Novena to San Judas Tadeo

Novena to San Judas Tadeo

The Novena to San Judas Tadeo is a practice carried out by the devotees of the patron saint of impossible causes and desperate situations, to intensify their prayers consecutively, in order to reach his intercession in the solution of their problems. These prayers are usually very effective, so they are considered a very powerful way to communicate with the spirituality of the saint.

What is the ninth of San Judas Tadeo?

We know that San Judas Tadeo was one of the twelve apostles who accompanied Jesus, for this purpose, he participated in the Last Supper and the arrival of Pentecost. He was a faithful follower of Christ even in the most critical moments of his crucifixion, and later, he continued to be, contributing to evangelization.

Being considered one of the original Christians and faithful to the word of Jesus, it is known that he is a saint with an extremely kind, charitable and diligent disposition to help others. This is the reason why his devotees use the union of various prayers for 9 days in a row to implore his valuable help regarding the solution of his most complex problems.

Traditionally the ninth of San Judas Tadeo begins on the 28th of the month, especially in the month of October. The way in which the novena is prayed is once a day, for 9 days in a row. It is best to choose a specific time to pray and keep it throughout the process.

For what do you use it?

These prayers can be made in order to thank for the favors received thanks to the intercession of Saint Jude. However, it is usually more than one plea. In fact, before beginning the novena, it is necessary to be clear about its motivation, in order to pray the prayers keeping a clear and specific request.

How to pray the novena of San Judas Tadeo?

How to pray the novena of San Judas Tadeo?

As its name indicates, a novena consists of praying nine times. The time of the prayers among themselves can vary. It is possible to do it daily until completing the number of prayers, or if it is urgent to speed up the pace, a prayer can be made every 9 hours.

The San Judas Tadeo novena can be performed privately or in a group without any problem. Likewise, although the custom is to start it on the 28th of the month, if necessary, any day is opportune to invoke the help of the patron saint of impossible causes.

Novena of San Judas Tadeo

The first prayers are maintained throughout the performance of the novena:

Sign of the Cross

«By the sign of the Holy Cross, from our enemies, deliver us Lord, our God. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen".

Act of contrition

«Jesus, my Lord and Redeemer: I repent of all the sins I have committed until today, and it weighs me with all my heart, because with them I have offended such a good God. I firmly propose not to sin again, and I trust that, by your infinite mercy, you will grant me forgiveness for my sins and you will lead me to eternal life. Amen".


“My Lord Jesus Christ, to you we offer our prayers right now. Recognizing the very special bond that unites you with Judas, your apostle, cousin brother and friend. In the name of that brotherly love and deep friendship, we issue our prayers so that they are received by both, in representation of that union that characterizes them. Your sacrifice on the Cross is and will always be a reason for constant praise. Assist us, join us, protect us today and every day of our lives. Strengthen our love for God and our neighbor. Make these graces and favors for which we implore, be granted to us through you, who live and queen with the Father, in unity of the Holy Spirit, for ever and ever. Amen".

Opening prayer

“In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Oh admired Apostle Saint Judas Tadeo, faithful disciple and friend of the Lord Jesus! We cry out to you as a patron in difficult and immensely desperate cases.

Pray in my name, I am just a poor sinner, before Almighty God, because here I am very despondent for (making the request and explaining the situation I am going through) help me, if it is for my benefit, for the glory of God and your honor .

We trust that the Father will listen to all the prayers offered in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and we join in prayer to the Apostle Saint Judas Tadeo, who rests in the kingdom of heaven for having triumphed over death, thanks to the resurrection of Christ. . United to the prayers of praise and petition of Saint Jude, we pray these devotions to God, giving you my word, magnificent Saint Jude, that I will always remember your protection and in the same way I will do everything in my power to spread your contemplation. Amen".

