Why are the sons of Obba Crowned Oshun?

This pataki explains why the sons of Obba when becoming a saint (Osha) are crowned the Orisha Oshun. This Patakie from Obba is from the Sign of Ifa Ojuani Dawan

Why are the sons of Obba crowned Oshun?

Pataki: Obba's sons are crowned Oshun

La orisha oshun he ruled in a very distant land, everything was joy and happiness. She lived in a castle that was located on the estuary. One day her sister Obba went to visit her, who was enraged, disappointed in the men, she asked Oshun to let her take refuge in her land together with her people.

The yalode gave him shelter and ordered the people to recognize Oba as his sister and to all honor her.

Once, she had to leave her town due to obligations to other lands that depended on her and left the Orisha obba at the head of his government.

Obba knew the customs of the people of that town and accepted them because of Oshun's presence, but she was not in favor of so many parties, joy and freedom in married life. She was a sad, melancholic and frigid woman in sexual life, for which she decided to modify life in that land.

He began by forbidding music and dancing, and that women who were to be married had to serve 9 moons in the Castle before the wedding and that married women had to also serve 9 moons of pregnancy in the Castle.

During this service, OBA, through her powers, managed to make women modify their gestures and customs, rejecting men, and they became sad and melancholic just like her. She bathed them with an Omiero that she prepared and did works on their stomachs and heads, with powders that she prepared.

Life in the town changed, there was no longer joy, everything was sadness and agonies. The daughters of Oshun and the daughters of Obba lived in mourning. The men of that town, seeing the situation, went to the house of a Babalawo ORUNMILA to make divination with Ifa.

The oddun of Ifa that was revealed was Ojuani Dawan (Ojuani Ogunda)It was recommended that an ebbo be made asking that Oshun (Goddess of the river) return to the town. They made the Ebbó and the rooster of it was delivered to Eshu Laboni on the bank of the river, they asked him to go in search of Oshun.

When Eshu found the Yalode, he told her everything that was happening and both of them prepared to return to the town. Upon arrival, Yalode realizes that the town is in darkness and went to his castle to talk with Obba.

He showed up at the Castle as if he knew nothing. The Orisha Obba Nani received her, surprised, because she did not expect her return. The next day, he called a party for his return. OBA objected, but as Oshun was the owner of the Castle and had to accept, but did not attend the event.

Although the party started and there were activities of all kinds, the women did not have fun because they were the victims of Obba's spells. In the middle of the party, the Babalawo who performed the sacrifice arrived and called Oshun, told him everything that was happening and they decided to call Oba, they went to the river bank and gave Obba two white chickens and Oshun two Yellow Adie.

At that moment Oshun turns to Obba and says:

“You are my older sister and I respect you, but you have made your daughters and mine unhappy. That is why, starting today, I will be the one who will govern the feelings and heads of your children and mine; You will be the ones who lead them to good habits and flee from vices, but I will be the one who will give them joy and the enjoyment of the pleasures of the world. You will live in my house, everyone will offer you offerings; you will be called for everything, but I will rule the heads and hearts of our children.

The Castle and the town were once again joyful and everyone honored OBA, offering him virgin animals, eggs, fish, fruit on occasions of weddings and the birth of children.

That is why the sons of Obba are made Oshun with Gold to Obba and all the children of Oshun must have Oba, for their health, control and organization in life.

Previous ceremonies to settle Obba through Oshun.

The first thing you do is go to the river with two chickens, one brown and the other white; a stone is taken out of the river and asked if it is Obba, then a bottle of river water is taken, the yellow hen is taken and given to Oshun in the river water; and the white hen to the stone on the river bank, calling to Obba.

The stone and the bottle of river water are brought home. There the stone is put into a white tureen, honey and a little river water are added to it.

Obba Nani washes herself with a lot of finite white pigtail (Ewé Tentenifa). The person who washes this Saint must be the daughter of Obatala or Oshun.

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  1. If gold ochun is crowned for obba where does obba go in
    head or shoulders and what kind of sermon is given to him and what attribute is given to him


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