Prayer to the Holy Child of Atocha

Prayer to the Holy Child of Atocha

Prayers to the Holy Child of Atocha are very popular among his devotees because they are highly effective. In fact, this saint is considered very miraculous and a large number of favors are attributed to his many followers. Therefore, making an invocation in his name will always be a good option to obtain help in solving various types of problems, be it health, love, money, among others.

Who is the Holy Child of Atocha?

Holy Child of Atocha

The Holy Child of Atocha is Jesus, represented in his childhood years with a very particular image that defines his cult. It is estimated that the original figure of the Santo Niño de Atocha is located in the Santuario del Señor de los Plateros, Fresnillo Zacatecas, Mexico. Among his characteristics, we can see the boy dressed as a pilgrim on the Camino de Santiago, wearing his hat, a cape, a scallop shell on his chest and wearing sandals; in his left hand he holds a cane from which hangs an alcuza where he keeps water and some ears of wheat; in his right hand he holds a basket and is sitting on a chair.

The history of the Holy Child of Atocha says that there was a time when Muslims invaded the city of Atocha in Spain, imprisoning many Christians without even allowing them to be visited by their family or friends, so they lacked even the most basic things, such as water and the food. Then, Jesus himself decided to accompany them in his misfortune, transfiguring himself into his childish facet. At night he accessed the place, he offered them comfort and food that he carried in his basket. The most curious characteristic of the little boy was that no matter how much he distributed water and bread, his basket and canteen were always full.

His legend originates from that moment, being personified as a pilgrim boy whose cult moved to America through the European workers who emigrated to Mexico, specifically to the city of Plateros, when the silver mines were discovered in that region. Around this time, he is also credited with taking care of the miners, especially those who get trapped in the mines by some kind of unfortunate situation. But, his adoration does not stop there, he enjoys great recognition worldwide as a quite miraculous saint.

What is being asked of you?

The Santo Niño de Atocha is asked for his help to solve any type of situation, including:

  • When people are under prison. In fact, he is the patron saint of prisoners.
  • When trips or pilgrimages are made.
  • To solve situations in which there is lack, hunger or loneliness.
  • When you suffer from injustice.
  • To strengthen faith.
  • When we need help to open the paths to success.
  • To have your protection.
  • To improve health problems.
  • When we need to solve a very difficult cause.
  • When we are, or feel trapped in a circumstance that is out of our control.

Prayer to the Santo Niño de Atocha to open the roads

Prayer to the Santo Niño de Atocha to open the roads

«Oh merciful Child of Atocha! You who enjoy the grace of God the Father, I beg you to listen to my pleas.

Oh pious! At your feet I come overflowing with faith and humility following the teachings you left us with your example of love and sacrifice. My love for you is genuine, my heart beats thanks to the spiritual impulse that you give us every day.

I beg you to turn your gaze of kindness towards me so that my prayers may be answered in this moment of great desperation and overwhelm that keeps me in misery.

I want you to know, my beloved Child, that I have repeatedly tried to find the solution to my problems, but my earthly eyes cannot find a way out in the face of so much confusion.  

Therefore, today I bow before your immaculate presence, to ask you from the depths of my soul to intervene in my cause. You are so miraculous that there is no situation that with your wisdom you cannot solve.

Come with me then Holy Child. Give me your assistance and comfort that I need so urgently. Protector of all men who take refuge in faith, help of the most helpless, divine encouragement that motivates us to continue, allows my vicissitudes to be resolved (make request).

Holy Child of Atocha, you who even entered prison, you consoled the one who suffered unjustly, the one who was hungry you fed and the one who was thirsty, you gave your holy water. I beg you to calm my crying, my hunger and my thirst, feeding my soul with your heavenly fluid so that it never perishes in the face of adversity, and once strengthened in you, I can continue until I succeed.

O unstoppable pilgrim! Companion on the paths of happiness and sadness. It heals the mortification and despair produced in us, the incarnated beings, by feeling frustrated by not being able to see good health, financial development or stable and true love materialized in our lives. Allow me to overthrow all those obstacles that hurt me so much by your side.

Bless me precious Child, so that abundance, economic and spiritual prosperity, union, opportunities, good fortune and sincere love reign in my life, in my home and in my job.

Never allow me to see myself defeated under the hands of the unjust, the traitors, disloyal, false, thieves and liars, so that times of misfortune do not become eternal, and become transitory moments that only come to teach me a lesson. that will allow me to continue with greater assertiveness.

O Holy Child of Atocha! I will not get tired of worshiping and praising you, because you are truth, salvation, and perfect wisdom. You know what is most convenient for me before me, therefore, I will patiently wait until prayers materialize.

In you I find the peace I need, and in gratitude right now I offer my prayers in your name: (pray an Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be). Amen".

