Patakie: Ofun Meji seeks the destruction of Ejiogbe

Patakie Ejiogbe and Ofun Meji

This story is extracted from the Corpus of Ifa, it is a patakie corresponding to the Sign Ofun Meji.

Ofun Meji (Oragun) was the administrator of a condominium building and in the apartment he lived in, he had all his things, his Ifa items such as the Orishas basics and some Garments. One day he hears someone calling and when he looks out he sees his brother Ejiogbe.

Ejiogbe tells him that he is going through a very complicated situation, he has no way to survive or maintain himself, to the point that he no longer has to eat and needed help from his brother (Ofun Meji). Oragun agreed to help him and gave him a room in his apartment to live there.

Ofun Meji leaves Ejiogbe in charge

One day when Ofun Meji had to travel to the countryside to take care of some business, he asked Ogbe to pay attention to all his obligations, but gave him instructions that while he was gone, he should not rent any room to any visitor.

As the days go by, a very young couple arrives in town. They were newlyweds who were traveling through these lands. When they saw Ejiogbe, they asked him if there was a place where they could spend the night. He thought it was an opportunity to earn some money and rented Ofun Meji's room, forgetting the warning his brother had given him. At night an entity entered the apartment through a continuous door, and killed the couple.

When the police arrive, they begin to ask for the manager, Ogbe responds that his brother had to travel to the countryside and does not know exactly when he will return. Ashelu makes the inquiries, but determines that the fact had been a suicide.

A few days later, the apartment was rented again to another couple and the chilling scene was repeated again.

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The consequences for not complying with the agreement

In Ofun Meyi's house, noises and voices were heard at night. All this was produced by the Jewish garment that he had there, this whole situation was making Ejiogbe very nervous.

When Ofun Meji returned from the field, he learned of everything that had happened in his absence and he exclaimed

There is no doubt that all of this has been produced by my brother's ambition.

So Oragun told Ejiogbe that he was going to move, to come to that room, but he left the Jewish garment in the room. At night, Ejiogbe felt the voices more and more and he felt tormented little by little he became ill with his nerves to such an extent that he did not rest.

No longer able to handle the situation, he decides to leave the house, but when he was about to leave the house he collapsed falling on him.

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Advice of the Sign Ofun Meji:

We must be careful not to take attributions that do not correspond to us, or to disrespect the people who give us some help. This Odu talks about avoiding conflict situations that can be generated by ambition.

This Odu talks about fights between brothers.

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