Prayer to Oggún: For Protection, against enemies and open the roads

Prayer to Oggún

The prayers dedicated to Orisha oggun, deity of iron and symbol of physical strength, struggle and war, are very important in the practice of the rule of Osha and Ifa when invoking their presence. They can be used to request your help, to entertain, praise or thank you for blessings received or simply to get your attention and give you knowledge about a particular situation.

I praise the spirit of iron. Ogun I salute you. Today, in my prayers I will give you my respect.

I salute the father of strength and acknowledge his power today and forever. He who praises the immortal spirits and does not praise the spirit of iron is feeding his own bad omen, I am sure of it.

Ogun, my father the spirit of iron eats snails, dances in the forest to open the way.

Ogun my father, the owner of good fortune, owner of many houses in the kingdom of the ancestors, bless me with happiness and fortune in my life.

You are the revered spirit of iron, the head of the force, the owner of the fortress, I salute you, today and always.

Where there is a lot of iron is Ogún. Bearer of two swords sharpened with fire.

Your flame feeds my spirit and makes me victorious over my enemies, please Oggun do not abandon me.

His energy brings sustenance to our table with daily work, he owns money, makes me prosperous and relaxed, please Oggun do not abandon me.

It is Ogun the only one who suddenly explodes. The owner of power, today and always we thank him.

The day the spirit of iron gets upset there is always chaos in the world. Please Ogun bless us always.

It is you Ogun, the spirit of iron, who protects us daily, you are worthy of respect.

Deliver us from death, disease, evildoers, traitors, falsehoods, war and failures, as only you know how to do it. Ashé.

Why pray to Oggun?

As we have mentioned before, Oggun is the divinity of metals in the Yoruba religion, it enjoys great strength and spiritual relevance, in fact, it is believed that it is the oldest of the deities created by Oloddumare (God). Her spirituality lives in all the minerals, in the bush, and the mountains.

Its power over metals makes it present in everything related to technological advances in which these elements are involved, it is also related to weapons, which makes it a symbol of war. But, Ogun's greatest ability is that he is an Orisha who never stops working, this and all his attributes are more than enough reasons to raise a prayer on his behalf and ask for his beneficial intervention in the matters that correspond to him, and so get your help.

What is asked of the Orisha Oggún through the prayers?

What is asked of the Orisha Oggún?

Oggun is an Orisha who is always willing to provide help to his children and followers, through his prayers we can request his help in the following situations:

  • In everything related to labor issues, to get a job or keep it.
  • To have their protection in activities or trades in which the use of metal instruments is required. To protect iron workers, soldiers, drivers, surgeons, among others.
  • To regain health, especially in the case of surgical operations.
  • Before disputes and conflicts.
  • When you are the victim of wars of witchcraft and sorcery.
  • Oggun is asked to help us attract prosperity and economic growth.

How to pray to Oggun?

Due to the strong and violent nature of Ogun, it is a Deity to whom we must pray very clearly in our prayers, explaining our requests with precision and definition, and of course, with a pure heart and charged with faith, in that way we will obtain the answer to our prayer.

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Short prayer to Ogun

«With the blessing of Olofin, Olorun and Oloddumare, may the blessing of my father Oggun be with me today and always. You Oggun, great Orisha and fast warrior who passes directly into the line of attack of the enemies, be my shelter and protection today from everything that stalks me and everything that cannot free me. Take away all the osogbos from me and bless me with all the firm ire of this land. “Ashe to iba eshu.”

Short prayer in Yoruba language to Ogun

«Oggun arere, Oggun susulona, ​​Oggun fílá malú alájèérí owo. Oggun kobu kobu, oggun shibiriki, oggun kuddakue, oke alaguede ».


Ogun is the butcher, he calms the roads, Oggun bearer of the cowhide, bearer of the certificate of prosperity and money. The foreman, the creator of metal tools, works non-stop on the hill.  

Prayer to Oggun in Yoruba (Oríkì Ògún)

«Ògún Awo, Onile kangun kangun Òrun. O lomi nil feje we olao nie fi.

Imo kimo 'bora, ègbé lehin a nle a benbe olobe.

Ògún Alárá oni'ré ni je ajá. O pa si'le pa s'oko. Láká aiye Ògún Alárá kò laso.

Moriwò l'aso Ògún Alárá. Irè kìí se ile Ògún Alárá. Emu ló yà mu ni'be.

Ògún Onírè o. Òggún Onírè oni'rè. Òkè n'al kìlénhin ìrè,

A– kó okolóko - gbéru-gbéru. Ògún Onírè pa sotúnun. Ó b'òtún heh.

Ògún Onírè pa sosi. Ó bòsì heh. Osin imolé, Onílé kangun– kangun òde Òrun,

Òggún Onírè onílé owó olónà olà, O lomi sile fèjè we. Ògún Onírè a – wón– lè yin – ojú.

Ègbé léhin omo òrukan, Ògún Onírè or ajugbá. Roast. "


The mystery of the spirit of iron. Ogún has many houses in the kingdom of the ancestors. The water of the kingdom of the ancestors surrounds us, it is our abundance.

I ask the wisdom of the warrior spirit to come and guide my spiritual journey with its strong and powerful hand.

The spirit of iron, head of Allah, the owner of good fortune eats dog. He kills in the house and he kills on the farm. He covers the world, but Ogún Alárá, head of Alárá does not have any cloth.

The leafiness of the palm is the cloth of Ogún Alárá, head of Alárá. Good fortune is not in the house of the iron spirit. He hardly stopped there to drink palm wine.