Prayer to the Holy Child of Atocha for prosperity

Prayer to the Holy Child of Atocha for prosperity

«Immaculate Holy Child of Atocha, infinite protector of all the Lord's creatures. Right now, under your protection I entrust myself backing myself in your infinite virtues.

I praise you, Child of Mercy, for the acts of kindness that from the beginning of your earthly life until the end of time you have performed for the salvation of man.

Dear Santo Niño de Atocha, in this now and in this moment, I bow at your feet to pray that your blessing rests on my finances. Fill my affairs with your love so that filled with your infinite mercy they can bear excellent fruit, bringing constant prosperity to my life. Do not allow me to suffer ruin, misery, debt, theft or loss of any nature (make request).

I assure you Holy Child that my prayer is full of faith and love. A love that grows towards you every day, accompanied by a certainty that affirms that, if you walk with me, there will be no one to stop me.

Glorious Holy Child of Atocha, intervene so that fortune is in my favor, so that I can benefit from it, thus achieving, enjoy the abundance of the universe, and in turn, be able to share with others the honey of your blessings.

Today and always I thank you for your mercy and company Santo Niño de Atocha. Thank you for listening to my prayers, thank you for answering them and thank you for what is to come, amen.

 (At the end, pray three Our Fathers, three Hail Marys and three Glory Be).

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Prayer to the Holy Child of Atocha for health

Prayer to the Holy Child of Atocha for health

«Oh magnificent Santo Niño de Atocha, you who heal the soul as well as the body.

At your feet I prostrate myself filled with great concern and despair. You know how important health is for us, the embodied beings, that is why I ask for your help to cure this disease that overwhelms me.

Beloved Child, help me calm my ailments by emanating on me, your divine fluid full of grace and mercy. You feel sorry for the one who suffers without hesitation, you know how difficult it is to face the torments that pain produces, that is why you manifest yourself in your miracles that bring hope day by day to your devotees.

Holy Child of Atocha, I implore you in the name of that infinite love that you give to all humanity and with which you heal our ills and sorrows, that you help me in what I humbly ask of you (make a request).

O virtuous Child! Do not abandon me now that I need you so much, lend me your cane so I can get up and continue along the paths of life strengthened, renewed and full of encouragement. May your influence encourage me to continue, because soon I will heal thanks to your divine intervention.

Santo Niño de Atocha, relief of those who suffer, take me out of this confinement of sadness and pain that subjects me, just as you took Christians out of prison who suffered because of their beliefs and faith.

Thank you for answering my prayers Holy Child, in your hands I entrust my life, in the hope that by your will my health will be restored, to return to being a happy, active and useful person in the world. So be amen".

Prayer to the Holy Child of Atocha for protection

Prayer to the Holy Child of Atocha for protection

«Glorious Holy Child Jesus of Atocha, powerful protector and shelter of all men, shield of the helpless.

With the blessing of Almighty God I invoke you and greet you offering you my prayers and praises from the depths of my heart. Grateful are all believers united by faith and hope that reigns thanks to your insurmountable sacrifice. With your blessed blood you washed away the sin of the world offering us an opportunity to heal all our inequities.

Your demonstrations of love are evidenced forever and ever until the end of days. Certain that your protection is impenetrable, I entrust my protection to you in situations that I cannot handle (make a request).

Allow the cherubim, seraphim, angels, archangels, saints and saints of the heavenly court to assist me in the moments of greatest mortification. You all, who have been blessed with the grace of God, your wisdom led you to the kingdom of Heaven where you enjoy the presence of the Lord, help me to achieve the necessary merits to be better every day, thus fulfilling the divine precepts and being worthy of your protection.

Holy Child of Atocha, in your hands I place my prayer in the happy expectation of reaching your blessings in this life and after it. Thank you for listening and attending to my so-called Child of my heart, under your protection I entrust myself. Amen".

 (At the end of this prayer, pray an Our Father, a Hail Mary and a Glory Be).

Prayer to the Holy Child of Atocha for difficult cases

Prayer to the Holy Child of Atocha for difficult cases

“May the blessing of God be with us from start to finish. May the Holy Trinity keep us today and always. Almighty God, to you forever be all honor and glory forever and ever.

I invoke the blessing of the Son, today and every day of my life. Holy Child of Atocha, here is your faithful devotee with an open heart before you, full of faith and humility with nothing to hide from you, because you are light, you are love, you are goodness, you are peace, and you are truth, before your eyes. there is nothing that can be hidden.

I turn to your immaculate power, so that you may be my protection in this world in which we face so much adversity, freeing me from all evil, dangers, setbacks, and the snares of the devil.

Join me Holy Child, help me meet my needs, do not let me suffer loss, misery, or ruin ever.

Holy Child of Atocha, I beg you to intercede for my cause before God our Lord so that my request may be answered, since, as much as I try to find a solution by my own means, I cannot find the way out (make a request).

