Otrupon Meji Story: The Abo (ram) is the main offering to Shango

Story: Shango and the ram

This story of the Oddun of Ifa Otrupon Meji, tells us why the Abo is fundamental in the offerings to Shango, the Owunko (Chivo) is only used on special occasions and also why eure (Chiva) is not sacrificed to this deity.

Legend has it that the Ram (Abo) was one of the closest servants to the Orisha Shango, to this they entrusted many tasks of great importance. After some time in the service of the god of lightning, Abo began to get upset because he thought that his master was exploiting him, one day he met with Owunko and Eure to make a plan to dethrone the king.

Between the three they agreed and went to the place where Shango kept his Ax and hid it so that it would be unarmed. Abo started calling Shango challenging him to a duel on the outskirts of town.

The ram was armed with some very sharp jars, in that eure and owunko kept hidden in the bush with some spare horns in case they needed to attack Shango and help their friend and accomplice of the betrayal.

When the king heard that they were challenging him, he accepted the duel, he quickly went to his armory to look for his ax, but was astonished to see that it was no longer there, he had to arm himself with an Akana bat that he had not used for a long time.

Shango goes to Orunmila's house for Ifa divination

Before going to combat decided to go first to Orunmila's house to make divination with Ifa. The odu revealed was Otrupon Meji and Ifa recommended him to perform ebo with two roosters, the bat, smoked fish, smoked jutia, honey, cornmeal and Owo Mefa.

Of the Akuko one was for Eshu Elegua and the other for praying, Shago performed the sacrifice as prescribed by Ifa and went in search of Abo for the combat.

The combat was very fierce and in which neither of the two opponents gave in, in a very violent onslaught, the ram managed to knock down SHANGO; but the latter, gathering strength, raises the bat and manages to hit Abo hard on the forehead and thus broke the jars. Abo fled to the mountain where the goat was hidden, asking him to bring him the spare jars and thus be able to defeat the King.

At that moment Eshu was passing by and in gratitude to Shango for seeing him given an Akuko as an Offering decided to help him. Being Elegua the Owner of the Roads He used his magic to close the roads to the goat and so it got lost in the forest.

Totally disoriented, he finds himself directly where Elegua and Shango were, at that moment Eshu says: "Owunko also betrayed you, that plan was devised by three, Chivo, chiva and Ram, you must take revenge, eat him, his meat will help you recover" he did so.

At that moment he regained his strength and went in search of Abo.

Shango proves that he is the god of war and combat

Shango was totally vigorous, with a saber in his hand and the skin of the goat on his back, ready to show that in addition to being the owner of Thunder, he is also the god of war.

Abo trembled with fear when he saw that the goat had been executed, but he plucked up his courage and went to the attack. His opponent skilfully dodged him and cut his throat with his sword and then decided to drink the eyebale. At that moment Shango said: «As long as the World is World, my children will continue to eat Ram, but this will not prevent us from eating Ounko if necessary, since Ounko will be my medicine. I will not eat Chiva out of respect for my father Obatala and whenever Otrupon Meji visits my kingdom we will taste the goat in his honor.

The abo is the main Offering to Shango, so it should not be missing when her children are consecrated.


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