Prayer to find lost things

Prayer to find lost things

The prayer to find lost things is very opportune to propitiate the appropriate energies to solve situations in which we have lost some valuable object and we urgently need to recover it. There are different types of losses, sometimes our possessions may simply be lost due to carelessness, or distraction, and any help to remember or locate what we are looking for never hurts.

To which saints can prayers be said to find lost objects?

  • San Antonio de Padua He is the first saint to whom it is customary to pray to get lost objects, he is even known as the patron saint of lost things. San Antonio is credited with the power to solve these types of problems because it is estimated that he dedicated his entire life to helping people in difficult situations that he resolved with the help of faith. Another reason why this saint is often invoked is that it is believed that he is always ready to listen to the requests of his devotees, so asking for his help can be very timely for resolving our concerns.
  • Saint Paphnuctius, who is known as one of the Wilderness Fathers and a martyr in the Catholic Church, is another saint who is invoked for the same cause. He is believed to work independently, or in the company of Saint Anthony, and is devoted to recovering objects that we cannot find.
  • Cajetan of Thiene better known as San Cayetano, he is known for his life of service for the benefit of the poorest, and of the church. His devotees attribute multiple miracles to him and thank him for countless favors, among which are: getting jobs, daily sustenance, food at home and of course, getting lost things.
  • San expedito was a legionary commander converted to Christianity, however, such action was considered an explicit challenge to the authority of the emperor. His strength and integrity is invoked to recover what was lost, even if it is about courage, hopes, or faith.
  • Santa Elena She is another saint who is invoked for the timely recovery of things that we need or that have been misplaced. She is known for healing a sick woman after leading her to touch the cross of Christ, right on the spot where she asked Constantine to build the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. This is the reason why she is credited with, among other things, her ability to recover what was lost, in every way that can be interpreted.
  • San Pascual Bailon this is another saint that is very opportune to refresh our memory, and help us remember where we have left the objects that we could not find.
  • San Cucufato or Cucufate is a saint known for preaching the word of Christ in the Iberian Peninsula around the XNUMXrd century. The legend of him states that he was martyred. First, they opened his belly until his guts came out, but he put them back in and sewed himself up with a cord. Later, by order of Emperor Galerius he was condemned to the stake, but thanks to the influence of God the flames were extinguished. He was then thrown into a dungeon, where he converted the jailers to Christianity. Finally, he accepted martyrdom to access the throne of God and was beheaded. Also, it is credited with finding lost things with great effectiveness.

Prayer to find lost things

Prayer to find lost objects

“With the blessing of Almighty God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, I invoke the holy men and women of the heavenly court.

O blessed Saint Anthony! Kind servant of God, you who have been recognized by your countless devotees thanks to the effectiveness with which you answer our prayers enjoying countless merits, we raise our prayers to you to request your diligent intervention to find lost things. May your energy influence us in such a way that our mind is also enlightened in the search and encounter of God.

O blessed Saint Expedite! Help us to find everything we have lost, above all, to find God's grace, from which we have inadvertently moved away due to temptation and sin.

O blessed Saint Paphnucio! We pray to you, the children of the Savior, so that we can find the appropriate path to be able to enjoy the salvation offered by Christ Our Lord, and thus we can be able to enjoy the eternal paradise next to God the Father.

O blessed Saint Cajetan! Today I kneel before you to ask for your assistance that I need with great urgency and fervor, to find the things that I need most in life, starting with health, tranquility, peace, love, and spiritual evolution.

O blessed Saint Helena! Help me in the most important needs of my life and that do not allow me rest, to be able to get rid of everything that afflicts and torments me. Do not allow me to feel alone and desperate, not being able to find the stability that I long for.

Oh Saint Pascual Bailón blessed! You who without hesitation illuminate our minds and refresh our memory, allow me to have clear and lucid thoughts to find the best way to guide me with the destiny that I have to go through, thus achieving, get up, evolve, and stabilize myself in every way.

Oh blessed saints and saints of the heavenly court! I implore you to come quickly to shower on me the strength, the energy, the hope, and the encouragement to achieve everything that has been destined in my path by the Creator. At the same time, I ask for your invaluable help to find especially (make request of him).

I beg you saints and saints in heaven, may your blessing not fail me, because your intercession before God the Father is what I long for the most. Merciful saints, benevolent saints, listen to me, I beg you. I will be deeply grateful to you, may you all be blessed with the grace of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen".

It is recommended to pray after this prayer an Our Father, a Hail Mary and a Glory Be.

Prayer to find lost or stolen things

«May the blessing of God keep us today and always.

