Prayer to Saint Ignatius of Loyola for protection and to ward off all evil

Prayer to Saint Ignatius of Loyola

The prayer to Saint Ignatius of Loyola, who was the founder of the Society of Jesus, better known as "the Jesuits", is a very powerful invocation, due to the great influence that this saint exerts to achieve extremely difficult objectives, in fact Miraculous interventions in causes considered impossible are attributed to him.

«Oh Saint Ignatius of Loyola! Fervent pilgrim who, inspired by the love of God, founded the Society of Jesus. In the name of Almighty God I invoke you, my lawyer and protector.

Saint Ignatius of Loyola, you who enjoy the joy of having entered the kingdom of heaven, being saved with the blood of Christ the Redeemer, converted into a sincere Christian in thought, word and deed. Your virtues are exalted by us, who are your devotees of faith.

You who fought the enemies of the Church, defended and still defend the precepts of God, do not tire of honoring and glorifying God Our Lord. I implore you, beloved brother, kind saint, to help me attain divine mercy. Help me to enjoy the grace of my Lord Jesus Christ, accompanied by the blessing of the immaculate Mother Mary, so that loaded with your light my sins and mistakes that have made me fall into temptation can be forgiven.

Distinguished hero of penance, Saint Ignatius of Loyola, you who were chosen from the crowd to be inspired by the very Mother of the Son of God. From fighting the war with man, you went on to battle the war against the snares of the devil, who tirelessly tries day by day, minute by minute, second by second, to harm the work of God and the creatures of creation, but he will not succeed. , because we believers are attached to the faith and truth of the Creator.

Saint Ignatius of Loyola, mirror of humility and prudence, with great joy I appreciate the virtues you enjoy and the grace with which you were endowed by the Lord, above all that immense mercy that characterizes you and with which you care for and protect your loved ones. devotees. That is why I implore you.

I implore you Saint Ignatius of Loyola, that thanks to your intercession I can count on your protection against all evil, both physical and spiritual. May your help help me to safely reach the blessing of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. So that, immersed in divine grace, he can defeat all evil spirits, dark entities, of low vibration, even the devil himself, who wanders the Earth conspiring to try to achieve the perdition of souls.

Glory goes to our one and only true Father and Creator, God Our Lord, who blesses us with the guidance of pure spirits like Saint Ignatius of Loyola, who defends us with that spiritual strength with which he guarded and preserved faith in Christ since his birth. traffic on this earth.

I ask you, dear Saint Ignatius, that your influence does not fail me, be you, my protection, my inspiration, because in your company I have not given up my purpose, which is to live well in this incarnation, staying within the precepts of God and fighting against the temptations of sin. It is written that the fight is not against flesh and blood, it is against evil spirits, militias and sovereignties of evil. That is why my prayer is born, the cry of your care and your safeguard. There may be thousands, or millions, of the legions of evil and their representatives on Earth, but no evil will come to me, because I am sealed by the blood of the lamb, and I will see myself free from evil, thanks to the Savior.

Prodigious Saint Ignatius of Loyola, I trust in you, I surrender myself to your custody, knowing that I am under the will of God, and everything that He wants to manifest in my life will be good, comfortable and perfect for me. For this I thank you, Saint Ignatius, for always being by my side, for always protecting your devotees and for freeing me from all evil, for being my shield against enemies, for taking care of me and my family, and for your great acts of goodness, for this and much more you are deserving of the eternal glory of the Father.


Who is Saint Ignatius of Loyola?

Who is Saint Ignatius of Loyola?

His given name was Iñigo López de Loyola, later he became known as San Ignacio de Loyola. His birth occurs on December 24, 1491, in a castle in Loyola, in Guipúzcoa, Basque Country located in northwestern Spain.

His childhood and youth were surrounded by luxuries, trained in the courtly customs of the Middle Ages, when the Renaissance began on the European continent, living that time in all its splendor.

At approximately 25 years of age, Ignacio joined the army. On one occasion, participating in a battle in 1521, he suffered a gunshot wound to his right leg, which disabled him for several months. The recovery period became quite long for Ignatius, however, in rest he began to read various religious books, getting to know Christ and becoming more interested in all his work. This inspired a profound conversion within the future saint, who from then on dedicated his life entirely to the service of God.

His story tells that one night, while he was recovering from his injury, the presence of the Virgin Mary appeared in front of him, surrounded by a bright light, giving him comfort and encouraging Ignatius to continue along the path that he had just begun to travel. Upon recovering, he went on a pilgrimage, which served as inspiration for his book of "Spiritual Exercises", which until now has been very influential in the Catholic Church and his followers. His religious life was very dedicated, in fact, Saint Ignatius of Loyola was always inspired by the lives of the saints, so with great humility he tried to follow in their footsteps in the best possible way.

