The Prayer to YEMAYA most powerful of Prosperity and open the roads

Prayer to Yemaya

La prayer to Yemaya, the powerful Orisha who symbolizes universal motherhood, also known as "the mother of all Orishas», is very commonly used within the santeria or rule of Osha and Ifa. Due to the relevance of this deity, her children and followers have the certainty that when invoking her, her prayers will be heard, since, like every mother, she always comes to the aid of her children and her faithful devotees.

His power is incalculable, he is able to intervene in the simplest situation, even the most complicated.

«I praise the spirit of the mother of fishing, mistress of the sacred sea that bears her name.

Blessed be my mother Yemaya, she does not let me perish at any time.

It was you, thanks to the blessed gift that Oloddumare gave you, that you gave birth to all the divinities, that is why you have been the Divine sustenance of all your children in all planes of existence.

You who are not intimidated under any circumstances. Challenge anyone who gets in your way.

The great mother is you, and without fear you protect us.

Indigo queen. Today and always I thank you.

I must always be grateful, powerful Queen, because when I have needed you, you have come to my aid without any delay, sheltering me in your arms like a kind and merciful mother.

In the depth of all shades of blue I found you, inside the river, your waters are elixir of healing and life.

All the waters of the world lead me to you.

All the waters of the world go to the sea.

I will always find a way to get to your feet.

Goddess of fish, protect me, I will always be grateful to you. Ashe».

Why pray to Yemaya?

Yemaya is one of the central deities in the Yoruba Religion, also known as Santeria. She is considered the Orisha mother of the world and, according to believers, aleyos, santeros and Babalawos, she is the mother of all. Due to her importance, it is essential to entrust yourself to her, offer her adimu and recite Prayers or Orikis to her.

Yemaya's energy symbolizes intelligence and rationality in human beings. Invoking his energy through prayers helps us clarify our ideas and guide us properly in all aspects of life. It is believed to be especially effective at resolving conflicts due to its caring nature towards its followers and its firmness towards its adversaries.

What is Yemaya asked for in her prayers?

With the use of the prayers offered on behalf of Yemaya we can request her intervention in matters related to:

  • Help with health problems, especially in reference to diseases related to the womb.
  • Women who wish to have children make prayers to him to help them conceive. Also, your protection for mothers and children during the pregnancy process is requested.
  • To cleanse and get rid of spiritual wars with witches and sorcerers.
  • To protect or neutralize enemies that could harm us.
  • To deal with love, mooring or domain issues.
  • His intervention is very effective when it comes to economic issues. To attract prosperity and development.

How to invoke Yemaya?

For all religious believers of Afro-descendant religions, communication with the deities is important, in the case of Yemaya we must address her with great respect, faith and security, that this great Orisha will listen to our prayers.

Before beginning to pray we must light Itana Meji fun fun (two white candles), kneel down and begin to pray this Invocation Prayer:

«Yemaya listen to me, Yémaya listen to me. I, your son (full name), call on you to be present in my life, here, now and always. Be the one to handle every situation and concern that comes my way. Pour your nobility and great love on my soul. Every time I say Yemaya, Yemaya, may your greatness be noticed, may I feel your firmness and my problems disappear. May your help and that of the Orishas take control of my life. Ashe».

Short sentence

«With the blessing of Olofin, Olorun and Olodumare. I request the blessing of my mother Yemaya. Queen of the waters of the sea, mother of the seven blue cloths, always accompany me on the paths of this land. Deliver me from all the Osogbos who want to take me away from my destiny, and fill me with all the firm ire of the earth, the sky and the sea. Ashe to Iban Eshu."

Short prayer in Yoruba to Yemaya

“Iyami laddeo, ala barugbo omi, iyami Aboyo ogdan. Iyami yetu yetu kuekueye, asalayagbi Olokum, emi pari, emi shokoshoko, emi Mayelewo, emi mo tumbao, omio Yemaya».

Long prayer in Yoruba to Yemaya (Oríkì)

«Yemoja olodo. Obaluf, Yemoja olodo.

Yemoja olodo, ni mo bá dá jími tètè núwà o.

Yemaya olodo, bu owo wa, jími tètè núwà o.

Didun lobe, Yemoja logerègerège,

Okéré, 'mo de o.

Báròyé ò, Báròyé ò. Okéré, ayádòó rà.

Pàròyín or, Pàròyín or. M'Okéré give me, Omídina.

Yemoja olodo Mo juba. Roast."


Spirit of the river, Yemaya. Guardian of Ifé, Spirit of the river. Yemaya.

It is the spirit of the river, Yemaya, to whom I turn to ask for abundance.

Spirit of the river, Yemaya, please give me abundance so that I can have money quickly.

The sweetness of the soup prepared by Yemaya flows smoothly.

Okere comes and brings fortune to the children.

Within his word children are born, within his word children are born. Okere is the one who buys the secret of the magic pumpkin.

