In Iroso Umbo Orunmila does Ifa to Elegua

Elegua becomes Ifa: Iroso umbo

In Iroso Umbo Orunmila does Ifa to Elegua

In the sign of Ifa iroso umbo, Elegua and Orúnmila had a stubbornness since the latter did not recognize him as a diviner and then Eleggua told him: "come and sit on the mat that I will consult you" Orula was surprised since Elegua read the Okpele from left to right, I do not eat now.

Elegua continued with the divination process to Orula and told him: "Be very careful since these days you are going to have problems, fights, and conflicts (Eyo)", Orúnmila looked at him and did not answer anything. When choose Orúnmila left, grabbed the divination chain and said; “I am more of a fortune-teller than Elegbara, because that is how the eggun are consulted using the ókpele, and the dilogún (Snail) is read, but ókpele Ifá is otun agba umbelIn the chain of Ifa, the largest leg is the one on the right and therefore the right is Ifá and the left is Elegua.

Orunmila consults Elegua

Orunmila called Elegba and said: "I am going to show you that I am a better fortune teller than you," he asked her to sit on the mat, and began the consultation process by leaving the Sign of Ifa Iroso Umbo (Iroso Ogbe), and He said: You have to stop being foolish, you must also make Ebbo with a rooster and make Eggun Gold ", you must do this ebbo because you have a problem above, due to a position or hierarchy that you want. Elegba came out of Orunmila's house crying, screaming that she had stolen the secret of the consultation. Then Orúnmila made the Ebó of this sign and placed it on the road of the town, when Elegua arrived and saw the animals and went to catch them, the trap caught him, then Orula tied him with a rope and took him to Olodumare.

Some time passes and Elegbara got tired of being in isolation seeing how Orúnmila got rich taking advantage of his stay in the house. One day Orula and Oshún were talking and Elegua came out and said: “Orúnmila I am tired of living in the toilet, I want to be at the door of your house, to enjoy your riches and that they greet me first as Awo that is why I want you to do the Ifa ceremony”. Orúnmila replied: “That can not be”. Elegba got very upset and jumped up and fell to the ground, splitting her head. Oshún, seeing this, told Orúnmila, “Ifá is better for him and you take away that problem. Orúnmila gave Elegua Ifa for free

Orunmila made Ifa free (Iroso) to Elegua

As the days went by, Elegba was at the door of Orúnmila's house, Inle passed by and did not greet him and Elegua told him: “greet me I'm Babalawo”. The Orisha Inle replied; "Don't tell me", because I want you to give me an adivancion, Elewa when consulting him said: "in the patio of your house there is a large Victorian tree where a cuckoo walks every afternoon. Inle protested; Well, everyone knows that, and Elebara tells her, yesterday your baba Olokun punished you because you exedited yourself, you touched your mother Yemayá's buttocks. Inle, astonished, told him: "Yes, no one knew but my father, my mother and I, you really are a great Babalawo, I want you to make me Ifá."

Elegua made Ifa to Inle and asked him for two carts of snails, women and meals as a right and with that he paid his Ifa to Orúnmila.

In the Sign of Ifa Iroso Umbo was where Elegua and Inle were consecrated in Ifa.

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