Prayer to Saint Benedict

Prayer to Saint Benedict

The prayer to San Benito de Palermo is usually used by his many devotees for their adoration, as well as to request his intervention in the problems that afflict them. His intercession to obtain various miracles has always been highly recognized due to the promptness with which he responds to the concerns of his followers.

«Dear Saint Benedict, pious Franciscan, example of faith and humility. You, who full of virtues waited patiently under the designs of the Lord, becoming crowned with the grace of helping others. I modestly come to you imploring your kind help. Be you, who intercede for me cause before the presence of the Creator, and being in the kingdom of heaven, you can without fail protect me from all the dangers that lie in wait for man in this world full of perversity.

With the blessing of God the Father, protect me from my opponents and my enemies, do not allow the manifestation of evil in any of its forms to harm me. Do not let temptation and sin lodge in my being. Work on me, so that inspired by your mercy I can get away from confrontations without need, conflicts or fights, and from everything that could do me harm.

Suppliant I ask you to help me so that your intercession favors me before Our Lord, making sure that the pleas that I extend today in your name are attended and soon materialized in blessings (make request).

Accompany me Saint Benedict, during the trials of life, in the moments of greatest difficulty, in the face of austerity, and during all the afflictions of life, so that bathed in your energy I may have the strength to get up and emerge triumphant from the vicissitudes. .

You, merciful Saint Benedict of Palermo, who have a heart always full of love, charity and clemency towards those who suffer, regardless of the nature of their problem, you go to their help without hesitation. You never abandon the one who implores you, nor do you leave him alone without comfort. You, flag of hope, assistance and faith.

I cling to your powerful intercession accompanied by the certainty that you will listen to my prayers and with your help I will obtain the grace to resolve my conflict.

Saint Benedict, fervent devotee of Jesus. Submitted to his will, you endured both the good and the bad for the greater glory of your service, and therefore, you received the joy of enjoying eternal life in the kingdom of heaven.

O glorious Saint Benedict! Example to follow, in your holiness we afflicted take refuge so that we may be healed by your heavenly fluid. You are health, you are salvation, you revive our spirit and our soul. Reach me the blessings that I long for so much, in the name of the glory of God and for the good of my cause. Amen".

Who is Saint Benedict of Palermo?

Saint Benedict of Palermo is also known as: Saint Benedict the African, the Moor or the Black. It is estimated that he was born in 1524, in the Sicilian town of San Fratello, Italy. He is known as the patron saint of Palermo, the city where he died. The cult of him has been extended by various communities, usually descendants of black American slaves.

San Benito

San Benito, was of African descent, the son of freed slaves. It is estimated that his parents worked on a plantation adjacent to Messina, after being brought from Africa. However, Benito was lucky enough to receive his master's freedom after his birth.

What is asked of Saint Benedict?

Saint Benedict is an example of devotion, faith, patience and above all of deep humility and service to help others. His followers often make requests to solve situations such as:

  • Because of his gentle nature and profound wisdom, he is a saint who offers good comfort and advice to his devotees.
  • He is able to send his prayers and his intercession to the kingdoms of heaven, as well as to convince and help with circumstances that involve high leaders or leaders.
  • He is an efficient healer, so he diligently works on miraculous cures.
  • He is invoked for the protection of children.
  • Accompany and bless doctors in their work for the healing of their patients.
  • Helps resist temptations.
  • He favors the poor and the beggars to provide them with food and cover their needs.
  • It drives away bad energies and is an excellent protector.

Prayer to Saint Benedict to ask for his protection

Prayers to Saint Benedict

«Oh adored Saint Benedict! You who with such promptness in your contemplation obtain intimate communication with God. Incorrupt devotee of the Franciscan order.

Protector and defender of souls in need, our guide and counselor. It is you who protects us in the face of difficulties, and you strengthen us when we are afraid, you make us winners over adversity.

Full of humility, I implore to always be worthy of your clemency so that with your blessing my prayers can quickly reach the throne of the Creator. Protect me from all evil, from injustice, from shortcomings, from misery, from conflicts, misfortunes, betrayals, death and illness.

Listen to me Saint Benedict of my devotion, because I come to you full of deep faith, requesting that your arms protect me, that your mercy defend me, and that, under your sublime advice and protection, each day I find myself closer and blessed by God.

Magnificent Saint Benedict of Palermo, my love for you is an impulse that guides me day by day, your wisdom inspires me to successfully achieve my goals, especially when I think I can't continue, you become a stick that lifts me up.

We are grateful to your many followers, because you are miraculous Saint Benedict, and your grace is distributed without discrimination among all of us who ask you to extend your hand to us. May your soul always be full of progress for your infinite goodness, we pray to God the Father and we also thank you today and always. Amen".

