Odu Bawá or letter of the year for Venezuela 2023 (ANSI)

letter of the year for Venezuela 2023 (ANSI)

On December 21, 2022, the National Association of Ifá Priests and Followers (ANSI) of Venezuela held the Odu Bawa (Letter of the Year) ceremony for Venezuela with respect to the year 2023, revealing the Odu of Ifa: Ogunda leni .

Governing signs:

  • Ogunda leni.
  • Iwori bogbe.
  • Go untendi.


I will go Ishowo yale tesi Elese Olokún (Firm well-being produced through trade at the foot of Olokun).

Orisha who rules:


Orisha that accompanies:


Recommended works in the Odu:

  • In front of its Orunmila foundation, a jar or gourd with water from a blacksmith shop and a chicken egg must be placed inside.
  • Bathe with omiero of: parsley, watercress and maloja.
  • To improve the health of the brain and eyesight, you can use a green coconut water, add three drops of brandy and five drops of holy water, this can be taken or used to wash the eyes.
  • To make requests to Ogun Almond oil lamps, three chicken egg yolks and five marjoram leaves are placed in it.
  • To strengthen memory it is recommended to eat foods rich in phosphorus. In addition, infusions of palo caballero (it can also be used for baths).


  • Do not leave path by side.
  • Don't get involved in what doesn't interest you.
  • Don't start the first time violently.
  • Dress me slowly, I'm going fast.
  • The man who knows does not speak, the man who speaks does not know.
  • The lazy man sleeps while the farmer works.
  • If it is necessary to fight, I will fight, so that my honor is respected.

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Analysis of Ifa divination (Ogunda Leni)

Ifa recommends that one should be attentive to disputes that may arise, since it predicts that people will be exposed to confrontations, danger, and the stalking of enemies, even with their own knowledge.

Ifa recommends at a religious level that the practitioners of the Osha and Ifa rule (initiated or not) must carry out the consecrations that they have pending, receive the different Oshas and Orishas, ​​especially: Oggun, Oba, Olokun and Osain.

During the year it is suggested to use Yemaya's necklace, and in addition to this, it is important to recognize the functions of the osainista and the healing power of herbs as a healthy resource and for personal defense.

Orunmila points out that individual and collective memory must be taken care of, because due to the accumulation of information and knowledge that it stores, the spirit must also be fed so that knowledge can continue to be reserved.

During the year 2023 we must be especially careful with our conversation, what we communicate and how we express ourselves, because it is said that in this Ifa people have to take care of their throat and their vocal cords so as not to lose their voice, because here Olofin He took away the power to speak from the pigeon for divulging things that he shouldn't. Therefore, our prudence and discretion will depend on maintaining luck and the good development of our affairs.

Ifa recommends that things should be done calmly, since this sign expresses that: "you do not run so that you can arrive soon." However, this does not mean that things should be left for later. In other words, you must work in order to be diligent and timely at all times.

It is necessary to encourage cleanliness and neatness, both in the physical space where it operates and in the spiritual realm. It is recommended to wear white clothing and avoid saying curses to attract radiation and the presence of Orisha Obatala.

On a religious level, Ifa recommends attending to Elegua and his guardian angel to defend himself from problems, traps, betrayals and to stay within good religious customs, since there is a risk of neglecting the Orishas for being more attentive to carnal interests. .

Economic Aspects

Ogunda Leni as Odu Bawa tells us that the functioning of financial activities should be analyzed in every way. It is essential to avoid customs that lead us to procrastination, since in this Odu laziness, disobedience and stubbornness are born, attitudes that can lead us to loss in all areas.


Regarding health, this Odu Bawa from Venezuela for the year 2023 recommends protecting health at the level of sight. You should go to the doctor if necessary and carry out the appropriate works to keep this sense in good condition.

This year it is important to take care of your memory, so it is recommended to practice healthy habits such as: daily physical activity routines, since physical dynamics increase blood flow in the entire body and in the brain; stay mentally active and organized; and eat and sleep correctly.

Love according to the Letter of the Year (ANSI)

The Odu Bawa 2023 suggests the need to maintain firm and lasting sentimental ties throughout the year, trying to refresh relationships, avoiding falling into routine and boredom that would lead to the separation of couples due to lack of understanding and dissatisfaction.

You should be a little more sensitive, since life circumstances can encourage us to develop a certain hardness of feeling.

Likewise, it is necessary to develop good family relationships to avoid conflicts and separations between children and parents or between spouses; or if necessary, carry out the necessary separations in the best way, because unfavorable unions, bad relationships where one is not truly respected or appreciated, can only encourage the growth of conflicts, the birth of dangerous enmities and the absence of happiness.

Recommendations for the year 2023

  • Do not interfere in what does not interest you.
  • Do not leave path by side.
  • Do not start the first with violence.
  • It is recommended to delve into its essence, it is better to be than to pretend.
  • It is necessary to take care of problems or conflicts, because they lead us to chaos.

History or Pataki of Ogunda Leni

It happened that once there were three men who had to go to the same place, therefore, they all agreed to go together, but among the three there was one who had consulted with Orunmila, being advised by Ifa that: never to leave the path on the sidewalk, not to get involved in what didn't matter to him, and never to leave the first one with violence if something happened to him. This man, he had a son that he hadn't seen since he was very little.

Once the tour began, the men began to walk until they reached a place where the path divided into several paths, immediately the two men recommended to the third that they go along the path, since that way they would get much more fast to your destination.

But, that man immediately refused, indicating that he would not continue with them because he would stay on the same path he was on. The two men upon hearing that abandoned him and continued along a path, which happened that after a long walk they ended up lost.

The man who continued on his way reached the place he wanted without any mishap, but, quite hungry, he sat down in an inn to eat. Then, he realized that in a corner of the inn there was a woman tied up. In addition, near her there were several people who protested against her abuse, but, remembering her advice, she did not say anything about it and continued eating.

It turned out that the owner of the inn was the husband of that woman who was tied up and to release her from her captivity he had promised that the day someone came to his inn and would not protest that fact, he would free his wife. Obviously, neither the man, nor the people who were at the bottom of the place complaining about it, knew about that promise.

Therefore, people insisted on their protest, even going so far as to request the support of that man, but when asked for his opinion on the matter, he replied that: "I do not have to get involved in this matter because I do not care." ». When the owner of the inn heard those words, he immediately released the woman from him and congratulated the man.

After that, the man continued on his way to where his wife was, but when he was getting home, he realized that a priest was giving him a kiss and a hug, for which he felt very angry, pulling out his weapon. to kill the priest and his wife, but as he approached them, he was very astonished to realize that that man physically looked a lot like him. That stopped him for a moment. When his wife saw him, she told him excitedly that she should hug her son, who had received his priest's degree today and had come to see them.

This story clearly reflects the three main recommendations of this Odu: do not leave the path on the path, in order to reach your destination; Don't get involved in what doesn't matter to you, the results will always be better; and do not start violently the first, because you may regret it, sometimes things are not as they seem and you have to understand what is happening before acting wrongly.

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