Oh Mighty Father! Example of love, dedication, sacrifice, mercy and salvation. You who manifest yourself in the simplest and in the most complex. Today I cry out to your blessed love, so that your gaze can rest on me, thus allowing the intervention in my affairs of your holy missionaries, finding through them by your incomparable grace, what I have lost.

O Saint Apparicio! You who understood the importance of living aspiring only the goods of Heaven, blessed have you been for enjoying the grace of God, I cry out to you for your intervention to find the goods that I have lost on this Earth (make request).

I also implore you Saint Anthony, because you are the patron saint of lost things, and you are aware that what belonged to me has been taken from me, therefore, the fairest thing is that I can recover it, however, I think that it could only be possible with your intervention and the blessing of God the Father, because in my hands I do not find the solution of the cause that afflicts me.

Glorious saints of Heaven, grant me that, through your intercession, I achieve what I fervently ask of you, being your powerful hands the ones that return to me as soon as possible what has been taken from me (make the same request again).

To Almighty God, I praise you full of humility, because before your feet I prostrate myself as a simple son of your creation, I have no greater power than my faith and your blessing, but I am sure from the depths of my heart that you are a God of goodness and you do not accept injustice, then you have to put things in their place, you will punish the wicked and reprimand those who with bad intentions take what belongs to their neighbor (make the same request again).

Here we are, beloved Father, all your devotees, believers at heart, today as always, thanking you for everything you do for us, sustain us and lift us up even in the most difficult moments, because your mercy has no end, it is for that at your feet we leave this prayer and our prayers, especially (make the same request again).

Creator Father, do not stop comforting us in the face of our concerns, and allow us to always strengthen our faith to be able to follow in the correct way the teachings of your word and the example that your Son Our Savior left us. Join us today and always. Amen".

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Prayers to the saints to find lost things

If what you need is to find lost things or objects that were stolen, we can say some prayers to different saints to help us find them.

Prayer to Saint Paphnuncio to find lost things

"Praise be to St. Paphnuncio. You, follower and student of San Antonio Abad, from whom you observed the true meaning of fidelity and devotion. To you, I entrust the solution to the cause that worries and afflicts me. Please help me, so I can get the object that I have lost (make request).

O Saint Paphnuncius! If this loss has been my fault, then I ask you please that your light provide me with the necessary understanding so that memories come to my thoughts that make me locate where I have left what I cannot achieve. Help me so that the darkness does not cloud my mind, and in clarity I can understand exactly what has happened.

Just as you enlightened Santa Thais by helping her find the correct path that would take her directly to the Kingdom of Heaven, so I implore you to enlighten me to find the correct path to reach (name of the lost object), since, by achieving it, I will find the peace and tranquility that your loss took away from me.

Dear Saint Paphnuncio, attend to my pleas, I beg you, do not allow my regrets to remain in the air, and my cause to be neglected, because I place all my trust in you to solve this situation that afflicts me so much. May what I have lost be found and never be lost again, so be it. Amen".

Prayer to Saint Anthony to find lost objects

Prayer to Saint Anthony to find lost objects

«Glorious Saint Anthony of Padua. Saint of lost things. You, who with special attention are always ready to listen to your devotees, because you gave yourself body and soul to the help of your neighbor, your brothers, the children of God.

I am attached to your recognized virtues Saint Anthony, because it is well known that you are just and pious. That is why, being a faithful devotee of yours, I cling to you to request your help in the face of the concerns that overwhelm me.

Blessed Saint Anthony, you who find everything that has been lost, I implore you to help me recover (name of the lost object) since, apparently, the solution to this problem is not in my hands, since I do not know its whereabouts and I need it urgently, that's why I ask for your help San Antonio, listen to my call.

Saint Anthony of Padua, I entrust my search to you, I ask that (name of the lost object) be able to appear as soon as possible, so that by recovering it, he would bring with him the tranquility and peace that I have also lost by his side. Thank you Saint Anthony, because I am sure that you listen to my prayers and that you will materialize my concerns in solutions, thank you, thank you, thank you. Amen".

A de San Cayetano so that lost things appear

Prayer to Saint Cajetan to find lost things

«Dearest Saint Cajetan, today I invoke you in the name of God. To you, whose life was always at the service of the Creator, given to the help of those most in need, and for that you were recognized until you reached the foot of the heavenly throne, enjoying the happiness of being able to enter the kingdom of Heaven.

O Saint Cajetan! I praise you for your outstanding goodness, and I praise you because your miracles are recognized among all your devotees. Today I come to you, sheltered by that deep mercy that characterizes you, to request your diligent help to find the appreciated asset that I have lost (name of the object).

Hear my plea, I implore you Saint Cayetano, because your help is the only hope I have left, because during all this time full of anguish and despair I have not found any means to solve this problem.

