Prayer to Saint Martin Knight

Prayer to Saint Martin Knight

The Prayer to San Martín Caballero or San Martín de Loba is a prayer charged with great spiritual force, because it invokes all the energy of that great Roman Soldier who is always ready to help and help his devotees so that they can combat the scourges caused by misery, abandonment, and both material and spiritual deficiencies, helping to reactivate their productive activities for their development.

"With the blessing of the God of Heaven, Almighty Father who does not forsake us by day or by night. In your name, I request the help of your servant San Martín Caballero. I entrust myself to your mercy, soldier of Christ, in your noble sentiments I support myself, waiting for my prayers in your name to be heard, attended and materialized.

Oh Pious Saint Martin de Loba! With that light with which you were blessed with the grace of God, remove everything negative and dark from my life, which causes the loss and delay of my affairs.

Help me Saint Martin, so that my prayers are heard in the Celestial Palace. Be you my dear messenger, to record the humility of my prayers and the transparency of my heart, which with nothing to hide comes before you today to cry out for help that would make me improve my earthly existence in every way.

You Saint Martin of Tours, noble knight, you are always moved by the needy, because you are a sign of the most exalted mercy. That is why your devotees come to you, because you always fulfill, you never fail. You are an example of honor, of strength, but above all an example of encouragement.

Oh dear Saint Martin Caballero! I beg you that with your blessed sword you remove from my paths every enemy, malicious, traitor, cheat, unjust and evil that wants to destroy and destabilize my life, and all that I have achieved, protect me so that in the paths of this life I can continue to get up before falls and wars.

San Martín de Loba entrusts me to you, to be covered with your cape, just as that humble beggar was covered, who on the verge of freezing found shelter and shelter in your compassion. You take care of me, you protect me, your cape covers me and protects me from evil.

O merciful Saint Martin Caballero! I ask you for your horse to be able to move with a better gait, to reach my goals diligently, and to be able to get where I want to go. I have no doubt that you will come to my aid, because being a virtuous knight you do not abandon any helpless and needy, so I beg you once again, to turn your eyes towards me, that I am in need of your benefactor action.

Today, protected by your kindness, I beg you to spread all your grace over my pockets and over my economic development. Help me, San Martín! May your energy permeate all the financial activities that I carry out; may work be abundant, businesses prosperous, trade multiplied, and money be reproduced in my hands to be able to fully cover my needs and those of mine, and even, filled with your grace, may I help those who need it most as good missionary and devoted to your teachings.

Do not leave me alone under any situation blessed San Martín de Loba. Listen carefully to my prayers so that my cause becomes yours, and backed by your strength I can triumph over the vicissitudes that afflict me, especially (make request). Perhaps, before your eyes there are more serious situations, but I confess that for me this means a great burden that oppresses me and fills me with sadness, agony and despair. That is why I cry out in your name, San Martín Caballero, because protected under your protection I have to reach the solution.

In your hands I put my faith, in your hands I put my prayer, blessed Saint Martin Caballero, today I always count on your support, because I trust in you. Grateful, I offer a prayer to God on your behalf so that his blessing may always reach you and you may rest for eternity in the joy of God's grace. Amen".

What is asked of San Martín Caballero?

San Martín de Loba is a spirituality with a great willingness to help others. His energy is used to serving as sustenance in the face of the most adverse situations in life, this is the reason why praying in his name can be very beneficial. San Martín Caballero is usually asked for his help in cases where we are going through this type of situation:

  • Faced with problems that are difficult to solve.
  • When we have shortages, economic problems, and we can't find a job.
  • In the moments in which it is difficult for us to get love.
  • To achieve stability in all aspects of life.
  • When we need to strengthen our faith.
  • To stimulate the strength within us and become warriors in the face of life and setbacks.
  • At times when we need shelter and protection from our enemies, and against injustice.
  • For the protection and shelter of soldiers, weavers, and all workers in the textile area, within their work.
  • It is an excellent protector for business, commerce, investment and entrepreneurship.

How to pray prayers to San Martín Caballero?

Prayers to Saint Martin Caballero

Praying prayers to Saint Martin Caballero is an act that must be done with great faith, this is the main element that will allow our prayers to be truly heard and effectively attended. On the other hand, some devotees often use a holy card when making a request. They also place candles, horse shoes, flowers, among other elements, in order to attract more strongly the energy of San Martín and effectively solve his conflicts.

