Prayer to the Holy Trinity for worship, gratitude, ask for health and more.

Prayer to the Holy Trinity

The prayer to the Holy Trinity is one of the most special prayers that exists, since it invokes the blessing of Almighty God in all its expression. Therefore, being a prayer that cries out to the highest heavenly authority, it usually brings relief, peace, tranquility and love that devotees need in the most difficult moments.

“Almighty God, three persons one nature. Holy Trinity, pure and perfect energy that has blessed us with the grace of life. Before you, prostrate I pray that you cover me with your mantle of light, to protect me and illuminate the paths of this earthly transit.

O Holy Trinity! Presence of merciful God whose love is eternal, I implore you to protect me and protect me. Also bless my loved ones, and everyone who does me good. Allow Eternal Father, that your company guide us during this life, until the moment in which we have to return to your presence. Strengthen then, our souls so that we move away from sin in the best possible way, achieving the grace to someday deserve your forgiveness and the grace to be by your side in the kingdom of heaven.

O Holy Trinity! Your love is so immense, that the blood of the son was shed for the forgiveness of our sins, one more sign that salvation is the only thing you aspire for your creatures. I beg then, that in the name of that most pure blood, the most painful causes that your most faithful children go through may be purified in Christ (make request).

I entrust myself to the blessing of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, because even though you have blessed me with free will, it is your steps that I want to follow, your teachings indicate the path by which I must return to you, and In your word I will find all the solutions to my ills.

O Holy Trinity! Beginning and end of all existence, before you I must always remain submissive, because adoring you is the least I can do in gratitude for your countless blessings to us, your children. To you, God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit is all the honor and all the glory for eternity and until the end of days.

O Holy Trinity! At your feet rests all my faith, because I have given you my trust from the heart and with my eyes closed, because only you want the absolute good for your servants. Pleading I ask you to free me from all evil, from the obstacles that I cannot get rid of, take care of me from all threats, injustices, injuries, and do not allow me to live in need or misery.

O Holy Trinity! I cry out for your mercy, because your help is a sample of your magnificence. Good Shepherd accompany me, for I am a faithful sheep of your flock. Guide me on good paths, supply me in the face of difficulties. Infinite source of goodness and wisdom, cover me with your divine conscience, so that my behavior is the most appropriate to always enjoy your blessing.

I thank you my God, Eternal Father, because your goodness is always ready for me, because you are merciful and generous, you are always for me. Do not abandon me in my day-to-day struggles. Be my shield from the enemies that can harm me and free me from the demonic spirits that roam the Earth in search of the perdition of souls.

Thank you Holy Trinity, because you are the relief of my soul, the bread of my hunger, the water of my thirst, peace in my anguish, and the answer to all my needs. Together with you, I have to find and maintain the harmony and happiness of my existence. Do not allow me to walk through valleys of darkness and perdition, forever illuminate my steps with the glow of your immaculate light.

May your will be done today, tomorrow and always, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, three persons, a Holy Trinity, for ever and ever. So be it. Amen".

Pray an Our Father, a Hail Mary and a Glory Be.

What is the Holy Trinity?

The Holy Trinity is the main dogma with which the nature of God is defined in Christianity, or at least in most Christian churches. According to this creed, God is a unique entity, whose existence is divided into three different persons represented by: God the Father, God the Son and the Holy Spirit.

They are known as "The Trinity", being the central figure of the Christian religion. It is necessary to insist that under this premise God is the three persons, that is to say, that there are not three Gods, He is only one transfigured into three equally eternal, uncreated and omnipotent entities. Therefore, God reveals himself as a communion of persons through the Trinity.

What is the Holy Trinity?

How to pray prayers to the Holy Trinity?

This is a highly powerful and miraculous prayer. Obviously, when praying to the great power of God, it is necessary to do it with great solemnity, with respect, and loaded with great faith. In addition, the requests made through these prayers must be truly important, as they involve the invocation of the highest universal energies to our aid.

The most recommended way to pray this prayer to the Holy Trinity is to do it very calmly, attracting peace and serenity that will be present as we begin to cry out for God's blessing in all its representations. It can be used daily and at any time of the day without any restriction, because as we well know, God is always willing to listen to us.

Miraculous prayer to the Holy Trinity to ask for health

Miraculous prayer to the Holy Trinity

«The blessing of the Holy Trinity, Triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, I believe in you, I await your grace, today and always I trust in you. Creator Father who has made man in your image and likeness, you have filled us with your love and your mercy, and you have brought us to this Earth to be happy, not to suffer, to you I give my cause of healing to placate this misfortune, this anguish and this pain that overwhelms me (make request).

