Patakie or Story of Ogbe Otura: Orunmila and the merchant

The secret of this Ifá is a board in the shape of a beef liver, which has the sign of ogbe tua in the center, this path refers to that of the merchant and reciprocity in life.

In this story or Patakie del Ogbe Tua sign, Orúnmila who was Muslim and great sage of divination, known by his people as the supreme fortune teller with his board that at that time was a beef liver with the sign of Ogbe Otura which is his secret in this land, since In that land there was no wooden board except in the one we mentioned before, which were sacrificed to Orúnmila where after Atefar they marked that sign and they also marked on the sand.

Orúnmila Awódun Añarí Awó, which was his name, found himself walking through the town to Abaño, which was Alashena Tallador and merchant and saw that he sold a statuette of a cow whose base was a beef liver made of wood and had the Ogbe sign carved Tua.

Orúnmila, looking to acquire it, asks him how much it costs and Abaño tells him: Because it is Orula. I give it to him at 75 pesos, but Orula told him: because it is about you, I give him 45 pesos, Abaño raised his arms to heaven and exclaimed 45 pesos, he is making fun of me, imagine if Olofin finds out, Orúnmila told him, no I am interested in his fuss, Abaño making gestures of indignation said: I prefer to give it away, delighted said Orúnmila overjoyed and kept the small work of art and told Obaño you have been extraordinary with me and I am grateful to you, but how will you understand a gift like this only It is made to a friend, and according to this you will not have problems, or you find it wrong, that I give you a gift, of course Obaño did not say, then Orúnmila made Divination of Ifa and the Oddun Ogbe was reflected Otura, where he made him ebo, and then he told him here you have 45 gold coins, use them in charity works and you will never lack anything, so Orula gave him the lesson that it was necessary to be reciprocal, saying goodbye to him and leaving the two happy and so Orúnmila Awósun Añarí Awó who was Ogbe Tua He was able to take the work of art to his collection which would allow him to sedate and calm his nerves which were altered on different occasions by the misunderstanding of his family and his children, which would allow him the power of his mind and continue to be the supreme fortune teller Of the sand.

Tips from Ogbe Tua:

Ogbe Otura is an Ifá of fantasy was born the mental activity of man is a sign of Ifá of projects, the love of men for the works of art created by them was born. This oddun refers to the gratitude that human beings should have, to be reciprocal with those who help us or have a good gesture.

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