and with me. From that moment on, the son stayed with his father in heaven.

The teaching is very clear, Ifa recommends us to make the necessary sacrifices without being greedy, to wait for luck to come at the right time and to be patient to stand firm on this Earth.

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