I acclaim the spirit of iron, chief of Onírè. Ogún Onírè, chief of Onírè guardian of good fortune. The great mountain that hides behind good fortune.

You are the one who has ravaged other people's farms. The spirit of iron, head of Onírè, murders on the right. The right wing was totally destroyed.

Ogún Onírè, chief of Onírè, murderer on the left. The left was totally destroyed. Head of the immortals, owner of many houses in the realm of the ancestors.

Ogún Onírè, chief of Onírè who owns the gold shop and the path to wealth. He has water at home but prefers to bathe in blood. The spirit of iron, head of Onírè whose eyeballs are terrible to look at.

It is who gives support to the orphans. I acclaim the spirit of iron, chief of Onírè, bless us. Asé.

Prayer to Oggun for protection

Prayer to Oggun for protection

«With this Prayer, I invoke the presence of the great father Oggún, whose long hands can save children from the abyss. He is protector and provider of children who have been orphaned. The spirit owner of all the land, of all the sheets, of anger and rage. Stop everyone who stalks me, the one my evil wants to remain petrified, his intentions turned and his actions without effect. Because in you I trust spirit of iron, and under your protection I remain. "Ashe."

Prayer for prosperity

I call out to the great Orisha Oggun, skilled warrior who advances stealthily through enemy territory. I praise you, and I am confident that my devotion will bring me good fortune. Ogún owns many houses in the kingdom of the ancestors. His house is the one with the thatched roof and is full of abundance. In the same way, his energy will pour abundance in mine, because my house is his house, my war is his war, and my cause his (make request). You are the spirit that takes from the rich and gives to the poor. You are the spirit that blesses me today and always in abundance. Ashé »

Prayer at the foot of Oggun against enemies

«I invoke the spirit of iron, the spirit of the swift warrior who goes without fear of the attack of the enemies.

My father Oggun, owner of all the weapons and tools existing and to be found, protect me and cover me in the war in which they attack me.

To you I give every bad action, bad thought, trap, betrayal, witchcraft, spell or curse that my opponents have done or are preparing for me.

Only your devotees count on your blessing, and with it there is no evil in this land that triumphs. At your feet I place my enemies (name the opponents) known or unknown, male or female.

Keep me safe and away from all danger, always behind your iron shield, full of health, life and firmness for good. So be it, Asé.

Prayer at the foot of Ogun to get a job

«I salute the spirit of the great warrior, Oggún tireless hunter. You work from sunrise to sunset, without stopping for a moment. Bless all workers on the earthly and spiritual plane. Today I come to you pleading, because my strength has diminished, my luck has been turned, and due to setbacks of destiny I do not find productivity on my way. Grant me, father, the grace to obtain a good job (make request) and thus be able to develop all my potential, to find my strength and stability.

Honorable warrior, I fully trust that your intervention in my luck will materialize, and I wait patiently, since you are the owner of all trades and you never abandon any of your children, thank you for your blessing, today, tomorrow and always. Ashé ».

Prayer to Oggun to open the roads

Prayer to Oggun to open the roads

«Ogun Onile, praised spirit of work, owner of the land and unexplored lands, today I raise a prayer in your name, every day of my life I thank you for all the blessings and favors you have given me, I acknowledge your presence in my struggles both physical and spiritual.

I am confident that there is no setback that you cannot win. Therefore, in your hands I put my path, just as your tools cut the weeds and remove all the branches and stones, remove any obstacle that does not allow me to evolve, dear father. I know that your love is strong and fills me with courage to continue, but sometimes the vicissitudes of life are confusing, although I am sure that I always have to count on you, be my guide and open my ways to reach my destiny (make request ). Accompany me all along the paths of life, do not abandon me. Ashé ».

Ogun's Prayer to Destroy Enemies

«Oggun Oniré, praised King of the city of Iré. Leader and chief of armies, warrior and insatiable conqueror. Today I am before you to ask for your help, I need your power over my enemies. They have declared that I will never be successful in my life, they have been bent on derailing my plans with earthly and spiritual actions, they cry out for my destruction.

But I have an unshakable faith and I count on your blessing. The blessing of a warrior who does not forgive lowliness. To you I give my enemies and my wars (make request and name your enemies). May all action, intention, or planning be destroyed, that all my opponents remain behind, so far from me that they can never see my face again, and if they did, I would only see the face of Ogun my father, whom today and always I entrust myself. May the force of iron descend upon the camp of my enemies and reduce them to ashes, destroying them in the right proportion of their wickedness. So be it, Ashé ».

Prayer of the sons of Oggun

Prayer of the sons of Oggun

The spirit of iron is here.

The spirit of iron is my father.

I am the son of Ogun the great warrior.

I pray to his spirit that there is no one who can harm me.

Protect me father from death and disease.

Don't let an accident befall me.

Bless me father, the spirit of the iron that speaks.

The power of blood is your greeting.

Forever your blessing accompanies me. Ashé ».

Suyere or Song of Ogun in Yoruba

Aguanilleo oggun aribo aguanilleo,

oggun aribo eggun ekomare ho I will die eggun ekomare or I will die arere agüerearibo

omo rire ogunde bamba aguanille oggun aribo egguneko mare or die eggun ekomare or die eggun ekomareho die eggun ekomare o

die are he aribo llanyaaggun arerere arereo

I have aribo llanya I have aribo llanya hearibo llanya oggun arere arereo I have aribo

llanyaaguanilleo arere arerero aguanilleo oche oguña arere hoehoe

Arigoñaña ache oguña arere or I have Arigoñaña achearere hoe Arigoñaña ogunda.

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