Prayer to Oshun: Invocations for Money, Love and Protection

Oshun prayer

The prayer to Oshun, Orisha representative of femininity, owner of love and fortune, enjoys great popularity among practitioners of Santeria or the rule of Osha and Ifá. Invoking this deity through her prayers provides excellent energies that become blessings of health and prosperity. In addition, it is highly effective in love themes, an area that tends to worry many of her followers.

In Santeria, the Prayer to Oshun is revealed as a bridge to the divine, encompassing purposes as diverse as love, fertility, the protection of your children, health and family well-being, to invoking luck and abundance. As devotees and children of Oshun, we find ourselves on the path of veneration, recognizing in it not only the guardian of love and fortune, but also our spiritual guide. It is this recognition that leads us to seek his intercession, with faith placed in his power to bless and transform our lives.

«With the blessing of Olodumare I praise the mother of mothers.

Oshun, spirit of the river, the inhabitant of the turtle drum.

Your blessed energy opens paths full of charm and beauty. You are the opulence, the abundance, the brightness, the money that covers my life of fortune.

Mother of fresh water, I salute you.

Your purifying spirit cleanses me from the inside out, ridding me of all the evils that do not belong to me. There is no spell or witchcraft that prospers over me in your presence and your protection.

The Goddess of the land who roams freely, is you. I praise you and my life is filled with brightness.

You are fertility, you are the seed that grows within your children and followers. You accompany us filling us with good harvests.

We will be abundant in children.

We will find true love.

We will be full of charm.

Health will be lodged in our bodies.

Peace will reign in our homes.

Always and forever we will be blessed if the Goddess of the river blesses our path. So so be it, so it shall be.


Why pray to Oshun?

Oshun is venerated as a deity of immense power, designated by Olodumare, the supreme entity, as the regent of the ancestral mothers. She embodies the element and feminine force in the universe, holding the ashé, or sacred power, of the agba odun (the 16 Irumale Orishas) who symbolize, in turn, masculine energy. Her worship underlines the strength of the feminine principle and highlights the importance of gender balance and equality in existence. These attributes, among many others, make prayer to Oshun a vital means for the spiritual growth and well-being of human beings on earth.

What is asked of Oshún in his Prayers?

What is asked of Oshún in his Prayers?

Oshún, a central deity in the Yoruba pantheon of West Africa and syncretized with the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre in Cuba, is a source of solutions for a wide range of human conflicts and desires. Her sphere of influence is vast and diverse, ranging from the most intimate and personal to broader aspects of life and well-being.

  • Love and Relationships: Oshún, being the orisha of love, is frequently invoked for matters of the heart. Her prayers are directed toward finding true love, resolving relationship conflicts, and strengthening loving bonds. She is also known for her ability to tame and bind the will of people, facilitating the path to harmonious and stable relationships.
  • Home and Family: As protector of homes, she is worshiped to guarantee family harmony, the emotional stability of the home, and the spiritual protection of those who live in it. Her presence is considered essential for balance and peace within the family.
  • Prosperity and Abundance: Oshún's power over gold makes her a deity to whom economic prosperity is requested. She is prayed for financial success, attraction of wealth, and good fortune in business and personal projects.
  • Beauty and Charm: Given his mastery over beauty and charm, his devotees ask him for help to be perceived favorably by others, whether in sentimental, work or social contexts. Your blessing is sought to enhance personal interactions and opportunities for success through personal charm.
  • Health and Fertility: Oshún is especially invoked by women seeking to conceive, as well as by those pregnant who desire protection and a safe birth. Your intervention is requested for general well-being and healing.
  • Protection and Fight: In certain Roads of Oshún, is revealed as a powerful warrior and sorceress, providing protection against adversity and dangers, both spiritual and earthly. This facet allows her followers to combat and free themselves from enemies, highlighting her versatility and the depth of her connection with her followers.

These requests are just a reflection of the deep spiritual and dependent relationship that the faithful maintain with Oshún, turning to her for guidance, protection and blessings in the multiple aspects of their lives.

How to pray to Oshún?