She exposes the riddle, and she solves it herself, she exposes the riddle and then she solves it herself. Okere arrives and creates a magical representation, the large water that blocks the way.

I give my respect to the spirit of the river, Yemaya. Ashe.

Prayer to Yemaya to thank

If you feel the desire to express your gratitude to Yemaya, the Orisha of the Sea, for all the blessings and favors you have received, we invite you to recite the following prayer:

«Omio Yemaya, goddess of the sea, owner and mother of everything. I thank you for what I have achieved for you, for you my life flows like the sea breeze, for you my steps will be changing and safe like the waves of the sea. You are a mother and you will be a mother, thank you for taking care of me, thank you for giving me ashe, today, tomorrow and always. When I go to the beach, you give me calm and when I listen to the wind and the waves, I feel your presence and the answer to my sorrows and needs”.

Prayer to Yemayá to ask for protection

Ask Yemaya for protection

Whether you are a child of Yemayá or simply feel an affinity towards this Orisha, it is completely understandable. After all, Yemayá is considered the mother of the earth and all those who inhabit it. We recommend you recite this prayer before leaving your house:

«Omio Yemaya, goddess of the sea, owner and mother of everything. I thank you for what I have achieved for you, for you my life flows like the sea breeze, for you my steps will be changing and safe like the waves of the sea. You are a mother and you will be a mother, thank you for taking care of me, thank you for giving me ashe, today, tomorrow and always. When I go to the beach, you give me calm and when I listen to the wind and the waves, I feel your presence and the answer to my sorrows and needs”.

Prayer to yemaya to get pregnant:

Prayer to yemayá to get pregnant

The nobility and maternal instinct of this Orisha is so strong that by placing an adimu, flowers or a candle on her and praying this prayer accompanied by much, much faith, you will achieve the dream of being a mother. Just have faith.

«Oh my mother Yemaya, hear my pleas, hear my lament, see how my lips move to implore you to touch my feminine health. You, what a mother you are, you who have many children, mother of the universe. Help me, I want you to touch my womb, my uterus, my ovaries and sow the fruit of love, put your seed and make it bloom. Mother, I also want to be. Oh Yenya, my mother, how good it would be to see a future child grow up that will also be yours. All my hope is in you. Ashe».

Prayer to Yemayá for prosperity and to open the roads:

Prayers to yemaya

Yemayá will never want to see her children going through moments of torment or anguish, so if you feel the desire to be a prosperous person and want to see changes and new paths, do not hesitate to ask mother Qrisha.

«Mother, you who have the power to walk, live and dominate the salt waters, allow me to live and enjoy prosperity and abundance, open my paths to good and close the dark paths that lead to nothing or to any safe place. With the help of Elegua, the owner and lord of the roads, open the doors of success for my life, give me prosperity and help me succeed. Give me your blessing."

Prayer to Yemaya for money

Yenya's wealth will always be shared with her children, especially those who have the privilege of having her Crown Maferefun Yemayá!

«Oh my guardian angel, oh my Yemayá!, help me with your divine grace, you are rich in the sea, you have great fortune in the ocean, your fortune is inexhaustible. Help me, get me out of this misery, I don't want to suffer anymore, reward my life with the Ire of wealth, with money and a lot of happiness. May money and abundance never fail in my life again. Ashe to Iba Eshu."

Prayer to Yemaya for love

It is suggested to recite this prayer on the seashore, offering Yemaya white roses in a basket. By doing so, we invoke the power of the Orisha in matters of the heart, softening her energy and predisposing it in our favor, in order to achieve our sentimental desires.

I salute the queen who lives in the middle of the sea.

Yemaya, is the owner of the seven marine currents,

It is you who is important at all times.

She is the owner of the treasures in the sea.

Only you my mother is the only one who has the right to look sideways.

It is to you that I pray to achieve the luck of finding a true love that accompanies me on this plane.

I beg you my mother Yemaya, put in my path the right person to form a home, someone to love and by whom I feel loved.

You choose my ideal company holy mother, so that there is no falsehood. On the contrary, let that meeting be a reason for happiness (make a specific request of what you want to achieve).

To you I leave my prayer in each petal that I give you, trusting that my requests will be answered and soon materialized.


Prayer to dominate dominate a person

«I praise the powerful queen who dominated the lands of Abeukutá.

It was you, great mother Yemaya, who dominated the Nupe land, the Takua land, the Shaki land, and even the Oyo land.

Through all the territories of the great Yoruba empire you pilgrimage through the immense influx of your river. You influence the arrival of luck that comes from the land, the sea and also from the sky.

You, my mother Yemaya, are the captain of the ship, the one at the helm, the one that sets the course, the one that influences the destiny of us, your followers.

It is you, the troubled sea that is adored. Rough sea that sweeps. Rough sea that does not forgive.

Those of us who know and adore you know that when you are angry you make the whole world tremble.

