Night prayer

The night prayer is a very important prayer in the life of believers, since it fundamentally serves to end the day in one of the best possible ways, thanking God for everything that has been lived, for what has been learned, for what has been received and especially for being alive, which constitutes an opportunity to be better people and eradicate the presence of sin in each one of us who aspire to God's forgiveness and eternal life by his side.

Why should we pray at night?

Finishing the day's work, there is no doubt that it is a triumph, regardless of what has been achieved, with the simple fact of continuing alive we are before the evidence of God's grace. For true believers, it is clear that the first thought of the day, as well as the last, must be for God.

This intimate moment between the individual and God becomes a kind of meditation that revitalizes him and encourages him to rest peacefully, preparing him to start a new march in the morning.

How to pray before sleeping?

After having prepared the appropriate conditions for night rest, and free from any concern or distraction, in a resting position or in the one that is most comfortable for us, it is the most opportune moment to reflect and address some beautiful words to our Creator.

One way to start this practice can be by thanking God, acknowledging our faults or the things in which we want to improve, asking for forgiveness, forgiving ourselves, and forgiving others for the mistakes they have made us. After all that, we can also raise our petitions so that divine intervention will bring us a better tomorrow, and even a better way of life.

Evening prayer

«Glorious Father who sits on the throne of the kingdom of heaven, first of all I want to thank you for another day of life. It is you who sustains me, you provide oxygen to my lungs, peace to my heart, wisdom to my mind, and forgiveness to my soul.

From the depths of my being, in this sublime moment dedicated in your honor, I beg you to remain present in everything I live, just as you have always done.

To you, my Lord, I thank you for allowing me to live all my experiences, in which with total certainty I have been able to discover your hidden love in all the details, from the simplest to the most complex.

I praise your magnificence my God, because your greatness does not prevent you from seeing us with eyes of mercy. I praise you and love you Lord, because you always come out to meet me on the paths of tribulation. You attend me whenever I need you, you do not abandon me, you give me your unconditional love, you influence my soul and my heart so that with all my being I can be evidence of your existence. You are blessing, peace and love.

Forgive my sins Father, because as a simple human many times I am a victim of temptation. Inspire in me your immaculate grace so that I can become, day by day, a better person, an example of the three theological virtues: faith, hope and charity.

I beg you to come to my call today and every day of my life, to allow me to feel your presence, the one that encourages me, pleases me, gives me well-being, and makes me live peacefully. Your work is present in everything I do, and although the path is not easy at times, I am certain that it is you who illuminates my paths to get out of the darkness.

At your side, nothing will defeat me. I declare myself successful in all my affairs. I discard all feelings of sadness, fear, depression, anxiety, despair, impatience and misery. Attached to the love of the Father, I strengthen myself, get up, comfort myself, evolve and grow.  

For your immense mercy Lord, it is that at the end of this day I give you infinite thanks, since you have brought me to the good end of another day. Thank you for allowing me to finish my tasks; for allowing me to have been with my family and my loved ones; thank you Father, for my friends and benefactors, for enjoying a home and a bed to rest; Thank you for giving me the grace of your blessing, your guidance and protection.

With tranquility I give you my rest, because trusting in you my soul rests in peace, tomorrow I will wake up with renewed energies by your grace. Amen".

short prayer for the night

«Good Night God of Heaven, I prepare my rooms to rest in your name. Join me, take care of me and keep me, so that full of your energy I can have a restful sleep. Cover me with your grace. Allow me to remain in your light and in your love, protecting me at all times. Amen".

Prayer for tonight

“Holy Father, you are eternal rest, repose for pilgrims, peace for the afflicted, health for the sick, love and perpetual life for all who believe.

Today, like every night, I rest in my room keeping you in my thoughts, because I only have to thank and praise your pious help, and celebrate that we continue to enjoy the mystery of life.

I cry to you Father of heaven, I do it at all times, with the light of day, with the last ray of sunset and in the shadows of the night. Because it is you who enlightens me, protects me and protects me while I sleep. Lord, I pray for myself, for the whole world, especially for those who know you and still ignore you.

Thank you, beloved Father, for everything I have received this day, for the food I have eaten, for the steps I have taken, for the words I have said and heard, for what I have felt, for what I have learned and for what vivid. Forgive my sins and if I have offended you in any way, instruct me with your wisdom so as not to err again. Stay by my side, forever and ever amen. Amen".

Prayer before sleep

«Merciful God, after the work of this long day, I finally managed to reach the place of my rest.