God the Son, cover me with your blood of salvation to find in you the redemption of my sins and eternal life. Holy Spirit seal me, take care of me, protect me, heal me, free me, and keep me, with health in soul and body, so that free of diseases, and sufferings I can serve you today and always. Amen".

Prayer to the Holy Trinity for difficult cases

«With the blessing of the Holy Trinity, my God, in your name I always cry out for the solution of the anguish that befalls me. Well, for you is all the honor, and all the glory, that's why we praise you all the children of creation.

Here is a humble son of yours, Triune God, who with an open heart gives himself to you in the name of faith, because my devotion is full of trust, because in you I find everything I need, you can do everything, you know everything and Therefore, at your feet, and only at your feet will I see myself free from all evil, all the obstacles that torment me will be overcome, I will triumph over adversities and overcome dangers, my needs being satisfied, because my Father never abandon.

God the Son, Christ the Redeemer, you are the Good Shepherd, you take care of your flock, we, the children of the world, beg for the intercession of the Virgin Mary, so that through her help our pleas may be taken into account and our most difficult matters attended to.

I glorify the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, source of life, mercy and eternal goodness. Work on me with your immense charity, so that I can enjoy the happiness of your company, and in your mercy I can solve the misfortunes that anguish and despair me so much (make request). Only you Father, you can calm my desperation, in your hands I leave the assistance in the face of this difficulty that I am going through right now.

Thank you Holy Trinity, because by your side I have walked during the best and worst moments of my life, I have not been alone, because your company strengthens me, and in faith, my heart and my soul find refuge. Do not let me perish, fill me with your influence so that I can live under your teachings during daily struggles. Do not allow my opponents to sing victory over me, and protect me from all adversity.

I praise you from the depths of my being Holy Trinity, you are clarity that illuminates everything, you are the full joy, the harmony of life and the joy of our hearts. Thank you beloved Father, adored Son, glorious Holy Spirit, because in you we find peace, help and calm to face my problems.

And to you, Mother Mary Ever Virgin, Celestial Queen and Lady, self-sacrificing Advocate of the children of God, I beg you to intercede before the Creator so that my prayer is surely heard, heeded and materialized as soon as possible, because it is you, the magnificent representation of the miracles of the Lord. May your blessing, as well as that of the Divine Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, be with me today and always. Amen".

Against evil enemies, dangers and all evil

With the blessing of God the Father, God the Son, and the Holy Spirit. I entrust myself body, mind and soul to the Most Holy Trinity. I, a humble and fervent devotee of the love of God, declare myself blessed to know of the salvation that you have granted us with your immense and profound mercy.

Holy Trinity, I implore you not to allow my soul to suffer the attacks of the evil that has been distributed by the demons that roam the world. Protect me from discouragement, encourage me with your breath, and fan the flame of kindness and charity that you have taught me with so many blessings.

Protect me at all times I ask you, protect me from my enemies, and from false friends, from betrayals, from injustices and from any attack that could harm me. As long as I have your company I will be safe, do not forsake me under any circumstances. Well, at all times I walk gratefully always raising my prayer of praises in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, in whom I believe, whom I await, and whom I love deeply. Christ wins and protects us from all evils. So be it. Amen".

Prayer to the Holy Trinity and the three divine persons

Prayer to the Holy Trinity and the three divine persons

«My Almighty God, Triune God, Father Son and Holy Spirit, I cling to your blessing and I avoco.

Holy Trinity, sample of the magnificence of God, three divine persons who enjoy a true essence. Before you I prostrate myself full of faith in your existence, in your word and in the fullness of your love.

I humbly implore the protection and help of the Most Holy Trinity. May her blessing never stop blessing us, freeing us from all evil and imminent danger, heal us from diseases and comfort our body, mind, heart, and spirit.

With the blessing of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, everyone who rises up against me will be defeated, because God cares for the righteous, and saves us from the infamies of the devil and his representatives on Earth.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, with the sacred tunic of Christ I wrap myself, seal myself and protect myself from all darkness, from all anguish, despair, obstacle, vicissitude, that is why I will not fall defeated nor will adversity defeat me. must harm.

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, the Holy Trinity accompanies me, protects me and protects me from everything that can harm me. She takes me out of the places where I shouldn't be and provides me with what I really need to have. For this reason, I surrender to your will, Holy Trinity, because I am certain that you will place only the appropriate people by my side, for my personal and spiritual growth. Both happiness and sadness have a purpose in your perfect planning.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, I give myself to the Holy Trinity, because I do not find another more appropriate thanks for such magnificent goodness received by God the Father from the kingdom of Heaven, for life, salvation, the love, and the infinite help that you offer me every day.

