Prayer Opens Paths

Prayer Opens Paths

There are times in life when obstacles surround us and no matter how hard we try to move forward, it seems that something is blocking our path enormously. Those setbacks that do not allow us to succeed in our affairs can become so difficult that sometimes it is necessary to implore the help of God, our guardian angel and other spiritualities to be able to get out of tribulation and achieve triumph, becoming the Prayer Opens Paths in an effective alternative so that our pleas are heard and attended.

What is the Open Path Prayer for?

The Prayer Opens Paths can be used to solve a large number of adverse circumstances. There is no doubt that these prayers are very powerful and effective to solve problems of a sentimental or love nature, for labor and economic issues, for conflict resolution, and to help improve all those situations in which we feel that things are not progressing. enough to produce the results we expect.

Prayer Opens Paths

«The blessing of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I cling to you Heavenly Father, I fully trust you, because I know for sure that there is no one like you. I raise my prayer to you recognizing in advance that all honor and all glory belongs to you.

Beloved God, I pray that every door that has been closed to me will be opened by your immense power. I have to walk the right paths because it is you who leads me and guides me on the path I must travel, thanks to you I have to succeed, that's why I beg you to never abandon me.

Oh my Jesus! Immaculate love, true love, fraternal love, to you lowering my head due to the shame of my sins and grateful for the sacrifice you made for all the Lord's creatures, I implore you to accompany me with the mercy that characterizes you, and you can emanate to me all the wisdom I need to be able to choose the right path to achieve my goals, always full of kindness and charity, just as you yourself taught us.

Holy Spirit, divine energy, essence of the Creator, you are light, you are life and salvation. I beg you to enlighten me the way to be able to clearly observe the reasons why my affairs stop, and thus glimpse the correct way out of the vicissitudes that overwhelm me.

Holy Trinity, I beg you that every stone that has been crossed in my path be destroyed, that by your incalculable power that everything on earth and in heaven obeys, the paths that have been obstructed causing agony, loss , misfortunes, and discomforts, be open to me from this moment.

God of Heaven, I am sure that I have always been in your company, because you, like any good father, do not abandon your children to their fate. You have comforted me in times of greatest tribulation and lifted me up when I think I am going to give up. You do not allow failure to settle permanently in my life, in my mind, or in my heart, because you revitalize me by inspiring me to start my walk.

Protect me Lord, from my opponents, from those who put stones in my path, because under your protection I take refuge and by your side there is nothing and no one who can sing victory over me.

Holy Christ, guide my steps in the most convenient way for my development, help me to get out of arrears and do not allow me to suffer ruin, misery, illness, failure, or discouragement.

Guide me Lord, through the paths of health, prosperity, true love, peace, tranquility, happiness, abundance, where the harvest of my efforts is fresh and well rewarded. In your hands I entrust myself because from this moment I will only travel in the direction of success. Always keep me under your protection and thank you for your infinite love. Amen".

Prayer opens the way for love

Prayer opens the way for love

This prayer can be performed accompanied by a ritual to attract the energy of love into our lives. The ingredients to be used are: fresh water, rose petals of different colors, sweet spices (cinnamon, spice cloves, sweet pepper), honey, milk, pieces of sweet fresh fruit (do not use sour fruit) and essence of open paths. All these elements will be mixed together in a medium sized bowl.

In a corner of your home where no one interrupts your meditation, you will pray the prayer opens paths for love and light three red or pink triangle-shaped candles around the container. Once the candles are consumed, a bath will be made with that mixture visualizing all the things that you want to achieve on a sentimental level. 

«The blessing of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, three persons, one same essence. With your permission, I invoke the blessing and help of all the angels, archangels, saints of the heavenly court, and all the spiritualities of goodness and charity, capable of intervening in the sentimental matters that afflict us, the incarnated creatures of the Lord.

May the blessing of my guardian angel protect me, accompany me and assist me in this request that I humbly raise on behalf of all of you. Spirits of light, ascended by the grace of God, kind are your hearts and merciful your actions. You are capable of observing the truth and what my heart keeps, which sadly lives the misfortune of loneliness.

The paths of love have been closed to me many times, I can't find a way to walk paths of peace and happiness in which I find the appropriate company for my life. O Lord pure spirits! At his feet pleading I raise my prayer today. Do you that in my walk I can cross my path at the perfect moment and time to meet and connect with the love of my life. That when it happens my paths are covered with joy, happiness, pleasant moments, respect and love is born. A firm and stable love to form a home, a family, with solid foundations entrenched in the values ​​of respect, communication, union, loyalty, fidelity, and sincerity (make request).

