Prayer to Oggun and Ochosi for justice, work, protection and more

The prayers to Ogun and Ochosi are full of great strength and mysticism. In them, a single Orisha is not invoked as is customary, two spiritualities belonging to the group of warriors are invoked, whose fusion complements each other in such a way that by invoking their intervention, greater benefit is enjoyed when it comes to resolving problems. setbacks that afflict us.

Why pray to Ogun and Oshosi?

Why pray to Ogun and Oshosi?

Ogun and Ochosi They become inseparable companions when they discover, thanks to the eboses determined by Ifa, that their abilities complement each other perfectly, therefore, working together is one of the greatest luck of their existence.

This occurs in the Odun of Ifa Ogunda la Masa, when Oggun despite handling the machete very well, his daily tool, could not reach the prey in the thick of the mountain, and Oshosi hunted with his bow with great skill but, when trying After reaching the prey, the forest delayed its movement and when it reached the place where the hunted animals lay, any other predator would go ahead of it and take it away.

It was so, that one day they met in the savannah, Oshosi hunted a prey and Ogun with his machete quickly cleared the path until reaching it, both Orishas realized that "in the union is strength", their skills made the perfect balance of their existence, deciding to work as a team forever, to achieve their goals without any inconvenience.

This is the main reason to pray to Ogun and Oshosi together, their energy together promotes the appropriate balance to solve the setbacks that may arise and overcome any obstacle that is crossed.

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What is asked of Oggun and Oshosi through the prayers?

The prayers addressed to Ogun and Oshosi together, are usually made to ask for their help in solving the following circumstances:

  • To solve highly complex problems where people no longer find alternatives to get out of their conflicts.
  • To get rid of spiritual wars, witchcraft or sorcery.
  • To ask for help in health issues, the recovery of those who suffer from illnesses or protection in case of surgical operations.
  • To solve legal problems.
  • To obtain financial development, prosperity, good jobs and optimal results of the projects in which they have worked.
  • To get rid of enemies who seek their destruction.
  • To protect medical workers, soldiers, policemen, artisans, mechanics, drivers, and blacksmiths, in the development of their activities.

How to pray to Oggun and Ochosi?

The warrior Orishas are prayed with sincerity and with great faith. It is important that when invoking this duo we recognize our mistakes and assume the faults that we have committed in the situations that we are proposing. Let us remember that although the Orishas are willing to come to our aid, they are also representatives of justice, therefore, invoking them without repenting from the heart or assuming our faults will not have a good result.

Short prayer to Ogun and Ochosi

«With the blessing of Olofin, Olorun and Oloddumare, today I ask the blessing of the warrior Orishas Oggun and Oshosi, so that their presence always accompanies me, that my wars are their wars, that my struggles are theirs, as well as my triumphs shine. in her name. My shelter is in the hands of the healers of the mountain, Ogun and Oshosi always support me and keep me firm on this land. Ashe to iran eshu."

Prayer to Oggun and Ochosi

«I praise and respect the mystery that surrounds the spirit of iron. I venerate the sacred Odu Ogunda. In the metals is his spirit, the pact is sealed, Oggun blesses my path.

I praise and respect the bounty hunter and as the head hunter, he always overcomes fear. Oshosi bless my path.

With great humility I ask that the wisdom of the spirit of the warriors come and guide my way, and my spiritual journey be supported with their strong and powerful hands. Oggun and Oshosi bless my path.

The left hand told the magician that hunters don't shoot, but he was wrong, hunters always shoot without missing. They set their sights on a target and reach for it without hesitation (make request). They dominate the mysteries of the mountain and they own the riverbank, we always thank them.

Those who provide food to the tribe never leave their children hungry or thirsty, that is why my prayer will be heard, Oggun and Oshosi bless my path.

The arrow has been shot, we give thanks to the spirit of warriors today and always. Ashe».

Prayer in Yoruba language to Oggun and Ochosi (Oríkì)

Prayer in Yoruba language to Oggun and Ochosi

«Èrù Ògún mà mbà mó. Ògún mi nlé. Ìbà ooooo, ni ngóf 'ojo òní jú oooo.

Ìbà Òsóòsi. Ibà olog arare, Ibà Onibebe. Iba Osolikere.

Òsóòsi béè l 'ó n f'ìkan yènà. Ní' jó Ògún nt 'orí òkèé bò mo m 'aso t 'ó mú bora.

Ògún Òsóòsi (to realize what is being offered and requested) re re o. Fún wa ni àláafíà. Ma da wahale silu. Ase."


I respect the spirit of iron. Ogun I salute you. Today in my prayers I will give him my respect.

