Letter of the year Mexico 2022 (Oyekun Pakioshe)

Letter of the year Mexico 2022

On the first of January of the year 2022 the ceremony was carried out to draw the letter of the year for Mexico, this ritual was performed by Ojudun itan Egbaa Ejilelogun ilu Mexico, revealing the Oddun Oyekun Pakioshe (Oyekun Oshe).

Ifá wishes this person the best. The person will become someone important in the place where he frequently travels or is traveling. It is a good time to travel, especially if the trips are for economic or commercial reasons, it is advisable to make offerings to Elegua so that he opens the roads and allows prosperity to come to us this year.

Signs that govern the year 2022:

  • Toyale: Oyekun Pakioshe
  • First witness: Oshe Ogunda (Oshe Omoluo)
  • Second Witness: Iroso Tura.


  • Osobo Arun intori eleda (Diseases caused by the head).
  • Onire (defending Orisha): Orunmila.
  • Oniche: Adie Meji Dun dun
  • Oniche Ori: Eleda Kobori (Head Rogation) with Tree fruit.
  • Ebbo: Akuko to Eshu, adie meyi to Ifa, two articulated dolls (Man and woman).

Orishas that rule:

Elegua is the saint or Orisha that govern the year 2022 in Mexico, for which Ifa recommends that you always be attended to and place different offerings or Adimu in order to win the favor of this deity. Oshun is the accompanying deity, which will help us progress and evolution, it is she who we must ask for our goals for this period.


The recommended flag for this year 2022 is red and black with yellow edges.

Predictions of the Letter of the year Mexico 2022

Orunmila warns us about complicated health situations, for which we must take all the necessary precautions to stay healthy. It is very likely that we are affected by pandemics or epidemics, that is caused by not listening or ignoring the recommendations of ifa and specialized health entities. The prophecy determines Arun intori eleda, means that through our own head we can get sick.

In addition, these signs reflected in the divination for the letter of the year, warn us that we must take care of our mental health, we must do everything possible to reduce levels of anxiety and stress. If necessary, the help of professionals in the field of mental health is recommended.

Likewise, it is advisable to do head prayer periodically.

K´amateteku, the fortune teller of the house of joy (alayo), Aiteteku-ise,
the fortune teller of the house of sorrow (ibanuje), Bi-iku-ba-de-ka-yin-Oluwa-logo,
the fortune teller of Igboya ewa - Alogbon-on maku-ninu, Masimale ninmeyeniy,
the fortune teller of Afinju-maku-mase´baje Oyekeseniyi, they divined Ifá for the sages (eniyan – sasa),
who invited the babalawos to consult the problems about death (iku),
asking: why does death kill people and no one has been saved from death?
The babalawos said Ifá teaches us that Amoniwaye created death as something good for humanity.
Stagnant water becomes a pond, and this rotting pond can cause disease.
Water that people let run freely, water that they will bring back to us.
It allows the disease to return home to be cured and renewed in the body and to renew the weakened character.
The madman is cared for by his own family. the babalawos said why do we see this as unpleasant?
The sages shouted to Ifá saying, Orunmila: Iboru, Iboye, Ibose.
They all dispersed and never again remembered death as another problem -
Obatala is called Amuniwaye.

Ifa predicts rapid changes in daily activities, but in the end such changes will bring benefits to our lives.

Social aspect

letter of the year 2022 Mexico

In personal relationships Ifa advises seeking union, because only together can we overcome the various adversities that arise this year, we must build good relationships with family and friends. Getting away from discord will help us keep our minds healthy. A favorable environment will help us to counteract the high levels of stress to which we may be subjected.

We must not bring employment problems home.

It is a good time to lay or reaffirm family foundations, join in marriage, or start a family. (In Oyekun Oshe the creation of the family is born). Ifa recommends staying away from love triangles, polygamy, or any type of adultery.

It is recommended to do ebbo as a couple since through it luck and prosperity come to our lives. It is recommended to give an Owunko (Goat) to Eshu.