What is asked of Saint Ignatius of Loyola?

Prayer to Saint Ignatius of Loyola to ask for protection

His devotees often ask Saint Ignatius of Loyola for his intervention in situations related to:

  • Protect against hexes, curses, spells, witchcraft and sorcery.
  • Repel the siege of the demon and his malevolent entities.
  • Protect home, work, or business.
  • Caring for wounded soldiers, veterans, and everyone else who must go to war to fight.
  • Accompany devotees during their spiritual retreats and the search for spiritual transcendence.
  • Help find true love.
  • Maintain good finances.
  • Remove unwanted people from our lives.

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Miraculous prayer of Saint Ignatius of Loyola

Miraculous prayer of Saint Ignatius of Loyola

It is recommended to perform this miraculous prayer to Saint Ignatius of Loyola using holy water to reinforce the blessing that you want to achieve. After it is done, pour the water where you want Saint Ignatius to work to help him.

«Oh powerful Saint Ignatius of Loyola, I invoke your presence today more than ever in my life, because I am sure that you are a tireless warrior in the battles of the children of God who are on this Earth.

Using the grace of God and this holy water, I implore you to intervene so that everything that harms me is overthrown from my path, that my steps are firm and that obstacles do not stop the walk of my feet towards my destiny.

Provide me with your grace Saint Ignatius of Loyola, so that, taking my prayers before God for your immaculate piety, everything that is impregnated with this sacred liquid feels and lives the presence of God.

Take care of me Saint Ignatius of Loyola, do not allow misfortune, illness, conflicts and great vicissitudes to lodge in my life, and if I have to go through some tribulation like the one I am experiencing right now, let it be momentary, let its passage be temporary. , and that thanks to your company I have the strength to face it and endure it until I get out of it (make a request and explain to Saint Ignatius what the water is going to be used for).

Your devotees well know that you have been blessed by God Our Lord, and of course, his word has a lot of power, just by enjoying his grace you have the happiness of entering the kingdom of heaven, from there I beg you to implore because materialize the miracle that I long for.

I cry out to you, so that your guide accompanies me and protects me both day and night. You also put your hands on this blessed water, so that wherever it is watered, there your charity prevails and the resolution of my cause arrives.

Fill my life and my home with your presence Saint Ignatius of Loyola, because in this way I will be able to repel any person of ill will who approaches me or my home. May the despair, sadness, crying, and anxiety that accompany me today, leave my life once and for all, to find in you, that peace that I long for so much and that I have lost among so many situations of overwhelm and concern. .

Saint Ignatius of Loyola, thank you for receiving your cause in my hands, I will firmly wait for the miracle of divine help to manifest itself in my affairs, I trust in you, because you are the energy of love that purifies and protects with the protection of God. Don't ever forsake me. Amen".

Prayer to Saint Ignatius of Loyola to keep people away

«In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, I request the help of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, whom I call full of humility and faith, to entrust in his blessed hands the matters that concern me greatly today.

Before you, I expose without detours or hide my situation, because I am devoted to yours and I trust in your powerful intercession. Among so many things that we must face daily in life, right now it overwhelms me much more that my enemies have multiplied, and the worst of it is that they now surround me. Therefore, I live in expectation of finding myself in an unpleasant, conflicting, or even dangerous situation, just around the corner.

Saint Ignatius, I come to you because I need to find the solution to my conflicts. I am certain that in you I will find the strength to continue, because you are a stick that lifts and defends against physical and spiritual wars.

From this moment, in which I have conferred control of my cause Saint Ignatius, I decree that every spirit of evil that rises against me will be stopped. Anyone who comes to my detriment with envy, promoting gossip, defamation towards me, and any bad intention or machination, will be annulled immediately.

Covered with the shield of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, the ungrateful, false, traitors, envious, conflictive, and anyone who wants to harm me will not come near me. Take away from my life all those characters who, without a doubt, have offered the devil his heart as a home. If my enemy comes one way, then let me go another.

I declare myself free from any closeness of evil in my life and I give you my cause (make a request and say the names of the people you want to keep away). By the powerful name of Christ and Saint Ignatius of Loyola, all evil that could stalk and attack me is sealed with the blood of the Lamb of God. Amen".

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Prayer to Saint Ignatius of Loyola to ward off bad neighbors

«Oh pious Saint Ignatius of Loyola! You who were a reason for divine inspiration to gather your brothers in the name of God, becoming the Jesuits. You who bring together those who share the faith and seek the blessedness of living under the precepts of God, I ask you to enlighten me in the same way so that I can approach and only attract people who share that vision of life, where goodness and good principles prevail over all things.