In this way, and with that control, I ask you to dominate the living spirit of (name of the person you want to dominate) that his ideas are mine, that his feelings are mine, that he wants nothing more in the world than that I want (make specific request).

Mother of the fish, that (name of the person you want to dominate), be tamed like a meek little lamb by the power of your seven seas, seven skirts, by the seven points of your crown, that you cannot escape from your influence, reaching my feet, repentant for the faults committed, dominated by my interests and humiliated to the point of doing my will.   

You who live on the top of the waves, keep me on top dominating and in victory today and always. So be it, so it is, so it will be.


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Prayer for better health

«Oh mother with the help you can give me, with the great love, respect and admiration I feel for you. Owner of my head you are, absolute owner of my body, strengthen my health and clean my being. May these attentions and offerings that I come to place today at the foot of your throne, move you and please you, and help me my mother to get out of this disease, I ask you for nothing more than Ire Ariku. I know you can do it to me. Ashe».

It is recommended to clean the body with pork, then fry it and dress it with cane molasses, place it in Yemaya with two candles.

Prayer for the children of Yemaya

«Yèyé omo ejá, the mother of the fishes is the one who protects me.

Yemaya the great Orisha, the one who was born with the moon, she is my mother.

The wise woman, the old woman of the sea, is the one who guides me.

Yemaya, the owner of the world that dominates its territories with its wide waters, she is my mother.

I praise and adore you sacred spirit of motherhood.

I praise and adore you on the shore of the ocean, in the foam of the waves, on the rocks of the boardwalk, in the frozen waters, in the entrances of the mountains, among the shells of the sea.

My mother is the hardest worker, the food vendor, the one who dyes fabrics and makes melon seed oils.

My mother Yemayá is the owner of the money and the secrets that are in the sea.

You are the great spirit of the river that blesses me with health and life.

It is my mother Yemaya who blesses me with good fortune, helps me prosper and sends me children from heaven.

To you my guardian angel I have to be forever grateful. I praise the spirit of the sea that always takes care of me and never abandons me, and for that I thank him.


Prayer of your children to ask for protection

Who more than a mother to protect her children, Yemaya will always seek to protect her Omo from any adversity or curse.

Blessed be mother and queen of the seas, protect me from all envy, from all evildoers and from all shadows of darkness, may the waters of the sea free me and drown anyone who seeks to disgrace and dull the majestic shine that you give me. Never stop looking out for me, mother of the sea, my mother, mother of all. So be it".

to attract good things

Nothing is impossible for any Orisha, less for Yemayá, who is a head saint, he is within the 5 main deities of Santeria or Osha-Ifa Rule. His character is changeable like the waves of the sea, but his love is as deep as the ocean itself and the force of the sea brings and carries things.

«Beautiful mother, make all the good things come to me with the force of the sea, job offers, money, love, good energies and all the ashe that you, mother, want to give me. As the current and the waves of the sea attract shells, snails and treasures to the shore sand, make me attract a good streak and all the Ire and take root in my house and in my life. So be it".

to remove the evil eye

The evil eye is a negative energy that some people transmit through their eyes.. Normally, it is related to bad feelings on the part of the transmitters, although, on some occasions, it is only due to the nature of their astral, without any bad intention. Yemayá, for being an Orisha who knows the mysteries of sorcery and who rubs shoulders without any problem with the energy of the spirits, is very effective in getting rid of bad energies. A prayer that can be used in such situations is the following:

“Ancient mother, queen of the sea.

Mother of good and kindness.

You who are the siren who sings in the world for the defeat of evil.

You protect your children in this world like no one else.

Under your mantle there will be no bad eyes that can harm me.

By the power of your seven skirts I unleash all spells, witchcraft, evil, natural or artificial illness.

By the power of your waters, I heal, heal and bless my physical and spiritual body, giving way to life, health and prosperity.


Prayer to Yemaya against enemies

Yemaya despite being a female Orisha, it is estimated that she can easily work alongside any man, in fact in some of her avatars she wears pants and skillfully handles various weapons. Therefore, he can go to war at any time, being ruthless with his enemies. This is a prayer for wars at the foot of this Orisha:

“I praise the beloved and respected lady of the river. Yemaya.

You, blessed warrior, who fought countless battles alongside Oggun, demonstrating your bravery and fierceness.

You who, due to your impetuous character, seemed to have lost the hegemony of the world but gained dominion over the surface of the seas.

Always win, never lose. In this way make me win over my enemies and my opponents who lie in wait for me and wait for my fall (make request).

Make everyone who gets in my way feel your power my mother Yemaya.

That just as the waves of the sea move from right to left, so live your life without any peace as long as you keep firm your desire to harm me.

You are the bearer of the saber, the spear, and the sacred dagger with which you have to protect and defend all your children.

Your blue flag will always be raised on anyone who dares to go to war with you. Do not allow the evil against me to materialize, not today, not tomorrow, not ever. Ashe».

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