15 Moorings of Love to Attract and FALL IN LOVE

Love moorings

When we see that person who has us captivated, we do not stop thinking about him / her, but for some reason we can not get him to be interested in us, it is at that moment where we begin to wonder if we should do some ritual, spell or if they really work the moorings of love.

The spells or love are very complex rituals, the steps must be followed exactly to achieve a powerful, effective and fast love tie.

Book of love spells with the Orishas

There are many works or works at the foot of the Orishas with the ability to attract love, as well as to drive away the loved one. Its practice is recommended as long as the Orisha authorizes its performance.

Next, we offer a compilation of 15 love moorings totally free:

Loving mooring at the foot of Elegua

For this spell or witchcraft of love, a powder is prepared with the cress grass that has been dried in the sun, it is mixed with magnet stone powder and it is veiled at the foot of Elegua giving her knowledge of the reason for the work and then it is smeared in your hand to caress the person you want to enchant.

Work with Ogun to tie the desired person

Grab a small lemon, 3 white ribbons and 50 new pins, stick the pins in the lemon from top to bottom, from bottom to top, and on the sides in the same way. Ogún is given knowledge at twelve o'clock at night and at noon for 7 days, telling him: “Oggun here I give you to: (name of the person), do not let him stop, or calm down, or rest until you come to me, meek and willing just as I want him ”. It is tied with the ribbons making 7 knots to each one. After 7 days he buries himself giving knowledge to Ogun telling him: Just as I bury (person's name), he will remain tied to me until this work can dig itself out of the earth.

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Rites to attract love with Obatala

For this love tie a powder is prepared at the foot of Obatala with: swallow heart, 1 dove, 1 sparrow, dried blood, husk and white corn powder. Baba is watched and given knowledge and will be given in food or drink to the person.

love tie with the orishas

Powerful love mooring with Oya

Oya is given a brown pigeon, the heart is taken out, roasted and chopped into fine pieces, mixed with soda water and fat, cooked and that butter is used in the preparation of the person's food for 7 days.

If you want to get a loved one out of your heart, you add rabbit fat. If it is to ensure happiness with the loved one, lard is placed on it. If you want only a passing affection, you put snake fat on it. If you want to tie it up forever, you do it with iguana fat.

Work with aggayu to dominate

For an effective love tie, the name of the person written on tracing paper is placed along with their traces, flowers of enchantment, snake's eye, a splinter of stick for me, chalking everything with 9-color thread. He places it on a clay plate lighting 9 candles around it giving Agayu knowledge. Then he removes it from the plate and puts it under the mattress on the side that the person you want to tie is sleeping.

Spell with ozain for Mooring or Love

Ozain as an orisha related to witchcraft, is fundamental in this type of love spell.

For this, they are looking for a doodle, one of a stick for me and another of a yamao tree. The full name of the person you want to tie is placed on the stirrups and brandy is blown, they are placed on Ozain and prayed for 7 days. Then it is taken to the bank of the river and there the sticks joined by the stirrups are buried.

Work or Work to fall in love with Orisha Oko

A new clay pot is sought, eating oil, red wine, the name and traces of the person to be tied are put on chalkboard with 7 needles in black thread, it is made inside the pot, a wick is placed and a lamp is made at the foot of Orishaoko giving her knowledge of the love tie that is being requested. The lamp should last 9 days on. At the end of the days, the needles are removed and the pot is buried with the rest, once again giving Orishaoko knowledge.

Quick and effective love tie with oshun (FOR MEN)

In this mooring of love, 5 cups of Oshun honey are placed and for 5 days with the tip of the middle finger of the right hand the honey of all the glasses is touched and it is passed over the tongue and the eyelids asking Oshun to grant it the charm to dominate the desired person. After these glasses are taken to the mouth of the river, they pour the honey there. Then he takes iyefa with powdered cinnamon and says to himself: "Just as the river reaches the sea without anything or anyone stopping it, so you Oshun, get me everything I want from the so-and-so obini." It is put on the tongue and passed over the forehead backwards.

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Love ties with Oshun (FOR WOMEN)

Oshun is fundamental in the love ties, to enchant a man they grasp the legs of the hen that has been sacrificed to Oshun, they are placed in a cross with the name of the person they want to attract, they are tied with a red ribbon and another yellow tape on the outside giving an account to Oshun and he is told: "I baptize you so that you bring me dominated and surrendered to my feet to the okuni (man) so-and-so" then it is nailed in the place indicated by Oshun.

Perfume to attract and fall in love at the foot of Yemaya

We are looking for sensitive grass that is plucked at dawn by first passing your hand 3 times and saying: "I love you to make this guy fall in love." Let it dry. Afterwards, pray in front of Yemaya mixing the sensitive with a tuberose, benzoin, valerian and the powder of 7 white roses that have been put on the Orisha. You look for a perfume of your liking that is left in the sun and serene for 3 days, then the powder prepared previously is added, it is presented to Yemaya and the prayer of the Virgin of Regla is said.

Lamp with Shango to attract the loved one

This witchcraft for love with the Orisha Shango is done as follows: On a tracing paper, the generalities of the person to be tied are placed, together with: hair of 3 cats, the following sticks previously prepared in brandy: amansa handsome, for me, yamao. Everything is chalked with red and white threads. Everything is placed in a glass vase, where quicksilver, honey, sweet wine, 6 stones of red precipitated alum and valerian powder are placed, common oil is placed and a wick that lights up giving Shango an account for 6 days. Then it is taken to a palm and Shango is told: "My father, according to how this palm grows, that neither the wind nor the bad weather the grave, that is how I want the love of so-and-so to grow towards me. Let nothing or anyone stop him or knock him down so that he can be by my side ”. After the desired thing is obtained, 2 roosters are given to Shango with his right as thanks for an effective love tie.

Love witchcraft

Other effective and fast love spells or spells

To attract the person who left

He wonders what spirituality answers for the work and he is given what he asks for. In a deep clay dish, place the name of the one to be attracted, add a lot of honey, holy water, quicksilver, eating oil, almond oil, a wick and it is kept lit for 7 days at the foot of the Orisha.

Tobacco prepared to attract for love purposes

A powder is prepared with pansy flowers, yamao tree leaves, handsome tame, for me, enraptured, valerian, 5 roost seeds, hair of the person you want to attract. That powder is mixed with valerian and allowed to dry. The filler is removed from the tobacco and the powder is placed and refilled. Prepared cigars are placed at the foot of the dead for 3 days with a daily candle asking whoever smokes those cigars to be tied in thought, word, deed and heart to the one who is preparing them. Then he will offer them one by one, to the person he wants to tie to smoke.

Work to attract the loved one

A guinea egg is searched for, a small hole is opened in it and the following ingredients turned into powders are introduced: slug, husk, dried roost grass, baby grass, two pebbles from the door of the house of the person who was given it. wants to make this love tie, vetiver, wasp house, mouse foot, and the heart of two pigeons that was given to shilekun ile (the door of the house) the name of the person written on tracing paper and covered the hole with candle sperm. It is placed with a candle at the foot of the dead asking to tie the will, thoughts and love of that person in favor of whoever requests it and when the candle goes out it is buried in the door of the house.

Lamp for a person to return

For this mooring of love, a new clay pot is placed at the foot of the dead: corojo oil, honey, alcohol, a wick with the name of the person who wants to return and is lit calling the person to return. 13 creeds are prayed to the lamp for 3 days in a row.

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