Prayer to Saint Martin Caballero for money

Prayer to Saint Martin Caballero for money

The prayer to San Martín Caballero for money, can be accompanied with a candle and a gold cloth, a picture of this saint, a bay leaf, and a horseshoe. In a place reserved for this ritual, you will place the candle in the center of a white plate, accompanied by all the ingredients on the sides. The candle will be lit and the prayer will be said with great faith. Once consumed, the stamp and the bay leaf will be taken and tied to the horseshoe and then placed on the back of the main door of the house to promote the entry of money and prosperity into the home and the lives of their loved ones. members.

«Oh brave Saint Martin Knight! You who were enlightened with the vision of the Lord, who, accompanied by the heavenly militia made up of angels and archangels, recruited you to stop fighting for the cause of men and start fighting for the cause of God.

To you merciful saint, who do not know what selfishness is, because without hesitation you helped the dispossessed who suffered from the inclement cold, devoid of clothing, food and shelter.

You, San Martín de Loba, are an example of faith, loyalty, selflessness, and courage, because in the presence of César Juliano himself you rejected the economic benefit and without hesitation, you asked for your retirement from the military forces of Rome, to become a soldier of God's army.

You do not know fear or cowardice, that is why you were exalted to live within the kingdom of heaven, counting on the blessing of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. To you San Martín de Loba, I entrust my cause and the concerns that overwhelm me. You be the intermediary of my struggle before the Creator's gaze, so that your intervention allows me to recover my development, because I find myself stuck and I can't find a solution (make a request).

That is why I entrust myself to you, San Martin de Loba, so that with your light you enlighten me, with your cape you cover me, with your horse you take me along the paths of prosperity, abundance, bonanza, where money runs for my house, my work, my business, my projects, that I lack nothing and that way I can have the peace and tranquility that I so long for. Work in my life and on my concerns San Martín Caballero, most excellent bishop, example of love and dedication to others, give me your shelter today, tomorrow and always.


Prayer to San Martín de Loba for prosperity

«Oh revered Saint at the service of God, Saint Martin Knight! Saint of my devotion and admired spirit of kindness and faith that inspires in your followers love towards others and obedience to the laws of the Creator.

You, who took off your cloak and gave it to the most needy, showing the deepest clemency, because in front of you there is no one who suffers without you intervening in their help, you cannot bear to see the agony of those who cry, that's why you left weapons and dedicated yourself to helping the most needy, providing them with bread, shelter and spiritual peace, carrying the sacred word of God as your greatest banner.

I implore you San Martín de Loba, that the obstacles that today prevent me from advancing towards my prosperity, and that keep me behind, in debt, austere and overwhelmed, be destroyed with your sacred sword, blessed by God to defend the cause of his children. . Help me San Martín (Make request) that your intervention will help me to overcome all my difficulties.

Glorious Saint Martin Caballero, I beg you to obtain in my name the grace of God the Father to improve my situation, because if you are the intermediary, I will be well represented before the throne of the Lord. Before you I have exposed everything that worries and torments me. I will wait patiently for your divine intervention to stop the turbulence and everything will start to improve, until I achieve the economic evolution that will take me to a bonanza.

Before you I leave my prayer Saint Martin of Tours, trusting in the depths of my heart that you will take it before the Lord, and soon your blessings will materialize. Protect me forever, never deny me your help. Amen".

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Prayer to Saint Martin Caballero for my business

«Oh glorious Saint Martin Caballero! Merciful and wise son of God who was called to the fight for evangelization, and being a soldier of war you became a soldier of peace, a sign of the incalculable mercy that God always has for his children.

You who with indisputable skills studied the Holy Bible and the invocation, learned how to organize a monastery, with your passive way of living you sheltered and fed the most needy. It is to you, friend, brother, San Martín de Loba, that I turn to protect my business against any malevolent influence; Deliver us from theft, scams, cheating, envy, falsehoods, losses, mistakes, bad decisions, conflicts, and everything negative that could harm you.

Before you I find myself pleading and overflowing with faith, like your faithful devotee, imploring you to ask before God Our Lord that I may enjoy the grace of seeing everything I have worked for prosper, that my sowing produces a good harvest and that I may soon see the fruits of so much effort.

I do not pretend that my happiness is spontaneous San Martin, rather, I ask for your guidance to conduct my affairs in the best way, making my efforts give successful results, in order to grow, expand and stabilize financially. It influences so that all my work or trade is sold, that everything I invest in multiplies, that good fortune comes to me, that everything I do comes to a good end, and thus increase my capital and my assets.

I implore your help my dear San Martín de Loba, because these times are difficult and nothing would be more encouraging than to have your blessing and your benefactor action, because your mercy will take me to the position I long for, and where crowned with success can live in peace and tranquility, offering, in addition, that blessing to all those around me, and to everyone I see in need.