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Prayer to Saint Benedict and Saint Alejo

With the blessing of Almighty God, I invoke the intercession of Saint Alejo and Saint Benito. Saints of the heavenly court, benefactors of the kingdom of heaven.

O Saint Alejo! You who have been filled with the virtue of warding off evil. You, who remove difficulties and everyone who could cause them. I beg you to keep (pronounce the name of his opposite) out of my ways, because you know that his presence in my life is harmful.

O Saint Benedict! Reflection of kindness and wisdom, I cling to your virtues, because we are sure your devotees that you were, are and will always be a being of peace, you remain inert in the face of conflicts and do not allow us to fall into them. That's why I beg you to remove (pronounce the name of his opposite) from my life and my affairs. May your valuable intervention put an end to the confrontations that we have been going through.

Dear saints of the court of heaven, Saint Alejo and Saint Benedict, you are the protectors that I need right now to ward off all the evil that overwhelms me. In his hands I let (pronounce the name of his opponent) withdraw as far as possible from me and forever, you know very well that his presence has brought me many misfortunes.

Blessed Saint Alejo, I beg you not to allow (pronounce the name of his opponent) to approach my family, or my friends, if his intention is to disturb. That, just as you walked away without doubting your goods and yours, to undertake the pilgrimage of your faith, likewise, and without warning that (pronounces the name of his opponent) undertake his journey through places foreign to me, to never return.

Saint Benedict, blessed saint, for your immense mercy remove from my life all the misery that prevents me from living happily in the company of my loved ones. I have no doubt that your intervention will bring the peace that I long for, that these conflicts that cause revolution in my existence will be revoked and removed without going back.

Saint Alejo, for you there is no impossible fight, the patience you learned on that long journey in which your only goal was to help the helpless, makes you powerful in charity towards others. So keep far, far away from me all that is negative, all that is dark, all evil, all provocation or temptation induced by the devil. So that full of your grace I reach the calm and tranquility of my mind, my body, my soul and my heart.

Thank you blessed saints, Alejo and Benito, I know that they will favor me and for that I will never forget them, they will always be present in my prayers. In the name of the Father, of the son, of the Holy Spirit. Amen".

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Prayer to Saint Benedict to ward off all evil

Prayer to Saint Benedict to ward off all evil

«San Benito de Palermo, adored San Benito, great companion of the humble, who helps the poor and the needy. Saint who dwells in heaven, you enjoy the blessing of Saint Francis for having been a faithful follower of his precepts of faith.

To you, in deep prayer we implore you to make us free from all evil, that tribulation does not take over our affairs, that all our opponents do not manage to harm us in any way.

Saint Benedict, from the depths of your heart console us. Fill us with your light, blessings, protection, so that we can be better human beings every day, more charitable, more pious and ready to help those who need it, and in this way return in some way all the help you give us. by the grace of God.

Saint Benedict, I ask you for protection and help, surround me with your energy, cleanse my mind, my heart, my body, my soul and my spirit, so that I am protected without allowing anything to harm me.

Saint Benito I cry out to you, I believe in you, in your strength, in the virtue that God gave you and in your diligent help, remove all shadows of darkness from my life and home, save me from any phenomenon that could come against me. In your hands I give myself, in your love I shelter. Thank you for being my guide, friend, protector and companion. Amen".

Prayer to San Benito de Palermo to ward off bad people

«Blessed Saint Benedict, pious protector, mirror of patience, purity, and peace. Saint with attentive ears who listen without hesitation to everyone who will beg at your feet.

Today, at your feet I bow, because pleading I want to send you my prayers. The stalking of my enemies has me overwhelmed, and surely I find that your intercession is enough for me to free myself from any evil influence, envy, from any machination and damage that I could suffer in the hands of my opponents.

Saint Benito, I beg you to take my prayers to the Creator's office, so that my wars may be relieved and my sufferings appeased, solving my difficulties once and for all.

Be my shelter and protection against any attack that my enemies wish to make me. Do not allow them to harm me physically, mentally or spiritually. Keep away from my side those who approach me with bad intentions, do not allow them to suffer betrayals and injustices. Listen to my prayer Saint Benedict, especially assist me in this situation (Make a request and expose your problem to the saint).

At your feet I leave my prayer that is full of all my faith and devotion to you, dear Saint Benedict. In you I place all my trust and sure of your great benevolence, I have no reason to doubt, because you have always been an example of fervor and charity.

May the glory of God be with you forever and ever, and may the Father reserve for you a position full of glory in the kingdom of heaven for your special self-sacrifice with which you attend to all those in need who cry out for your help. Amen and so be it."

Prayer to Saint Benedict to ask for a miracle.

