Prayer to Oshun for: Love, Money, Protection, Open Paths, Moorings and more

In Santeria, it is very common to use a Prayer to Oshun for different purposes such as: asking for help in love, fertility, invoking the protection of your children, health, blessings for the family, and luck. Its attributions emphasize the power of women and the capacity for gender equality. Oshun is a Yoruba deity, one of the oldest religions of the original West African people, characterized by being syncretized with the Virgin of Charity of Copper, patron saint of Cuba.

This Orisha represents the most revered female deity regarding love in Yoruba homes. That is why we, as her children, must know the importance of venerating her and remembering her in every corner of our homes and instilling in the next generation how important it is to say a Prayer to the goddess Oshun.

Prayer to Queen Oshun

Your goodness makes you great, your golden light illuminates your beautiful image, you are a mother, you protect your children from any evil and do not allow abuse to your women.

You are beautiful, seductive, very feminine, you fill the souls of your believers with light and you carry out your decisions.

You are great and I will always thank you for your presence and your wisdom.

Oh mighty! you are big, you are perfect and beautiful.

May your will always be correct and I will understand why you do it.


Prayer for love at the foot of Oshun

Prayer for love with Oshun

If you are looking for mutual happiness, learn to use the prayers to Oshun, the Yoruba deity of love, to feel loved forever.

To start praying you need to be sure of yourself, that you like your body and have confidence, so that Oshun is pleased too.

It is necessary for the person to undress in front of a mirror, preferably full body, and when seeing himself he cannot transmit criticism, to carefully observe his gifts and curves, the color of his skin, his body odor, his chest, his buttocks, and others areas that usually do not observe such as: armpits, knees, fingers and toes. The idea is to focus on beauty and feeling beautiful.

So that the loved one sighs for your beauty, or that he is by your side, turn to Oshun with this Prayer, since this deity has a lot of power with men and women.

With the sweetness of your waters, the light of your gold,

the obsession of your beauty, mother Oshun

Cover with your cloak and protect from any darkness my deepest desire to achieve true love, so that it may be eternal and sincere from all evil that avoids it, as your beautiful laugh is sacred, allow me to have such a love, extinguish all suffering and yes I suffer that is not for what I love.

Oh my mother! Give me that strength, sweetness, your pain, your strength and your beauty so that love knocks on my door and venerates my love.

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Oshun's prayer for marriage

Prayer to Oshun for money

Oshun in the many legends, mention that she is a vain and very capricious deity that is why, that always comes out victorious in her battles, that is why when a couple cannot realize their love they should go directly to her.

Miraculous and beautiful OShun, protector of the earth and food, mother of nature and your children, I invoke before your presence the light of my path and the performance of the course of my days.

You who know my deepest desires, I invoke before you eternal love for the strength of soul mates.

So that it is together to me all your life (name of the person you want to fall in love with).

Wherever he is, bring his spirit before me (say name), to love him for life.

May its essence remember my love at every moment.

(Repeats the person's name), never want someone other than me.

May the sighs of (person's name) only belong to me.

In your memories always beene I, that he listens to me, that he kiss me, that his goal is me, what for (repeat the person's name), yo be unique in your life.

Holy mother Oshun, in you I trust and I leave my beloved love in your power, so that you always remember to carry my name in your thoughts.

The Orisha Oshun is in charge of fulfilling the purposes they want, the love they will need for their lives, this deity will support you and fulfill your approach, since her word is fulfilled as soon as you go to her and if you follow the step by step of the examples of sentences that appear in this post, your goals will be a reality.

Prayer with Oshun for money

To make requests with this deity it is important to believe in her, have the patience to wait for economic abundance to come your way and above all to hope that Oshun will help you. For this we pray the following Prayer:

The goddess of the Yoruba religion, most loved and respected, is not only associated with love but also with the prosperity of wealth and economy, thus giving a change for the well-being of her children.

Beloved mother Oshun, queen of love, charm, rivers and waterfalls that cleanse the evil world.

May your blessings cover feelings and feed damaged souls and live in peace and prosperity.


Prayer to tie and dominate with Oshun

Do you want a forbidden person to sigh for you and wish to have you for the rest of their days? Turn to the powerful mother of love and beauty so that this being is before you.

Big and powerful Orisha Dgoddess of love, listen to my prayers. My request is that you impose that (name of person) No. I can feel love or attraction for another woman other than me, make my name reach your thoughts always.

Oh mother, I want love and spirit (name of person), I want it to be delivered by full just for me.

I wish that he is dependent on me and his heart only belongs to me, I implore you that I am the only person who will accelerate his heartbeat forever.

Let your love be just for me in the next few hoursí (name of person), and you can't get through your life without me.

May she be beautiful mother, I will never forget that I am in your debt. Amen.

Prayer for protection

Prayer increases faith and trust in the Orisha so that the protection that each of us needs is raised, our mother Oshun prevents evil from appearing in our way forever.

Oshun queen of the light of gold, woman who makes men flee with her eyes, the enormous and powerful mother of the river and defender of women, I ask you for my life, for the prosperity of my path, prevent death touch me or chase me, where isé my presence isé divine light. ASHE.

Praise goddess of mystery, cleanse my spirit inside and by outside, always give me abundance, health, prosperity, love and prevent the evil of darkness from passing before me.

I praise your beauty, I praise your mother, I praise your name and presence, I praise your dance and your secrets, ASHE.

