Prayer to Babalú Aye: Health, Prosperity, Protection and more

Prayer to Babalu Aye

Prayer to Babalu-Aye, the feared and respected Orisha owner of diseases, are very important for practitioners of Santeria or rule of Osha and Ifa. His worship is essential to avoid the presence of arun (disease) in our lives. It is believed that by invoking Babalu Aye through the use of a prayer, this saint is able to help us improve not only health, but also positively stimulates the development of various aspects of our lives.

“I praise the spirit that throughout time has remained reigning and victorious over epidemics and mortality.

Great Babalú Aye, we know that you are a generous king and you look with pain at the creatures that suffer from the setbacks of worldly life.

Turn your compassionate gaze towards us, your children, who adore and respect you above all things.

Give us your compassionate energy to all of us who cry out to you.

Turn my words, my hands and the elements that I use, into healing instruments for the good of the world.

I pray that your mercy does not run out or fail until I reach my well-being.

I trust that your Divine presence settles in those who cry out for your help, that feeling your company becomes our comfort, that you protect us from enemies and that you strengthen us during the healing process.

Fill us with patience during our affliction, we are sure that everything negative will be temporary and that we have already been on the path to healing.

Babalú Aye, at your feet I hope to recover my health and that you guide us to success and the fulfillment of our destiny. I stand firm by your side, always lovingly awaiting your compassion and blessing.

His divinity takes away all our concerns and fears. Babalu Aye, you are peace, you are health and you are salvation, for that we praise you. Ashe».

Why pray to Babalú Aye?

There are various reasons why we can pray to Babalú Aye. Its spiritual power not only influences matters related to health or illness, it also has the virtue of being present in extreme situations that human beings go through, for example, in circumstances in which they suffer from misery or Enjoy the benefits of wealth.

In other words, praying prayers to Babalu Aye is very beneficial, because he is an Orisha who has sufficient wisdom to perfectly understand the needs that his devotees are going through and for which they implore his help to reach a solution.

What is asked of Babalú Aye in his prayers?

In the Prayers to Babalu Aye he is asked to benefit us in matters related to:

  • The healing of diseases, especially of a contagious nature such as: smallpox, sexually transmitted, and all pathologies related to the skin.
  • Your protection is requested during long journeys.
  • It helps to clarify ideas, refresh the mind, and inspires philosophical thoughts.
  • It intervenes in the process that produces financial evolution, prosperity, trade and good negotiations.
  • Strengthens beliefs and faith in the human being.

How to pray to Babalú Aye?

Praying a prayer to Babalu Aye must be an act of deep faith, let us remember that this Orisha is the representation of the unshakable faith that does not question his beliefs and humbly awaits the destiny that corresponds to him, without denying himself in any situation, for more complicated or painful. This is what this divinity transmits to his devotees and it is what he expects of them, that they have the patience and confidence to wait for the blessings that he will surely bring to them.

Short prayer to Babalú Aye

«With the blessing of Olofin, Olorun and Oloddumare. With the blessing of my father Babalú Aye, blessed spirit. To you who did not doubt for an instant that all the luck you needed to live in peace and tranquility would come from heaven. It is to you that I entrust my health, my life, my development and my prosperity. May your energy protect me from all darkness, from death, from illness, from austerity and from everything that cannot get rid of me by my own means. Ashe to Iban Eshu."

I pray

«Iba Obálúaiye, Asin-mo-l'égbàá-iyanjú, aso oní ìkónkò ti mbó l'orí eékú. Ibarida f'le mi bun mi ko wo. Ase».


I praise the father of the crust of the earth, we call him by his respectable names. So that the spirit of sickness does not harm my house. Ashe.

Prayer in Yoruba to Babalú Aye (Oríkì)

Gbogbo enia ni nsun ti won ko ji. Sòpònnò dakun ji mi yara mi.

Sòpònnò f'il e mi burn mi. Ai f'il e mi bun mi ko wo,

Ibariba f'ile mi bun mi ko wo, ai f'ile mi bun mi ko wo.

Ngo b'egun ngo b'egun re'le, tere tere 'gun gun gun.

Azon Niyaniyan, we un mi e niyan mi lo lo non gbele,

E lo gon ma niyan mi lo to non bele do lo non ta azon niyanniya.

Irawe oju omi wele ni se wele okoyiko o gba ode eleran ki o mo mu were.

Igi ni odan enia ni? Fi ' ake kan o ri e mo.

Akeke abi iru kokoroko. Paramale or I pray afojudi. Igangan ti angan.

Ode dudu kan ti mo si o ko ogun. Idi ganganagan ni ropo.

Osanpan eni kansoso ko rinigangan tinangan. Ace.


All people sleep and never wake up. Spirit of sickness please wake me up in my room.

Spirit of sickness please supply my house. It's a pity if you don't settle in my house.

Spirit of sickness supply my house, it's a pity if you don't settle in my house.

I will continue in the house of the ancestors of my own free will, I will continue in the house of the ancestors, it is a happy, happy, happy house.

Dreadful disease, if you hunt me the Earth will be a ruin.

Even if you don't marry me, the Earth will be ruined and the dreadful disease will land even on the heads of those who are responsible for our earth.

