The Odu Oyekun Meji teaches us how the sacred writing was created

Oyekun Meji, the sacred writing

It was Oyekun Meji He revealed to us how Olodumare created the sacred writing, Olofin was looking for the way that writing existed that would allow consecrations to be made and, in turn, that men learned to write in the World, so that Testaments would exist and leave their experiences written down and thus extend their legacy of their life.

All this had Olodumare very worried. In their desire to find this, they told him that on Earth Oba Nujerun, which was directed by an Awó named Akuelele, there was what he was looking for, so he set out on his way to that Earth.

When Olofin arrived at said Earth, he found the opposite of what he had been told, because the people of that place only understood each other by signs, they spoke very little and wrote in the sand, but that writing was useless, because when the wind blew, the writings were erased.

Olodumare, who believed that there he would find the Great Secret, was very upset by what was seen in that Earth, and he left there and on the way he was singing: «BABA BAYEKUN LORUN ATEFA OMO YERE OFITERU OLOKUN«.

Obá Eggun came to Earth and found that the people who lived there were Egun, they had the custom of making their writings on the stones, but the water came and erased them. Olofin went on his way very upset and went home.

The birth of ink so that men could write

One day, at 12 o'clock in the morning, Olofin took some palm leaves and cleaned himself and made a prayer of his head (kobori), then he went to bed to sleep, but very sad and worried because in the world there was no writing or wills nor confirmation of anything. Olofin began to dream that he should go to the Land Begua Oyekun, where he could find the Great Secret he was looking for, in order to be able to do the fundamentals of Ifá and everything. The next day when

He got up, went for a walk to Tierra Begua, but distrustful of what was happening to him, he took the Awó Medilogun with him to accompany him and on the way he was playing Agogo and he prayed: AWO DIRE AWO LAYENIRE AWO DIRE AWO LAYENIRE BABA ORUN

The Orisha Shango, who was in the Land Begua Oyeku, listened to Olofin and immediately began to play Ashere and prepared a Jícara with water and sang:


Shango meets Olodumare in Tierra Begua Oyekun

When Olofin arrived, Shango rendered him Moforibale and asked:  My father, tell me what you want.

Olofin replied to Shango: What I want I have not been able to find either on the road or in the World.

Shango told him: Stay here to sleep tonight, that tomorrow you will have what you want. Olofin agreed to Shango's request and stayed to sleep.

Early in the morning, Shango got up and from a palm that he had knocked down he took out a piece of board, cleaned it and hid it in the house. He also took what La Palma had.

When Olodumare got up, Shango knelt before him and said: Here is one of the things you need for the Foundation of your Big Secret, showing him the Palma table and said: In the other hand I bring the rest that you need, but we must consecrate it. They started the ritual and consecrated everything.

What Shango was doing had Olofin worried and at the same time excited. This, said Shango, will serve for the Great Consecrations of Untefá and without this he will not be able to be. This is your Big Secret and you will have it on.

Olofin listened to everything Shango said to him, but despite this he was not happy.


Shango knelt before Olofin, holding a Mariwó stick in his hand and said to Olofin: Father, now you are going to check why you are going to have everything you need, and what I am going to write here will have the meaning of yourself. Then he made 16 crosses along the Table with husks and said: Now I am going to do the Sacred Scripture, and he began to Atefar and every time he took out an Odu, he painted it under one of the crosses and at the call of each Odu , An Awó was coming out of La Palma and Shango gave him the name. Thus it was that they began to write in the World, with firmness and security for the good and the bad.

Olofin blessed Shango and said: You will always have to be together with me. And Alafia replied: I want you to grant me one thing and it is the following: On the right side and

Oshe-Turá will be written in the center of the Athena and on the left and at the end Okana Sa.

This writing must be painted with cascarilla and or a naború, the sticks, will be filled in its center.

Then Olofin asked Shango what that meant and he said: For us it will be a Secret, but for humanity it will mean that the first writing was red (Pupua) Olofin replied: Okay. Then Shango where the shell was and the osun Naború gave it blood and it turned black.

Thus was born the black ink and Olofin added:

This will be the most correct for human beings, the other will be for us. And thus writing was born in the World.  To. Were going. Eshu.

Oyekun Meji's Ebbo:

1 hen, 1 pigeon, toasted corn, white and red cloth, coconut, ekó, mariwó, stone, hutía and smoked fish, a lot of money.

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