Prayer to Saint Cipriano: Who is he, Protection, Prosperity, Money and more

Prayer to Saint Cyprian

Saying a prayer to San Cipriano can become a solution for the concerns of his devotees. These invocations are very popular because they are usually very effective. With them it is possible to request the intervention of Cipriano to solve almost any situation, it is very efficient in love conflicts, illnesses, for protection against enemies or spiritual wars.

Who is San Cipriano?

Cyprian was a Christian martyr who was born and died in Turkey. However, he was not always a practitioner of that religion. A very long path of spiritual education in various beliefs traveled San Cipriano before converting to Christianity. In his hometown, Antioch, from a very young age he was consecrated to various gods, such as Jupiter, Apollo, Aphrodite, Demeter, among others. For this reason, he acquired remarkable skills in theurgy (Greek white magic) and later also in goetia (dark magic), this helped him to become a very popular sorcerer for the time. After meeting Justina, he decided to leave the pagan practices, living attached to the faith in Christ until his last days.

San Cipriano


The legend of San Cipriano relates that once, after leaving the temple of Mercury, Cipriano was approached by a boy named Agladio (or Agladas), who asked him to help him with his magical knowledge so that he could seduce a beautiful young woman named Justina. She was a Christian.

Cipriano, as usual, indicated to Agladio that he would quickly make his romantic wish come true and he would surely have Justina's love. But, he was curious to meet that maiden, seeing her he was captivated by her beauty and from that moment he wanted her only for himself.

Cipriano performed all the spells he knew, he worked tirelessly, but in no way was he able to subdue the will of Justina, who only wanted to dedicate herself to her faith and love for Christ. In his desperation, Cipriano spoke with Lucifer himself in person, and Lucifer told him that there was no way to subdue Justina through the arts of magic, because due to her deep faith in Jesus Christ she had a mark of the Cross of Saint Bartolomé in one of his hands and that protection was impossible to break.

Understanding the reason for his failure, Cipriano was very disappointed in everything he had seen and decided to convert to faith in Christ. Justina supported such a decision and entrusted him to the guardianship of Bishop Eusebio. As expected, Cipriano soon became a virtuous connoisseur of Christianity, in a short time he was a deacon and a priest, until he became Bishop of Antioch.

What is your day?

It is believed that the most appropriate day to invoke Saint Cipriano is Saturday, since his energy vibrates much better with that day of the week. However, as we have pointed out, it is only a belief, certainly, the power of San Cipriano is felt any day it is invoked.

What is the color of this saint?

The color purple or purple is usually related to San Cipriano, in fact, the candles that are lit are usually of that color. The relationship with Cipriano and the purple color is born above all from his ability to break curses and witchcraft, let us remember that the purple color effectively contributes to the transmutation of negative energies. However, the use of that color is not limiting for the saint, it is possible to invoke it through lights of other colors that vibrate with greater intensity with the request that we are making.

Is the Saint Cyprian Prayer effective?

Due to his mystical education, in the company of the secrets of astrology and numerology that he acquired in life, the spiritual wisdom of San Cipriano is incalculable. It is this wisdom that gives greater strength and power to the prayers of San Cipriano, being very effective for the invocation of his spirituality and the solution of the conflicts that his devotees go through.

The Spells of the book of San Cipriano

The mystery and great power of the prayers of San Cipriano is related to his famous grimoire, a book of spells where some of the mystical abilities he acquired during his time on earth are evidenced.

It is said that while in the city of Antioch, Turkey, during his deep spiritual investigations he retired to a remote cave, where it is believed that through rituals and sacrifices he was in contact with countless spirits, some of them malevolent, of In fact, it is believed that he may have been in contact with the demon itself. Those entities would be the ones that would provide him with the information contained in the manuscripts with which his grimoire would later be created, popularly known as the Book of Spells of San Cipriano.

Short prayer to San Cipriano

Short prayer to San Cipriano

«Blessed be Saint Cipriano. May the blessing of God keep your spirit and that of your faithful who are on this earthly plane. Join us today and always. Be our guide in the dark, freeing us from vicissitudes and strengthening our faith. Amen".

Prayer to San Cipriano to ask for protection

This prayer can be used every morning before leaving home, in this way we entrust our protection and the activities that we intend to carry out to San Cipriano.

“May the grace of God be with us today and at all times.

I cry out in your name San Cipriano, to demonstrate my deep devotion.

Once again I appreciate being able to see this sunrise, I entrust to you the unfolding of this whole day that has just begun.

Guide my path so that my steps walk along the paths of well-being, health, development and prosperity.

Become my shield San Cipriano, who better than you to defend me from damage and danger.

Wise Saint Cipriano, Bishop of Corinth, strengthen my faith to face the setbacks that life presents to me. Be you my support and my shelter in this long journey.

Protect me from sudden death, from natural or artificial diseases, from betrayals, traps, and setbacks that I cannot solve myself.

