Prayer to Olokun: Money, protection, defeat enemies and more

Prayer to Olokun

The prayers to Olokun, mysterious androgynous Orisha that holds the power of the depths of the ocean, are very useful for practitioners of Santeria or rule of Osha and Ifa. Despite being a very enigmatic deity, his powers are widely known. The foundation of it is considered a basic tool for initiates in the Afro-Cuban culture and therefore, the prayer to Olokun constitutes an effective communication link with his spirituality, which can help bring us blessings of health, good life and prosperity. .

Why pray to Olokun?

It is known that the cult of this Orisha is accompanied by much mystery. However, why pray to Olokun lies in the great power that this deity holds, such is the case, that in one of his avatars it was necessary for Obatala to chain him, since he intended to end the earth, due to the abandonment of his worship. Fact that denotes the importance of their worship.

In addition, his power over everything that hides the bottom of the sea makes him the guardian of innumerable secrets and riches, which is why he is very diligent when it comes to providing good fortune to his children and followers. Finally, his work that balances the energies of existence, also allows him to positively influence health matters. All these are more than enough reasons to pray to a deity as important as Olokun.   

What is asked of Olokun in his prayers?

Through prayers, Olokun is asked to facilitate the development of the lives of his followers, mainly in the following matters:

  • To improve and maintain a good quality of life and health.
  • To obtain material goods, money, and everything related to prosperity and financial evolution.
  • His help is often very timely in matters of trade and negotiations.
  • He is ruthless when it comes to punishing and fighting the enemies of his children and devotees.
  • It helps its followers to be filled with the energy of charm, strength, harmony and good luck.
  • In matters of love, he is also capable of giving very good results, especially when it comes to dominating.
  • It is very effective to defend against spiritual warfare, witchcraft and sorcery.  

How to pray to this Orisha?

You have to pray to the Orisha Olokun periodically, since he likes to be taken into account by his devotees. His prayers must be made with a soft voice and loaded with a lot of faith, solemnity and respect, because he is a very delicate deity. Also, it is important to make the requests clearly and thinking carefully about what is going to be requested, so as not to scare us later with the results obtained.

Short prayer to Olokun

«With the blessing of Olofin, Olorun and Oloddumare. May the blessing of the great Orisha Olokun always be with me. Blessed Olokun, owner of the irrepressible force that rests at the bottom of the sea, you who fear neither the living nor the dead, I ask you to protect me today and always from all evil. Bless me with all the luck of the sky and the sea, may my work be prosperous and health and tranquility abound in my life. In your hands I commend my way to reach the fulfillment of my destiny. Ashe to iran eshu."

Long prayer to Olokun

“I praise the spirit that keeps the secrets about life and death. Olokun, bless me.

You, powerful deity of universal harmony, representative of the balance of feminine and masculine energy, the force of nature lies within you, powerful androgynous Orisha.

You, great Orisha Olokun, adored by all and feared by many. It is you I implore to be my guide in my every action.

I ask you to help me make the best decisions and maintain the strength necessary to overcome adversity.

Blessed Olokun, irradiate me with your light to maintain a noble heart, capable of loving, forgiving and sharing generously.

Spirit of the ocean, connoisseur of countless secrets, you are full of wisdom, that is why I praise you day after day. I am sure that nothing is impossible for you, so I implore your help to guide me along the right path that will lead me directly to success.

Join me Olokun to achieve victory in each test, do not allow me to live in the gloom, failure or darkness.

May your blessing be worth it to always strengthen my faith. Ashe».

Short prayer to Olokun short in Yoruba

«Malókun ni mo bá dá jími tètè núwà o. Oba omi ju Oba oke. Roast."


It is to Olokun that I address myself to ask for abundance. The spirit of the ocean is greater than the chief of the land. Ashe.

Prayer to Olokun in Yoruba (Oríkì Olokun)

«Olokun was going fe mi lo're. Iba Olókun omo re wa se fun oyi o.

Olókun ni ni o si o ki e lure ye toray.

B'omi ta 'afi. B'emi ta'afi.

Malókun bu owo wa, jími tètè núwà o.

Oba omi ju Oba oke.

Olokun ni 'ka le, Mo juba. Ase».


I praise the spirit of the immense ocean. I praise Olokun who is beyond my knowledge.

Olokun, I will worship you as long as there is always water in the sea.

Let there be peace in my soul.

Olókun please bring me abundance so that I can have money quickly.

The spirit of the ocean is greater than the chief of the land.

I give my respect to the spirit of the ocean, the one that has no age. Ashe.

