Pataki, patakies or patakis: Stories of Santeria (Yoruba Religion)

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The Pataki are defined as stories or parables through which a moral or advice is transmitted through the teachings of the Yoruba culture. In its original language.

These narratives have a unique symbolic content structure. Its religious, social and even historical value among the Yoruba is invaluable. It is from these stories, belonging to the philosophical compendia of their society, that the individuals belonging to that conglomerate establish the moral norms by which their behaviors are governed.

The theme used in the patakís is uncountable like life itself. Its antiquity dates from the beginning of its civilization and are reflections of its philosophy, culture and religion. They enjoy such respect that they are considered as the way in which the gods or deities transmit their advice and teachings.

Due to its decisive influence, all followers and practitioners of the Yoruba religion, as well as all Afro-descendant cultures in America, must educate themselves in its knowledge and its correct interpretation as the fundamental basis of their religious practice.

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