Praying to Oshún demands deep respect and devotion, given his sovereign status within the sphere of Yoruba deities. It is considered essential to be in good grace with her, since it is known that this Orisha, once offended, hardly forgets or forgives. Therefore, when invoking her, it must be done with unwavering faith and an attitude of absolute respect. This reverent approach ensures that her blessings flow to us and that her guidance and protection are constant in our lives. The key is in the sincerity of the heart and in the recognition of her divine power, elements that foster an authentic spiritual connection and the reception of her unconditional favor.

To delve deeper into how to pray to him and understand his essence, discover Who is Oshun? in our main article, and approach it with due respect and devotion.

Prayers to Oshun: Invocations for Various Needs

Prayers to Oshun

Prayers dedicated to Oshun offer a spiritual bridge to his divine assistance, covering a wide range of personal desires and situations. From requests for love and prosperity to requests for protection and wisdom, these invocations highlight the versatility and compassionate power of this divinity. Through these prayers, devotees communicate directly with the Orisha, seeking her intercession in the most intimate aspects of their lives. Each prayer, formulated with sincerity and faith, reflects confidence in its ability to bring positive changes and abundant blessings. Below, we explore some of these specific prayers, directed at different aspects of our existence, all aimed at strengthening our connection with the iyalode.

Short sentence

«With the blessing of Olofin, Olorun and Olodumare. With the blessing of my blessed mother Oshun mori yeyeo. I pray to you, sacred ancestral mother, owner of fresh waters, that my affairs always have your blessing, that development does not stop in the same way that the river never does, in order to achieve my goals. May you reign in my life today and always with blessings of health, love and prosperity. Get away from me all the Osogbos, and everything that I can't get rid of. With your blessing I reach everything, without your blessing I will not reach anything. Oshun always protects me.

Ashe to iran eshu."

Prayer of Invocation to Oshun to Attract Love

Seeking true happiness and mutual love is a spiritual journey that takes us to the door of Oshun, the revered Yoruba deity of love, whose power and compassion know no limits. Devotion to Oshun, expressed through prayers and rituals, is a sacred practice that opens our hearts to the possibility of deep and lasting love.

To begin this sacred act of faith, it is essential that one present oneself before Oshun with full self-acceptance and security in one's inner being. This process begins with a gesture of vulnerability and sincerity: undressing in front of a mirror, contemplating without judgment the unique beauty that each person possesses. Observe with attention and love every detail of your being, from the texture of your skin to the curvature of your smile, recognizing the inherent beauty that Oshun favors and celebrates.

When seeking the company of a loved one or strengthening existing bonds of love, we turn to Oshun with a special prayer, aware of the immense power that this deity exerts over hearts and minds:

«Oshun, blessed mother, I contemplate in admiration your beauty and your charms, your wisdom and your grace. I praise your name and your divine presence, you, Ibu Akuaro, queen of love, who with your laughter dispels falsehood and with your gaze, radiates the truth.

Your sensuality and your secrets are a source of inspiration and strength. Today, more than ever, I seek your guidance and help on this sometimes elusive path to true love.

I invoke your arts and your mysteries to attract that special person into my life, someone whose heart resonates with mine in perfect harmony, marked by the sweetness of your waters and the light of your golden aura.

Protect me and wrap me in your sacred mantle, ensuring that the path to true love is free of shadows and obstacles. With the joy of your heavenly laughter, illuminate my day and grant me the strength, sweetness, and beauty necessary to open my door to the love that I long for and deserve.


For those looking for true love, this powerful Prayer to Oshun for Love It can be the bridge to finding and attracting that special connection you long for.

Oshun Prayer for Marriage

For those couples seeking to seal their union with the blessing of eternal love, the Oshun Prayer for Marriage invokes the divine grace of this powerful Orisha, known for her influence on love and relationships. Legend has it that Oshun, with her determined character and unbreakable spirit, triumphs in all her battles, offering her unconditional support to those who seek to fulfill her love in marriage.

«Oshun, miraculous and sublime, guardian of the earth and provider of sustenance, mother of all nature and of your devotees, before your splendor presence I invoke the light that will guide my path and the future of my days.

Knowing the most secret desires of my heart, I bring before you my desire for an eternal and deep love, for an inseparable union with the beloved person (name of the person), whose spirit desire is linked to mine forever.

May in every thought, (name of the person) remember my love; that there be no eyes for another being but for me; that his heart and his sighs belong exclusively to me, and that in his life, I am his only and true love.