From my enemies, keep me away. Do not allow blessed saint that my opponents come close to me. Protect me from all evil, entanglements, gossip, envy and any other evil.

May this and all my days be blessed in abundance, fullness, love, health, and happiness, because San Cipriano walks by my side and with your help nothing bad will happen.

With your clothes I cover myself, with your hands I am relieved, and from the dark you freed me. Always accompany me with the blessing of the Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen".

Prayer to San Cipriano for prosperity

Prayer to San Cipriano for prosperity

We can perform this prayer for prosperity by holding a lighted purple candle and a coin in our hands. At the end, the candle will be placed in a corner of the house where it can be consumed quietly and the coin will be kept in her wallet or purse as a relic. You can repeat this ritual as many times as you want, using the same coin, that way you will charge it with the energy of prosperity emanated by San Cipriano.

«Oh virtuous Saint Cyprian!

You have been blessed by the Lord for allowing you to be our protection in the face of the struggle that life gives us.

Your spiritual fluid helps us fight spiritual and material battles during our earthly development.

I humbly ask you on this day to activate the vibrations of prosperity.

May economic development flood our lives. May our businesses be stable. That our goods purchased. May our work be recognized. May our knowledge be valued and may everything we do to prosper bear abundant fruit, so that none of our efforts are in vain.

Material good is necessary for many things in this world San Cipriano, but the soul is not nourished by it. So my plea implores you to influence the balance that allows me to achieve all the goals I set for myself on this earth, also prospering in feelings of charity, tolerance, humility, love and patience.

San Cipriano at your feet I offer my project (make a request and tell the plans to prosper to San Cipriano) you know my heart and you know how much I want to succeed. Here I leave you everything I have worked for, so that as a Divine gardener you water all the seeds that I have sown, until all the rewards that I deserve sprout from my efforts and sacrifices, being blessed by your magnificent presence. Amen".

Prayer to San Cipriano to get urgent money

It is recommended to use this prayer as a meditation to achieve calm and allow the spirituality of San Cipriano to work in the necessary miracles to solve the money problems that you are going through.

«Beloved Saint Cyprian, in this holy hour and in this holy moment I cry out for your help and profound kindness.

Listen to me San Cipriano, I am a humble and backward creature that at this moment only counts on you listening to my prayers and I will obtain your blessing.

Your help not only benefits me, it also benefits mine.

I do not know the reason why I have fallen prey to misfortune and loss. There is nothing that makes it work well. But my faith remains firm and unshakeable.

You know very well how much I have done to improve my situation, but even so, I continue to wait for an appropriate development.

I am not asking you for a lottery, nor for money that has not worked for me, but I am asking you for the opportunity to get out of the setbacks that are urgent for me. A job, a loan that I have to pay, open doors where they can help me, is what I come to your feet to request (make a request).

While I find the appropriate path for the solution, I implore you Saint Cipriano, that you emanate in me the energy of calm to combat this great despair; feelings of hope to give comfort to this desolation; strength in my mind to think clearly about the steps I will take next; and enough intelligence to make the best use of my abilities until a stable solution is reached.

Blessed San Cipriano, in your hands I deliver my desires and my concerns, from my heart I feel that my prayers have been heard and that I will soon get the answer to my prayer. Thank you for your mercy Saint Cyprian. Amen".

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Prayer to San Cipriano to reverse spiritual damage

This prayer for the turning of witchcraft and sorcery at the foot of San Cipriano is recommended to be done with a purple candle. The candle will light at the beginning of the prayer. At the end of it, it will turn over on a white plate with a cross of salt and will light up again, but this time from the bottom saying: "Just as I turn this candle, I turn all the evil that has been done to me, returning it to its place. of origin in its fair proportion, in the name of San Cipriano. Amen".

«Magnificent San Cipriano. You who know the light and the dark.

You who have seen injustice and justice.

You who know how much spirit exists by the grace of creation.

I cry out to you for your Divine protection.

I pray that with your power and that of the three souls that accompany you and guard you, you strip me of all this spiritual damage that has been done to me. The audacity of my opponents has been so great that their bad offices have materialized in my physical space. It has diminished my health, my well-being, and my development.

Today I am a victim of loss and disappointment. I have worked with the knowledge of witchcraft and dark sorcery, when I have not done any wrong.

So I come to the light, I invoke your being San Cipriano and I trust in your power, so that you in the name of justice turn over any work, damage or material, spiritual, physical or mental evil that has been invoked against me.

I turn the bad intentions, the bad thoughts, and the bad actions of my opponents towards me. Everything that has been done to me, is being done to me or is being done to me, will return to its place of origin just as it was sent to me.

If by water it came by water it has to return, if by air it came by air it has to return, if by fire it came by fire it has to return, if by land it came by land it has to return, obeying the great power of Saint Cipriano. So be it, so it is, so it will be. Amen". 