Angels of love, I entrust to you with great faith that my prayers be taken to the feet of our Lord, so that thanks to his intercession they may be materialized and my paths definitively opened in the name of love. Thank you for listening and protecting me today and always. Amen".

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Prayer Makes Way for Money

Prayer Makes Way for Money

This prayer can be performed in the company of a candle (candle) of gold or silver color, to attract with greater force the energy of prosperity and money.

God the Father, beginning and end, you are the only absolute truth. I cling to your infinite mercy in the search for your protection and shelter that provides love, joy and peace.

As always, I am grateful every day of my life because you bless me with the fortune of being alive, for being healthy, for the people who love me, and because you take care of me, my God.

More I recognize that all my paths are not open, because the paths of development have been closed, backwardness and loss prevail in my economic affairs and I find myself stagnant.

That is why to you, my God of Mercy, I raise my prayer, so that, with the intervention of the saints of the heavenly court, especially of Saint Judas Tadeo, you offer me your help in economic matters, allow the obstacles that do not they let abundance and money come into my life, in the most opportune way possible.

Saints and saints wrapped in grace, I beg you to purify my ways in such a way that money finds me wherever I go, that it arrives quickly where I am, that it does not rest until it finds me, that it is attracted to me like a magnet to stick to me.

Once I obtain large amounts of money through the ways that your mercy deems necessary, I ask you to give me the wisdom to choose the appropriate ways to manage it, the wisdom to manage it, and the humility to keep it doing good works for me and charity. for the others.

Almighty God, from my heart I beg you to allow me to always be prosperous, do not let me walk down paths of poverty, lack, hunger, debt, sadness and desolation. Always accompany me with blessings of development, abundance and evolution. Thank you, thank you and always thank you Father. Amen".

Prayer Opens Paths for Business

This prayer can be done accompanied by a bath prepared with grass opens the way with which your entire business will be flushed, in order to attract the energies of prosperity and good fortune. Also, this prayer can be done daily, before opening your business.

“Almighty God protect me today and always. It was you, Holy Father, who allowed my guardian angel and my spirit guides to open my paths to open my business. A sample of his generosity and his blessings to me, which I greatly appreciate.

Today, I put my business in your hands, I offer my work in the name of all those spiritualities that guide me and that always accompany me. Be the ones who drive my steps through fresh and open paths, full of health and prosperity, open the paths that bring new clients to my business, and that the old ones return, that everyone come to buy my merchandise or request my services , and that they are always satisfied recommending me to all their acquaintances.

I am and will always be grateful to all my spiritual guides and my Creator God, because from their hands I receive today and always abundant prosperity that allows me to grow and evolve financially, both myself and the people I depend on personally and job of my job. 

In your hands I deliver the reins of my business My God, lead it to your liking, I am sure that you will take us on the right path. Allow tranquility, peace, prosperity, and happiness to always reign in all my affairs. Amen".

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Prayer for luck and open the paths

Prayer for luck and open the paths

“Dear Lord Jesus, your example of sacrifice, of love, of kindness and mercy. You who deliver everything without keeping anything for yourself. You have given me so much that my life is not enough to glorify your name. Prostrate before you I cry out for your energy so that with your eternal fire all the obstacles that block my paths of evolution and prosperity may be destroyed.

My Father, allow good fortune to come across me, bringing with it good opportunities, so that all my desires come true, that my finances improve, that my projects are strengthened, bringing to my life the success for which I have always worked.

Guide my thoughts, my words, my actions, and my heart, so that your wisdom and infinite knowledge flood me, enlighten me with your peace and serenity to choose the most appropriate paths to reach a good destination.

Open the paths of health, happiness and tranquility in my life, and at the same time close the paths of all my opponents so that they cannot reach me and do me any harm (make a request).

I am grateful for this and all the favors and blessings you have bestowed on me. My Jesus, today and always I recognize that you have given me everything, even your life you offered it in the name of our salvation, by your side I will not walk through paths of darkness, I will not lack, nor will I perish in the valleys of adversity. Amen".

Prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel to open the paths

Prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel to open the paths

"I invoke the power of the glorious San Miguel Arcangel, heavenly prince, fervent servant and protector of the precepts of God.

Brave angel who guards me, you who overcomes all adversity, even the machinations of the most infamous spirits. Assist me right now, at this hour I implore your blessing.

Commander of the heavenly militia, overthrow all the obstacles that stand in my way, so that cleared and purified, they can lead me to the success of all my goals (make request).