Confident in your power and mercy, Oshun, I deposit in you the essence of my love, so that (name of the person) always carries my name in the depths of his being.

With faith placed in Oshun, this prayer seeks not only to attract true love but also to strengthen the ties that unite souls destined to be together. Iyalode's intervention in matters of the heart is a testimony to his vast power and his willingness to support his devotees in realizing his most sincere desires.

Prayer to bind and dominate

In the search for unbreakable love, many turn to Oshun, the Yoruba divinity of love and beauty, for his support and guidance. This prayer is addressed to Oshun in the hope of strengthening a loving bond, ensuring the devotion and fidelity of the loved one. Through this prayer, Oshun's intercession is sought so that passion and commitment are perpetual and exclusive between two people.

«Oshun, venerated Orisha of love, listen to my prayers. I humbly ask that (person's name) only have eyes, heart and desire for me, and that her love and attraction to anyone else be unthinkable. May your powerful influence keep him/her constantly thinking about me, wishing to be by my side.

Oh, divine mother, I long for (name of the person) to give himself completely to our love, to find his only refuge and comfort in me. I implore your help so that her heart is exclusively mine, vibrating to the rhythm of my presence.

Make it easy, oh Oshun, that your love for me is strong, unbreakable, and eternal. May this request manifest immediately, solidifying our bond forever.

I appreciate your divine intercession, knowing that under your protection and blessing, our love will prosper. So be it."

To dominate

«I pay tribute to Oshun, the essence of seduction and magnetism, requesting your attention and grace at this crucial moment. My heart and voice are raised in prayer to ask that my words resonate with power and my ideas be received with openness.

Oshun, whose radiance surpasses the brilliance of gold, cover me with your divine honey, causing my every word to be received with favor, may my intentions align with your light and wisdom, allowing my influence to spread without obstacles.

May my presence be enveloping, may my words inspire and attract consensus, and may my desires be satisfied under your benevolent gaze. Make those around me receptive to my proposals, eliminating any resistance with the sweetness of your being.

I trust in your power, Oshun, and I surrender to your divine will, knowing that in you I find the support and strength necessary to achieve my goals. With gratitude and reverence, I hope that my request is answered.

Ashé to your eternal beauty and power, my guide and protector."

I pray to Oshun to tie

«I invoke your presence today, Oshun, powerful and generous Orisha, to ask for your blessing on the path of love. You, who know the depth of my feelings and desires, I ask you to guide (name of person) towards me, creating between us a bond of pure and eternal love.

Oshun, revered Ibu Iddoi, whose wisdom and power extend through the realms of love and magic, encourages the connection of our souls with your sweet honey, making the desire to be together stronger day by day.

May the charm of your grace surround our commitment, and in the absence, the memory of our love keeps the flame of passion alive. May (person's name) find in my being the home of his heart, longing for our union with every thought and every heartbeat.

By the ancient power that resides within you, backed by the strength of the ancient witches and your own divine power, I request that our love be sealed under your protective gaze, blossoming in harmony, loyalty and happiness.

I accept this bond under your guidance and protection, Oshun, with the confidence that our union will be nourished by your love and blessing, growing in strength and beauty every day. May it be so, forever. Ashe."

This prayer reflects the desire to strengthen the loving bond under the guidance and protection of Oshun, requesting his intervention to ensure permanence and dedication in the relationship.

Prayer to tie man to the foot of Oshun

As children of the Goddess of love we want and need to feel loved as a whole to the ideal person, for mutual happiness and a prosperous life, but it happens that not everyone has the same plans and perhaps they do not feel anything for you. This prayer allows that person to melt before you for the rest of their days.

Powerful woman of the presence of sexuality, queen of the waters of love, you who allow men to dominate, I invoke before you the strength of hearts united until death, that (man's name) sigh of love before me.

That his spirit belongs to my essence and I can't help but imagine my happiness with him, that (man's name) never love another woman other than me, beloved mother.

May his body only belong to me (say your name), that (man's name) do not drink or eat if my presence is not with him.

That for (man's name), his sexual attraction is only me, powerful Oshun, I wish he is always with me and begs when he can't see me.