Beloved benefactor, cast your eyes before this humble devotee who cries out for your help, your charity and your understanding. With all my soul at your feet I give you my plea, listen to it, attend to me and help me today and always. Amen".

Prayer to Saint Martin Caballero for difficult cases

Prayer to Saint Martin Caballero for difficult cases

With the blessing of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I invoke the help of San Martín Caballero, faithful protector of the cause of God.

O Saint Martin Caballero! Noble soldier, brave on the outside, kind on the inside. I cling to your mercy because I know you understand the suffering of men, and you use whatever resources are necessary to help us without hesitation. You not only distributed your cape, you also distributed everything you had and sheltered everyone who needed it, because in the same way I need you now.

I beg you not to forsake me, because my need is so great right now, that if you let me go I don't know where I'll end up. My affliction is a difficult cause to solve, therefore, I do not find earthly means to get out of this adversity (make a request).

In your opinion I leave the course of events that overwhelm me, because I trust that your intercession before Almighty God will bring me calm to wait for things to improve and the most convenient solution for my well-being.

O Saint Martin of Tours! Bishop and representative of faith in Christ, strengthen my faith to stand up in the face of vicissitude, because light will soon come to my dark paths full of worries and despair.

Help me Saint Martin, do not leave me without your help, that at your feet I will wait hoping that thanks to your blessed spirit I can get the necessary resources to live in peace and tranquility. May the blessing of God protect us at all times. Amen".

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Prayer to Saint Martin Caballero for love

«Blessed Saint Martin Caballero, you who are a sign of the most sublime love that exists, love towards God, and brotherly love for others. You are contrary to all feelings of selfishness, injustice, evil or falsehood. I cling to that love that characterizes you, to beg you to help me to enjoy the honeys of true love in my life.

You know very well that for those of us incarnated who wander through this world, needs can sometimes be a symbol of great pain. That is why, attached to the faith that I have for you, to the respect and admiration of your works, I confess before you one of my greatest desires, which is to be able to achieve stability in love, maintain a stable relationship, where values, respect, understanding and above all the presence of our God.

Saint Martin de Loba, I beg you to spill all your merciful fluid on me so that being blessed by your irradiation, I spread your peace, your love, and the prosperity that characterizes you to all those around me. May love reign over my home, my work and my loved ones.

I also ask you for all those who suffer, for those who silence their sorrows, for those who are hungry, cold, miserly or in need, provide the resources so that they can improve their situation and that they never lack a hand to help them up. .

Saint Martin Caballero, I do not intend to request any excess, rather, with great humility I make this request from my heart (make request). Pray before the Creator so that he can reach his help and live the bliss of rejoicing in the Lord's own energy, which is concentrated in the noblest feelings and actions of the beings of creation.

Blessed Saint Martin Caballero, I will be forever grateful for having your help, may your greatness be recognized for ever and ever. Amen".

Who is Saint Martin Caballero?

Saint Martin Knight

San Martín is known under various names, it can be identified as: San Martín de Tours, San Martín de Loba, or San Martín Caballero. This outstanding character was born in Sabaria, Pannonia, current Hungary, approximately in the year 316. At the beginning of his life, he was a soldier who belonged to the ranks of the Roman army.

His legend tells that, being the year 337, Martin was in the city of Amiens, and in the vicinity of the city gate he found a beggar devoid of clothing to protect himself from the infamous cold. He immediately felt compassion for that man and offered him half of his cloak, since the other half was owned by the Roman army.

The most special thing about that story occurs during that night, while Martin was sleeping, in a dream he saw Jesus covered with the half cape that he had given the beggar in the company of a large number of angels, who told him: "Martin, being still a catechumen , has covered me with this dress.

That experience was an inspiring revelation for Martin, who had grown up within pagan customs, but from that moment he decided to follow faith in Christ and stop serving the Roman army, however, it was not so easy, because Julian Caesar did not allow his retirement.

Then, the story goes that on an occasion when, being prepared to enter into combat against the barbarian soldiers, Caesar walked in front of the formation of his legions to offer an economic reward to each soldier. When he passed close to Martin, he told him: «Up to this moment, Caesar, I have fought in his name and in Rome; please allow that from now on I can retire to battle for God. Whoever wishes to remain a soldier, let him accept his gift; I am a soldier of Christ, it is not good for my cause to continue in the army».

Martin's life was spent traveling through many lands of the empire, while he dedicated himself to evangelization and the eradication of pagan customs. For the year 371, due to his outstanding work, he was appointed bishop of the city of Tours. Later, his life comes to an end in Candes, in the year 397. After his death, a chapel was built over his sepulcher that later became a basilica, which was finally destroyed during the wars. Norman raids. However, the cult and veneration of him spread throughout many parts of the world.

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