Blessed Virgin Mary, pure and chaste mother, I also raise my prayer to you, so that in the company of the son you support me before the Holy Father. Cover me with his divine mantle, be you who advocate for my misfortunes and my fears.

Glory to you Holy Child of Atocha, you who fed your devotees unjustly imprisoned in prison for their faith, you who are our daily bread, calm our physical and spiritual hunger both on earth and in heaven.

Kind Child, eternal Child, source of peace and joy. Work in my life through your lofty miracles so that what is impossible becomes possible, so that the difficult becomes bearable, and so that all my concerns have a good ending.

Listen to this child of yours who, in the face of vicissitude, does not allow his faith to be corrupted and with fervor gives you his struggles. I am sure that you walk by my side, shoulder to shoulder and step by step.

Glory to you, God Son of the Heavenly Father, deliver me from the traps that the enemy sets for me, separate me and protect me from all discomfort that disturbs me, and grant me the help that I beg you so much.

Grateful I issue my prayers of praise because in the face of anguish you become hope. Glory to you Holy Son, light that illuminates everything, clarify our thoughts, and become joy and harmony. Divine inspiration and teaching of life, help in emergencies, calm in peace, and strength in agony.

Thank you Holy Child, who with wheat nourishes the needy, becoming the consolation of believers. Blessed are you for being so benevolent and understanding. Child of Heaven, redeemer of the Earth, save me once again with your blood, purify my sorrows, clear my way to achieve my desires because without you I cannot achieve them.

Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, I beg your clemency, so that my prayer that I so eagerly implore may be answered soon, hoping that what I long for so much may be granted.

May your holy will be done my Lord, because your wisdom is so perfect that you know with all certainty that it is the most convenient to find the happiness that my being longs for, because we were created from your love and we have not come to this world to suffer. May your will be done, amen."

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Prayer to the Holy Child of Atocha for love

Prayer to the Holy Child of Atocha for love

«Oh Holy Child of Atocha! inexhaustible source of love Love that inspires the deepest feelings, and the highest virtues, an example of the purest grace of the Lord.

Purify my existence with the presence of your love, and allow it to manifest itself in my relationships with others. Do not let me go through this life in solitude, be my partner in the struggles of life so that I can keep myself physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally stable.

Grant me the joy of finding a true love, an earthly companion, so that, just as Adam had Eve, I find someone with whom to walk the paths of this Earth and be able to form a home.

Holy Child of Atocha, you who were blessed with the Holy Family, God the Father chose for you the most appropriate parents in this world full of goodness and faith, that in that sublime way I also get the right person to form a home under the precepts of our Creator, where harmony, union, love and goodness reign.

In your hands I place my destiny, clinging to the certainty that you will put on my path the right person with whom I can be happy and quickly reach the fullness of my desires. Thank you, beloved child, this devotee will always be at your feet, glorifying your name and your unconditional love, today and always.


Amulet of the Holy Child of Atocha

The amulet of the Santo Niño de Atocha is a talisman capable of attracting good fortune, and ensures the protection and shelter of the person who wears it, who, in general, is usually a fervent devotee of the saint. Some people usually buy this amulet with the image of the Child and use it immediately asking for his protection. Others, before using it for the first time, "prepare" it by saying prayers to the Holy Child and offering several candles (candles) as a symbol of thanks for the favors received and on behalf of his request.


Venerable Holy Child of Atocha. Blessed favorite son among all the beings of the Lord. Always be my protection, powerful child. He walks with me from this moment on and don't let my feet misstep. Get me out of the places I shouldn't be and take me to where I'm going to succeed.

Your love fills my world with joy. You are joy, you are life, you are shelter, protection and guide. Your sublime nobility does not rest in eternity, you diligently prepare to take care of everyone who might need you.

With your mercy fill my heart, so that every day I can be a better person. Forgive my sins and help me reflect on my mistakes.

Take care of me, beloved Child, so as not to go through valleys of misfortune and suffering. Do not allow my opponents to harm me. Don't let him suffer prison, confinement, or betrayal.

Be attentive to the difficulties that I may suffer, so that with your protection I find within me the wisdom to solve the problems that may arise.

Help me Holy Child, to keep me in peace, tranquility, happiness and union with my family, friends, and with all my benefactors.

May your blessing accompany me through your protection, because on my chest I carry your image as a symbol of my devotion to you. My confidence is unshakeable and my faith indestructible. You have been the one who has guided me from the beginning of my days and so it must be until the moment when I am called to the feet of the Lord.

Do not allow injustice to harm me, make truth and forgiveness always prevail in my heart. Preserve me from all evils and dangers, fill me with health and strength to get ahead. You are my consolation and my hope, for ever and ever I entrust myself to you. Amen".

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