I promise miraculously to offer you whatever you ask of me, for the well-being of all mother, so be it! Amen.

Oshun's prayer to seduce

To be effective in prayer, it is necessary to have the willingness and faith to be sure of our purposes in conjunction with prayer to seduce that love that we have in mind, the Goddess of love will fulfill it.

 Oh great Oshun! holy mother as sweet as honey, today I come before you to request that you cleanse my body and spirit so that you give me the gift of seduction, that I have before my feet that pure love that I need.

I (your full name), I implore you to illuminate my path as your golden light and allow me to show off the beauty, the sweetness, the seduction before the men that I want to have by my side.

Allow me to be a woman with fullness of love, to be able to control my charms in my own way, that with a laugh that man will never forget me, put in me your divine grace and seduction before what I want.

If you fulfill me, I will be eternally grateful and I will forever surrender my faith, my mother, may your will bring my wishes before me.


to seduce a man

«I invoke the spirit of sensuality!

Divine Orisha Oshun, I salute you and praise you.

I come before you to ask you for a bit of your honey, your beauty, your charm, your shine, your spell, and your gift.

Allow me to captivate that being that I want to seduce (say the name of the person you want to enchant) so that he falls in love with my charms, which are really yours, that he cannot resist my skin, that when he tries me he only feels the nectar of your sweetness and stay attached to me forever. Let that be your will. Ashe».

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Prayer to Ask Oshun for a Favor

When we find ourselves at the crossroads of needs and desires, we turn to Oshun, the beloved queen of fresh waters, to intercede on our behalf. This prayer is a call to her compassion and power, seeking her support in achieving favors that improve our work, economic, love or family situation.

«Oshun, merciful and powerful Orisha, my gratitude to you is infinite for the life lessons you have taught me. You have taught me to wisely select who to give my trust and love to, thus distancing myself from the negativity that disturbs my peace.

Today I stand before you renewed by your blessings and cautious in my choice of company, but in need of your divine intervention. I ask for your assistance to obtain benefits and favors from those who can promote my progress.

I recognize that decision-making involves challenges and sacrifices, but I fully trust your wisdom to guide me toward achieving my goals. I implore your protection and your light to illuminate my path and ensure that those on whom I depend give me their support without fail.

Oshun, you who are a symbol of sweetness and love, make me feel proud to follow your teachings and may my request be attended to with benevolence. Please fulfill this request, and allow those to whom I turn for a favor to respond positively to my call.

With humility and faith, this prayer seeks Oshun's generosity in times of need, reminding us that even in the pursuit of earthly favors, our spiritual connection and respect for the deities must remain intact. Faith in Oshun and in his power of mediation before the orishas and the universe is the foundation of this prayer, with the hope that our lives will be enriched by his grace.

Prayer to Ask for Protection from Oshun

Prayer to Ask for Protection from Oshun

In times of uncertainty and danger, prayer becomes our refuge and strength, increasing our faith and trust in Oshun, the Orisha who watches over us in the face of any adversity. This invocation is a call to her protective power to safeguard our physical and spiritual integrity.

«I invoke the spirit of mystery and protection, Oshun, you who grant abundance, health, love and prosperity, keep away the evil that seeks to envelop me in darkness.

Oh, radiant queen, wrapped in your golden aura, guard the cardinal points that mark my existence: north, south, east and west. Make my refuge impenetrable in the face of adversity.

Guide my steps to avoid the stalking of malicious spirits, with your gaze dissipate the shadows that seek to approach. Protect me from premature death, from illness that weakens the body, from conflicts that tear the soul and from losses that darken the heart. With your intercession, may my life be a song of health and well-being.”

Invocation for the Grace and Protection of Ochun

«Oshun, sovereign of the golden light and tireless defender, to you I raise my prayer for protection and guidance. In your presence, may the shadow of death fade and may my path be bathed in light.

With reverence I celebrate your unparalleled beauty, your majesty and your wisdom. Praise your dance, your secrets and the mystery that surrounds you, Oshun. May your infinite goodness be the shield that protects my being and that under your surveillance, evil finds no place in my environment.

May my life reflect the abundance of your love and that, surrounded by your divine protection, I may travel safely, illuminated by your grace and your compassion. Ashe."

