Letter of the Year for Venezuela 2024

Letter of the Year for Venezuela 2024

Odu Bawa (Letter of the year) Venezuela 2024 (ANSI)

On December 21, 2023, the National Association of Priests and Followers of Ifá (ANSI) of Venezuela held the Odu Bawá (Letter of the Year) ceremony for Venezuela with respect to the year 2024, with the Odu of Ifa being revealed: Osa Loni .

Odu bawa Venezuela 2024 Ansi

Signs that govern 2024:

  • Loni Bear.
  • Kuleya Bear.
  • Hate Bara.


  • Osogbo Saluga intori Otonowa (Disadvantage due to unexpected environmental causes).
  • Orisha who rules: Obatala.
  • Accompanying Orisha: Elegua.

Recommended works in the Odu:

  • Prayers must be made to Olofin.
  • It is suggested to receive and use the Obatala necklace.
  • It is appropriate to feed them on the edge of the city or town.
  • Serve Orunmila with raw yam crushed with honey, jutía and smoked fish.
  • A chick is given to Eshu and sent to the bush stuffed with the ingredients from the saint's table.
  • A rooster is given to Eshu and then plucked to make a feather duster. He cleans the person concerned and leaves him in Eshu.
  • Throughout the year Eshu must be constantly cared for and attended to.

Letter of the Year Sayings:

  • Fail for talkative.
  • Look at your home before anyone else's.
  • Gallantry is better than living under their feet.
  • If you find yourself facing the fort, face it with courage.
  • He who wears white must beware of butter.
  • When you see the fallen person, do not hit him with your hand but with your foot.
  • When you run away from a problem, you become embarrassed.

Analysis of Ifa divination for the year 2024 (Osa Loni)

The appearance of this Odu in a letter of the year warns that many Babalawos could lose their lives, which is why it urges them to take the necessary precautions and make the corresponding sacrifices to remain firm during the year.

Ifa invites you to be careful with the way in which problems are managed. It is not advisable to run away after confrontations, as there is a risk of being embarrassed.

During the year 2024, the Orisha who governs is Obatala and accompanies Elegua, so it is suggested to use Obatala's necklace as protection from the phenomena that may occur. In addition, special attention must be paid to the Orisha Oshun, since any offense against her could cause a lot of delay.

It talks about problems that can arise between people or groups that at some point had ties and that subsequently end in conflicts due to abuse of trust, disputes or even because one of the parties tries to take away what belongs to the other. Likewise, Ifa invites self-evaluation and reflection regarding habits, customs and practices within society, the home and religious houses. One must correct oneself before judging or interfering in the affairs of others.

It is necessary to encourage respect for the elderly, especially for the female figure, maintaining a balance between the position occupied by mothers and wives to avoid losses in marriages.

Ifa indicates that within homes attention and protection must be paid to children. Young children should not be exposed to the sun for prolonged periods, nor should they be taken to places where large numbers of people gather to avoid suffering health damage, such as suffocation.

Orunmila points out that great care must be taken with interpersonal relationships, diplomacy and good manners, since this will be decisive in maintaining balance within the community. At an individual level, Ifa recommends avoiding arrogance and arrogance, you must maintain humility, help those in need, and if you refuse to help, you should not do it in a bad way. In general, when favors are done they should be done selflessly, without expecting anything in return.

On a religious level

Ifa recommends attending to the Eggun to avoid disturbances. In addition, this Odu determines that people cannot give the generalities of any of their Spiritual protections to anyone, to prevent them from being stolen, or simply from losing said protections and with them, luck (path of the charcoal burner).

The importance of encouraging respect and loyalty between godchildren and godparents is highlighted, since this odu warns that minors will want to dethrone their elders, announcing ruptures and religious conflicts.

The Economy according to the ANSI Letter of the Year in Venezuela

Osa Loni as Odu Bawa warns us about labor slavery. It is important to analyze the efforts being made in proportion to the profit received. It is possible that one ends up working too much, to the point of being exploited, because this is where the exploitation of man by man is born.