Proper Novena Prayer

“Adored Saint Jude Thaddeus, for the wonderful grace with which you were revived during your life, particularly for the blessing of being born into the earthly family of Jesus and for having become a fervent Apostle; for that glory that you now enjoy in Heaven as a reward for your sacrifices, your faith and for your martyrdom, intervene with mercy before the urgent favor that I now need (make the request of him). I will always be grateful before Jesus Christ Our Lord and before your charitable help saint of my devotion. Amen".

Litanies of San Judas Tadeo

"Lord have mercy on us.

Christ, have mercy on us.

Lord have mercy on us.

Christ, hear us.

Christ, hear us out.

Oh God! Heavenly Father, have mercy on us.

Oh God! Son, Redeemer of the world, have mercy on us.

Oh God! Holy Spirit, have mercy on us.

San Judas Tadeo, close friend of Jesus and Mary.

(Pray for us)

Saint Judas Tadeo, who living on Earth was worthy to observe Jesus and Mary and to rejoice in their company.

(Pray for us)

San Judas Tadeo, exalted to the dignity of Apostle.

(Pray for us)

Saint Judas Tadeo, who enjoyed the honor of observing your Divine Redeemer bow down to wash your feet.

(Pray for us)

Saint Judas Tadeo, who at the Last Supper received the Holy Eucharist from the very hands of Jesus.

(Pray for us)

Saint Jude, who after the immense pain caused by the death of your beloved Master, enjoyed the consolation of seeing him rise from the dead and witnessing his glorious Ascension.

(Pray for us)

Saint Judas Tadeo, who was impregnated with the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost.

(Pray for us)

Saint Judas Tadeo, who taught the Gospel in Persia.

(Pray for us)

Saint Judas Tadeo, who did great wonders with the power of the Holy Spirit.

(Pray for us)

San Judas Tadeo, who restored the health of soul and body to an idolatrous king.

(Pray for us)

Saint Judas Tadeo, who silenced the demons and confused their divinations.

(Pray for us)

Saint Judas Tadeo, who foretold a fragile prince an honorable calm with his powerful enemy.

(Pray for us)

San Judas Tadeo, who removed from the most lethal snakes the power to harm man.

(Pray for us)

Saint Judas Tadeo, who, ignoring the threats of the wicked, bravely evangelized the word of Christ.

(Pray for us)

Saint Judas Tadeo, who bravely suffered martyrdom for love of your divine Master (Pray for us)

O sanctified evangelist, with fervor we invoke you!

O sanctified evangelist, with fervor we invoke you!

O sanctified evangelist, with fervor we invoke you!

Oh San Judas Tadeo, hope of the needy, help me in my suffering!

Oh San Judas Tadeo, hope of the needy, help me in my suffering!

Oh San Judas Tadeo, hope of the needy, help me in my suffering!

Through your intervention, ministers and believers, faithful followers of the Church receive a burning zeal for the faith of Christ.

(We beg you, hear us)

May you protect the Supreme Pontiff and obtain peace and union in the Holy Church.

(We beg you, hear us)

May the infidels and unbelievers convert to the true faith.

(We beg you, hear us)

May faith, hope and charity grow enormously in our hearts.

(We beg you, hear us)

May we be freed from all negative thoughts and all demonic temptations.

(We beg you, hear us)

That you keep us from all sins and from all opportunities in which we could sin.

(We beg you, hear us)

May you defend us at the hour of death against the fury of the devil and his evil spirits.

(We beg you, hear us)

Pray for us, so that before dying we purge all our sins with frank contrition and the correct acceptance of the Holy Sacraments.

Pray for us that we may obtain a favorable judgment.

Pray for us so that we may be welcomed in the representation of the elect to enjoy the presence of God for ever and ever.

Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. Forgive us Lord.

Lamb of God you take away the sin of the world. Hear us, Lord.

Lamb of God you take away the sin of the world. Have mercy on us.

Pray for us, San Judas Tadeo.

So that we are worthy of the promises of Christ. Amen."