Although my body is lying down and at rest, my mind is still awake, attentive and meditative for everything that I have experienced during this day. All these actions have been inspired by your goodness, because you are the source of life, and without your decisive influence we could not even exist.

Heavenly Father, in order to end this day correctly I have the need to praise you, thank you, and adore you.

I am grateful for all the blessings I enjoy, for having people who love me, for my family, for my health, for my friends for: (thank you for the things you want), and above all, I thank your presence in my life.

Protect me Lord, from all evil and at all times, protect my sleep and my rest so that nothing negative can penetrate it, rather, provide me with wisdom and understanding while I sleep, to wake up with a clear mind to make the most appropriate decisions to face myself correctly. to my circumstances.

Now that I'm going to sleep, help me to experience the calm and tranquility that only in your company can I live. Amen".

Night prayer before bed

Night prayer before bed

With the blessing of God the Father, God the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Right now, before going to sleep, full of joy, I am grateful for having finished a new day, getting ready to make the long-awaited rest with the company of Our Lord.

Before I close my eyes, silence my lips and appease my senses for the necessary rest, I thank God for all the blessings I have received today. I pray that my sins or any fault in my behavior that in one way or another could have offended my Lord may be forgiven.

Even in the dark of night I will not fear, because my Father enlightens me with the grace of his presence. I honor you Father of Mercy, because your greatness lies in each of the creatures of creation, thanks to you we can breathe, feel and live this and every day that you have given us as a precious gift.

Before sleeping, I give you all my affairs, work with your wisdom so that my concerns are dissipated and when I wake up, I have clear ideas inspired by your kindness, with which I have to solve all my situations.

I ask you, beloved Father, to take care of me and my family, watch over our dreams, so that, comforted by your glory, we may be worthy of your blessings. Amen".

Night prayer to the Virgin Mary

Night prayer to the Virgin Mary

«Oh most pious Virgin Mary! Example of faith and devotion. To you, immaculate lady, tonight I ask for a blessing, always counting on the grace of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Queen of Heaven, today, after my day, I prepare to rest. I long to sleep soundly, that's why I give you all my concerns, Holy Mother. Surely I find that you will know how to intercede with the Creator for my cause. Therefore, I have to rest confident knowing that you are on my side.

Virgin Mary, I am grateful for the spiritual and material blessings that I have received today, because there is bread on my table, for my family and for the health that allows me to continue the daily fight for my goals.

Mother, I implore you that your protection will never fail us. Turn my pillow into your lap, so that your hug encourages me to continue, that your breath brings peace and tranquility to my soul, my mind and my heart.

Purify my thoughts during my sleep so that when the new day arrives I wake up renewed and grateful for your love. Mother of God, you who live and reign forever and ever. Amen".

catholic prayer for the night

catholic prayer for the night

«At night I sleep in perfect calm, because my soul only rests in God. That is why from my bed I always wait for my salvation.

I ask for your company God of mercy, because in you I am strengthened, I find peace with you and under no reason should I doubt.

I will not fear, because my Father protects me even in the darkest nights, when the infamous are loose in their evil, living on deceit and lies, I find myself full of peace and rest, because under the precepts of God I have to protect myself.

In God I have rest this and every night, because my soul is strengthened with his faith and hope. Father, you are my rock and my savior, in you is my salvation and my glory.

I will not fear, because in my Father I shelter, at night he hugs me to wrap me up and during the day he encourages me to continue until I reach my goals. God is my refuge.

Thank God for one more day that culminates, for the miracle of life and for the desire to continue. Amen".

christian night prayer

«Divine Father, tonight I honor you again and again.

A day that culminates, full of victories and setbacks. As always, I am grateful because you have allowed me to enjoy one more day the gift that life means, surrounded by family, friends and benefactors who esteem me and contribute to making my world a better space.

Charged with extreme humility, before you I bow my head asking for your forgiveness from my heart, because being human I have failed you, temptations are pressing and even though I am ready to live under your mandates, sometimes we make mistakes, of which I regret and attached to your mercy I request your indulgence.

Strengthened in my faith, I promise to continue working to be a better person, a better Christian, a better son/daughter, a better father/mother, a better husband/wife and a better brother/sister in helping others.

I beg you Father of heaven that, just as today I have been blessed with another day, so may I be blessed tomorrow. Keep away from my life all my opponents, illness and any adversity that affects me and worries me, even disturbing my sleep and my rest.