Prince of redemption, you are light, you are a symbol of God's love, defender of heaven, and defender of all of us who walk on the earthly plane in search of the good fulfillment of their destiny.

You know very well that sometimes the roads become hard, the slopes become impassable and the tribulation is capable of making us lose our north. That is why we implore you to be our protector, opening our paths with your mighty sword.

Be my shield, I ask you, to defend me from the evil that stalks me and plans my destruction, place walls and barricades on the roads through which evil can access me, thus saving me from anything that could harm me.

O Saint Michael the Archangel! In the company of the legions of angels that accompany you, I implore you to clear all the weeds that are found on the paths of my good fortune. In this way, I will be able to advance, reaching my physical and spiritual prosperity.

Blessed angel, angel of my devotion, leader of the good, I always raise my devotion to you. Saint Michael the Archangel, it is your armor that I am wearing today to walk the paths of life. In you I protect myself from all evil and danger. Always guide me to choose the best path to follow, where I will find my success with you and with the blessing of God the Father. Amen".

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Prayer to Saint George to open the paths

Prayer to Saint George to open the paths

Saint George is a Catholic saint, known as a brave and skillful warrior who was martyred for refusing to abandon his faith in Christ. He enjoys great recognition and reverence for being a tireless defender of his devotees whose often legendary stories are quite popular.

Among them, the medieval legend of "Saint George and the dragon" is one of the most iconic in its name. It tells that a great dragon decides to make a nest precisely in the source that provides water to a city in medieval Europe. Therefore, citizens could not access the vital liquid. To achieve this, they had to remove the dragon from the fountain, so they had to offer him two sheep daily. Until that was not enough for that animal, for which they began to offer daily a human sacrifice, which was decided at random among the inhabitants of the region.

One day the princess of that kingdom was selected. Her father, the king, begged for her daughter's life, but there was no way to save her because everyone was exposed to sacrifice to survive. When he was about to be devoured by the dragon, Saint George was traveling through the roads of that place, mounted on his horse he realized the tragedy that was about to happen and he faced the dragon, managing to kill him and saving the Princess. The grateful locals abandoned their pagan beliefs and converted to Christianity.


"O Saint George! Holy knight, warrior and brave protector. The grace of God made you an invincible soldier, fighter of faith in God.

Lend me your armor, your sword and your shield, so that with your immense power open my paths to victory. Protect me from my enemies, and do not let their evil plans reach me.

Glorious Saint George, just as you defeated the dragon, help me to overcome my vicissitudes and all those obstacles that come my way and that do not allow me to succeed. May all the problems that I am facing be defeated.

Patron Saint of those who suffer the vicissitudes of this life, companion of those who cannot solve their misfortunes, help me with this call that I make to you today (make a request).

Clear the paths I have to walk, so that my paths are fresh and my steps are right to achieve success, abundance and happiness.

Blessed Saint George, strengthen my soul and fill me with courage. Seasoned fighter, do not allow my enemies to undermine my will and my desire to succeed. Protect me from traps and everything negative that wants to attack me.

You renew my hopes, saint of my heart. By your side I am sure that I have to walk the paths that will renew my strength, my spirit and my vitality.

Saint George, I beg you, that my request be heard, open the paths through which the blessing of God the Father will reach me. With your divine intervention from this moment I will only walk through passages of abundance, tranquility, health, money and love, good fortune will smile at me and the ills of my body and my soul will be healed.

I am grateful and I patiently wait for my request to be answered, because surely you have to attend to my request, because you never abandon the helpless. Thank you Saint George, may the grace of God keep us today and forever. Amen".

What is the Veladora opens paths?

The candles (candles) open paths are made with elements of nature whose properties are capable of attracting opportunities to solve a wide variety of issues, for which, in the company of the appropriate prayer, they are usually very efficient for solving our problems. The most common materials used for its preparation are: beeswax, grass or pathfinder essence, among others.


My God, light of heaven.

At your feet I light this flame charged with my faith and devotion to you.

It is my need to fill my heart with your warmth to get out of the conflicts that overwhelm me today.

To you my Lord, I pray to achieve the success that I long for. Enlighten my mind, my steps and my heart, so that my decisions are the most accurate and in your company I can choose the paths that will take me to the fullness of my destiny (make request).

May this fire that burns in your name defeat any obstacle that opposes my paths and that all the setbacks that pretend my delay or stagnation remain destroyed. In your company I protect myself God of mercy, and in your blessing I will achieve everything I propose.


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