These prayers to Oshun not only seek protection from physical and spiritual dangers, but also aim to strengthen our connection with divinity, reminding us of the constant and benevolent presence of yalde in our lives. By invoking his protection, we remind ourselves of the importance of keeping alive our faith and trust in the divine forces around us.

Oshun Prayer to Open Paths

The search for new horizons and overcoming obstacles are an essential part of our life experience. In these moments of change and transition, prayer becomes a powerful tool to request the divine intervention of Oshun, the Orisha of love and abundance, to open the paths to success and well-being.

«On the sacred shore of your river, Oshun, with yellow candles illuminating the environment, sunflowers facing the sun and honey that sweetens our connection, I call on you to guide my steps towards prosperity and happiness.

To you, glorious goddess, my daily guide and light in times of darkness, I offer my infinite gratitude for your constant presence and your unconditional care for me and my family.

My prayers today focus on the request for health, abundance, emotional stability, unconditional love and strength in the face of adversity. Be my protector, Oshun, on this journey full of uncertainties.

Remove from my life everything that prevents my growth and open the paths that lead to inner peace, success and fulfillment. May your divine prosperity spread over my family, ensuring that we know no lack or suffering.

Walk by my side, blessed mother, and illuminate every step I take in this world. May your will be manifested in my life and may your waters always flow toward me, bringing with them blessings and opportunities to advance.

With faith and devotion, this prayer to Oshun to open paths reminds us of the importance of keeping our spirit in tune with divinity, ensuring that our efforts are recognized and blessed by his grace. In moments of search and desire for renewal, Oshun reveals himself as a beacon of light and hope, guiding us toward our destiny with love and generosity.

Prayer for Prosperity and Money

Prayer to Oshun for Prosperity and Money

In the search for stability and financial growth, prayer emerges as a bridge to divinity, a means to connect our earthly aspirations with the powerful spiritual energy of Oshun, the Orisha of water, fertility, and abundance. Here, in this sacred space of spiritual communication, we present ourselves before Oshun not only as faithful devotees but also as human beings with clear desires and needs, especially in the economic sphere.

«Beloved Oshun, whose golden mantle radiates abundance and whose purifying waters bring prosperity to those who seek your favor, I prostrate before you with a heart full of faith and hope.

In this moment of sincere devotion, I ask you, oh generous mother, to hear my call and see the sincerity of my soul that seeks your guidance and assistance on the path to financial prosperity.

(Make a specific request here related to economic prosperity, such as a new job, success in a project or business, financial solutions to current difficulties, among others).

Under your light and protection, may my efforts and work be blessed with success and abundance. May every step I take in my work and financial life be aligned with your divine energy, attracting opportunities and opening doors that were previously closed.

Surround my being and my endeavors with your aura of prosperity, allowing the flow of wealth and success to manifest in my life in expected and unexpected ways. May my path be illuminated with the certainty of your presence and the unconditional support of your love.

I thank you in advance, Orisha del Rio, for hearing my prayer and for considering my request. With trust placed in your infinite goodness, I patiently await the fruits of this invocation, knowing that your will will bring the best for my life.


This prayer, with its clearly expressed request, strengthens our connection with Oshun, reminding us that faith, accompanied by action and clarity in our requests, is essential to manifest the prosperity and abundance we desire in our lives. By staying aligned with the positive vibrations and energy of this Orisha, we open ourselves to receiving her blessing in all forms of wealth and financial well-being.

Prayer to obtain Success: Invocation for Personal Realization

Success, in all its forms and manifestations, is a constant search in human life. Whether in the professional, personal or emotional sphere, we long to find that path that leads us to fulfillment and fulfillment. Prayer to Oshun, in this context, becomes a powerful vehicle to connect our deepest desires with the divine providence of this Orisha, teacher of beauty, love, and yes, also of success.

«Oh, glorious and benevolent Oshun, whose dance governs the cycles of life and whose golden radiance illuminates the shadows of failure, I prostrate before your divinity with humility and hope, seeking your sacred intercession on my journey towards success.

In this sacred moment of spiritual communion, I implore you, great Orisha, to bless me with your infinite grace, guiding my steps towards the realization of my goals and aspirations.

(Here, the devotee must specifically mention the area of ​​his life where he seeks success, whether professional, loving, academic, among others).

