Patakie de Ogunda Masa: The Eagle of Ifa

This story or Patakie of the sign of Ifa Ogunda Masa, reflects us how the eagle became the custodian of the Igbodun and the secrets of Ifa.

The eagle was an Iworo who was dedicated to the practice of Osha in its depth, doing different ceremonies, little by little he reached a high level of knowledge and became a great religious.

After some time he began to perform consecrations and made Alakoso and the gorse Santo (Osha), and by this time the eagle was the King of the birds. After he consecrated them, he appointed them his assistants to assist him in all the ceremonies that he performed.

One day the eagle the eagle got sick and became very serious, he asked his assistants to consult him, they did so, but they could not help him, at that moment they decided to call Orunmila to make him divination with Ifa.

Orunmila consecrates the Eagle in Ifa

Orunmila made him Osode (Divination) and the sign that was revealed was Ogunda The Mass (Ogunda Osa), where Ifa recommended him to make ebbo, offering sacrifice to Olokun and also told him that he should consecrate himself in Ifa to get rid of Iku.

They began to make preparations, they also carried out the pertinent ebbo, prepared the hands of Ifa (Ikines) and entered the Consecration room.

Already when the eagle was a babalawo, he dedicated himself to the care of the secrets and the room of Ifa, both for his rectitude and dedication, just as he was always attentive since he never sleeps.

This sign speaks about the dedication and rectitude that the babalawos must have in the practice of Ifa.

Work expired with SHANGO of the Odu Ogunda Masa.

Take SHANGO, make a six-colored irawó and put it on the ground on this irawó, prepare amalá and ilá well beaten and make 6 balls with tie each one, put it very hot and give it one ayapa, two candles are lit and the kaure person with SHANGO after six days is sent for a palm.

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