Prayer to Olokun for money

In the Yoruba culture it is believed that many treasures are hidden at the bottom of the sea, of which Olokum is the absolute owner. It is through these resources that this Orisha supplies himself to provide his devotees with the necessary elements to achieve good fortune. A prayer to Olokun that helps us request his intervention in money matters is the following:  

I salute the spirit of the ocean. Olokun, it is to you that all the riches of the ocean belong.

I praise the spirit whose chambers and beds are made of pure gold. His crown shines in and out of the intense sea.

You have always been the owner of a great treasure, that is why we children on earth offer you all the resources we find on it.

We pay tribute to their dominions and their power.

Blessed Olokun, spirit that attracts joy and prosperity, today I bow to you to make a very special request. Money behaves elusively with me, my prosperity is very slow and does not evolve, my business is unsuccessful and work becomes scarce.

I put at your feet a desperate plea, so that you take away from my life the misfortune that does not let me prosper (make request). Get rid of all those osogbos and bring to my life the ire of money, fortune, abundance, luck, and material development.

In your hands I put my destiny because I have come to this world to succeed and you will surely help me.

Keep me under your protection at all times, thank you Olokun for taking into account my prayers and helping me firmly achieve all my desires. Ashe»

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To defeat the enemies

Olokun is an Orisha known for his strong temperament. He does not forgive mistakes easily, punishments and displays of anger from him can become very dangerous. We can notice this when we experience the onslaught of marine phenomena on earth. In the same aggressive way Olokun behaves with those who dare to commit any offense against him or who cause harm to his children and followers. A prayer to get rid of the enemies at the foot of Olokun is the one we have below:  

«I invoke the great Orisha Olokun.

I ask the blessing of the spirit that is not afraid of any enemy.

You are Olokun, who at the beginning of time faced Olorun (The Sun), without being intimidated at any time.

I beg you great Orisha to fill me with your courage to face my opponents. Do not allow them to defeat me with the use of traps and tricks.

To the powerful Olokun I deliver all my wars and the intentions of my enemies (naming their opponents and giving an account of the situation they are going through).

Let there be no person who can claim victory over me. With Olokun's blessing the only victorious will be me. Ashe to Iban Eshu."

Prayer to ask Olokun for protection

Olokun is characterized by being an excellent guardian angel and protector, both of his devotees, and of the virtues that have been entrusted to him. This is the reason why its secrets enjoy profound mysteries. A prayer to request Olokun's protection is as follows:

«I praise Olokun, the spirit that always wears masks.

You who guard the secrets of the deep seabed like no one else, so I ask you to guard and protect my destiny.

You, whose cult is as ancient and mysterious as your very identity, but your strength is widely known to all mankind. To you I entrust the protection of my life in the face of difficulties and vicissitudes.

You who jealously guard your treasures where no one can reach them. To you I entrust the care of my finances.

It is you who endures from ancient times for the eternity of time. To you I entrust my health.

I beg you blessed Olokun to protect me from north to south, from east to west, that there is no evil, disease, enemy, witchcraft or spell that can overshadow my success.

May my triumph in the transit of this life be firm and always dedicated to your deity for your greater glory, thank you. Ashe».

Prayer for love

Olokun is an Orisha whose love life is quite prosperous. That is why he enjoys the fortune of having many daughters (the olosas and the olonas). In matters of love it is usually very effective. Here we present a prayer to Olokun to solve love issues: 

I salute the spirit whose mighty whose worship is charged with much mystery.

I praise Olokun, spirit whose throne lies at the bottom of the sea.

I am grateful because I know that you encourage my heart and fill me with strength to continue with the daily work, despite the fact that deep down sadness and loneliness afflict me.

But, I am confident that you will intervene to remove fear from my life. I will go through the turbulent waters of your hand to achieve victory by your side.

And it is then that you will present in my life the true love that I long for. A love that comes to complement my days, that knows how to love, care for and respect me (make request).

Right now I thank you because I have no doubt that you are listening to me and from your love and mercy you will materialize my pleas to bring to my life the stability, happiness and joy that I so much hope for. Ashe to Iban Eshu."

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Prayer of the children of Olokun

«I greet the spirit of the great Orisha Olokun, my father.

It is the spirit of Olokun who lives in the cemetery, walks without problems among ashes and remains of corpses, as well as, inside the underground caves of the sea.

It is my guardian angel who has his home at the bottom of the ocean.

It is my father Olokun who can be found in the sacred mountain Adura.

I praise you at the bottom of the sea. I praise you in the holy river of Ore in Benin.

My father shares the luck of fortune with his children and followers.

It is my father Olokun who balances my life filling it with health.

Do not allow great Olokun to be defeated by my adversaries. Olokun doesn't let me have losses or revolution.

The Orisha who protects his children wearing the sacred masks is the one who takes care of me.

The owner of the golden throne located at the bottom of the sea is my father and he always blesses me. I praise you today and always Olokun. Ashe».

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