Obara Meji reveals the story of how SHANGO became Osha and Ifá

Shango Ifa

At the beginning of the World, OLODUMARE, OLOFIN, OLOKUN and ORUNMILA were together. One day God told ORUNMILA: Our children are going through a lot of work, don't you think we should get together and agree to do something to improve them? ORUNMILA answered yes.

They held the meeting and agreed that as they arrived from their jobs, each of them would be given the following Oshas. First they would give him Elegua, then OGGUN and then OSHOSI and when they had the Warrior Saints they would make them Holy (Yoko Osha).

At that, OKE took the floor and said: "I want mine differently, that it be done in Leri Oke (on the hill) in order to take care of Obá." They accepted it.

As they arrived, they gave each one as agreed in the meeting, except for SHANGO, because they had cheated him, because they had sent for an old Awó and when SHANGO arrived, the Awó said: We are going to entertain him and thus we do not let him know what was agreed and we do not make him a Saint.

But it turned out that SHANGO had looked at ORUNMILA, who saw the Odu de Ifá obarameji and he had made Ebo at the foot of Elegua with: 1 rooster, jutía and smoked fish, corojo butter, roasted corn, brandy, tobacco, drum and a sheepskin, and the Ebo took him to the mountains.

SHANGO, when taking the Ebó to the mountain, he met a woman he did not know, YEMAYA, who had had a problem with INLE. SHANGO, upon seeing her, fell in love with her and told her, if she wanted to live with him, since he was alone in that place, YEMAJA answered yes and then SHANGO buried the EBO and from that moment the people of that place felt fear.

It turned out that one day, SHANGO came running and knocked on YEMAJA's door and went to bed to sleep, in that YEMAYA said to herself, I'm going to see what fear is, and she leaned out the door and saw Egun and Orun and then He approached SHANGO and said: "It seems incredible that such a strong and brave man is afraid of that which is such a small thing." Upon hearing this, SHANGO got up and asked him what he had seen and YEMAYA replied: "what you are afraid of" is nothing more than bones. Then SHANGO went to where OGUN was and asked him for a machete, asking him the objective, then he explained that it was to finish his work, OGGUN gave it to him and SHANGO immediately withdrew towards the house and killed YEMAYA. Immediately he went to OLODUMARE's house and on the way he met ORUNMILA and questioned him, asking him when they were going to do Santo and Ifá, where ORUNMILA answered that it was almost impossible.

They made the consecration of Osha to Shango

SHANGO continued on his way and met ELEGUA and he asked SHANGO where he was going, and he told him everything that was happening to him, but CHOOSE who knew everything said: Well, take this. And he gave him an Odu Ará (Lightning Stone), a set of ashé, ahseré, a set of tools, everything that is eaten and told him to appear at the door where Santo was made and to enter with everything he had given him. . SHANGO did what he was told when no one was expecting him, he entered and when he saw Awó Viejo he told him Iború, Iboya, Ibosheshe and suyere Osha Yimi, then he put all the objects inside and there was no choice but to make SHANGO a Saint.

After the Saint in the next room they made Ifá to SHANGO. When SHANGO left Santo's room he said this song:


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