Saint Cayetano blessed, saint of my devotion, help me. Lend me your hands so that it is through you that I can recover (name of the lost object), I entrust my anxieties and concerns to you.

Grateful in advance for your help, I wait as always with humility and patience so that by your good will and that of God, I find what I long for and resolve all my concerns. Amen".

To Saint Expeditus

Prayer to Saint expedito to find lost objects

«Oh revered Saint Expeditus! I invoke your name with the blessing always of the Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

My dear Saint Expeditus, strong and powerful saint, I beg you to fill me with your strength so as not to perish in the face of the vicissitudes and losses that we go through in this life.

I confess to you that the difficulties have turned into darkness that do not allow me to see clearly how to recover my most precious possessions, especially (name of the lost object), that is why I am addressing you Saint Expedite to ask for your divine intervention.

O Saint Expedite! You are the saint of just and urgent causes, then, you are the most appropriate to help me, that is why I raise my prayer requesting your help to quickly find the lost things that despair me.

I beg your help in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, do not allow me to suffer more losses. Allow me to recover from adversity by lifting up your hand until I find what was once mine (say the name of the object you want to recover).

Dear Saint Expeditus, take my prayer to Almighty God, so that through you the shadows that blind me and do not allow me to recover what belongs to me are illuminated, bring it to me who cannot find it, because my urgency and my need are immense. , and in you I trust so that you can help me.

Before you I leave my request Saint Expeditus, waiting for a positive response that works in my cause and solves my sorrow, because I am sure of your infinite mercy, and your great diligence. May God continue to shower you with his grace, now and forever. Amen".

To Saint Helena

Prayer to Saint Helena to find lost things

«Oh merciful Saint Helena! You who is the patron saint of lost things. I invoke you with my heart in my hand, because from the depths of my being I reveal to you the need to solve this predicament I am going through.

Honey Santa Elena, you who during your transit through this Earth were known for how virtuous your intervention before God is to help solve the causes of your devotees. To you faithful friend, and companion of the Creator, kind and always ready to help, I ask you with great fervor to help me recover (say name of lost object), because everyone who cries out in your name is blessed with a quick response and immediate.

Powerful Saint Helena, inseparable servant of the teachings of God. I beg you to intervene in the name of my prayer before the Blessed Sacrament, so that, being heard, my haste manages to find (say the name of the object you want to recover), because I do not know its whereabouts and I urgently need it to appear again in my life promptly. . 

O Saint Helena! Tear down any obstacle that is preventing me from finding the object I am looking for, that what hides it is uncovered, or whoever took it returns it, may your light and mercy prevail over the request that I raise to your feet, and that being of your knowledge passes to your control so that it is solved right now.

Saint Helena dear, take me by your hand to the place where it is (say the name of the object you want to recover), so that in your name I can recover it, be my eyes, my feet, and the guide of my steps until I reach what that I long for, for your greater glory in the name of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen".

To San Pascual Bailon

«Oh revered Saint Paschal! You who are known for being the patron saint of Eucharistic events, and for helping to find lost things, it is to you that I entrust my sorrow (make request).

Saint Pascual, saint of my devotion, before you I come because I surely believe in your great power and in your lofty glory that reserved for you a position in the company of the Father in the kingdom of Heaven, from where you hear our pleas and intercede carrying our prayers. and causes.

I implore you, San Pascual, to help me recover this lost object that no matter how hard I have tried, I have not been able to find (say the name of the object you want to recover).

Help me glorious Saint Pascual, because this loss has taken away my calm, and it is necessary that I recover it in order to also get my tranquility and peace again.

I implore your help Saint Pascual, right now I need your timely guidance, because you are powerful and kind, I entrust myself to your love and devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, because I will surely attain his favor at his feet, as well as his grace. Do not abandon me in my fight, not today, not tomorrow, not ever. Amen".

To San Cucufato

«Oh Saint Cucufatus! You who were endowed with the virtue of overcoming all the difficulties and vicissitudes that were presented to you, dodging extreme dangers and coming out of problems in an incredible way, it is to that special virtue that I entrust myself today.

I implore you to help me find as soon as possible the object that occupies my sorrow and my despair, because I have lost it and I do not know where I can find it again. Have him recover (say the name of the object you want to recover).

Saint Cucufato, I ask you and I beg you, and that is why I seal this pact at your feet, because with this handkerchief that I hold in my hands Saint Cucufato I tie your balls. Bring me back (say the name of the object you want to recover), that if I do not recover it I will not untie them, with your help everything that is lost will be found. Before God Our Lord so be it, so be it, amen».

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