However, by taking the necessary precautions and carrying out the recommended works, it is possible to improve economic conditions, since Olofin will provide blessings of money to test what will be done with it.

Health according to the ANSI Letter of the Year in Venezuela

In relation to health, the Odu Bawá of Venezuela for the year 2024 recommends paying the debts owed to Azojuano (San Lázaro). We must take care of diseases spread indirectly through environmental agents. If necessary, you should go to the doctor and perform the respective procedures, without loss of time, to avoid complications and fatal outcomes.

The most common diseases to which people will be exposed during the year will be: vomiting, fatigue, diseases of the chest and sexual organs.

Love according to the ANSI Letter of the Year in Venezuela

Odu Bawa 2024 warns that romantic relationships must be taken care of so as not to face unpleasant changes during this year. Additionally, respect and loyalty must be maintained in all relationships. Avoid infidelities, especially when they involve close people or family members of your partner.

Recommendations for the year 2024

  • It is appropriate to verify if the eboses that are made should have the sea as their path, in that case, they should be left in that place so that they float in it.
  • It is recommended to take care of the doors of the houses to prevent negative energies, witchcraft, or enemies from causing setbacks and delays.
  • You cannot jump over gaps.
  • Oshun must be kept happy and not get upset because this could cause a lot of problems.
  • It is important to analyze what happens inside each of the homes and solve the problems at home, before trying to look at what happens in other people's homes.

Story or pataki of Osa Loni “Where Shango doesn't eat rooster”

It happened that in the Osa Ojuani land there lived an Awó called Beboniye Ifa who dedicated himself to working with Egun and kept the entrance to the town blocked with different sticks. Beboniye Ifa governed that place, imposing the restriction that no one could leave its borders and meanwhile, he distracted Eleggua by giving him a chicken and liquor every night, and after eating, he would fall asleep.

Awo Beboniye took advantage of the fact that Elegua was in that state and went to the entrance of the city with his garment singing various songs and watering liquor, in this way he made the population follow him, until a shadow covered all those present who knelt. on their knees to beg and ask Eleggua for help, but since he could not hear them, Awo Beboniye Ifa fed the head of the entire Jicotea population and with that he kept them governed with the pledge.

Olofin, upon realizing this, was very worried because he did not know anything about Eleggua, until one day Omo Eni Luano met Shango and informed him that Olofin wanted to see him because he did not know anything about Eleggua, then Shango went to his house. Olofin.

Upon reaching his destination, after giving moforibale to Olofin, he informed him that Elegua was in the Osa Ojuani land, but no one knew how to go to that place because they did not know the way. Meanwhile, Awo Beboniye Ifa had done osode (divination) and met with the odu Osa Juani, being warned that his way of living would be discovered, so he changed Eleggua's food. He looked for a banana, 7 herbs and told Elegba that he had to bathe with them. He fed the guinea to the head and immediately Elegua began to convulse and remained dazed.

For his part, Shango went out determined to look for Elegua, and to do so, Olofin gave him sulfur and corojo butter. Along the way Shango was singing, burning and watering sulfur until he arrived at the land of Osa Juani, not knowing where to look for it. But, Elegua heard Shango's voice and shook off the feathers and the remains of the food, took the Awó's clothes and reached Shango's foot, who quickly fed him a chicken and then burned it with sulfur and corojo butter.

Immediately, Shango seized Awo Beboniye Ifa and kneeled him at the entrance of the town and told him: "you will stay here until Olofin comes." Elegua went out to look for him and informed him what had happened. Upon arriving back at the town, Shango gave the Awo garment to Olofin and he gave the entire population a chicken on the head and everyone began to feel good.

Awo Beboniye Ifa asked for forgiveness for what he had done and Shango sentenced him, saying: "As long as the world is the world, you will have the okpuele to look at and you will feed the garment only when Orunmila tells you." Afterwards, Shango took a guinea and began to paralyze all the locals with the herbs. The shadow appeared and was buried next to the banana, and thus all the evil was removed from the town. Awo Beboniye also prospered and was able to do good for the people.

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