Likewise, I beg you, my dear Saint Ignatius of Loyola, to keep away from me any person who comes with evil, with envy, with selfishness, with gossip and any other attitude that generates disturbance in me, because every day that passes my environment becomes more hostile, and fearful I walk through so many adversities generated by the enemies who once called themselves friends.

I come to you Saint Ignatius of Loyola, as your faithful devotee to humbly implore you to help me solve the conflicts that I have around me. Help me stop the negative influence and unwanted presence of some people who unfortunately visit my home. Detain them San Ignacio, so that they do not interfere in my affairs, much less, that they may harm them, that they do not invade my privacy, nor that their opinions or comments may cause me any kind of problems.

Blessed Saint Ignatius, emanate your fluid of calm, tolerance and intelligence in critical situations, so that bathed in your energy I can develop the necessary wisdom to resolve this situation that overwhelms me, because without realizing it I have been overwhelmed by the unpleasant presence of these bad neighbors in my life, in such a way that they even affect my private life (make request).

For your divine intervention in this matter I will be forever grateful to you, carrying your name high wherever I am because you are a most high saint in your mercy and your mercy. I will patiently wait while you intercede before God to grant me the grace I ask of you, so that peace and tranquility can return to my life and that of my loved ones. Amen".

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Prayer to Saint Ignatius of Loyola to remedy urgent problems

"With the blessing of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. I invoke the sacred company of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, you distinguished believer, who was blessed by the presentation of the Mother of God, inspiring in you the deepest faith that led you to defend the word of God from that moment and for the rest of your life, I call you to implore your help in my desperation.

You, who were helped by the Virgin Mary when in bed you suffered the wounds of war, at the most opportune moment you were blessed by divine consolation and inspired to continue.

You, who on pilgrimage found the answers to the questions of this world, thanks to the company of God in each of your steps.

For all that grace with which the divine Father filled you, today I implore you to put yourself in my place, because you well know what it is to have an urgent concern, and that it be answered directly by the Creator. Today, I have the urgency Saint Ignatius, and at your feet I cry out for your help (make request).

Those of us who believe in our hearts are sure that you, Saint Ignatius, for being a fervent minister of the church both on Earth and in heaven, emanate charity and inspire hope to the unfortunate, do not abandon the needy and defend the underdog, honoring as Always the name of God. That is why I ask for your help, hoping that you can diligently take my requests before the throne of the Holy Father, to materialize with his approval and your heroic help the solution of my cause that overwhelms me so much and despairs me.

I am attached to you Saint Ignatius of Loyola, anchored in faith and counting on your protection, be my companion and my guide along all paths, so that with your help I can become a pilgrim of good, living according to the will of God, finding in the other life the bliss of forgiveness of my sins and being able to enjoy your presence in the kingdom of heaven. Amen".

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Prayer to Saint Ignatius of Loyola against the devil

Saint Ignatius of Loyola, Blessed Defender of the Church and of the faith in Christ Our Lord. Protector of believers and of the word of God, you who lived in opulence and immersed in worldly activities, almost died defending the cause of men, being blessed with health to serve the cause of the Creator, becoming a guardian of truth and goodness.

To you, great protector from the snares of the devil, I implore you to protect me with your courageous shield from the temptations of malevolent spirits who wish to divert us from the paths of the Lord. Strengthen my faith and my integrity, because in the face of misfortune, sometimes we are weak and the dark entities take the opportunity to install despair and overwhelm in our hearts that make us fall prey to mistakes.

Enlighten me with your energy Saint Ignatius, so that hope recharges my spirits and my desire to fight does not waver, that protected by your love and that of God I can achieve my goals without the demonic influences being able to triumph over my mind, my body, my heart or my spirit.

Deliver me from darkness, confusion and doubt. Bless me, to reach the grace of God, and triumphantly sheltered in your shadow I stand up in his name, over the battles that day by day we fight against evil those of us who are earthly. Always take me by your hand. Amen".

Prayer to Saint Ignatius of Loyola for difficult cases

«Oh glorious Saint Ignatius of Loyola! General of the faith, soldier of the cause of Christ, you who attentively listen to us when we plead for help from the Father in the most difficult and desperate cases.

I beg you, Saint Ignatius, to grant me the privilege of having your intercession before God the Father so that my cause may be addressed and resolved, since it is difficult for me to get out of this adversity that overwhelms me, saddens me and despair (make request).

At your feet I come with a lot of faith and hope, because of the urgency of my case I am sure that you will respond quickly to my call, I beg you not to abandon me in the face of this great need, be my consolation and my cane in the face of so much tribulation and suffering.

For my part, I promise you Saint Ignatius of Loyola, to always remember this great favor and honor your name as your faithful devotee, friend and follower. Amen".

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