Under your watchful gaze and your unwavering protection, may my efforts be recognized and my dreams materialize into tangible reality. May the abundance of divine success be a constant presence in my life, filling with joy and satisfaction not only my being, but also that of my family and loved ones.

Inspire me, Oshun, to see clearly the right path, to make wise decisions that bring me closer to my goals, and to find innovative solutions to the challenges I face. May your golden light be my guide in times of doubt and my comfort in times of difficulty.

With gratitude and faith in your powerful help, I place my hopes and desires in you, fully trusting in your benevolence and your ability to transform my life.


Oshun Prayer to ask for Health

Health is one of the most precious gifts in our existence. It is the pillar that supports every aspect of our life, allowing us to move towards our dreams and objectives with strength and determination. In the search for well-being and healing, we turn to the divinity of Oshun, the Orisha of love and life, whose compassion and power offer us hope in moments of vulnerability.

«Oshun, divine and generous mother, whose love nourishes and whose grace heals, I come before you with an open heart full of faith, imploring your divine intercession in my search for health and well-being.

In this moment of sacred communion, I beg you, beloved Orisha, to listen to the plea of ​​your devotee, that in your infinite mercy, extend your healing hand over me and over those I love.

(At this point, the devotee should clearly and sincerely mention the specific illness or ailment from which he or she seeks relief, both for himself and his loved ones.)

Under your blessed influence, may pain and suffering dissipate, may strength and vitality renew every cell of my body, and may peace and serenity reign in my spirit. May your golden light illuminate my path to recovery, inspiring me to care for my body temple with love and respect.

Inspire me, Oshun, to adopt healthy practices that nourish my body, mind and soul, and to find in your wisdom the answers and solutions to my health needs. May your presence be a constant source of comfort and hope, always reminding me that I am not alone in this fight.

With a grateful and hopeful heart, I place my well-being in your divine hands, trusting in your ability to bring healing and happiness to my life and that of my family.


This prayer to the goddess of rivers for health is a reminder that even in the darkest of times, faith and hope can be beacons of light guiding us toward healing.

Prayer for protection against enemies

In times of adversity and confrontation, Oshun's protection is a shield against hostility and dangers. This prayer invokes his protection and his warrior power, requesting his divine intervention to safeguard us from those who wish us harm.

«Oshun, divine mother and protector, I call on your combative spirit to protect me in times of conflict. With your strength and wisdom, cleanse my environment of all negativity and protect my path from the adversaries who hide in the shadows.

As Ololodi, who dresses as a warrior, I ask you to be at my side in this battle. Protect me with your iron and your machete, ensuring that no enemy has the power to harm me. I trust in you to overcome the tests and achieve victory.

May your will be fulfilled and your blessing surround me today and always, allowing me to live free of fear and in peace.


This prayer to Oshun against enemies not only seeks his protection in the battle against adversity, but also reminds us of the importance of faith and trust in the protection of the deities. In invoking Ochun, we ask for his guidance and strength, trusting in his ability to defend us and guide us to safety and well-being.

Prayer of Thanks to Oshun for the favors received

Gratitude is a powerful act that reinforces our connection with the divine, reminding us of the generosity of the universe and the benevolence of the deities who accompany us on our journey through life. At the heart of our devotion to Oshun, the Orisha of love, fertility and fresh water, lies the recognition of her countless favors and her constant protection.

«Oshun, divine mother of waters, source of life and love, before you I prostrate myself full of deep gratitude for the countless blessings that you have poured out on my life and that of my loved ones.

Your presence is a river that flows with generosity and grace, purifying my existence and nourishing my soul with your sweetness and compassion. Today, with a heart overflowing with gratitude, I celebrate and honor your magnanimity.

For the protection you provide, which keeps all evil and adversity away from me and my home, for the prosperity you attract my way, filling my life with abundance and success, for the love you foster in my heart, teaching me to love and be loved with sincerity and passion, for the health and well-being you promote, allowing me to enjoy a healthy body and mind,

I thank you, Oshun, for being my guide and comfort, for illuminating my days with your golden light and for instilling in my spirit the strength and hope necessary to overcome the challenges that lie before me.