I praise my Father Osoosi. I praise him himself, the owner. I praise the owner of the river bank. I praise the wizard of the forest.

The spirit of the hunter got people used to clearing the bush to make a farm. Ogun used the other sword to cut a path from one side of the forest to the other.

Spirit of Iron and spirit of the hunter, we give him (he realizes what is being offered and asked for). Give us peace. Do not cause rupture in our house. Ashe."

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Prayer to Oggun and Ochosi for justice

Prayer to Oggun and Ochosi for justice

«I claim the presence of the spirit of the great warriors Ogun and Oshosi. You who despite your extraordinary strength are compassionate and kind.

You hunters always alert to help us, there is nothing that escapes your attention. Help me with your power and strength, bring security and trust into my life, destroy the fear and doubt that attack me, free me from the obstacles that hold me back.

Oshosi, blessed hunter, you protect man, you bring justice to his life, while Ogun ignites them with his strength to continue forward. Grant me that the justice of living beings, the justice of this earth, be kind and honest with me, do not allow abuse, favoritism, tyranny, corruption, or outrage (make request).

Venerable warriors Ogun and Oshosi, work in my being so that fear disappears from me, that injustice, evil, dishonor, and discredit are not imposed. May everyone who lies about me, raises false testimonies, speaks without truth, and harms me without reason, receives the weight imposed by the punishment of the warriors.

Orishas of the fight and tireless work, I pray that you take care of my situation, appease any fight that anguishes and worries me. In your hands I leave my path, and I await your blessings with faith, I thank you. Ashe».

Prayer to Oggun and Ochosi to ask for protection

Prayer to Oggun and Ochosi to ask for protection

May the blessing of warriors be with me. I greet the great Oggun always accompanied by the great Oshosi. To you I entrust my fears and concerns of the earthly world, my job uncertainty, my daily effort, my declared and silent wars, my known or unknown enemies, my health problems, and all that I cannot face on my own.

I have been strong to face so many setbacks, inspired at all times by the strength that gives me knowing that I have your support, but there are situations that sometimes get out of hand and those are the ones in which you help me.

Do not stop being vigilant, like a hunter who does not take his eyes off his prey, this is how his gaze is on my life, this is how the spirit of warriors protects me. A wrought iron shield surrounds my life, a bow and arrow hunts my brightness and fills me with light, a sharp sword frees me from enemies, a scale ensures the balance of my energy and fills me with blessings, the presence of Ogun and Oshosi I never miss.

In my union with you is my strength, keep my prayers in mind and help me successfully overcome any unexpected event under your loving guidance. Thank you for never forsaking me, I know you hear my prayer and it won't be long before you give me beautiful answers. Ashe».

Prayer to Ogun and Oshosi against enemies

«I invoke the great Orisha Ogun and the powerful Orisha Oshosi, to give me the necessary strength to face my known and hidden enemies, to be able to overcome my setbacks and triumph over all evil intentions that oppose the development of my affairs.

With humility I beg you to help me escape from the enemies that hide within the human being itself and manifest in anger, pride, resentment, envy, selfishness, and hatred. That none of those feelings find shelter in my person or in my heart, and that being installed in others, such impious desires cannot harm me. 

Loaded with an unshakable faith that allows me to put my problems at your feet, today I ask you to remove from my life all the people who could be gossipy, conflictive, liars, and dangerous. Deliver me and protect me from all physical and spiritual harm and do not allow evil to triumph over my being. May anyone who insists on harming me be revoked, removed, disappeared or destroyed.

Cover my person, my home, my work, my family, my friends and all my benefactors with your shield and your weapons, so be it. Ashe."

Prayer to Oggun and Oshosi for work

Prayer to Oggun and Oshosi for work

«I praise the spirit of those who hunt and war, Oggun and Oshosi, today I pay homage to them, I fervently implore them to guide my steps in the right direction to find a good job as soon as possible, right now it is what worries me the most.

You providers of daily sustenance, who know perfectly well what it means to strive without obtaining reward, to go through need and hunger; you who came together to be able to succeed in your trades and achieved the perfect balance in the use of your weapons, the bow, the arrow and the machete complement each other so that your work is not in vain. In the same way, today I complete myself in you, your blessing is what I need to succeed, and it is what I yearn for in this prayer.

Praised Oggun and Oshosi, to you I entrust my need to be able to get a good job that dignifies me, that my efforts generate enough money to provide and cover the needs of my life and my family, so that my home lacks nothing. Allow the spirituality of money, fortune and luck to settle in my astral in order to achieve success. So be it, so be it, so it will be. Ashe».

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