In Odi Ogunda, For doing Ifa to Shango's son, the Trap and the Lie are born

hated, ogunda patakie

Patakie or history of the Odi Ogunda Sign, where Oshanla asks Orunmila to consecrate Shango's son in Ifa. Collection of stories from Santeria, Ifa and the Yoruba religion

Shango had a son with Oshanla, very important consecrations had been made to this son, Oshanla was very overprotective and bawdy and behind Chango's back, he made him a great oath and ceremonies, so that his Omo could live well and do whatever he wanted in those lands.

One day, secretly from Shango, Obara Nile took him to the land where Orunmila (God of Divination) lived, so that he could consecrate his son in Ifá. When he was on the road he would sing: «OMO TILTING BARANILA AWO LERI IFA TILTING«. Shango, who was in those places, hid himself and said nothing. He returned home and got to where the secrets were. Within the same ones that Oshanla had done to her son behind her back.

This made SHANGO and was waiting for them to come back.

Meanwhile, Oshanla, came to where Orunmila was, so that they would do Ifá to his son.

Orunmila seeing that this was Shango's son, was very happy. He immediately gathered all the Babalawos.

SHANGO, seeing that his son and Oshanla had not returned to the house for a long time, Obara NIle left for the land, while there they were preparing to do Ifa for his son, on the way SHANGO was praying: «OBARA NILE AWO KUYO LOYE AWO ABITILE«.

Orunmila makes Ifa to Shango's son.

They did Ifa to Shango's son, but when he took out the Odu Odi Ogunda in IfaThe Babalawos who were there were upset and told Orunmila: This one will be legal with you on some occasions, but on others he will try to cheat you. At that time Shango entered Orula's house and said: I will greet him, but this one, who is my son, will be the trap of the world and will be called AWO ABITI.

All the Awoses stared at Chango in amazement.

Then the god of thunder turned to Oshanla and said: Although you forgot that I know everything and did not want to swear to our son in this other secret that you just swore.

OSHANLA, you don't know what you've done! You have sworn to our son in the secret of ABITI, and from this moment, with the forgiveness of ORUNMILA, the trap has just been born. In this world in order to live well, you have to tell lies to yourself, to me, and to the world.

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