Prayer to San Benito de Palermo to ask for a miracle.

«Oh Saint Benedict of Palermo! God's servant. For the divine virtues with which you were honored, and that you wisely used to practice wonderful cures. For that prodigious gift, today I call on you from my heart.

Dear Saint Benedict, heavenly prudence, right now I implore your presence so that, in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, you grant me this miraculous help that I ask of you (make request).

I come to you with the greatest humility to beg for your help, saint of extreme charity. With the full certainty that your perpetual love comforts me and calms me with your essence, because you come to me filling me with everything good, and that is when your great goodness works on my conscience.

Miraculous Saint Benedict, you are profound humility and religious perfection. I raise my gratitude to you, wherever I am you support me, I give my cause to you, and I have to wait patiently for the miracle that you will surely work hard to achieve. Amen".

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History of Saint Benedict

Saint Benedict of Palermo

San Benito in his earliest years served as a shepherd, which allowed him to earn a living. Later, when he was approaching 20 years old, he met some hermits who followed the rule of Saint Francis, who inspired him in the faith of Christ, and without hesitation, he joined them following the saint's ideas.

Later, he entered the convent of Santa María de Palermo, where due to his illiteracy he was relegated to kitchen work. From that place, he displayed his immense piety and his admirable humility. His popularity is due to the fact that prodigious healings were attributed to him, which motivated him to be elected prior in 1578.

After that, he became a master of novices, later returning to the kitchen. After his death a few years later, his body was exhumed and found to be incorrupt. He became the patron saint of African Americans, and remembered for his immense tolerance and extremely patient demeanor in confronting the deep racial prejudices of his day.

Day of Saint Benedict of Palermo

The veneration of Saint Benedict is shared by many Latin American countries, where his devotion and celebration have a variety of dates in the calendar, according to local traditions. In some places, their festivities are celebrated on December 27, 28, or 29, or in other cases, on the 4th of each month. In these celebrations masses are held in his honor and his devotees usually praise him with extreme enthusiasm and hubbub, in gratitude for the favors received.


The color with which this saint is identified is blue. To this end, flags of that color are used in his processions. It is estimated that the use of such a tonality is related to its syncretism with the African deity "Ajé", which has power over the blue waters of the sea. His worship comes from the lands of the Efik and Efok in southern Nigeria, where devotion is paid to that deity, and was mixed with the worship of the saint in question, by Afro-descendants brought by the colonizers.

Cult of San Benito in Cuba

San Benito de Palermo is a saint venerated especially in the Catholic churches located in the province of Camagüey, in fact, the "Parish Major", the name by which the city's Cathedral is known, is a place of reference for its devotees. There we can find his image nailed, which is a wooden sculpture, covered in plaster, which is 1,30 m high, where Saint Benedict has relatively youthful features, has curly hair, enjoying a face whose eyes are very expressive and the characteristics of their race. As usual, the saint is standing on a cloud and dressed in blue, the cord that adjusts his waist hangs down to his feet and has three knots on each side.

Its importance within the Camagüey parish has a connotation related to the culture of the place. Firstly, it is said that during the smallpox epidemic that affected the city in that month of March 1888, countless prayers had been made to various saints without managing to appease the health crisis, it was then that a tailor of Afro-descendant nature decided to offer a party to San Benito de Palermo, whose image was found as a support in a door of the Cathedral.

Interestingly, due to the racial prejudices that still prevailed at the time, only devotees of African descent participated in that entertainment, and they were only allowed to travel in procession through the Matadero neighborhood, this being the route chosen by the ecclesiastical authorities.

The people belonging to the place, surprised by that unusual procession, received him with much excitement, even staining the sacred image of the saint, who was asked to intercede in the situation. The procession immediately returned to the church, however, from that moment San Benito de Palermo, was consecrated as a saint from Camagüey.

The Chimbángueles of San Benito de Palermo

The chimbangueles are a group of hanging drums, which clearly represent the heritage of the culture brought from Africa by the slaves. During his annual festivity, San Benito is entertained very enthusiastically by his devotees, with music and dance, inherited from customs of ancient African cultures that came to America, especially Venezuela, which were transformed, to result in a tradition popular that enjoys great strength and showiness.

Among so much evidence of the Negroid presence in the festivity of San Benito de Palermo, you can see the voices that show African words such as: Chocho, Ajé, Misericordia, Sangorongome go, Chimbangalero go, which represent the drum beats that are made during the route of the procession of the saint, where a number of characters known as: Mayordomo, captains, vassals, among others, guard his image and his celebration.

The festivity of the Black Saint is celebrated from the beginning of October to the beginning of January, although it is possible that the chimbanguele is played during the year for the reason of some promise or special entertainment to the saint.

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