Prayer to San Cipriano for protection against enemies

This prayer to San Cipriano for the protection of enemies can be made using a penca of aloe vera or aloe vera, which will be tied with a red ribbon on the back of the door of the house, and will be left there as a shelter for the home. and of the enemies.

«Dear San Cipriano, it is to you that I entrust myself to free myself from all evil.

You who were always a creature blessed by God, because it allowed you to know virtue as well as imposture, I ask you great blessed saint to protect me from any damage or bondage.

I ask you not to allow any negative or harmful energy to enter my life or my home. That all the evil that comes against me cannot cross the threshold of my door. Free me from any danger, help me in need.

Catch any energy of sadness, disunity, conflict, entanglement or illness that wants to enter my house.

It influences the thoughts of my enemies making them forget I exist. They can't find my whereabouts. They can't get to my house.

In your name I decree victory over my enemies San Cipriano. I decree in your name for my life health, love, money and well-being.

Do not allow him to succumb to the betrayals of San Cipriano. So be You, my eyes before the dangers that want to harm me.

You are Saint Cipriano my protection from the visible and invisible enemy, known or unknown, male or female.

You are an example of Saint Cipriano that good always triumphs over evil, that is why my prayers are heard and my prayers answered. I trust you. Amen".

Prayer to Saint Cipriano and Saint Justina

Cipriano and Justina are an example of faith and devotion in Christ, to the point that they offered their lives for refusing to renounce their beliefs. For this reason, both saints were beheaded on the banks of the Galo River, in Nicomedia (present-day Turkey). The prayers to San Cipriano and Santa Justina evoke that disposition that both saints have for the help of others.

«I invoke the blessed souls of San Cipriano and Santa Justina.

Synonymous are my dear saints of humility and mercy.

I beg your mercy to come to my aid.

I am sure of his ability to intercede before God for the cause of men (make a request).

Accompany me day and night without allowing me to be a victim of helplessness, so that health, love, good fortune and joy can enter my life.

Glorious San Cipriano, protect me from all the evils that my opponents could cause me.

Blessed Saint Justina, protect me from evil spirits and from every bad influence that wants to disrupt my path or submit my will.

Dear Cipriano and Justina, from the depths of my being and my heart I place my faith and trust in you, because I am sure you will keep me safe. Amen".

Prayer to San Cipriano and the three souls that watch

The prayers to San Cipriano and to the three souls that watch over, are usually directed to love themes in which it is desired to sweeten, tie, or dominate the will of the loved one. Here is a prayer for that purpose. 

«I invoke the great power of San Cipriano and the 3 souls who watch.

With all the strength of my soul I ask you to grant me the grace that I deeply long for.

I entrust myself to the spiritual gifts of San Cipriano in the company of the three souls who watch to dominate the living spirit of my loved one (say the name of the loved one).

By the strength of San Cipriano (say the name of the loved one) at my feet you have to come.

By the force of the three souls you watch (say the name of the loved one) dragged you will arrive before me.

By the star that rules today, by the star that rules the day of your birth (say the name of the loved one) I conjure you, bind you, tie you up and sentence you to be only mine.

Saint Cipriano, to you I give (say the name of the loved one), who will also be watched by the three souls who watch, tormented and desperate, feeling a frantic love, an unusual desire, an incomparable need that will only be satisfied when my side come to stop.

At his feet I left my request that has been agreed, it's done, it stays done. Amen and so be it."

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Prayer to San Cipriano to remove witchcraft

The prayer to San Cipriano to remove witchcraft, spells and evil eyes, is very effective due to the virtue that this saint has to strip his devotees of all kinds of dark spiritualities. It is recommended to cleanse the affected person with a purple candle, a glass of water and a bunch of rude grass, later offering these elements to San Cipriano.

"Venerated Saint Cyprian. Glorious is your virtue for having known the spirits of darkness and having changed them for the spirits of goodness.

That is why today I dare to make this request. I know very well that my hands are sinful, but your fluid will give me the blessing of being able to heal this injured creature.

Because of the mercy you saw in the Holy Trinity, I am sure that you will listen to my prayer.

I ask you, San Cipriano, to use this light, this water, and this herb that I offer you today to deeply and totally strip away any evil that is lodged in the physical and spiritual body of this poor mortal.

May there be no bad energies in this being that bears its name (say the name of the person who cleanses itself), nor in its surroundings.

Transmute my dear San Cipriano all witchcraft, sorcery, magic, evil eye or enchantment; disease of natural origin and disease of spiritual origin; conflicts, separations, moorings and low vibrations; stagnation, loss and all the delays.

San Cipriano, that there be no work, work, lights, sent spirits of any nature, or spiritual and physical damage that harm him. May every enemy known or unknown be neutralized by his great power.

His protection protects us, his protection protects us, in your name we support each other and everything bad departs. San Cipriano to you we always give thanks. Amen".

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