Letter of the Year Venezuela 2023 (CONIFAO)

Letter of the Year for Venezuela 2023 (CONIFAO)

On January 1, 2023, the National Ifá Orisha Council of Venezuela (CONIFAO) held the Odu Bawá (Letter of the Year) ceremony for Venezuela in the year 2023, revealing the Odu of Ifa: iroso umbo.

Governing signs:

  • Irous Umbo.
  • Osala fogbeyo.
  • Osa Kuleja.


I will go Arikú Oyale tesi lese Elegua (Firm health well-being at the foot of Elegbara).

Orisha who rules:


Orishas that accompany:

Oshun and Shango.

Recommended work:

  • Offer sweets to the Orishas.


  • He who was born to head cannot stay in the tail.
  • The sacrifice will be rewarded.

Analysis of the letter of the year 2023 CONIFAO in Venezuela (Iroso Umbo)

Ifa recommends fulfilling the debts that one has with Eleggua to enjoy his blessings.

The Odu bawá recommends at a religious level that the practitioners of the Osha and Ifa rule should receive the Orishas Olokun, Inle and Abata, during this year.

Likewise, masses and attentions to the ancestors with flowers and food should be offered, particularly to the parents if they are deceased, since this work can guarantee the success of our intentions or favor the obtaining of desired titles, positions or positions.

On the other hand, criminal actions must be avoided and morality and good customs must be maintained, since Ifa points out that acts of robbery should not be committed against any brother of religion or blood, to avoid serious consequences and embarrassment.

In addition, the timely realization of the sacrifices will help to avoid confrontations, disputes and confrontation with enemies, granting victory over such situations.

In a personal sense, this letter recommends being humble and avoiding excessive feelings of greed so that we can prosper safely.

The economy according to the letter of the year CONIFAO in Venezuela

The letter of the year 2023 (Conifao) emphasizes that personal relationships must be separated from monetary or commercial relationships, because emotions can take control over the operation of businesses, bringing delays and malfunctions.

On the other hand, Ifa recommends paying considerable attention to all financial activities or work you do, because this Odu portends that you can live in poverty, even in destitution. Consequently, it is advisable to stay organized and disciplined with the activities on which our prosperity depends, and comply with the recommended works to open the paths of development. 

Health according to the letter of the year 2023 (CONIFAO)

Regarding health issues, the letter of the year recommends taking care of the proper functioning of the body and habits to avoid general weakness.

In another sense, Ifa exhorts that food should be taken care of to avoid the presence of diseases that affect the bloodstream, especially diabetes.

Other diseases that should also be taken care of this year are those suffered in the area of ​​​​the throat, the heart or sexual impotence.

Love according to the letter of the year CONIFAO in Venezuela

The Odu Bawá 2023 (Conifao) recommends that women carefully analyze their attitudes and customs, since if they dedicate themselves to partying, having fun, drinking and living a licentious life, they may suffer discord or illnesses caused by fights with his partner, even generating continuous wars with him or with his lover. Therefore, bad behavior and dishonesty should be avoided to prevent separations and loss of luck.

In a general sense, obsessive behaviors, lack of control caused by jealousy and domestic violence must be prevented, since all these customs, in addition to being inappropriate, can bring tragedies within homes.

To maintain good relationships, Ifa suggests listening carefully to your partner's recommendations, especially advice from women.

Recommendations for the year 2023

  • Take care of the Eggun.
  • Do not commit criminal acts, much less against your religious or blood family.
  • Take care of your health.
  • Make requests to Orunmila by offering him two open coconuts on a white plate and two candles.
  • Take care of what Eggun wants.
  • Beware of the influence of dark Eggun, in case of suffering this type of situation the first recommended ebo is to make paraldo.
  • Maintain a healthy diet and avoid excess fat in meals.
  • Avoid frequently wearing black, or hanging clothes in the room, or putting them on the table.

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History or Pataki of Iroso Umbo

The person lives ragged and with plague

It happened that in the Nana Biarabire land there was a Babalawo named Awalode, who was always ragged and plagued, motivated by the fact that he lived surrounded by dogs, because he was determined that he would make them speak, for this reason Shango had him cursed. Until one day the Orisha, seeing that the situation was not improving, decided to go complain to Olofin for his insistence.

Olofin listened carefully to what Shango had to expose him, and told him to look for Ogun to come before his presence, but not to warn him about the matter.

Shango took the message to Oggun as he had been entrusted, so he prepared to appear in front of Olofin as required, but on the way home he met Orunmila by chance, taking advantage of that eventuality to perform Osode. (fortune telling).

Ifa determined the Odu Iroso Umbo for him, so Orula recommended that when he spoke with Olofin he should not contradict him at all, however, if he was commissioned by him to go to Earth, he should answer that for that he should go with Shango.

While Ogun was at Olofin's house, he began to sing something related to Awalode and his state. Olofin asked him surprised why he sang that and he explained that he knew Awalode. So, Olofin, after having a conversation with Oggun and listening to his request, sent him in the company of Shango to leave for Awalode's house.

Arriving at their destination, Awalode was scared to see them and tried to hide. However, Shango grabbed him and with his tongue burned his tattered clothes, then Ogun sacrificed the dogs he had, cleaning everything and dressing Awalode in white, tying him up for 7 days.

Awó Botafun Roso who lived next to Awalode noticed the change, since the unpleasant smell that characterized him was no longer perceptible, so he went to the neighbor's house, finding Shango and Ogun who explained what had happened. Awo Botafun Roso offered them two chickens so that they beg for his head.

A few days passed and Olofin decided to visit Awalode, before arriving he saw Awó Botafun Roso and he explained to him the way of life his neighbor led and the change he had suffered since Shango and Ogun arrived.

When Olofin arrived, and he saw the change with his own eyes, he was amazed at the cleanliness and congratulated Ogun and Shango, also, he told Awó Awalode that this was how he had to live so that he felt good and it came to him. prosperity.

As can be seen in this story, Ifa presages for this year that it is necessary to organize and clean everything that is not in order in our lives. A purification both physical and spiritual, in addition, the abandonment of absurd and wrong ideas is essential to avoid ruin and achieve prosperity in all our affairs.

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