It is the moment of union, it is the moment to do ebbo, it is the moment to procreate, about this Ifa tells us the following:

Orúnmila and Eshu-Elegua arrived on an Earth and did not find any living being on it. Orula made divination and the Oyekun Oshe sign was revealed, it manifested that Olodumare's will was for him to stay on that Earth to populate it, which would be for his good. The soothsayer was thoughtful and thought: If there are no men or women here, how am I going to populate it? He became Ebbo and gave it to Elegua to take to a place far away from there.

Days passed and when Eshu returned, he said to Orúnmila: "I have seen two women in the place where I placed the Ebbo." Orúnmila sent him in search of the women. When Eshu found them, he told them: they must not continue to live alone, nor go through so much work. Elegua convinced them to accompany him, to see Orúnmila.

Those women were twin sisters. When they arrived before Orúnmila, he told them: "I want to know if you are going to help me populate this Earth." They were amazed and fell in love with Orúnmila and accepted.

Orúnmila told them: "I can only commit myself to one of you, the other will do it with Eshu." The two couples got together and began having sons and daughters. And so that Earth was populated.

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The letter of the year revealed by Ifa with the sign Oyekun pakioshe, recommends us to entertain the eggun (Ancestors), to feed the spirituality of mother or father if any of them is deceased. This sign represents reincarnation.

It is advisable not to leave incomplete ceremonies, or ebbo without performing. These signs recommend that the aleyos perform the Kari Osha ceremony.

He recommends to the iworos to seek senior priests to do ebbo for him, since he cannot be self-sufficient. The knife itself cannot be done.

Recommendations for 2022

Recommendations for 2022
  • Feed the Egguns.
  • Beg your head.
  • Los Aleyos it is advisable to do the ceremony of Kari Osha (Become a Saint).
  • It is important to follow the recommendations of Ifa, otherwise we will face the consequences.
  • Do not oppose change, you have to adapt to the new circumstances in order to be favored.
  • Beg Shango with sugar cane.
  • Stimulate family unity.
  • Put yams on Elegua.
  • Do not leave a good thing for a bad thing: "Scabies with pleasure does not itch."
  • Give two black hens to Orunmila.
  • In case of illness, he must attach a chain his size to Oggun and give him an Akuko.


  • These signs prohibit vanity and pride, since these attitudes will only generate misery and humiliation.
  • Avoid excessive consent to children.
  • Do not ingest alcoholic beverages.
  • Adultery.

Pataki de Oyekun Oshe, Sign that governs the year 2022 to Mexico

This story (Pataki) tells that the King of Ife was called Shebi Shoguiña (Son of the one-eyed bird), but there was a crazy bird that passed by to be able to sing from morning to afternoon.

The King was very restless about this situation and he went to visit Orúnmila to consult him, this made him Osode, revealing the oddun Oyekun Oshe, where they recommended him to make the Ebbó and take it to the forest. The King did so and sent Eshu. When he reached the mountain, he hid in the place where the crazy bird used to appear to sing all day and proclaim himself King.

When the mad bird passed by singing and saying that he was King, Eshu threw the Ebo from his hiding place, hitting him and knocking him to the ground. And when the crazy bird recovered, Eshu had already fled the place and the crazy bird began to ask: What was that? - Who was the one who threw on me? - Who tore up that package? I heard a load fall to the ground, where is it?

Thus, with this monologue, his words acquired a new cadence and became songs in his mouth, forgetting the name of the King thanks to the Ebo.

Letter of the Year 2022 for Mexico (alternative) Odi She

The Awo ni Orunmila (Osa Fogbeyo) Sergio Santa Cruz determined the letter of the year for Mexico on January 2022, XNUMX, the sign of Ifa Odi She, first witness Osa rete and second witness Iwori Batrupon, was revealed as toyale.


Osobo Tiya tiya lowo Araye (Gossip and entanglements caused by enemies).

Onire (Defends): Yemaya

Oniche: Cane molasses is made in a plate and the deity is put together with two candles.

Attentions to female eggun.

Odi she recommendations in the letter of the year:

  • Entertain and attend to the guardian angel or Tutelary Orisha.
  • Give thanks to Oshun and Yemaya, as it is these entities who will help solve any problem.
  • It is necessary to make a saint to extend life.
  • Begging your head, as it speaks of mental instability, to the point of going crazy.

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