I recognize every favor you have granted me, every lesson you have taught me and every moment of joy that you have allowed me to live under your benevolent gaze. My gratitude to you is eternal, and my devotion is unbreakable.

May my gratitude rise to you like the waters of your rivers, clear and pure, and may my praise resonate in the confines of your sacred domain. Bless you, Oshun, now and always.


This prayer is not only a tribute to Oshun for his constant support and guidance, but also a reminder to ourselves to maintain a spirit of gratitude in all facets of our lives. Through this act of gratitude, we reaffirm our faith and deepen our spiritual connection with Oshun, ensuring that his love and blessings continue to flow to us.

Prayer of the Children of Oshun

How to Live Aligned with Children of Oshun, we join in prayer to celebrate and honor our divine mother, the queen of endlessly flowing waters, bearer of love, beauty and prosperity. This prayer is a testimony of our devotion and gratitude towards her, who guides and protects us in every moment of our lives.

«Oshun, venerated queen of the golden crown, mother of living waters and protector of your children, we prostrate ourselves before you in reverence and love. Your golden light surrounds us, giving us your protection and guidance. You are the source of our strength, the inspiration of our wisdom and the reason for our joy.

You bless us with your infinite goodness, ensuring that evil is kept away and that the light of prosperity illuminates our path. Under your mantle, we find refuge and security, because your presence is the lighthouse that guides our souls.

We are proud to be called your children, to carry the essence of your being in our spirit. Through your teachings, we learn the value of compassion, the importance of love and the strength of unity.

Oh Oshun, your beauty and grace are unmatched, your love and protection, priceless. With every step we take, we seek to honor you, reflecting your light and goodness into the world.

Ashé to you, our divine mother. May your love always accompany us, and your wisdom be the guide on our journey.

This prayer reflects the deep connection and spiritual commitment of the Children of Oshun with their tutelary Orisha. By entrusting ourselves to her, we reaffirm our place as her faithful followers, perpetuating her legacy of love and protection in our lives and in the world around us.

Prayer in Yoruba to Oshun (Oríkì) and its Translation

The reverence and devotion towards the deity of rivers and honey are deeply manifested in the sacred language of Yoruba, where each word and phrase captures the essence and power of this divine Orisha. Below is a Yoruba prayer dedicated to Oshun, followed by its translation, allowing devotees to connect with her on an authentic spiritual plane.

Oríkì to Oshun in Yoruba

«Iba Osun awura olu, Oloriya igun, Erewa Obinrin awede ko to we'mo. Ace.

Iba Osun sekese, Làtojúku awede we mo. Osun Olodi was going,

Làtojúku awede we mo. I was going Osun ibu kole, Làtojúku awede we mo.

Yeye kari, Yeye 'jo, Yeye opo, O san réré o.

Mbè mbè ma yeye, mbè mbè l'oro. "Ashe."


I pay tribute to Oshún, the majestic, guardian of the feminine character, who guides us towards overcoming adversity.

I praise the Spirit of Mystery, whose presence purifies my interior. I praise the Spirit of the River, who cleanses my being from the inside. I praise the spirit of seduction, whose power renews me.

You are the mother reflected in the mirror, the mother of dance, the mother of abundance, whom we praise with joy.

May you always exist, mother, may you always be part of our tradition. Ashe.

Additional Prayer in Yoruba

"Oshun mori yeyé o, agbeyi moro, apanganidde, ekimale oddun, aki ladde oke, ibu wañale wañale, Oshun mori yeyé o."

This prayer and recitation in Yoruba not only honors Oshun in its original language, but also connects devotees with the ancestral roots and spiritual strength of this Orisha, invoking her presence and blessings in our lives with the respect and depth that deserves.

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  1. I thank you for all the information that emanates from this website. The truth has helped me a lot to learn a little more about the Yoruba religion. I am the son of Ochún and I am also grateful for allowing me to learn more about syncretization in this way. from my Holy owner, indeed, the work they have done in making this site is admirable, they could put or attach documents or treaties or publications that we initiates could read to understand more fully about our beliefs Eternally grateful

  2. Asche to my blessed mother, you are the protector and you always reign in my home, you protect my family from any harm, you fill us with health, abundance infinitely I will always thank you for your favors, bless my family and we achieve your blessing thank you thank you

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