The dry leaf is extraordinarily balanced on the surface of the water, the wolf is out, the shepherd had better gather his flock.

Is the Odan tree a person? Hit him from the outside with your ax and you'll know.

The scorpion has a curved tail. The serpent that sinks its fangs rejects the impertinent. The thorny bush is formidable.

A black hunter knows how to use raffia to cover his body.

Thorns of the briar against his eye. No one should walk exclusively at noon, the bush is formidable. Ashe».

Prayer to Babalú Aye to ask for health

Prayer to Babalú Aye for health

Babalu Aye, as noted above, is the Orisha of epidemics, dominates, controls and manifests through illnesses. In fact, the worship of him in Africa is done with the intention of appeasing his nature and thus preventing the plague from entering the community or the home. This perception is what makes prayers to Babalú Aye very useful to ask for health.

«I invoke the power of the spirit of epidemics to heal this afflicted creature that bears the name: (say the full name of the person you want to heal). Babalú Aye, in your miraculous hands I commend it.

I pronounce your merciful name Babalu Aye, so that your power inspires the good spirits to help me and thus all come to my aid.

May your divinity manifest itself by protecting: (say the full name of the person you want to heal) in the same way that it has always protected me when I have run the risk of suffering some evil, harm, danger, or illness.

It is you, Babalú Aye, who stops all the calamities that can threaten us.

I am a growing proof of his protection, a proof of faith and of his presence. In you Babalú Aye, I find the strength to bring healing to others and heal my life.

We stand firm before the tests of destiny and we patiently wait for the tribulation to pass. There are no dark spirits to trouble me if I have your blessing.

Babalú Aye walks with me and I with him, and makes all my ills disappear. Ashe to Iban Eshu."

Prayer to Babalú Aye for prosperity and money

It is believed that Babalú Aye was not always a prosperous and healthy king, before enjoying his respected position he suffered the ravages of misery, illness, humiliation and contempt from those who were in better conditions than him, therefore , has the ability and wisdom to understand our needs and knows the appropriate ways to help us. It is to that characteristic that we cling when we say prayers in the name of Babalu Aye for money and development.

«I invoke the spirit of the great Orisha Babalú Aye, faithful friend and blessed by Olodumare.

You are an example of faith, perseverance, patience and tenacity.

Blessed Babalú Aye, you are the one who helps me win, all evils with your influence disappear.

Your goodness strips my astral of all backwardness. At your feet I enjoy affection and protection.

Be you Babalú Aye who frees me from suffering and fatalities.

Babalu Aye, you are the Divine protector of the poor and helpless. Today I cry out to you to achieve the prosperity that was granted to me from heaven before I came to this earth.

May the energy of money, fortune, commerce and good relationships pour over me.  

You who deeply knew suffering and illness in your own flesh, listen to my pleas (make request).

May your strength lift me up Babalú Aye, fill me with abundance, health and happiness. Ashe».

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Prayer to Babalú Aye to defeat enemies

The powers granted to Babalú Aye make him a divinity that punishes relentlessly. However, his action is very attached to justice, therefore, when invoking his help to defeat enemies, it is important to leave our conflicts in the hands of the Orisha, without us being the cause of the problems.

“I praise the spirit that guides and protects the poor.

I invoke the spirit that stands firm despite the complications.

I pray to you so that your help will never fail me.

Be you my sword, my cape and my shield to protect me from those who attack me.

Do not allow injustice, betrayal and bad intentions to sing victory over me.

I give you my fights and my opponents, to always win my battles (make request). Be propitious as you have always been.

May his blessing and protection protect me forever.

Become merciful Babalú Aye in the relief of my problems and take away from me all evil and all enemies. Ashe».

Prayer to Babalú Aye to ask for his protection

It will always be opportune to have the protection of an Orisha as powerful as Babalú Aye. We say prayers in his name to be well protected at all times.

«Blessed Babalú Aye.

Blessed guardian of my life.

Blessed advocate and protector.

Blessed are your intentions in my life, that's why at your feet I place all my trust.

Be the shelter of my needs.

At your side I do not suffer worry or anguish.

I am sure that you take care of my life, my home, and my projects.

I am sure of your infinite goodness that never abandons me.

You respond without hesitation to those who humbly and beseechingly come to you.

Father Babalu Aye, strengthen in my heart all my faith.

Strengthen my health to have the ability to reach my destiny on this earth.

Your incalculable mediation before Olodumare fills me with blessings.

I ask you please not to neglect my prayers (make request).

I sincerely appreciate that you are always by my side Babalú Aye, you are always a great father, friend, brother and benefactor. Take care of all my steps. Ashe.

Prayer for the children of Babalú Aye

“I praise the spirit of epidemics. Babalu Aye is my father.

I praise as many times as necessary to the spirit of the earth's crust. My father is Babalú Aye.

He who never forgets his children because his mercy is infinite is the one who accompanies me.

Babalú Aye is my guide in all the circumstances of life.

His strength is what gives vitality to my heart.

My guardian angel does not allow despair to invade me.

It won't let me walk through tribulation.

It is the spirit of my father that brings peace and tranquility to my soul.

I thank you today and always for taking me down the path of health, prosperity and evolution. Ashe».

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