Accompany me with your blessing day and night, today, tomorrow, and always, protect me and keep me safe with your immense goodness, forever and ever. Amen".

Night prayer to the Holy Spirit

«Infinitely grateful to God and the Holy Spirit I end this day. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for being with me throughout the day and bringing me back home.

Holy Spirit, essence of God, you who accompany us at all times, never abandon us in the most adverse moments of our existence, tonight before going to sleep I put all my affairs in your hands.

I beg you Holy Spirit to bring me the peace and love that my life longs for so much, only you can do it because without you nothing makes sense or reason for being. Strengthen my faith day after day, stimulates the wisdom and clarity of my thoughts.

Holy Spirit, in your deep mercy grant me the forgiveness of my sins, enlighten my heart, touch my soul, give me encouragement, strength and energy. It is you, source of inspiration of kindness and charity.

I beg you to help me rest, since, surrounded by your peace, there will be no disturbance that afflicts me. Impregnate me with your loving fluid so that, when I close my eyes, only fresh thoughts come to me and I can rest with a restful and pleasant sleep.

By your side Holy Spirit, tonight I have to achieve the calm that I so much need, to be able to disconnect from the physical world for the time necessary to recover the energy to continue.

Purify my heart with your love Holy Spirit, benefit my rest to have a peaceful night, where I can reflect on your compassion and all the pious things you continuously do for me. You are great and Supreme, I adore you and glorify you, and I hope you will always be part of my existence, do not forsake me. Amen".

Prayer to the guardian angel before bed

Prayer to the guardian angel before bed

«My guardian angel, custodian and protector of my life. For your laudable virtues and deep devotion, you were entrusted by Almighty God from the moment he gave me the first breath of life to be my inseparable companion in the toil of this earthly world.

When the night comes and in the silence of my rest, I thank God for having entrusted you with this mission, because you have diligently taken care of me, I have never been alone in the most difficult moments, because you have always accompanied me, becoming my cane and my support .

I thank you, my angel, for the dangers from which you have freed me; my protector, today and every day I ask you to protect me and defend me from my enemies, known or unknown, so that their machinations do not harm me.

Angel of God, you who are my guardian night after night, bless my sleep so that tomorrow is optimal, that when I wake up I feel encouraged and with the impetus to solve my problems in the most appropriate way.

Charge me with your serenity throughout the night, surround me with your fluid and give me the inspiration necessary to become a better person, charged with faith, hope and charity towards my neighbor.

Work so that my nights are not interrupted by the bad energies of insomnia, anxiety or depression. May my worries be dissipated so that I can rest for the time necessary to repair the energies that I have spent today.

My guardian angel, tonight I put my heart in your hands, intercede before the Lord so that my concerns are addressed, thus making tomorrow much better. Do not allow bad energies to overwhelm me, neither awake nor asleep, so that I can start the new day with the greatest possible disposition.

Evening prayer for children

Evening prayer for children

“Thank you, my God, for so many good things.

Thanks for the day, thanks for the night.

Thanks for your love.

Join me to rest tonight, to sleep with your blessing.

God in heaven, you love me and I love you.

Watch over my sleep with endless love.

You who live and reign for ever and ever. Thank my Lord! Amen".

Night prayer to rest well

«Thank God for this day that ends. During all this time I have enjoyed the happiness of being certain that you support me and for this reason, I walk through life with courage and the strength to fight.

Your hand, Holy Father, is the one that held me yesterday, it is the one that holds me today, and it will surely be the one that will hold me tomorrow. This is the main reason why I can rest calmly, with tranquility and confidence.

My Lord, before going to sleep I need to honor you, because my gratitude to your grace is infinite, I recognize that you have been benevolent during this day, I recognize all the blessings that you put in my life today, especially keeping me alive.

Filled with your influence I walked, I fed myself, I enjoyed my health, I enjoyed the love of my family, I work for my dreams, and I enjoy every experience I live, thanks to you Eternal Father.

Surely I find that adversities are only part of my path, that in each of them you have to teach me a lesson that will make me a better person, stronger, more mature and with a greater capacity to continue. Because sometimes, what we think is bad, is not so bad, because there is no evil that does not come for good.

Lord, tonight I give you control of my life, my family and my home. You are the one who governs and guards our existence, covers our house with your sacred mantle, so that good energies reign throughout this place, allowing us a good rest, enjoying a restful sleep, with a beautiful awakening.

My God, you are my first and last thought of the day, strengthen my faith to keep my heart full of your grace and peace. Amen".

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