prayer come to me

prayer come to me

The Come to Me Prayer is extremely powerful, because it activates the energies of attraction, so it may be able to very effectively attract the loved one or the object of desire. This is because it uses the natural capacity of the mind of each human being to materialize what he wants in his life.

What is the use of prayer come to me?

The most important thing when praying the prayer come to me is the concentration and the faith that you have when doing it, since its effectiveness will depend on the way in which the officiant activates the energies of attraction in his physical field. , thus being able to achieve almost anything that is proposed.

The prayer come to me is very popular for its well-known effectiveness in love issues, it is well known that it serves to attract the person you want as a partner, or simply a true love with the characteristics we dream of. In fact, it is believed that the results after performing this prayer are almost immediate, perceived in the energy that emanates both between couples and in homes, stimulating a more harmonious environment full of good vibrations.

However, the power of the prayer come to me is not limited to sentimental issues only, it is also possible to make invocations with this prayer to attract money, prosperity, development in the material aspect in all its senses, or to achieve a specific goal you want to achieve.

prayer come to me

This prayer can be performed by lighting a white candle invoking your entire spiritual guide to channel loving harmony in your life and achieve your sentimental goals.

«In the here and now, I activate my cosmic connection with Almighty God, creator of all existence, so that it allows me to connect with the energy of all the entities that have been commissioned to help incarnated beings in this earthly world. .

I invoke the spirituality of the 4 elements: earth, air, fire and water. To my guardian angel and all my spiritual guides. I call on Lila, Malva and Jacinta to come to me (say the name of the loved one).

I decree that from this moment (say the name of the loved one) will come to me. I take possession of your thoughts and feelings (say the name of the loved one) come to me.

May the sap of Mirto flow through the blood of (say the name of the loved one) so that it comes to me, returns with me, to heal my anxieties and sadness due to its absence, so that you illuminate my soul and my being, from the same way that I will illuminate yours.

Come to me (say the name of the loved one) with an intense and passionate love, with need and desire towards me, with your ideas directed towards the importance of our love, longing for my presence by your side, influenced by all the angels of love , by the herbs of Venus, come to me.

Come to me (say the name of the loved one) with the same need that I have of you, to have a life full of happiness and joy.

I cry out to the strength of the nocturnal spirit to be able to enter the dreams of (say the name of the loved one) inspiring beautiful and pleasant visions in my company.

I call the morning spirit, so that (say the name of the loved one) when he wakes up the first thing he longs for is my presence, so that his first thought is me, so that his greatest desire is to wake up next to me and come to me.

I request the presence of the spirit of love so that the heart of (say the name of the loved one) is pierced with arrows impregnated with the honeys of love and come to me, because nostalgia will not let him rest and many memories of our will come to his mind. intimacy together, that's why he can't bear to be away from me.

I pray to San Marcos de León, that just as he tames the will of wild beasts, he appeases the spirit of (say the name of the loved one) so that he always comes to me docile, submissive, complacent, loving, in love, willing, and adoring me. like no one else.

Spirit of despair, I beg you that (say the name of the loved one) come to me immediately, and as long as he does not do so, let him be invaded by your fluid, feel desperate, anguished, impatient and sad for the lack I do him in his life. life, finding only peace if it comes to me.

Restless spirit with your influence I decree that (say the name of the loved one) will come to me and as long as he does not, his energy will make him unlucky, restless, clumsy and foolish, until he understands that his tranquility and well-being is only by my side.

Spirits that assist me, at your feet I seal this spell, my affirmation makes what I predict come true, it will not be, it already is, because I call (say the name of the loved one), come to me because you will be my companion forever and only to me you must belong. It has been said, it has been done, so it is and so I decree. Amen".

Prayer come to me for the money

It is important to be clear when using the come to me prayers that in each of us there lives an inner force capable of attracting what we long for, the important thing is to know how to channel it to materialize our goals. Precisely, that channeling can be achieved by concentrating our vibration when using this type of prayer. The prayer come to me for the money will bind the energy of prosperity and wealth that is loose in the universe ready to reach each one of us.

