Patakie Obara Meyi: SHANGO had to count on OBATALA

Shango and Obatala

This story (Patakie) of Obatala and Shango, was compiled from the Oddun of Ifa Obarameyi.

There was a stage when the God of Thunder Shango was going through a bad economic circumstance, he met ELEGUA, who when he could see in the bad state he was in, he asked him what was happening to him, at that moment SHANGO told him what It happened to him and he told him: "I am going to help him and at this precise moment I am going to where Obatala is, I will ask him to help him overcome his adversities." 

Elegua arrived at the house of OBATALA and he said: Father, SHANGO is in a very bad economic situation and requires your assistance. OBATALA replied to ELEGBA: «Bring him to my presence, I want to talk to him». 

Obatala Help Shango

When SHANGO got to where OBATALA was, he told him: "I'm going to help you get on your way and break through difficulties." OBATALA took off a bicolor cover, which was white and red, her sandals and the crown that she had on, which was made up of sixteen okra, lent her her horse and gave her a jar full of cocoa butter and said: «Go explore the peoples, that you go with my blessing ». 

In this way he did it SHANGO leaving there riding on OBATALA's white horse, selling cocoa butter in the different towns and on his walk he arrived at a town located in the Yesá land, where there was an incredibly beautiful and beautiful young woman, who was the one who ruled that town, and when SHANGO entered the same so ornately dressed with the bicolor cover of OBATALA and his white horse, with shining sandals and his okra crown on, all the inhabitants believed that they were in the presence of an enormous king.

Upon hearing the comments that were made in the town, the queen went to receive the famous King.

SHANGO, noticing this beautiful and funny woman, was intensely impressed by her beauty and she, noticing how SHANGO was looking at her so intently, knelt in front of him, who immediately got off his horse and told the queen ; "This cannot be, the one who should kneel in front of you is me." And when he knelt in front of the queen, his crown fell, to which the queen (OSHUN) took off her crown and put it on SHANGO, who, upon noticing this gesture, put on her okra crown, thus achieving in this way his marriage to OSHUN is formed. 

SHANGO settled in the palace of OSHUN, beginning to rule in that town. 

Elegua, Obatala and Shango meet again

After a while, he began to have financial problems, things had changed and he was surrounded by a lot of scarcity, in a moment of reflection he remembered the favor he had done to Shango, he called CHOOSE and he said: "Go to where SHANGO is and tell him about the circumstance I'm going through, ask him to please come and help me."

Elewa left in search of Alafia, upon bequeathing the kingdom that Shango ruled and Oshun told him everything, emphasizing that Baba Obatala was in very bad condition. SHANGO, after hearing it, replied: "I have several problems in my kingdom, OBATALA knows the uneasiness that this brings, so I cannot attend to anyone at this time."

Elegua, surprised by Shango's refusal, went to where OBATALA was, giving Shango's answer, Orishanla was enraged and full of pride left for the town where SHANGO was ruling and entered the palace singing:


And after that suyere and emphasizing to Shango how ungrateful he had been, he said:

"SHANGO, as long as the world is world, all your children must count on me."

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