Next, the prayer for each day is performed.

First day: The vocation of San Judas Tadeo

First day ninth to san judas tadeo

«Saint Judas Tadeo, student, friend and witness of Christ, pray for us.

Saint Judas Tadeo, filled with the Holy Spirit you were blessed on Pentecost, pray for us.

San Judas Tadeo, you who attend to the implorations of the afflicted, pray for us.

San Judas Tadeo, your intercession resolves the most difficult tribulations, bringing miraculous solutions, pray for us.

Saint Judas Tadeo, faithful protector of lost causes, pray for us.

Saint Judas Tadeo, blessed relative of Jesus, pray for us.

San Judas Tadeo, glorious protector of all your devotees, pray for us.

Saint Judas Tadeo, you yourself helped the sick, felt firsthand the pain of the afflicted, and comforted the disconsolate. You were invested with the authority and power of Jesus to perform miraculous acts of kindness, heal the incurable, and restore the disabled. We ask you to intervene before Christ Our Lord, so that he may fill us with his grace and receive health for those who are afflicted and need it, to lift up fallen spirits, and to instill hope in desperate hearts. Amen".

Final prayer for every day

«Oh Merciful God, who gave us the grace of being able to know your Holy Name for the apostolic mission of evangelists like Saint Judas Tadeo. Allow then, that his intervention is worth us to be able to put into practice his virtues and atone for our sins. Through Christ Our Lord. Amen".

Second day: The Love of San Judas Tadeo

Second day of the novena to San Judas Tadeo

«Christ Our Lord said: “he who has my commandments and keeps them, he is the one who loves me and whoever loves me will be loved by my Father and I will love him and manifest myself to him”. We welcome the love of the Father, keeping his word for our salvation. We beg you to intercede for us before the Almighty to recharge us with his strength, provide us with the wisdom to understand his will for us, and full of confidence we wait in his loving hands. Saint Judas Tadeo, diligent apostle, understanding of the love of God and the love of my neighbor, help me in my difficulties, and strengthen my spirit to always remain under the grace of God the Father, awaiting mercy until the end of our days and thus be able to attain the glory of eternal life. Amen".

(closing prayer)

Third day: The zeal of San Judas Tadeo

Third day of the novena to San Judas Tadeo

«San Judas Tadeo, example of genuine apostolic zeal, product of true love for Jesus Christ Our Redeemer. It is you who exalts his virtues for greater honor of the Eternal Father and the salvation of souls. Fill our hearts with the preaching of the word of the Lord, and filled with his profound goodness, grant us the joy of being able to enjoy the bliss of his mercy. Hear our prayers that call for peace and justice in the world. May your intervention before the Lord allow us to be filled with courage to defend what is right. Work for us to be effective doers who encourage tranquility, calm and peace as you did, especially where there are injustices, violence and abuse. Amen".

(closing prayer)

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Fourth day: The Faith of San Judas Tadeo

fourth day ninth of san judas tadeo

«Join us Saint Judas Tadeo, so that we can deepen our humble understanding of the mysteries of the Lord. Subject us to God, before whom we present ourselves humbled and submissive because of our faith. Saint Judas Tadeo, fervent believer, you who practiced a faithful apostolate plagued by a conversion in body and soul. Witness of the mission accomplished by Jesus, who responded to the call of the Father, and by his deep faith gave his life for the salvation of our souls. You also endured the physical pain and spiritual abandonment, and with absolute tranquility you accepted your sufferings, approaching those of our Savior Jesus, thus sharing the redemption of the world. Before you we pray to get out of our misfortunes, advocate of impossible causes, because he who believes in Christ is strengthened and can do everything. Amen".