«I cry out the blessing of God, merciful creator full of love, abundance and well-being.

I call upon the infinite energies of the cosmos to come to me.

I activate all the power of attraction that is in my mind, in my body, in my heart, in my soul and in my whole being, so that it connects with the spirit of money, prosperity, open roads, and good luck.

I decree that the bonanza will come to me. In this now and at this moment I call fortune, money come to me, flood my hands, my house, my job, my business, my life, everything that I touch or long for, is being filled with abundance right now. 

Wealth comes to me and will stay with me forever, backed by the energy of the heavenly bodies and stars, of the saints and saints of the heavenly court, by Saint Cono of Teggiano who will seal my decree for me with his hand, with the same hand that helped the needy.

The money comes to me!

Fortune comes to me!

Abundance is already in me!

I repeat it three times because it has to be three times, my finances will be tripled and I will never suffer from austerity again. Amen and so be it, so it is, so it will be."

Prayer come to me from Santa Muerte

«I invoke the Holy White Girl. Mighty Santa Muerte.

I come to you as I want my loved one to come to me. I come to you with eyes full of anguish, with the tiredness that invades me because of so much sadness you lie down, with the prayer that yearns for the return of those who are absent today.

Santa Muerte, I invoke your strength so that (say the name of the loved one) come to me.

With your voice I call (say the name of the loved one) come to me dominated in body, thought and will, without being able to look at anyone else but me, giving your affection and your love only to me.

Santa Muerte, with your eyes I look at (say the name of the loved one) so that he comes to me, full of desire for me, feeling that our love is the only thing he needs to continue his life, looking at me with eyes of unbridled passion, without being able to control the desire to call me, to touch me, and to look at me.

Come to me (say the name of the loved one) that my love for you is immense, all I want is to fill you with caresses and tenderness, that we make a life together, that we build a home, and that we be happy.

Come to me (say the name of the loved one) to be my spouse, by order of the Holy Death, at your feet my wishes must be fulfilled (make a request and offer something in return to agree with the Holy Death and make more effective your invocation) because you are the saint of my devotion.

Come to me (say the name of the loved one) so that we stop living a life full of bitterness, sadness, and loneliness. All the bad feelings have to be converted into pleasant, happy and full of enjoyment emotions whenever you think of me.

Come to me (say the name of the loved one) and that nothing and no one can separate us. That there is no other person who can attract your attention, or your love, or drive us away, by the power of Santa Muerte.

Come to me (say the name of the loved one) that my heart does not forget, I have not had rest since you left, now by the force of Santa Muerte you will not have rest until you return to my side.

Santa Muerte, you well know that I deserve that (say the name of the loved one) come back to me, emanate your powerful energy until my request is fulfilled. Oh, great white girl! Do not abandon me in my struggle, accompany me until I achieve what I want. It forces (say the name of the loved one) to look for me and stay with me. So be Santa Muerte, so it will be, amen.

Prayer come to me for love

This prayer can be accompanied with a red candle impregnated with sweet scented oils, honey, and rose petal powder, to activate the energies of love and enchantment.

«May the blessing of the great power of God assist me to invoke the presence of my guardian angel right now, eliminating from this very moment any low vibration that pushes me towards the path of solitude.

Angels that accompany me and guide me, help me so that love comes to me. Make me become the magnet that attracts the right person to form a couple and a home.

In the name of my guardian angel I cry Come to me love of my life! Come to me so we can be together forever. Come to me full of good and pure feelings, where envy or negativity cannot harm us.

In the name of the angels of love Come to me pure love! Come today to give me the sweetest honey of happiness, affection and the happiest feelings of the soul.

Almighty God, you who hear everything, do not allow my prayer to be lost in the air, and that I am left alone / or living this anguish for not having someone by my side to accompany me.

Allow beloved Creator to come to me that person who wants to see me, who longs to feel my smell, who longs to touch my skin with love, who wants to hug me, kiss me, love me and take care of me 24 hours a day for the rest of our lives. Amen".