Oshun's Prayer to Open Paths

Use this prayer on the shore of the sacred river of our mother Oshun, with two yellow candles, some sunflowers and abundant honey, you are going to ask for your divine abundance, to open your paths.

You have to repeat these words with faith to the Goddess of love and avoid any kind of self-questioning, your soul has to be in serenity so that in your paths there is only happiness and success.

Oh glorious goddess! You who are my guide every day, I thank you for always being there for me and taking care of my family.

I will always ask you for health, abundance, stability, love and strength, help me, you who are always with me as my protective guide.

I implore you to remove difficulties from my path and open them by bringing abundance, peace and tranquility to my soul, pour out your prosperity in my family so that they never suffer or be in need.

Blessed mother walk with me e always illuminate my path, so be it mother. Amen

Thank Oshun

Prayer to thank Oshun for the favors received

Most of the time we ask for our present and future, to move forward and be successful, that is why it is important to give thanks every day and take into account the blessing of the powerful goddess of love.


Orisha of rivers and waterfalls, the purest waters that cleanse the evils of the world, only you who bless me and give me peace and tranquility and I thank you for lighting my path at every step.

Blessed mother! I will always come before you, for the deep admiration and respect that I have for you powerful Oshun.

Thank you for protecting us, your children e instill joy and love in everyone equally.

My gratitude for you will never fade powerful my mother.

So be it miraculous mother. Amen. 

Oshun's Prayer for Success

This petition is constantly prayed, because with it the financial problems are solved and the success that we long for comes to our lives.


Glorious Oshun, dancer of the 5 handkerchiefs, I come before you to implore you to help me succeed in my life.

You who can do everything, you who are the most beautiful, you who are a saint, I ask you that I never lack the abundance of divine success, that my family have all its comforts, that love fills my well-being with joy.

Show me at all times the right path to success, be it a good job or a good love, beloved mother.

Goddess Oshun, give me the ability to have immediate solutions, to help me in my problems and may your blessing always be with me.

I come before you to request your devotion and your glorious help for the advancement of my achievements and successes that I wish for my prosperity.

So be it


Prayer to ask Ochun for a favor

It is very common to need in our lives a favor that is related to work, economic, love or family and we go to the beloved queen of fresh waters, Oshun!

Merciful and powerful Orisha, I am deeply grateful, for what I learned from your advice: do not trust my friendship or love to anyone, to prevent negativity from invading my peace of mind.

I am a person renewed by your blessings and selective with my environment, but this time I ask you to help me obtain benefits with people who represent progress for me.

It is not easy to be consistent when making decisions, but with your wisdom I am fighting to achieve each purpose and if I have to sacrifice something I do it, I implore your protection and light for my benefits.

That of the person who needs a favor as his own benefit, is before me and does not fail me.

I understood your advice to make you proud, but fulfill my request beloved mother.

Prayer to tie man to the foot of Oshun

As children of the Goddess of love we want and need to feel loved as a whole to the ideal person, for mutual happiness and a prosperous life, but it happens that not everyone has the same plans and perhaps they do not feel anything for you. This prayer allows that person to melt before you for the rest of their days.

Powerful woman of the presence of sexuality, queen of the waters of love, you who allow to dominate men, I invoke before you the strength of hearts united until death, which (man's name) sighed in love to me.

May his spirit belong to my essence and he cannot help imagining my happiness with him, which (man's name) never love another woman other than me, beloved mother.

That his body only belongs to me (say your name), that (man's name) do not drink or eat if my presence is not with him.

That for (man's name), his sexual attraction is me only, powerful Oshun, I wish he was always with me and begged when he couldn't see me.

I miraculously promise to offer you what you ask of me, for the welfare of all mother, so be it! Amen.

Oshun's prayer to seduce

To be effective in prayer, it is necessary to have the willingness and faith to be sure of our purposes in conjunction with prayer to seduce that love that we have in mind, the Goddess of love will fulfill it.

 Oh great Oshun! Holy mother as sweet as honey, today I come before you to request that you cleanse my body and spirit so that you give me the gift of seduction, that I have before my feet that pure love that I need.

I (your full name), I implore you to illuminate my path as your golden light and allow me to show off the beauty, the sweetness, the seduction before the men that I want to have by my side.

Allow me to be a woman with fullness of love, to be able to control my charms in my own way, that with a laugh that man will never forget me, put in me your divine grace and seduction before what I want.

If you fulfill me, I will be eternally grateful and I will forever surrender my faith, my mother, may your will bring my wishes before me.


Prayer for better health

As religious we belong to this beautiful religion with the faith of being saved from our mistakes and death, that is why to preach this prayer it is necessary to have the hope of being saved and the faith to believe in the wisdom of the Goddess of love Oshun . Prayer:

My mother, the most beautiful and protective of all your children, I ask you to remove evil from my path and allow it to have harmony, wisdom and health for me and my blessed family. Orisha.

I come before you so that you never abandon me or abandon my difficulties, protect me during a health illness, give me the strength to overcome the ailments that prevent me from fulfilling my tasks.

Oh Diosa give me the strength to overcome the disease!

Put aside the suffering that illness causes in me and my family, give us the courage to think about salvation and relief from that evil that is lodged in the body.

Repeat: oh Diosa give me the strength to overcome the disease!

Mother, bless me with your hope and justice.

May it be so powerful. Amen.

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