In your name I offer every breath of my life every day, because it is a sample of your greatness. I am willing to please your teachings and your will. I thank with my own my life for how happy I am to enjoy your promise.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, the three divine persons forever eternal, I thank infinitely, and honor forever, praising God in his perfection and in his incalculable mercy. Keep me by your side today, tomorrow and always Lord. Amen".

Pray an Our Father, a Hail Mary, a Creed and a Glory.

Prayer of adoration to the Holy Trinity

Prayer of adoration to the Holy Trinity

To begin, the prayers of the Our Father, a Hail Mary and a Glory be prayed.

«I adore you, Almighty God, King of Kings, until the kingdom of heaven, Immaculate Father, to you I offer my infinite gratitude, praising before you the most holy Virgin, chosen by you due to her grace, worthy representative of all virtues and privileges with which you rewarded her for her selfless faith and obedience, especially for that grace with which you exalted her in her pious ascension to heaven.

(Pray an Our Father, a Hail Mary and a Glory Be)

«I adore you, Eternal Son, lamb of salvation, ascended to the kingdom of heaven, Pious and Redeemer, gratitude and adoration be with you forever and ever. I thank you once again in the name of the immaculate ever Virgin, your most pure Mother, for all the gifts and grace with which you endowed her, especially for that sublime wisdom with which you showered her in her glorious ascension to heaven.

(Pray an Our Father, a Hail Mary and a Glory Be)

«I adore you, Holy Spirit, merciful comforter, strength and energy of life, eternal thanks I give you in the name of the Virgin Mary, most affectionate wife, virtuous of the gifts and privileges with which you adorned her, especially for that incorruptible charity with which His holy and pure heart is filled from the glorious moment in which he makes his ascension to heaven. In the name of that infinite goodness that characterizes her, with great humility I dare to beg that through her intervention forgiveness may be granted for the sins I have committed up to now, of which I sincerely repent, asking for forgiveness full of repentance, and committed to the true purpose of resisting the temptation of sin from now on, so as not to break the divine precepts that your majesty taught me. But to the intervention of the Most Holy Mother, I entrust myself to her protection, our advocate before the throne of heaven, into her hands I entrust that the indulgence that I beg on my behalf be granted, hoping that the providence that can save me will be granted to me, and lead me to the Lord.

(Pray an Our Father, a Hail Mary and a Glory Be)

Prayer to the Blessed Virgin

I recognize and venerate you, most pure, most chaste and most holy Virgin, lady of heaven, patron saint of faith in Christ, your son by the divine grace of God. Daughter of the Father, Mother of the Son, and Spouse of the Holy Spirit. Before the mercy of her consecrated by the goodness of her immaculate heart and the grace of God, prostrate at her feet I implore her charity, because since your ascension to heaven you were imposed on her. Most Holy Mother, I beg you to keep me today and always under your protection and shelter, from this moment until the day I am called to the feet of the creator, where your divine presence accompanies me and pleads for the forgiveness of my sins, because what Servant of the Lord I have entrusted myself to you without a doubt, because I have the most absolute faith that you do not abandon the children of God. I offer you then, most excellent Lady, my humble heart, my faith, my love and all my willingness to follow the teachings of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Strengthen my will, I implore you, so that I can be a good son of Our Lord and manage to honor his name for your greater pleasure, making you proud and adoring him for his infinite glory, forever and ever. Amen".

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Thanks to the Holy Trinity

«To the Holy Trinity I praise today and forever. You who represent the absolute power and perfect love of the universe. Your blessed hands are used only to help us in our lives.

In this now I glorify you, for all the good things you have helped us with, providing us with everything we need to live, beginning with our mere existence. Your mercy is such that you take care of both the body and the souls of all your children.

Knowing of the existence of such a perfect person, incarnated in three divine persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, makes us have the certainty that we are protected and sheltered children of the Lord. Well, your sacred love does not forsake us, and your mercy is always ready for all the beings of your creation.

I thank you and glorify you Holy Trinity, because without your company I would be lost in this world of temptation, of sins and of so many shadows, but in you I have seen the light, and your inspiration makes me strong to fight daily with the snares of evil. and all its perversions. Before you I prostrate reaffirming my faith in you and my fervor keeps me alive and wanting to be better every day, all this is thanks to your magnificent presence. That is why until the last day of my life I will adore you, and when I am called to your presence, I will always thank you. Amen".

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