Prayer come to me to attract the loved one

Along with this prayer, a ritual can be performed in which a perfume is prepared that will be veiled with three red candles and this prayer will be prayed three times. Then, that perfume will be used every time you are going to be close to the loved one, in order to attract him. Also, you can pray this prayer periodically when you put the perfume on your body, to keep its effects active.

«With the blessing of Supreme God, I invoke my spirit guide cadre, my ancestral spirits and all those entities that accompany me. 

O angels and archangels of love! Activate the vibrations of the greatest power that exists in the universe, love. Come to me (say the name of the loved one) in the name of all the angels come to me.

Come to me (say the name of the loved one) because it is our destiny that we be united, receive the flow of love emanating from the spiritualities that assist me so that inside you accept all the love I have to give you.

Come to me (say the name of the loved one) so that from this moment on your mind, your heart, your spirit and your body may be delivered with love to me and to no one else.

Come to me (say the name of the loved one) because we will live happily enjoying the full happiness that this union that will be blessed by the angels will provide us.

Come to me (say the name of the loved one) because you will not have rest or rest if you do not, your thoughts and feelings are tied to me, I am and I will always be present in your life without you having the will to leave me.

Come to me (say the name of the loved one) to give us the opportunity to live incredible moments, to enjoy evolution, harmony and good fortune together, forming a united family that will always be protected by the protection of the archangels, warriors who watch over us from heaven.

Come to me (say the name of the loved one) so we can feel, enjoy and adore each other once again.

Come to me (say the name of the loved one) surrendered with love, wasting your interest and desire to have me, distressed by my absence, in need of my sex, to give me all your desire.

Come to me (say the name of the loved one) repentant and submissive, offering me your whole being, dragged at my feet, beseeching for a life together.

Come to me (say the name of the loved one) that from this moment I am your owner, you have to return to me. With two I see you, with three I tie you up, I drink your blood and I break your heart. It has been written, it has been sealed. That's right, amen."

Prayer come to me to San Marcos de León

San Marcos de León was a Christian evangelist related to a winged lion, which symbolizes the victory that Marcos achieved by taming said animal. He is highly invoked to tame or dominate people or situations. His prayers and intervention are more popular with regard to solving couple problems, returning with great effectiveness to the loved one who has moved away.

«Oh glorious Saint Mark of León.

You were blessed with the great strength that allowed you to dominate the most fearsome beasts on earth. There is no wild beast that can resist your gifts, lions, snakes, dragons, everything that opposed your path ended up succumbing to your will.

That is why today I turn to your virtues to ask you to overcome any opposition that is harming my return with (say the name of the loved one). If there is a knot in his heart I ask you to untie it, if there is a lock I implore you to disarm it, so that once and for all it comes to me.

Let him come to me, let him come, and let nothing and no one stop him. Let him run, let him run and let no one oppose him, because he will wound at my feet and nothing will upset him.

San Marcos de León blessed that the footsteps of (say the name of the loved one) come to me right now. And just like the fierce lion that prostrated itself at your feet, may it come to mine meek and calm.

Let him come to me, bowed like a little lamb, submissive and calm with a low spirits. There will be no bed where he can lie down, nor bread that can be brought to his mouth, because desperation for me will not let him rest.

San Marcos de León, in the name of God I invoke you, to come to me (say the name of the loved one) by your mysteries dominated, his 5 senses will be tied to me, his thought for me conjured, his judgment for me dominated.

Come to me (say the name of the loved one) without any will of your own, repentant, humiliated and asking for another chance, treating me with the respect that you should always have given me.

By the grace of San Marcos de León (say the name of the loved one) your eyes have been blinded to look with love at no one else, because only they have to desire me.

You have been conjured (say the name of the loved one) and you have to come to me, your will is mine and mine alone by the power of San Marcos de León. With two I see you, with three I tie you up, I drink your blood and I break your heart, come to me. Thy will be done San Marcos. So be it, so it is, so it will be. Amen".

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