(closing prayer)

Fifth day: The fortress of San Judas Tadeo

Fifth day: The fortress of San Judas Tadeo

«San Judas Tadeo, you who despised all boastful praise and all the material opulence of this world attached only to your principles of faith and without wavering at any time. You who addressed the world without hesitation to spread the good news of the word of God. Help me to get as close as possible to God the Father, maintaining the strength to resist temptations and positively freeing myself from vicissitudes. Help us Saint Jude, to serve with a kinder heart and sacrifice our own interests for the good of others. He intercedes for us before Jesus, who humbled himself on the cross, as a sacrifice and total dedication that vivifies us and saves us. He strengthens our understanding so that we can more accurately imitate your life, becoming genuine believers with a life of selfless service to others. Amen".

(closing prayer)

Sixth day: The Humility of San Judas Tadeo

Sixth day: The Humility of San Judas Tadeo

«San Judas Tadeo, keep us away from the infamous, the proud and the ambitious, because God has to bring down the arrogant wealthy and will exalt the humble. Protect me under the protection of God who loves and protects the needy and the sick. You, dear servant and brother of Santiago, for your recognized humility you were elevated to the kingdom of heaven, now raise my prayers to reach the resolution of my concerns as soon as possible. You, who along with the other Apostles both on Earth and in heaven promptly help the helpless, do not forget to favor me with your prayers before the Lord, so that one day I can reach the benevolent gaze of God. Intercede for us before God the Father so that we may be forgiven, and influence our hearts with your kindness so that we learn to forgive those who have offended us, thus freeing us from any vestige of hatred, bitterness or resentment in our hearts. Amen".

(closing prayer)

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Seventh day: The Meekness of San Judas Tadeo

Seventh day, ninth to San Judas Tadeo

«Saint Judas Tadeo, self-sacrificing apostle, even at the risk of death, you did not allow fear to overcome you, but you preserved your devotion and service to the Lord, offered through the Holy Son, who through word and deed taught what true love means. . You, Saint Judas Tadeo, also offered your blood and your flesh in sacrifice of faith, following in the footsteps of your Master and Redeemer Jesus Christ. I beg you to intercede before God for my cause, to be myself a testimony of faith, charity and hope of your good deeds. Brave devotee who, without fear of being pointed out, rejected and finally martyred, never declined in the conviction of your beliefs, for that immense strength I implore you to ask the Lord to send the Holy Spirit so that we can be true representatives of love, of forgiveness and the justice of God in this world so corrupt and unjust. Amen".

(closing prayer)

Eighth day: The Wisdom of San Judas Tadeo

Eighth day: The Wisdom of San Judas Tadeo

«Blessed San Judas Tadeo, whose character was forged by the truth itself. Blessed to have been educated by the Master of teachers, Christ, who is love, is truth and eternal life. You teach us the great obligation we have to grow in the love of God and to encourage our brothers along the genuine path of evangelical wisdom. Do not allow Saint Jude to remain seated in darkness and shadow of death. Saint Jude, you who traveled the world to share the good news of Jesus Christ, enlighten us with a better understanding of the gospel, so that our hearts may be united forever in Christ. Help us to overcome our fear or selfishness to put our virtues at the service of others. Amen".

Ninth day: The Power of San Judas Tadeo

Ninth day (Last), Novena to San Judas Tadeo

«San Judas Tadeo, relative and friend of Jesus. You, who at his side observed the wonder in his miraculous actions. You accompanied him to heal the sick, you learned to live his precepts full of infinite compassion and full of a saving experience. You understood the power of his message, the importance of the search for redemption and the happiness that eternal life produces. Intercede for us right now, so that impregnated with your charitable fluid we find the way out of tribulation and the peace of our souls. Give me your love and friendship, the warmth of your presence, and the healing power of your spirit sheltered in the blessing of God the Father, son and Holy Spirit. And since nothing is impossible for our Almighty God, let us pray that He heals us from all discomfort, affliction and adversity, revitalizing our body and soul. Amen".

 I hope the novena to San Judas Tadeo will help you, remember to pray with great faith. If you are interested in prayers you can also read:

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